NSSF Asks Homeland Security to Designate Gun Manufacturers, Retailers a ‘National Critical Infrastructure Industry’

As more states issue shelter-in-place orders, closing businesses and confining people to their homes unless shopping for food or medicine, the nation’s firearms and ammunition manufacturers have begun to be affected. Case in point: yesterday’s shutdown of the Remington factory in Ilion, New York. The industry produces firearms, ammunition, optics, and other equipment for military, […]

The Trace: Gun Industry’s Savvy Marketing is Feeding the National Gun Buying Surge

These are dark days for Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generators at The Trace. Sure, there’s that whole global pandemic thing, with cities, states, businesses and entire industries shutting down and people getting sick and dying. But what’s really worrying those plucky content creators at @teamtrace isn’t the death or the economic devastation. It’s the fact […]

Firearms Industry Helping Struggling Businesses During Coronavirus National Emergency

As we’ve talked to retailers and firearms industry manufacturers over the last week or more, the primary story has, of course, been the huge surge in demand for guns, ammunition and related gear. A buying surge that has emptied retailers’ shelves and at least temporarily drained supply chains. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are working overtime […]

Ammogeddon II: How Much Ammunition is Enough Now?

We’ve all seen the headlines and “breaking news” reports expressing delighted horror over the “stockpile” found in a suspect’s home. Maybe it’s three rifles and 250 rounds of ammo. Maybe it’s 10 rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammo. HUGE arsenal of guns and ammunition found in the home of…. Amounts of ammo that strike terror in […]

Gun Retailers Changing How They Do Business During the Coronavirus Gun Buying Surge

We’ve all seen the photos of packed gun stores and empty shelves around the country as Americans prepare themselves for a national emergency. Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and pharmacies are changing the way the do business and interact with the public given the need for social distancing and minimizing crowds of people congregating together. […]

What Gun(s) and Gear Are You Buying Now?

As we’ve noted here, Americans are stampeding to gun stores like never before. With a declaration of a national emergency, a lot of people who hadn’t bought guns before have decided that now is the time to procure a firearm to make sure they can defend themselves and their families. If it it goes bang, […]

How Do You Handle People Who Suddenly Want To Borrow a Gun?

Now that our world has become a significantly more tension-filled place with the spread of the Chinese coronavirus affecting almost every aspect of daily life, a lot of non-gun owners have reconsidered their opinion on firearm ownership. Feeling less safe and secure during a national emergency makes people reconsider how they’d protect themselves and their […]