NSSF: America Has Added 5 Million New Gun Owners in 2020

From the NSSF: NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, updated retail survey-based estimates and concluded that nearly 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the very first time in 2020. NSSF surveyed firearm retailers which reported that 40 percent of sales were conducted to purchasers who have never previously owned a firearm. NSSF tracks the […]

Joe Biden is Baffled by the Second Amendment

To be fair, there isn’t much that doesn’t baffle ol’ Joe these days. When it overturned California’s 10-round magazine limit last Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit emphasized what Americans commonly do when they exercise their constitutional right to armed self-defense. Joe Biden, by contrast, thinks the relevant question is how […]

I’m A Mom Who Almost Demanded Action

By Julie D. Every now and again as I’m moving wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, I hear the now familiar tinkle of metal on metal. Another empty shell casing forgotten in a pocket. I pause and reflect on how I came to this place of understanding and tolerance; not for my son’s […]

Gun Industry Safety Efforts Result in 55% Decrease in Child Firearm-Related Fatalities

By Larry Keane Project ChildSafe, an NSSF program, is the leader in promoting safe firearm handling and storage. The program’s efforts are making a difference. Not only are unintentional firearm fatalities at an all-time low, but a new Justice Department report reveals a decrease in unauthorized access to guns by youths. The accomplishments of the firearm […]

TSA Finding More Guns in Carry-On Luggage

Fewer people have been flying  — a lot fewer — since the pandemic national emergency began in Marc, but apparently those who are flying have something in common: lots of them are leaving loaded guns in carry-on luggage. No, it isn’t exactly new for guns to be found during the screening process, but apparently the […]

Top 3 Ways To Piss Off Other People at a Gun Range

Any gun guru worth his or her salt will tell you to avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things. As someone who’s been to more gun ranges than the average guy, we should modify that adage to account for the risks involved when shooting guns next to complete strangers. Avoid stupid armed people […]

Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ Tracks NICS Checks…Badly

By Larry Keane As the trade association for the firearm and ammunition industry, the NSSF tracks industry-related data closely. Whether it is the tens of millions of dollars our manufacturers pay in excise tax for conservation projects, the ever-growing popularity of the modern sporting rifle (now exceeding 17 million sold just since 1990), or the […]

Michael Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ Rolls Out Their New Gun Sales Tracking Database

Our friends who run Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generation operation, TheTrace.org, have introduced a new tool to illustrate the current gun sales surge and put in in perspective historically. They say they’re cobbling together their numbers using data from Small Arms Analytics along with the noted firearms experts at BuzzFeed News and the New York […]