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So, when I was first told I’d have the opportunity to work with one of the longer running, dedicated gun blogs on the internet, and one that had a solidly legit following, I have to admit, I was pretty excited at the opportunity. But as I got looking at it more closely, it reminded me a little more of when I got my first car, a 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente. It was a cool car to be sure and had a ton of upside and potential for the $500 I paid my dad for it, but it was going to take a bit of work to get it where my friends might appreciate it as much as I did. My Dad had, after all, originally bought the used car for spare parts for his ’66 Comet, which he had bought brand new.

For just over a month now, we’ve looked under TTAG’s hood, test drove it on some different roads with all of you, crawled beneath the chassis. There are certainly a number of things we’ve seen that we’d like to change and tweak, polish and fine tune. But as anybody who has ever built anything for an audience knows, it would be foolish to do it without the most important item to consider…and that is getting input from our valued readers and site visitors.

Before we really do anything, we want to know: What do YOU want out of TTAG?

Why do you come here? What kind of articles do you like? What would you like to see more of? Would you like more video? Do you want more gun reviews? Do you want more news? Do you follow our social media? Would you follow our social media if it wasn’t so weak? (Yeah, we are working on that, but first things first.) What other sites do you really like and what is it you like about them? Maybe you want a newer site design at TTAG or maybe the old site design is comfortable and familiar and you don’t want it to change at all. Do you get the newsletter? Do you like the newsletter? Would you like a different newsletter? How important is the comments section and the community that has developed in the comments section to you?

A lot of you clearly love to come there and take jabs at each other and rip on everything under the sun. Take a moment to think about what it is you would like to see and let us know.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say; good or bad, it can all be helpful. Thank you to each of you for being a part of the TTAG community, together we hope to make it even better.

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  1. a format change would be well appreciated.

    absolutely HATE seeing all of these unrelated, completely junk and downright weird advertisements…it seriously detracts from the quality of the content.

    • To keep from vomiting you need to download another browser that blocks such ads. More important I want The Truth About Gun Control told to a Gun Control History illiterate America. Anything short of that goal being numero uno doesn’t cut it.

      • TTAG needs to do away with those ads. It is nit incumbent upon me to switch browsers. This is something done on THEIR end.

        These ads make this site technically unsafe. This is the stuff that helps to spread viruses, malware, and hacking. Me using a different browser will NOT protect YOUR computer.

      • “To keep from vomiting you need to download another browser that blocks such ads.”

        Quite a few folks who use a work laptop to surf the ‘net on their own time, but are forbidden by their company’s IT department to add *any* king of not approved software on that computer…

      • I don’t see ads. I use Mozilla/Firefox with add-ins. I understand the need for revenue and would be fine with a few on my screen, but whenever I access TTAG from a computer that’s not in my own control (e.g., default browser settings), the page is flooded with ads, sometimes making me scroll way down before I even see the Comments section.

        Otherwise, I’m not so much a fan of the sit format, but I’ve learned to live with it after Dan forced it on us a while back. I have to access via a PC or laptop, tho, as the format on a phone doesn’t let you know *who* is replying to *whom* in the comments.

        Article content…I’m more or less fine with the quality of the articles. I do miss the short-lived “what I am carrying” series, and I’d like to see more product/gun reviews such as ballistics tests that aren’t cut-and-pasted from a manufacturer, but actually done by an independent reviewer. I really like articles showcasing classic guns. Wild West era wheel- and lever-guns with leather accessories, WWII vintage items, and maybe a fun tacticool item from time to time.

        Maybe one of the new staffpersons at TTAG can become a version of Garand Thumb or Paul Harrell, giving us meaty articles on related topics?

      • Oh yeah…maybe improve the moderation process, too. My comment I just took the time to write just got held in mod jail, and we never know why.

        • Hmm. A day later and my comment hasn’t been green-lit from TTAG. Justin (staff) confirmed recently that real people at TTAG review moderated comments to allow them or delete them. I guess TTAG didn’t like my sincere and genuine recommendations for site improvement?

        • Haz, I believe the real issue is the new gang has no interest in dealing with moderated comments as often as the old gang did.

          TTAG, the current glacial pace of approving moderated comments is making it pretty much impossible for a back-and-forth conversation (read, heated arguments) between two commenters.

          That is a very good way to drive off folks that want to converse about an article.

          But hey, it’s your sandbox, and your policy. Don’t act all surprised when the page clicks start dropping off, and your ad revenue plummeting as well… 🙂

  2. 1: Find a new ad server, the one you currently use puts absolutely disgusting photos on your website.

    2. “guns, not politics.” we don’t come here to read a fox news article about politics, stop posting them here.

    • I come here FOR politics mainly. For over 10 years. I can watch hundreds of Youtube gun reviews daily. You could try the firearms blog for cowardly non-committed content🙄 Oh no suggestions. Yesterday I tried to comment on Chiraq’s shot spotter debacle & after 3 attempts it didn’t post. I get what I pay for.

      • Exactly, that’s TFB’s motto not TTAG’s. I much prefer TTAG’s recognition that guns and gun rights are inseparable.

        I’d prefer they not only continue to stand firm for 2A, but also lay off the false moral equivalency BS.

        • I didn’t get a subscribe to comments email, and rarely / never get new article announcements any more either. Is it me or the site?

          I don’t think it’s WordPress, because other sites continue as normal.

      • ideally there wouldn’t be any politics to discuss, second amendment is good, enough said. Unfortunately government tyrants make it political. Without pushing back on politics we would at least have a national assault weapon ban, mag limits, further restricted concealed carry, universal back ground checks, lots more sin taxes, basically everything California and new York and DC has proposed, probably Canada and UK too.

        • Unspoken,

          I think MOST of us would be perfectly happy to ‘default to the 2A’ – after that, what else is there??

          But, because the Leftist/fascists and the Dimocrats (ah, but I repeat myself) won’t alow the 2A to do what it was clearly intended to do, what choice do we have? It comes down to surrender or fight back. It’s about time we started fighting back, for real (I commend to everyone’s attention the easy and interesting “gun control cake” meme (

          We KNOW, beyond a doubt, who commits the majority of the crimes. They are identifiable (Mass shooting occurs, and what is the FIRST thing the local LEOs an FBI say? “He/she was ‘on our radar’. Great, @$$holes! And what did you DO about it???), and there ARE things that can be done, constitutionally, that would actually address the issue – better/more mental health programs, enforcement of existing laws, better training for ALL LEOs, prosecuting ALL known gun crimes (does the name ‘Hunter Biden’ strike a familiar note???). These would actually reduce gun crime, and don’t require a single piece of legislation.

          But that wouldn’t satisfy their desire for “control”, which is what this is all about.

      • I come here to read a mix of things, 2A politics being fairly high on the list.

        Would also love a “court beat” that focuses especially on 2A cases working their way through the courts (especially post-Bruen) with analysis from knowledgeable lawyer-types.

    • Guns not politics is the tag line for TFB. Maybe you would be happier there, although as of late, the ability to comment there, at least for me, has vanished.

    • Politics? Given the sheer number of bills advancing in State legislatures that are clearly meant as infringements, politics should be a focus unless you need more shilling articles about Springfield’s junk to pick out a S&W.

      Shall not be infringed is clear enough to save the Republic if you are willing to pull up your big-boy pants and fight for it.

    • “…we don’t come here to read a fox news article about politics, stop posting them here.”

      I do, and many others do, as well.

      It falls squarely in the wheelhouse of gun laws and public polices.

      I happen to think that a well-educated gun owner who is current on what is happening around them is critical for debating the 2A with the folks that we interact with on a daily basis.

      But hey, you do you and stick your head in the sand and be as ignorant as a leftist if you want… 🙁

  3. > Before we really do anything, we want to know: What do YOU want out of TTAG?

    An end to a readership that are basically nazis, fascists and just the absolute dregs of humanity.

    • I second this. I was shocked to see a comment openly advocating having a race war to end “crime” because “Those People” were the ones responsible. Not only was the comment left in but no one at the time criticized it. I very rarely comment or ask questions here because some of my opinions are not welcome.

      • No one, as in you didn’t criticize it? Yet now you’re criticizing the non-response. Are you upset that no one replied to your troll, or are you upset that other people didn’t do your work for you?

    • So, censorship. How very fascist of you.

      In one statement you’ve proven your desire to violate human and civil rights and yet you will swear to your mother you are not a nat-zee.


      • What this site needs is LESS censorship -not more. If you see a comment you don’t like then stop reading and move along.

        Don’t let the Karens win.

    • @jsled If you’re right, and they’re wrong, then call them out. Debate them. Or you could just do your usual hurling of insults while running for the hills.

      • What a hypocrite, Dude. A perusal of your posts in this thread shows your stock in trade is name-calling, straw man arguments, and gratuitous evidence-free opinion.

        • Why aren’t you giving a specific example, Ruthie? It’s because you’re the one pushing straw man arguments. I called jsled out on exactly what he did. 99% of his comments are exactly as I called it. Where’s the straw man? You either don’t understand what that means, or you know exactly what it means, and you’re gaslighting me because that’s all you have.

    • jsled,

      For a drive-by, Leftist/fascist ignoranus, who apparently believes in the insubstantial and uneducated “philosophy” of the equal ignoranus, Karl Marx, and has never engaged in a substantive discussion on this forum in the entire time I’ve been on here?? Frankly, I revel in your ‘disapproval’ of me, and others like me.

      When you do drop by to leave one of your drive-by ad hominem attacks (like your OP on this thread), you NEVER stick around to discuss/debate/explain. You are a gutless, and stupid, and uneducated, drive-by coward. Frankly, jsled, other than your predictable, uneducated Left/fascism, you contribute nothing – and all your drive-by ad hominem contributes is a great target for mockery and ridicule.

      Go virtue-signal your way into an excavation, and expire.

      Nice chat!

    • “An end to a readership that are basically nazis, fascists and just the absolute dregs of humanity.”

      Thanks for verifying that you are a totalitarian who wants to censor speech, jackass.

      (TTAG, you will notice something about jsled. He never adds to the conversation, he pops in occasionally to piss and moan, then exits again…”

  4. I would like more reporting on defensive use incidents.
    It would be a useful tool in combination with the sights tag/sorting ability

    • I consider them to have done us a service. Yes. They are not capable of intelligent thought. But they keep us focused on what the fascist left is all about.

    • TRUTH!!!!!!!!! Keep the F__ng TROLLS off this site. They are not only distracting but they take away from some of the better discussions going on. Their rude, crude rants can make the blog unbearable. When trolls take over a discussion, I leave for a few days, hoping the thread will burn out on its own. Moderators need to moderate on a consistent, timely basis. No excuses.

      • “no posts at all from dacian and Miner49er“

        Wow, even jwm calls you a fascist:

        February 16, 2024 At 13:09
        So, censorship. How very fascist of you.

        In one statement you’ve proven your desire to violate human and civil rights and yet you will swear to your mother you are not a nat-zee.


        • Fascism is your stick, miner. You’ve stated too many times that rights can be limited. You’ve supported the sanger plan of genocide, which is working against poc. You’ve compared the Doolittle raiders to hamas and you’ve blamed the jews for their own murders by hamas.

          Truly fascinating.

          But I do not want you banned from here. You’re not bright enough to realize just how much good you’re doing for the pro gun side.

        • Jwm did no such thing.

          TTAG should not give a platform to you, Miner49er, and dacian to spread your filth.

          Both of you have expressed your agenda for a facist world you would like all Amercians to live in, both of you have expressed your ideal that government should be able to strip away constitutional rights, both of you have intentionally spewed your lies and support for an anti-gun agenda and support for a tyrannical government, both of you have posted under different and your regular names names posting both purposely and indirectly and ignorantly your support for terrorist and the murder of innocents and the overthrow of the United States.

          So yeah, no posts at all from dacian and Miner49er here at TTAG.

          TTAG should ban dacian and Miner49er, ban these two sick twisted mentally ill pieces of crap. dacian and Miner49er are not what TTAG is about and should not give them a platform for their evil.

        • “both of you have posted under different and your regular names names“

          Not I, this is just more of your fascist suppression of free speech.

          All you have is personal slander and vague unsubstantiated attacks.

        • and…. once again Miner49er, learn what context means. One can not “personal slander” a fake pseudonym name (e.g. ‘Miner49er’). Now If I had used your real name in my post, and I could have, then you could claim that “personal slander” but it would be a false claim because everything I said is true thus not ‘slander’.

          Take your evil somewhere else.

      • Two Jakes,

        As to the site’s idea of “moderation”, I totally agree – the “moderation” on this site sucks greasy puppy dog nuts. Go over to Shooting News Weekly (many of the ‘regulars’ from here appear there, a lot) and compare and contrast.

        As for “banning” MajorLiar and dacian the demented, either skip their idiot posts, or mock and ridicule them (as they deserve). Just as we have certain innate human rights (the right to self-defense, and to maintain the means thereof), they have the right to display their insanity and ignorance. The very idea of free speech is to allow people to judge the worth of ideas, and protecting only speech we “like” is hypocrisy. Yes, they are become annoying, since they are both “one-trick ponies”, but . . . the value of their commentary mirrors in value of their “ideas”. dacian is exclusively unhinged, uneducated, ignorant, ungrammatical, senseless rants, without substance or foundation. MajorLiar’s “posts” are ALWAYS lies (MajorLiar is the most consistent “liar by omission” and “liar by out-of-context” or “obscenely biased” “sources” in the world. Whatever MajorLiar posts, the TWO things you can be certain of (i) it is Leftist/fascist drivel, devoid of even an ounce of actual thought, and (ii) it is a lie.

        But I’m happy to have them post; it provides a ready source for mockery and comedy. Ask MajorLiar to explain his BRILLIANT interpretational theory of how Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution EXPRESSLY authorizes universal gun control – it is comedy gold!

        But don’t “ban” them; that’s the kind of sh*t THEY do.

    • We don’t need more censorship here, it’s already ridiculous. I don’t mind these Marxist trolls. They are obvious and I just skip over and ignore their ramblings. I doubt anyone really pays any heed to what they say and they are just spinning their wheels and wasting their time here since they get less than zero traction for all the keyboard pounding they do here. IMHO it’s a net gain letting them waste time here rather than going to some other site where people might be soft headed enough to fall for their bs.

      • I’m not calling for censorship. I’m calling for control over the people who abuse the blogs for their own personal agenda. If you are gender fluid and want to post here – fine. But don’t attack a narrative because the commentator has not had the surgery you have had.

        • “I’m not calling for censorship. I’m calling for control over the people“

          It’s obvious you believe fascism under any other name would still smell as sweet.

        • I rest my case. Herr 49er has just stated his agenda. It’s called “Bring Back The Third Reich” aka “Joe Biden’s Legacy”.

      • The one place it’s appropriate is outright, off-topic spam – and THAT is one area that has absolutely gotten better than it used to be.

      • If anything they convince people the opposite of their claims once the source data is checked and the cherry picking is on full display.

        • Don’t forget ” Albert “, Vlad/dacian/Miner’s overseas alter ego… although he seems to be underutilized as of late.
          Congratulations on finding the right balance of lithium and ritalin, guys.

    • “how about more of no posts at all from dacian and Miner49er?”

      They will simply pick a new name and do it all over again.

      Seriously, don’t worry about them. They are only punch-toys for us to mock and humiliate as we see fit… 🙂

  5. I haven’t been here in years because it was over run with trolls before Farago sold it and it has only gotten worse since then.

  6. Un ban pwrserge, I found him entertaining in the comments.

    I used to read and comment a lot after I found this site around 2012 or so. not so much anymore. I think bots have fouled up the comment section, but I don’t know if there’s any way to keep the AI out anymore.

    I would like to see more articles on technique and gear.

    I would like to see NO articles on how Commies arming up is a good thing. Our only overlap is agreement that firearms usage is a practical matter. They intend to use those arms to escort us to the gulags. I intend to use my arms to shoot them when they try.

    I might have more thoughts later.

    • “Un ban pwrserge, I found him entertaining in the comments.”

      He was never banned, he left all on his own.

      He can be found at the the firearm blog dot com…

  7. While there are many sites that do reviews, skill tips, etc, I have not found a site yet that has comprehensive timely updates of 2A legal cases from across the country and from different organizations. The only way is to subscribe to multiple YouTube channels and check them daily. A feature that provides those updates would be very helpful.

  8. How about just a simple balance of content? News and politics if it’s firearms related. Firearms reviews, both new and old models. Not everything interesting is made of plastic. Cover the spectrum.

  9. A few times a day usually I’ll hit up TTAG, TFB, Ammoland and now SNW because they all have different content. Ads are blocked everywhere by default and always will so I have no idea what ads here look like.

    Unless you don’t totally dumpster fire the site in some horribly off-putting redesign I’ll keep coming. Minimalism is a virtue.

  10. I think the balance of what kind of articles you post is good. I appreciate that you don’t need to run every new, minor product press release. As far as social media and videos, it’s got to be very difficult to compete with TFB and Arfcom, so I advise staying in your lane and hitting the defensive gun uses and socio-political coverage, which I think you do very well. I particularly like what Jennifer Sensiba has to say. The comments section is a dumpster fire, but it’s after the content, so no one is forced to scroll past it to get to the post.

    • jenny is still young and flexible, so much of what she posits seem a bit contorted, a strain. robert had to stretch pretty far sometimes, but was compelling (“and rich”) often. jb= jennifer’s buddy?
      re: comments section, the core readers here stay for the comments. i’ve learned far more from ttag’s cognoscenti than i have from the articles. and that’s a good thing, as much of the speculative content is skim only, get to the snark. i shitepost unapologetically. it’s easy enough to bypass the usual droll suspects.
      i would speculate the vast majority of arrivals here were searching for a gun review. that should be the bread and butter content, with actual legal happenings second.
      we’ve learned to deal with the new layout. it seems weird to me that so many articles with only a few comments remain while controversial ones with many comments fall into archive. i would suggest leaving popular ones up and visible with nothing above the fold dropped below until new content posts.

      • The comments are core to the experience. Articles sometimes fade away too quickly, cutting interesting conversations and arguments short. It would be great to put some real UI thought into how comments display, how they are organized, etc. The comment features right now are from the dark ages (but I do appreciate that they are simple). DO NOT REQUIRE ACCOUNTS. I have absolutely no interest in being required to make an account and share all my personal data just to say a few words to fellow enthusiasts.

      • “re: comments section, the core readers here stay for the comments. i’ve learned far more from ttag’s cognoscenti than i have from the articles.”

        So much *this*…

  11. I would like to see an editorial or instructional series on reloading for beginners. Reloading from A to Z. I think most people learn reloading from peers, friends or elderly family. Sometimes that info may not be accurate, and it would be nice to have accurate explanations of safe reloading process and procedures.

    • This would be awesome!

      I will add: it would be cool to have content related to basic gunsmithing – the kind of things that graduate you from “bubba” to “hey that came out pretty nice.” I can think of a variety of topics to get started, including stock refinishing, cold bluing, basic firearm functions and repairs, etc. Since lots of this is already out there, maybe this content could be in the form of “stories” about some of our own commenters’ successes or failures.

  12. Get the moderation under control. Two examples of comments that I made that were held for as much as a day before being seen,

    1) ‘Citations, please.’
    2)Sauteed onions and mushrooms.

      • I don’t mind that comments are moderated, what I do mind is the fact it seems to be a very low priority for the new owners.

        TTAG – It isn’t tough. When you post a new comment, go back to the earlier comments that day and day before and release them.

        The way you are currently doing it is strangling the comment section and will drive away the commenters…

  13. The 2A litigation and new legislation are critical aspects of this site.
    By the way, editor, you never put your name on your posts. So WHO are YOU!

    • Along those lines, this site often posts excerpts from other sites. The system that drives this feature makes it look like the piece is being misattributed to a writer here at TTAG instead of to its original author. Information design matters!

  14. I’d like to see Gun reviews. And war stories, like the one yesterday about the grease gun. Oh and yea gota keep the comment section, and i like the fact i dont have to be a member or log in to comment

  15. Why do you come here? For breaking 2a news and intelligent commentary

    What kind of articles do you like? entertaining gear reviews (especially from Jeremy and JWT)), current events

    What would you like to see more of? self-defense shootings (ala ASP style), hunting stories

    Would you like more video? No, I look at this at work when I need a break. Gun vids are less welcome at work than pictures of guns.

    Do you want more gun reviews? Yes, especially with an entertaining flair

    Do you want more news? Yes, especially with thoughtful and entertaining commentary

    Do you follow our social media? Nope. I’m not on any social media

    Would you follow our social media if it wasn’t so weak? No. TTAG has social media?

    What other sites do you really like and what is it you like about them? TFB: love the POTD and gear announcements/review

    Maybe you want a newer site design at TTAG or maybe the old site design is comfortable and familiar and you don’t want it to change at all. The current layout is functional. I come here several times per day and like seeing at a glance what’s new.

    Do you get the newsletter? No. There is a newsletter?

    How important is the comments section and the community that has developed in the comments section to you? Very. I love seeing certain posters that I respect for gear and legal analysis. Some posters are simply entertaining. Some are idiots (miner49er) and I love seeing them roasted.
    That said, the posting community here can be very critical and non-supportive. That’s fine. It’s the internet. We don’t all have to agree and sing kumbiya. I get that. However, that occasionally prevents me from posting my own thoughts (I’ll own being a wuss who doesn’t like being flamed) and makes it fun to just lurk.

  16. It may be a bad time to get into running a pro gun site. The war for gun rights has mostly been won. There are some skirmishes left, but mostly its over.

    I got into this mess in 1968 and it has been a roller coaster of a ride since. But it is smoothing out. Constitutional carry will be nationwide soon enough. Restoring rights to folks that have served their time is also looming. Opening the machine gun register will be the first step to doing away with the NFA.

    • Such a dreamer! The wars in California, New York, and a few other states will not be won without a massive Supreme Court smack down, but even then, the gun ban gang will keep trying new and inventive ways to limit your rights. The Supreme Court has done well for us, but it is busy and is limiting the 2A cases it takes. It was years between Heller and Bruen, and look what we had to put up with in the interim.

    • “Restoring rights to folks that have served their time is also looming.”

      Maybe in a few months.

      Folks, seriously, stack your ammo deep, NOW.

      Tens of *millions* of new legal gun owners will make the 2020 ammo drought seem like a fond memory…

  17. i love the content, the only thing that needs to change are the ads. It’s always disgusting close-ups of belly fat or skin diseases or things like that. Why? I would love to have ads for holsters and tactical gear instead. You’d get more click throughs and not leave readers wanting to vomit.

        • We’ll meet you out there then, goy

          Carry every day, everywhere, all the time. Never again. The enemy can be trusted to be treacherous and never stops until stopped by force. FJB

    • Is Joe Biden Jewish? Is Hakeem Jeffries? Nancy Pelosi? Bill Clinton? Ronald Reagan?

      Bad things existing isn’t the fault of the Jews. You aren’t a serious person. You’re a bigot.

      • Your childish name-calling cannot erase the evidence provided at that link.

        The tribe primarily responsible for gun control “agitprop, lawfare, and legislation” is EXACTLY as named at

        FACTS, not ad hominem name-calling!

        • Childish? I used the word bigot as it was intended to be used. Words have meaning. That was not an ad hominem attack. My position was that the overwhelming majority of people who support gun control are NOT Jewish. Who is the child in this situation? Hint: it isn’t me. Learn how to properly use words next time.

          ad hominem /hŏm′ə-nĕm″, -nəm/: Attacking a person’s character or motivations rather than a position or argument.

          bigot /bĭg′ət/: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

        • @Dude
          Once again your rebuttal is a straw man flavored with denial and sprinkled with name-calling. NOWHERE in the linked page or supporting comments is the claim made that “most gun ban supporters are Jewish.” The claim is clear: Gun ban agitprop, lawfare, and legislation is disproportionately Jewish. It is. That is a fact, a fact completely free of emotion in its presentation, a fact free of “bigotry.” I highly recommend the content at: The references are verifiable by honest readers.

        • Once again, you don’t have a solid grasp on the English language. I did not set up an imaginary argument so that it only appears that I’m refuting your argument. That’s what a straw man is. Instead, I have, from the beginning, specifically responded to your anti-Jewish comments.

          Democrats are anti-gun. Most Jews are Democrats. According to Pew Research, Jews are more likely to be Democrats than Republicans by a factor of 2.5! Why aren’t you naming Democrats as the group responsible for most anti-gun “agitprop, law fare, and legislation?” The answer is that you’re clearly very anti-Jewish.

          Some of the content on your website isn’t just referring to Jewish people, but to Judaism. Less than half of Democrats are even religious. Jewish American adults are twice as likely as the general public to say they do not believe in any kind of higher power or spiritual force in the universe. So the whole Judaism scare on your website is a joke. Most of the Jews listed on your site aren’t known to be religious.

        • @Dude — No.! _Nobody_ claimed “most supporters of gun bans are Jewish.” Read carefully: The big money, the big media, and the big legislators supporting “gun ban agitprop, lawfare, and legislation” are Jewish. That fact is well-documented at the website: Because you have no counter-evidence, you keep offering up your straw man, name-calling, and pretending that it is we who don’t understand clear English.

          Powerful Jews in finance, media, and government are disproportionately responsible for gun bans. A few powerless Jews like Dan, Jeremy, the Chasids at JPFO, and _me_ are not anywhere as effective as the big money “machers” (“big shots”). These are one and the same “machers” who have kept the USA in perpetual fratricidal wars and prolonged the COVID and vax attacks that serve the genocidal Zionist agenda for profit and power —even though a majority of Americans oppose the killing and expense. Your straw man argues about the majority. What a joke. In large degree the majority has been rendered powerless and ineffectual.

          Gentiles are too afraid of being called “antisemites” (the same game you are playing!) to call out those Jews responsible. It is up to Jews like Dan, Jeremy, and me to call out our co-religionists.

          As to your evidence-free gratuitous denial of the role of religion, I mentioned the Kabbalist Judaism that is at the root of the problem. That is thoroughly documented on the site—”Only Jews are human” and “Kill even the best of the Gentiles… in a time when Jews have control over the Gentiles” are the fundamental religious tenets that drive Jewish big shots to disarm gentiles and make gentiles even more powerless. Here is a link from the site thtat quotes Jewish religious texts in these regards:

        • “Read carefully: The big money, the big media, and the big legislators…”

          Wake up and smell the coffee, Ruthie. Big media has always supported left wing causes. If the Jews controlled so much, then why was the media pushing Hamas propaganda? You mentioning both Soros and Zionists together is a joke. Soros funds left wing groups that are hostile to Zionism. Israeli Zionists don’t like Soros. Obama had to distance himself from Soros at first when Obama was still pretending to be pro-Israel.

          “As to your evidence-free gratuitous denial of the role of religion, I mentioned the Kabbalist Judaism that is at the root of the problem.”

          You’re wrong again, Ruthie. Most Jews aren’t religious. Pew Research has plenty of data on this. A lot of high profile Jews seem to only use their heritage as a shield. Most don’t really practice Judaism. Judaism isn’t a threat. The root of the problem is left wing ideology. It’s Marxist ideology. It’s greed and hatred. Democrats and RINOs are the threat. You’re a distraction from the real fight.

        • Big money/Big Power/Big Shot Globalist*** Jews are primarily and disproportionately responsible for gun ban agitprop, lawfare, and legislation. EVIDENCE HERE:

          Unable to provide counter-evidence, you now try to cloud the issue with your tangent on Zionism.… as if you have any comprehension of the dynamics at work. The New York Times, megaphone for Zionism and for gun control, is a salient example contradicting your half-baked stereotype. Other examples abound. Consider the “guns for me [Ukraine & Israel], but not for thee [USA/Europe]” neocon [Zionist] Jews. You hypocrites will say anything convenient, none of it with any substance or evidence. Your efforts to flog Zionism are just another effort to change the subject.

          Big money/Big Power/Big Shot Globalist (neé Kabbalist) Jews are primarily and disproportionately responsible for gun ban agitprop, lawfare, and legislation.

          *** “Globalism” is just re-branded Kabbalism, the globe under Jewish control You might make some effort to educate on topics before you bray your silly opinions.

        • It’s pointless to keep multiple threads going, James/David/Sal/Joe/Ruthie/Pro Shooter/Samantha. I replied to your other comment.

      • You’re funny. You name a couple of puppets, call the poster names, and think you’ve made your case? Not by a long shot. The evidence is incontrovertible. Follow the money. All the evidence at the link is verifiable.

        • “You name a couple of puppets, call the poster names, and think you’ve made your case?”

          Who in the Democratic Party is NOT for gun control? Then you have a minority in the Republican Party as well. Then you have how many tens of millions of Americans who vote for Democrats? Black people overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Therefore, they support Democrat policies. So do Asians and Hispanics. Would you like me to name all of those people? Are all of those people Jewish?

          Dan Z. is Jewish. So is Jeremy S. According to you, they support gun control. Wait…are they vehemently anti-gun control just so people won’t know that they’re really the ones behind gun control? Brilliant take, guys.

        • @Dude Still trying to prove your straw man? I am Jewish. So what? When Dan drops $50,000,000 to fund multiple gun rights groups let us know. When Jeremy donates more than the Joyce Foundation or owns the “mainstream media” that incessantly pushes the “guns=gun violence” narrative, let us know. When any 12 Jewish legislators oppose the decades of anti-gun legislation spearheaded by Cellar, Metzenbaum, Feinstein, Nadler, Schumer, Kohl, Specter, Lautenberg, Boxer, Levin, Cardin, Schatz, Sanders, Blumenthal, et al. let us know. We are not so foolish to buy your desperate name-calling and ‘not all Jews’ narrative. As if the two guys at JPFO are effective against Jewish billionaires, media moguls, and legislators? You are not fooling anyone.

        • “Still trying to prove your straw man?”

          You don’t know what a straw man is. See my other comment above.

          “I am Jewish.”

          Then aren’t you the problem? If you aren’t the problem, then Jews aren’t the problem.

          Do you know what all of those legislators that you listed have in common? They’re all Democrats, except maybe Cellar, because I don’t know who that is. What is Cellar’s full name? Again, it looks like we’ve discovered the real problem. Democrats. Why aren’t you naming the real problem? We can list a lot more of them who are extremely anti-gun and not remotely Jewish.

        • @Dude Your argument is that most gun ban supporters aren’t Jewish. Your argument is a straw man, a phony argument that nobody made.

          Several posters have called you on your attempt to switch your straw man for the actual argument: Powerful Jews are largely to blame for gun ban agitprop, lawfare, and legislation.

          At this point it is difficult to believe that your straw man is an innocent mistake. You keep flogging an argument that nobody made and have refused to provide counter-evidence because there is no evidence against the fact: POWERFUL JEWS ARE LARGELY TO BLAME FOR GUN BAN AGITPROP, LAWFARE, AND LEGISLATION.

        • That isn’t a straw man argument, Ruthie. Your list of Jews is a tiny minority of Democrats in the legislature. Jews are also a minority in the anti-gun organizations. Bloomberg and Soros are Jewish billionaires. Everyone knows that. Now what? How do we win? Do we vote Bloomberg and Soros out of office? They don’t hold office.

          What’s your plan, other than pushing your anti-Jewish agenda? My plan is to take out the people who want to vote for anti-gun measures. My plan is to educate people about the right to keep and bear arms, and why it’s important. Why do you keep talking about a straw man? Why can’t you debate the issue at hand? All you’re doing is giving us a bad name, and scaring off decent people when they see your hatred for people based on their ethnicity. You’re part of the problem.

        • @Dude: Your very first post responding to the OP James was to call him a “bigot.” No evidence, just name-calling and you have the gall to claim “name-calling was justified.”

          Now you claim: “I didn’t ever change the subject”

          …BUT… from the onset of the OP, you changed the subject several times. First to “grasp the English language,” then to “Republicans and Democrats,” “Hamas propaganda,” then to claiming “Most Jews aren’t religious,” “[Jews] do not believe in any kind of higher power or spiritual force in the universe.” Then you changed the subject again to Soros and Zionists. Then you changed the subject a FIFTH time: “What is your plan for advancing a pro-gun agenda?”

          Quite clearly you have nothing but name-calling, straw man argument, and changing the subject, because you cannot refute the overwhelming evidence that Big Money/Big Power/Big Shot Globalist (Kabbalist) Jews are PRIMARILY responsible for gun ban agitprop, funding, lawfare, and legislation.

          “I didn’t ever … use straw man arguments.”

          So far, you engaged in your straw man argument FOUR times. Even though you were IMMEDIATELY called out for your straw man argument by at least three posters, you continued to play your straw man farce.

          From the outset you claimed “the overwhelming majority of people who support gun control are NOT Jewish” even though NOBODY in this thread ever made that argument. The linked OP is about those primarily responsible for gun ban funding, agitprop, lawfare, and legislation.

          Not once have you ever addressed the massive evidence that without Jewish MONEY, MEDIA, POWER, and POLITICIANS there would be no gun ban success:

          Some of your name-calling is so hysterical as to be hilarious: “Stormfront.” And you pretend that we are not serious.

          Clearly you are deeply invested in derailing any criticism of Jews even when a Jew is making the criticism, so since you are comfortable with your ritualistic ad hominem, I ask again, “Are you JIDF?” —a poster PAID to derail any criticism of the Jews PAID by… wait for it!… Big Money/Big Power/ Big Shot Jews. The JIDF got caught with their pants down and have had to go underground. There are many screenshots of JIDF touting deceptive and disruptive posting. Here’s one:,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/158/460/800/original/6fcc473639ac174f.jpg Here’s another:

      • Whatever the “man in the street” numbers are, it is in controvertible that “command and control” and _financing_ of the gun ban efforts are Jewish. The linked page is especially interesting in two respects: (1) the solid evidence and (2) the discussion of the Kabbalistic roots of gun control and perpetual war (“Kill even the best of the Gentiles.” As fascinating as it is horrifying—a topic that should be discussed, not denied using silly name-calling. If you had counter-evidence, you wouldn’t need your name-calling.

        • What a joke. Your “evidence” was naming two jews. As if that makes a difference against the money and power of Bloomberg, Soros, Strauss, Joyce, Pritzker, Brin, Zuckerberg, Spielberg, Sugarman, Kellerman, Katzenberg, Cellar, Metzenbaum, Moskowitz, Wasserman-Schultz, Feinstein, Nadler, Schumer, Kohl, Specter, Lautenberg, Boxer, Levin, Cardin, Schatz, Sanders, Blumenthal, Dettelbach, Lieberman, Feinblatt, Fieger, Walensky, Frum, Giffords, Grofman, Horowitz, Feinen, Smirin, Kushner, Katz, Warsavsky, Wishnow, Kieffer, Vinik, Lasnik, Weiser, Mariaschin, Lichtman, etc., etc. etc.

          And you have the gall to tell us to get serious. You are shooting blanks. We call your bluff.

        • Good work, Ruthie! I am enjoying your fact-based smack down of “Dude.” Much of the alleged support of gun control is just astro-turf financed and touted by those you have named.