TTAG at the Tallahassee, Florida Big Pro Gun Rally

TTAG’s Luis Valdes is on the ground in Tallahassee today covering the Big Pro Gun Rally at the capitol. Gun rights supporters from Florida and neighboring states are there to hear from speakers like . . . …Hickok45… …and Mark Robinson, plus many more. Luis estimates the pro-gun crowd at About 500 at its peak. That’s […]

The Curious History Of Combination Guns

An interesting type of firearm that’s almost unknown to the modern shooter but was formerly much more popular is the combination gun. These firearms are chambered for multiple types of ammunition. While there are good reasons to not own one – the modern gun owner has virtually no use for one – there’s still some […]

How Do I Know If My Gun Will Appreciate In Value?

There’s been some discussion lately as to whether guns make good investments, as well as some examples of guns that are valuable and those that aren’t. How can you tell if YOUR gun will make a decent investment? That it will appreciate over time? Well, there’s a rule that applies to other durable goods such […]

Project Appleseed: My Daughter’s First Shoot

By Jay Mundy “Dad, do we have to go?” Samantha, my then 13-year-old daughter asked. “Yes.” In Sam’s defense, I’d gotten her up at 5. On a Saturday at that, to drive to Black Creek range outside of Richmond, Virginia for a Project Appleseed shoot. It was December 3, 2016. The drive started about 6am […]

What’s the Best Way to Insure a Gun Collection?

Many of us want to have some kind of insurance for our firearms to protect against theft and damage. This is a compact overview of the options. The three ways to insure your gun collection are: (1) under your homeowner’s insurance, (2) under a collectibles insurance policy, or (3) under a specialized firearms program such […]