GOOD NEWS: Bill That Would Have Shut Down Maine Shooting Ranges Is Defeated

By NRA-ILA This morning, the Maine State and Local Government Committee held a public hearing on Legislative Document 489, which would have allowed noise ordinances to be used to shut down local shooting ranges. At the sponsor’s request and after hearing input from citizens, the committee opted to protect Maine’s sport shooting ranges and voted unanimously “ought not to pass” in […]

Benchmade Founder and CEO Les de Asis’ Statement Regarding Support for the Second Amendment

Oregon-based knife maker Benchmade came under scrutiny this week after a video was posted by a local police department showing firearms being destroyed at their facility. Questions were also raised regarding political contributions the company has made to various candidates over the years (our post here). Benchmade founder and CEO Les de Asis has posted […]

Americans Name the Top Problems Facing the Country, Gun Control Advocates Hardest Hit

If you only get your news from the mainstream media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that America is a barren violent, hellscape of lawlessness and mayhem. A dystopia of red-hatted gun owners assaulting pedestrians on the streets and children practicing duck-and-cover drills due to the daily massacres and errant gunfire that pockmarks the walls of […]

Los Angeles Ordinance Mandates Disclosure of NRA Ties by All City Contractors

“Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the National Rifle Association?” No, that’s not a reincarnation of the House Un-American Affairs Committee’s standard inquiry of those appearing before it. (Although give the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives time…they’ll get there.) That’s the question, thanks to a new law, that the City […]