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It’s regrettable, although not all that uncommon, when a family member has to shoot another family member in self-defense. And it seems even more regrettable when a young man is forced to shoot his father to protect himself and his mother.

Yet that seems to be the case in an Arkansas shooting that left one man dead and his son claiming the shooting was in self-defense.

According to a recent report at, the prosecuting attorney in the murder trial for Justice Taggart, who shot and killed his father, Maurice Taggart, on Aug. 30, 2023, has declared that the younger Taggart was reasonable in using deadly force against his dad.

According to the report, Taggart was the former Director of the Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency and had been recently charged, along with Rodrick Morris, of stealing approximately $667,000 from the City of Pine Bluff by defrauding Urban Renewal. He and his wife Shawndra had a strained relationship, but she was afraid of what he might do if she filed for divorce.

In fact, according to Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr., the day before the shooting the elder Taggart had threatened to harm his wife if she filed for divorce.

The younger Taggart was spending the night with his parents when his father threatened to kill his mother, prompting him to insist that his father leave the house. A struggle ensued, and the elder Taggart pulled a handgun.

The argument moved outside where the elder Taggart shot his son in the chest. They then struggled for the gun, Justice won the struggle and shot his father. The mother immediately called for help, and responding officers found both men lying in the backyard with gunshot wounds. The elder Taggart was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, where Justice was treated and released.

Under Arkansas law, “a person is justified in using deadly physical force upon another person if the person reasonably believes that the other person is committing or about to commit a felony involving physical force or violence or using or about to use unlawful deadly physical force.”

And that’s exactly what the prosecutor determined that the younger Taggart had done, with the investigation declaring Justice “was reasonable in using deadly force against Taggart because Taggart had first shot Justice in the chest.” The prosecutor also stated, “Additionally, the death investigation establishes that Justice shot his father in self-defense.”

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    • Isn’t that what government money is for? Then come election time the ‘custodian’ of the money shows up to campaign for the politician that got them onto the program.

    • They’re all money faucets. I bet there was some federal grant money in there. “more mental health resources.” “Combat the climate crisis.” “Gun violence intervention.” They’re always begging for more money to waste, aren’t they?

      To no avail, government watchdogs, politicians, and the media have long asked for accountability in spending from the $1 billion budget of New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray’s ThriveNYC, the program that was supposed to combat mental illness for New Yorkers.

      The report shows that the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in 2017 spent $52 million in taxpayer dollars to refurbish a 14,000-square-foot former IRS office in the Bronx for a state-of-the-art “diversion center.” Four years later it sits empty.

      Another $51 million went to a similar facility in East Harlem that opened in November 2020 and where only 45 people have been brought in for help so far, costing $1.1 million per visit.

      “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical…” –Technology Professor Jonathan Gruber

  1. “Urban Renewal” fraud? I didn’t have to look, I just knew, we all knew to which “demographic” this thieving Democrat belonged to. All these programs are scams, in this case though the perp is dead not a dime of taxpayer money will be recovered as odds are he spent on luxury items and his chickenhead girlfriends.

    • “I just knew, we all knew to which “demographic” this thieving Democrat belonged to“

      Yep, rich white guys:

      “Mississippi Official Demands Brett Favre Repay $730,000 in Misspent Welfare Funds
      KRISTEN WONGFEB 6, 2024
      In this story:

      Green Bay Packers
      Mississippi’s state auditor filed a court paperwork against ex-NFL quarterback Brett Favre on Monday alleging that Favre still owes the state nearly $730,000 in interest connected to over $1 million in welfare money that was improperly spent on personal projects.

      Auditor Shad White wrote in the court filing that Favre “had no legal right to the possession or control of this $1.1 Million,” referring to Favre’s involvement in a massive welfare scandal in which the former Green Bay Packer directed welfare-designated funds to go toward a volleyball court for his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, where his daughter played volleyball.“,filed%20by%20the%20state's%20auditor.&text=Last%20year%2C%20Favre%20filed%20lawsuits,and%20Pat%20McAfee%2C%20of%20defamation.

      “odds are he spent on luxury items and his chickenhead girlfriends“

      I think you’re right:

      “Brett Favre, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, has not denied allegations that he sent sexually suggestive messages and pictures to a woman who worked for the New York Jets in 2008. Favre met with NFL Vice President for Security Milt Ahlerich on Tuesday but has declined to answer media questions about the meeting.“

      • Shouldn’t you be strapping on your kneepads and heading off to your assigned Glory-Hole at the highway Rest Area?

        I notice you couldn’t refute my assertions (facts) nor that Democrat Joe Biden habitually uses the N-werd (barackobonikz) when referring to blacks.

          • A horse trader and a man of ill repute President Bidens great grandfathers greatest resentments was selling a horse to Paul Revere.

          • Fun fact:
            The assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place closer to the Puppet’s day of birth than his presidential inauguration date. Yes, really.

        • “I notice you couldn’t refute my assertions (facts) nor that Democrat Joe Biden habitually uses the N-werd…”

          You showed one instance, cough up a dozen or so other examples to qualify as ‘habitual….

          • I’ll just disinter Robert K. K. K. Byrd, Biden’s admitted mentor, and see what that racist old Kleagle has to say about his protege’ colluding with and paling around with Corn-Pop.

        • As the first black woman to serve as vicepresident under barack obama, I doubt that mumblin stumblin joe used that term veryoften

  2. teddy…you did say maybe biden was right…as much as I hate to say minor49iq upped your assertion and your reply was limp. Should have left it at the horrific family tragedy it was.

    • “Tragedy”, really? I think not, Maurice literally got “Justice”. And I’m going to exploit and celebrate it every time, I’m tired of the “urban” Democrats ripping off the taxpayers.

  3. “insisted his father leave the house.”
    Upon leaving the house Maurice’s enraged son snuck up behind him and struck him with an orange. Fearing for his life he turned to defend himself when his son drew his pistol and shot his father dead, then realizing the gravity of the situation shot himself in an attempt to make it appear as if the shooting was in self defense.
    The allegations that his father had threatened his mother previously is purely speculation as if the sheriff would have known about that, would have taken action to prevent said allegations.
    Burn the Witch

    • Could be that sonny-boy was upset daddy got caught and the gravy train reached the end of the line.

    • This story is NUTZ!
      But honestly the 12 year old that was threatened by the miscreant with the gun should have gone John Wick on him and taken the gun away thereby making everyone else safe. Then he could have proceeded to walk with it in hand to show it to the SRO what a good boy he was. Then the SRO could have shot the 12 year old in the head, thus becoming a hero who saved the day and the school from a mass shooter. That way the little asswipe that actually did bring a gun in to show it off could come back another day to fulfill his fantasy of becoming a mass shooter.

      My kid wouldn’t go back to that school if they let him. These people are too stupid to be trusted with the care of anyones children let alone teaching them!

  4. The Supreme Court in the Jarkesy v. SEC case found that Americans have a 7th Amendment right to a jury trial when being fined by the government. But decision also upends government gun control.


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