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MMA fighter Shannon Ritch may be called “The Cannon” in the octagon, but in the parking lot, he will now be known as “The Handgun.” Just this past weekend, after returning from an event in Qatar, Ritch, who at 53-years-old still likes to mix it up in the ring, was at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Phoenix when a dispute over parking turned from an argument to an attempted knife attack and ultimately to a defensive shooting with Ritch winning the title of survivor.

No armbars or wheel kicks were used in the defense, a point that shows even someone with mad hand-to-hand skills like Ritch needs a little help from Messrs Glock, Smith and Wesson at times, especially when someone arrives with a blade and turns a simple disagreement into a Battle Royale.

According to Fox 10 News, this is how it basically went down:

The incident occurred around 9:20 p.m. on June 15 after Ritch, who has a 58-90 record with four no contests in an MMA career that has spanned decades and is 26-3 in bareknuckle boxing, was confronted by 32-year-old Alejandro Samplina over a parking issue. According to Phoenix Police Sergeant Mayra Reeson, the altercation escalated when Samplina allegedly brandished a knife and began chasing Ritch around his vehicle.

“Ritch was able to retrieve his handgun from the open door of his vehicle. Samplina proceeded to walk towards Ritch with the knife in a threatening manner. In response, Ritch fired one round, striking Samplina,” Sgt. Reeson told Fox 10.

Samplina was transported to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Ritch remained at the scene and provided a statement to police, asserting that he acted in self-defense. His claim was supported by witness testimonies and surveillance footage, leading police to release Ritch while the case is being reviewed by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office .

Shannon Ritch, whose MMA career includes titles such as the King of the Cage Middleweight Champion and the inaugural BKFC International Heavyweight Champion, has had a long and varied career in combat sports. He also works as an actor in stuntman in Hollywood and has appeared on episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and in the CSI franchise as well as reality television and small roles in movies.

Shannon Ritch is a stuntman and actor. Here he appears on screen in one of his roles, shooting a handgun.

Despite his extensive training and experience, Ritch found himself in a situation where his physical skills alone were not enough to neutralize the threat posed by a much younger and armed aggressor.

As Ritch’s case shows, a gun can be the difference between your life and death when facing a life-threatening situation, regardless of one’s physical capabilities or training. For American gun owners, the takeaway in this situation is crystal clear: a firearm can be a necessary and game-changing tool when it comes to both the strongest and the weakest members of our society being able to defend themselves.


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    • Well that would be an intro to step 1, deporting thousands to tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens with gang affiliation would be a good opener after that.

      • Isn’t the statement “criminal illegal aliens” redundant? The word criminal is implied by the phrase “illegal aliens.

        I understand what you are getting at, and it is the “violent criminal” illegal aliens.

        Yes, we need to kick those guys out of the country. Then, we need to also remove millions of other illegal immigrants.

        • No we kick all of them that are illegal out of the country. If not, it encourages them, Flouts the rule of law, and as a slap in the face to everybody else who came here legally. And remember their first act when entering this country was to break the law.

      • NO – It would START with deporting all 30+million illegal aliens now in the US (including 20m that arrived in the last40m). 2nd shut off ALL immigration until those legally admitted have been assimilated into the US (25yrs). 3rd review all naturalizations of the last ____ and deport all those which were fraudulent.

        • “It would START with deporting all 30+million illegal aliens now in the US (including 20m that arrived in the last40m)”

          Bad news for the Leftist Scum ™, it seems most Latinos legally inside the US want the illegal aliens OUT of the US :

          “A recent poll found that a majority of Hispanic people favor the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

          The CBS News/YouGov poll found that a majority of registered voters overall (62 percent) would favor the government starting “a new national program to deport all undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. illegally.” Thirty-eight percent said they would oppose it.”

          My goodness, those racist Latinos are a real problem, it seems.


      • How do we deport 14 million people? The most efficient way nobody has the will or stones for, so what are our realistic options?

        • End all payments and services provided to noncitizens that are not registered and here legally.

        • Greyhound and space available on the airliners flying south…

    • Enact a mandatory death penalty for all illegal aliens and the border will close itself.

      • How about a mandatory prison sentence for any one that hires. houses or assists an illegal in any way. To include .gov officials and religious leaders in sanctuary cities.

        Rule of law is better than anarchy.

        • He was 50 feet away from me with a knife! I feared for my life! Unbelivable how fast some of these clowns escalate the situation.

          • 50 ft distance can be closed quickly. Add in stress and time becomes pointless. Put ‘em down.

  1. I have 30 years of martial arts experience, have been a blackbelt since 1997, and a certified instructor since 1999.

    I know exactly how easy it is to get stomped into a blood puddle. I’ve had by butt kicked thousands of times. (thankfully, all were done by friends who didn’t want to murder me in a controlled environment.) One of the most glaring lessons you will learn in martial arts is your own physical limitations in a fight.

    Almost every blackbelt I know carries a pistol for self defense BECAUSE they know how to fight and don’t want to have to do so against someone with a weapon who wants to kill them.

    • Funny enough it was in martial arts I was introduced to handguns. Both worthwhile disciplines but realistically the gun won out for a reason in focus.

    • The perp thought his life was worth a parking spot. He chose poorly.

      Other caveats are the perp brought a knife to a gunfight. And to any do-gooders who will proclaim the perp “only had a knife”, you obviously know very little to nothing about knife wounds.

  2. Dude brought a knife to a gunfight over a parking space and lost bigly.
    Also, this dismantles necessity of disparity of force requirements, IMHO.

    • “Dude brought a knife to a gunfight over a parking space and lost bigly.”

      I *really* hope one day soon I see ‘Bigly’ in the dictionary, Scott Adams will be so proud! Also, since it took place at a bar, whoever created the t-shirt “Instant asshole – Just add alcohol” flat *nailed it*.

      “Also, this dismantles necessity of disparity of force requirements, IMHO.”

      I dedicate this video to the late knife-man :

  3. Cannon is just a grappler.
    I saw Tran Vin Duk break an arm with a kick. He weighed maybe 125lbs.
    Try him with a knife.
    Bouriboun(Sawadee Krap🙏)could move so fast you’d have needed a shotgunm from 25 ft to get him.
    Try him with a knife.
    I myself have kicked a knife out of a hand.
    Huh, Mr. Cannon without a referee your really no martial artist at all.

  4. Isn’t the statement “criminal illegal aliens” redundant? The word criminal is implied by the phrase “illegal aliens.

    I understand what you are getting at, and it is the “violent criminal” illegal aliens.

    Yes, we need to kick those guys out of the country. Then, we need to also remove millions of other illegal immigrants.

    • It is absolutely redundant but in a way where differentiation can be useful in setting priorities.

    • 50% of their “illegally gotten” assets as an exit tax if they self deport by July 4, 2025.

      Or force deport we take it all.

    • If you kick them out they will just come back in a couple months or so.
      I think the United States .giv should just give them $200 a day to stay South of the border.

  5. Fight at the feeder.
    Ruby Throated Hummingbird versus Swallowtail Butterfly.
    Believe it or not the Butterfly won. The Butterfly got a hold of the hummingbird with his six little legs and went to beating on the hummingbird with its wings until its yellow fly me was filling the air. Finally the Hummingbird got loose and took off.
    I figured the hummingbird bird would have stuck his beak through the butterfly. But nope.
    Later on in the evening the hummingbird showed up with his posse, all tooled up with autoGlocks, but the Butterfly had already sugared up.

    • Just in case you don’t believe that story the autoGlocks were in .9mm. They were hard to see, that’s why bird watchers have 10X50’s

      • I watched a purple humming bird poke a wasp into one of the flowers on our feeder then go to the next one to feed.

  6. Truth Bomb:

    Hand-to-hand combat is incredibly risky now matter how big, strong, fast, and “good” you are. And if your attacker has a knife, your risk factor in hand-to-hand combat increases 100-fold.

    Remember one simple fact about adversaries in combat: whoever can strike from the longest distance wins. Guess what? A handgun enables you to strike your adversary from a longer distance than your adversary who has limited him/herself to fists, feet, and edge weapons. Of course a long gun enables you strike your adversary from an even longer distance than an adversary with a handgun. And so on and so forth.

  7. More afraid of a blade than a handgun. I’ve seen two men disemboweled. Many more the victims of knife attacks. No thank you very much. Back in the day you could legally carry a Colt’s navy revolver in Memphis, TN. You could not legally carry a Bowie knife. Draw your own conclusions.

    • they were afraid the Tennessean’s would start busting off their teeth because it wasn’t an Arkansas Toothpick?

  8. Mr. Ritch did the right thing. Been in a couple knife fights and would have used a firearm had I had one available. 50 feet is what, 10 running steps? A second or 2. Get someone younger, faster, angry, drugged up, or frightened enough and your hand to hand skills will be of little value when it gets up close and personal. And getting sliced up hurts like hell. I have the scars to prove it.
    The only mistake is Mr. Ritch had to retrieve his weapon from his vehicle. It is a good thing the incident was caught on video and witnesses were available.
    Lastly, the he didn’t have to kill him, or he should have just shot his arm or shot the knife out of his hand idiots quite obviously have never been in a violent confrontation and have never fired a weapon under stress.

    • This is an American Tank, if you want to speak Mexican join the Mexican army, we speak american in this tank.

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