Gun-Grabbers Pushing Semi-Auto Gun Ban Bill in Florida

They’re coming for your modern sporting firearms again. State Senator Gary Farmer (D-District 34) has introduced SB 370, a bill to ban commonly-owned firearms in the state of Florida. SB 370 is modeled after the Clinton “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine ban, but the new bill adds several additional anti-gun provisions. Predictably, SB 370 bans […]

How to Greet the New Biden Administration

The increasingly fascistic American left is setting a trap for the rest of their fellow citizens—often termed “deplorables” but more appropriately dubbed “normals” by Kurt Schlichter—by warning we intend violence all over the country during Joe Biden’s inauguration. This is nonsense, of course, but any kind of demonstration can be declared violent by a complaisant media or, […]

The Left Declares The Real Capitol Riot Villains are America’s Gun Owners

Last week’s takeover of the U.S. Capitol, which was accomplished without any known discharge of firearms by the occupiers, has now triggered a rapidly escalating campaign to punish the Second Amendment community. The widening crackdowns and denunciations have moved at an alarming speed as the countdown to the Biden/Harris Inauguration continues. In the latest developments, […]

Riots for Thee, But Not for Me: Washington Governor Calls Out Armed Troops To Protect His Mansion

This weekend, Washington State’s failed presidential hopeful but current Gov. Jay Inslee has called out 750 National Guardsmen, with their guns, to protect the Governor’s Mansion. This is the same governor who slow-walked calling out the Guard week after week of this summer’s riots in Seattle. From the Post Millennial: According to a Post Millennial exclusive, during […]