Virginia’s Legislature Has Become a Fact-Free Gun Zone

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD If the Bloomberg-financed gun confiscation crowd gets anything right, it is their consistently beguiling messaging. In the same way that The Force in Star Wars bends the will of the weak-minded, confiscationists use language that requires us first to disabuse the public of their empty rhetoric before we can actually discuss the facts about […]

Spartacus Down: Cory Booker Ends His Presidential Campaign

Trying to judge the most anti-gun Democrat in the 2020 presidential nomination field is like trying to determine which which TV talking head is the most insipid and annoying. Each one is so qualified and the differences are so slight that comparisons are futile. But with media clowns like Eric Swalwell and Robert Francis O’Rourke […]

Virginia Senator Says He Wishes He’d Smeared Gun Owners Publicly, Rather Than on a Hot Mic

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia State Senator David Marsden wants you know he is filled with regret after his most recent “listening session” with Second Amendment activists. Marsden was caught on an open microphone at a hearing this past week disparaging gun rights supporters as childish, and even mentally ill. Sen. Marsden has now gone public […]

Daines’ SB 3139 Would Finally Fix the Firearms Owners Protection Act

Senator Steve Daines of Montana, along with co-sponsors Senators James Lankford, Mike Rounds, Mike Crapo, and Ted Cruz, have introduced Senate Bill 3139: Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act. The bill would “amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition.” This bill addresses […]

Virginia Indoor Range Ban Bill is Aimed Directly at the NRA

Virginia Delegate Dan Helmer pre-filed House Bill 567 recently. If enacted, the bill would ban any indoor shooting range not owned by the commonwealth or the federal government…with an exception and some onerous reporting requirements. You can read the bill here. First, smaller indoor ranges would be exempt. As the bill states, Virginia would allow […]

City of Virginia Beach, Site of May Shooting, Joins the State’s Sanctuary Movement

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city, has formally added its voice to the chorus of Old Dominion gun rights supporting jurisdictions that are demanding a halt to sweeping new infringement proposals that are widely regarded statewide as unconstitutional. The Virginia Beach City Council—with one member absent—voted 6-to-4 to send a resolution to […]