Pittsburgh City Councilman: Violating the Constitution is Fine if You’re “On the Right Side of History”

Two weeks ago, gun rights supporters rallied in Pittsburgh to protest the mayor’s plan to defy Pennsylvania’s state-wide preemption law and enact an “assault weapons ban” and red flag law within the city. Nevertheless, the Pittsburgh city council plans to vote on gun control legislation for the city by mid-February. From the NRA-ILA, here’s why the city council doesn’t […]

OpSec: Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: While Truth About Guns isn’t a social media site, with its busy comment section and active readers, it almost functions as one. So it’s worth mentioning that readers should be aware (not necessarily “beware”) of the possible consequences. According to a post at US Law Shield, prosecutors […]

TTAG’s 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018

There’s apparently a rule written somewhere mandating that the week between Christmas and the start of the new year must feature reflections on the year that’s ending. Far be it from us to flout a long-held publishing convention like that. The most popular content here at TTAG has long been our brutally honest, no-holds-barred gun […]

Walk The Talk America Attempts to Build Bridge Between Firearms and Mental Health Industry

Press release: Non-profit Walk The Talk America is acting to bring caring firearms-related companies together with mental health programs in need, changing to help those suffering from mental health issues. The issue of firearms ownership is clearly one of the issues that creates the most passionate emotional response from both sides of America’s political spectrum. Walk […]

The Anti-Gun American Society on Aging

By Warren Lind, CSW Aging Today and AgeBlog, the American Society on Aging’s media, published an article, “Grandparents, Gun Violence and Gun Policy”, this fall. Teri Kennedy, a PhD grandmother with the School of Social Work at Arizona State University, advocated the straight gun restriction party line, from the claim that the Dickey amendment “barred”research to universal background checks, […]

Happy Birthday to the Bill of Rights…All Ten of Them

On this day in 1791, Virginia ratified the first ten amendments to the Constitution, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. As history.com notes, In September 1789, the first Congress of the United States approved 12 amendments to the U.S. Constitution and sent them to the states for ratification. The amendments were designed to protect […]

The ‘Ghost Guns’ That Time Forgot

Reader James Kaleda writes: Recently the gun rights deniers have been all up in arms (pun intended) about 3-D printing and the making of “ghost guns.” Many states have jumped on the bandwagon proposing bills that would prevent people from purchasing certain parts, downloading 3-D plans, and all kinds of other silly restrictions. Silly, not […]