The Morning After Thanksgiving Hunt

I’ve written before about getting busted by a doe on a Thanksgiving hunt and watching as one of the best whitetail bucks I’d ever seen ran off at full tilt. Looking back through the archives, I realized that I’d never gotten around to telling the story of the morning after that hunt. Still unsuccessful, but […]

8 Outstanding Gifts For Concealed Carry

Want to stuff somebody’s stocking who concealed carries? Put something they’ll love under the tree? There’s plenty of absolutely great gear out there, and some that lots that will fit almost any budget. While the obvious seem to be guns or ammo, not every state is friendly towards that. So we’ll mostly stick to awesome […]

The New York Times on What To Do If A Guest Wants to Bring a Gun to Thanksgiving Dinner

[ED: This post originally ran in November, 2016, but is wonderfully evergreen. Enjoy.] New York Times scribe Philip Galanes writes a regular column called “Social Q’s” in the Grey Lady’s Fashion & Style section. It’s a “Dear Abby” style column addressing readers’ question about social etiquette. Last week, an aghast correspondent asked how to handle a Thanksgiving guest […]

The Joy of Shooing a .22 Rifle

Back in high school, I was a big kid: 6-4, 230 pounds. I ran slowly; my fielding ability was below-average. But I could flat out hit a baseball. I could see which way the ball’s seams spun before it got halfway to home plate. I knew early if it was a curve, slider or fastball. I […]

Stag Arms to Relocate from Connecticut to Wyoming

Like Weatherby before them, Stag Arms has made the decision to leave its long time home in a gun-hostile state and move to the more hospitable environment of Wyoming . . . STAG ARMS RELOCATION ANNOUNCEMENT Stag Arms LLC (“Stag” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new President as well […]

AR-15: Demonizing ‘Assault Weapons’

By Miguel A. Faria, M.D. What are “assault weapons” and why are they being demonized? To begin with, the appellation “assault weapon” is a misnomer, a disparaging political label. It was invented by Josh Sugarmann, a media-lionized gun control advocate, as a political tool to demonize semi-automatic firearms that frequently have a military appearance, but […]