Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally

On Saturday, a group of Americans held a pro-Constitution, pro-America rally in Seattle. In a surprise to no one, a number of Seattle’s Antifa leftists turned out in force to attempt to intimidate the patriots present for the rally. And the black-clad Antifa thugs brought open-carried firearms, including AR-15s to the event. A Portland-based video […]

CCRKBA Congratulates Second Amendment US Senate Victors

  BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today congratulated three new pro-Second Amendment senators who replace anti-gunners and strengthen the Republican majority, which will be important to confirming federal court nominees and prevent House Democrats from pushing extremist gun control laws. Democrats Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Joe […]

Florida’s Election Results From a Gun Rights Perspective

Today has been a stomach churning election in the Sunshine State. With Republican candidate Ron DeSantis’ early election lead over Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum evaporating over the weekend, it became a neck-and-neck race with Democrats holding a .3% polling lead over Republicans for the gubernatorial seat as the voting booths opened this morning. The race […]

Get Out and GunVote!

Our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) kicked off their #GunVote campaign a few years ago. And they have a point. Go out and vote. In fact, go out and GunVote. Protect your rights. Can you ID what was cut out of that steel sheet above? For the record, the Q Honey Badger suppressor […]

Trump: If Stacey Abrams is Elected, Georgia’s ‘Second Amendment is Gone’

As we’ve noted here in the past, Georgia Democrat Stacy Abrams, who’s running a strong campaign against Republican Brian Kemp, is as staunchly anti-gun as it gets outside of California. She’s all-in for waiting periods, universal background checks, stand your ground repeal, and an assault weapons ban with confiscation. That record prompted President Trump, who […]

Florida League of Prosecutors Files Lawsuit to Declare Stand Your Ground Unconstitutional.

Florida’s League of Prosecutors (“the lifeline of the judicial community”), an organization that claims to closely monitor issues that affect legal professionals and the judiciary in South Florida and across the country has filed a lawsuit to declare the state’s stand your ground law unconstitutional. In court documents released to the Miami Herald . . . [The League] […]

Anti-Gun Orgs Dumping Millions Into Florida Elections

With the election less than two weeks away, Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg’s wholly-owned AstroTurfed “gun safety” operation, has told the Miami Herald that it’s throwing a total of $3.8 million behind Democrat candidates running for cabinet seats. And $1.8 million alone has been dumped into the campaigns of Agriculture Commissioner candidate Nikki Fried Attorney […]

NSSF Releases 2018 Midterm Election Congressional Scorecard

There are just 14 days until the midterm elections. Early voting has already started in a number of states around the country. If you’re looking for House and Senate candidates who support the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, the National Shooting Sports Association is out with a helpful Congressional scorecard […]