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Courtesy InfoWars

A few of weeks back, California refugee Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his titanically popular podcast. It’s an entertaining listen (or watch, if you prefer the video). Returning the favor, Rogan made a recent appearance on Jones’ InfoWars show.

During Rogan’s appearance, Jones welcomed Rogan to Austin with by giving him a box of cigars and a rifle. Because Texans are neighborly that way. And Jones knows Rogan’s a passionate elk hunter (though he usually hunts with a bow).

The rifle is a Falkor Defense Petra 300 Win Mag which should provide the comedian/podcaster with plenty of good times on the range and in the field.

The gift, however, wasn’t popular with everyone. This is, after all, 2020. One of the decripit left wing advocacy org Media Matters’ pinch-faced Karens, someone named Timothy Johnson, witnessed the gift. He clutched his pearls, sniffed his smelling salts and then took to Twitter . . .

We’ve only seen the tweeted clipped portion of the interview, and yes, there appears to be a glass of brown liquor in front of Rogan, but neither Austinite appears to be impaired in any way.

The good news is giving a firearm as a gift is perfectly legal here in the Lone Star State, whether Media Matters likes it or not. Jones was thoughtful enough to include a few loaded magazines and at least one box of ammo to go along with the rifle, since gun food is hard to come by these days.

We’d guess Rogan couldn’t give a flying fornication what Timmy from Media Matters thinks and will hopefully get many hours of fun and good use out of the Petra (assuming he can get his hands on more ammunition).

Timothy Johnson Media Matters
Timothy Johnson (Courtesy Twitter)

As for Johnson, if he ever pulls the stick out of his rectal region and comes to Austin (no doubt to attend a SXSW symposium, if it survives), we’d be happy to give him a rifle, too, just so he won’t feel left out. Because Texans are neighborly that way.



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  1. Meanwhile:

    In Georgia, vote FACTS!

    2,506 felons voted
    66,248 under age not old enough
    2,423 not registered
    1,400 cast ballots po. box
    4,926 council registration
    10,315 dead voted
    395 ballots cast in another state
    15,700 change address
    40,270 moved county lines.

      • The left has admitted that they don’t care… they also admitted that covid was a good thing because it disrupted Trump’s chance to win.

    • Never mind the pervert sleazebag bill clintoon and b. h. obama…After all the despicable Jim Crow era treatment DJT and his family received over the past 4 years from the media and the democRat Party President Donald John Trump is now the official First Black President.

      What was done to the POTUS following his election and to date is what Black Americans endured at the hands of the democRat Party from Slavery to Eugenics to Jim Crow to the KKK. The democRat Party would slander and libel Black Americans into not running or holding public office. The democRat Party also threatened, beat and murdered family members of Black candidates that would not comply.

      The sleazy tactics the democRat Party used against the POTUS is straight out of their Jim Crow KKK Playbook. Slander, libel and rigging elections are nothing new to the democRat Party. Anywhere there were Blacks seeking public office whether it was in the North, South, East or West the treatment from the democRat Party was the same.

      What we have witnessed over the past 4 years are sleazy race based tactics that remain alive and well in the democRat Party. Until the democRat Party is held accountable for all of its racist baggage and is forced to make monetary reparations the treatment that was once used against Blacks will continue to be used on Constiutionists, The Party of Lincoln, etc.

      Frankly…Any Black American voting democRat is the dictionary definition for the word, “fool.” And Frankly…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the a nazi party.

    • Former, can we do away with this FUDD thing? I shot quail this morning. Knocked down 16 including a double. You think you can shoot? Try quail. All of us own firearms. Quit disparaging the hunters. Not all firearms should be made of half plastic to make it viable. Own a lot of “non-FUDD” firearms. (Proud to say not an AR among them.) Get out of whatever millennial, X-gen, whatever generation you live in. It’s gone. The basics are still the same. Buy a real rifle. It will be expensive, but it will be worth it.

  2. Now will the proud pothead and proud atheist Joe Rogan support Liberty in Texas by going to the polls and voting, and support Pro Liberty candidates in Texas with his dollars??? Since while living in California he did absolutely nothing to stop Liberty from being stolen from people. As he admitted in a discussion with Douglas Murray. He stated he didn’t know who the mayor was in Los Angeles. He didn’t know who his city councilman was. Or who was on the city council. Nor did he really care. But as a rich libertarian he was able to leave California, a slave state, and move to the free state of Texas. Now the question is will he use his money to keep Texas free??? Because his marijuana billionaire friends certainly have not donated to Liberty causes. And getting marijuana legalized is not supporting Liberty. There are plenty of disarmed slaves in the state of California smoking marijuana.

    And while he and his rich pothead friends were getting their marijunia intoxication. The LA city council banned the 2A education classes, they use to have, at the local community colleges. They had no interest in going to speak out in public, for supporting firearms education in the public college system.

    • Did the mayor of LA win because Joe Rogan didn’t vote against him? Must have missed that election.

      • Libertarians are forever telling other people how to live. If they really believe in what they preach. Then don’t complain. Just move about 4 or 6 years to another state. They can smoke their pot, and other more Liberty mined people will fight to keep what they have in the community.

    • I don’t know how it is in your state, but local elections are not based on political parties. Unless you are sure of the person, by doing a lot of homework, you could easily vote for a Marxist. We also have propositions(which are laws, so bad they would never make it through any committee), that the public votes in, because of huge money backing. They always have a great sounding hook, but are designed to help the people that spent the money(duh).
      Californians have been falling for this for years, and many believe they are better off as their other taxes rise because a certain class got a pass the they voted for.
      You are much better off NOT voting, unless you are in the know. Good for him not voting when he doesn’t know.

      • “You are much better off NOT voting, unless you are in the know. Good for him not voting when he doesn’t know.”

        Then why do you waste your time and ours writing about politicians you don’t like??? Just go away and smoke your pot in seclusion and peace.

      • Thank you so much for making my point. He can sit back. Smoke pot and do nothing. As Christians do all the heavy lifting to save liberty.

        • Yes indeed Larry in Texas. Saving the Europeans from Muslim slavery. And kicking the islamists out of the Iberian Peninsula. Land that the Muslims to this day still claim for Islam several hundred years later.

  3. Upset over that…but probably just fine with folks hopping in a car and DRIVING stoned…
    and if it is not affecting your driving? you got BAD weed…especially these days with the high THC levels
    if pot does not mess you up…get better pot…
    yes…don’t toke and drive or toke and shoot
    same with drinking, of course…

  4. WTF is Media Matters? Never heard of it, don’t want to know anything about it, can live without it, don’t care if a house falls out of the sky and smashes them all.

    • Mr. Lee,

      MM has been around for years. Their original mission statement was “to take Fox News down any way they could”…they modified it a few years ago to simply “attack any and all Conservative thought and actions”. Another Soros funded propaganda machine. Look up David Brock…he is a real piece of sh…work.

        • Yes Sir. They’re just another prong in the multi-tined attack on the USA and our Constitution. I’m guessing that they are angling for a Biden appointment to his (proposed) new Department – the Ministry of Truth.

        • Actually they do matter. Media Matters and groups like Sleeping Giants have successfully scared away good paying sponsors from conservative programming. They exist to deplatform conservative speech. The Left isn’t content with just countering your ideas. They want you to shut up and obey.

  5. I enjoy Rogan’s podcasts for who his guests are. Scientists, doctors, writers, and just plain fascinating people like David Goggins and fellow Oregonian Cameron Hanes.
    Don’t care for the comedians or lefty’s he interviews.

    That rifle was a pretty expensive gift. I know Rogan is worth millions, don’t have a clue as to Jones. Don’t care for his National Enquirer type broadcasts.

    • Falkor is up the road and across the Valley from me…nice rifles…out of my price range.

      If I was going to purchase a custom bolt rifle (not a fully semi-automatic AR-style) on a chassis frame I would go with Defiance Machine …Nice guns! I shot one of their 6.5 PRC rifles earlier this Fall. Wow! Smooth and accurate.

    • I also enjoy very much Rogan’s interview program. Just as I enjoyed Phil Donahue years ago. But both are FUDD’s.

    • The ephemeral style was terrible. It was really hard to distinguish links from text, so references were pretty much useless.

    • I was just getting used to the new layout and starting to like it — although I do appreciate that this font is easier to read.

    • Hell I’m just glad it wasn’t my computer, took a few days off didn’t know TTAG had changed format… that being said, hell yeah this is better, l could hardly see that other one, let alone read it….

  6. In 2020 there is no end to the list of people publicly upset over something, and it isn’t “news”. TTAG, find something actually newsworthy to write on, or be like all the other for-profit click-bait trashy media outlets that are creating the demise of our society and rights.

  7. OMG, they had a drink and handled a gun OMG! OMG!

    Uh, up until this story that was at least a quarter of the people on TTAG…

    I will say, I’m not a regular consumer of InfoWars but my friend sent me that podcast and it was amusing to me. It’s also funny how Rogan says outright that he’s a bridge between meathead and hippies but you can tell flat-out he’s being DRIVEN away from the hippies by their bullshit.

    Rogan single handedly did more for the cause of education reform than anyone else in living memory and all he had to do was have a self-professed Progressive evolutionary biologist describe the witch-hunt against him for daring to suggest that maybe banning people from campus based on skin color might be racist.

    The more Rogan has Progressives and those harmed by Progressives on his show the more and more alarmed he becomes and you can tell that it translates to his audience who are now starting to become aware of the threat that Progressive thought presents to the entire Western World.

    • Rogan is still VERY much a hippie. He’s a good guy and all, but he’s just all over the place. Hit in the head one too many times.

  8. Fuck Rogan. Used to be a fan until he sold his fans to Spotify for $100 million and proved he is a member of the elite by violating federal law and having nothing happened.

    You can stream using wifi or data on the free spotify app but to get offline mode so you can listen without video or wifi or data, like in your car, which is where the vast majority of podcasts get listened to, you have to pay for premium Spotify. Fuck that.

    I will call your attention to the fact that an illegal user of marijuana and other controlled substances, something both Rogan and Jones have been very public about, is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition. Someone else gave him a handgun on his show, maybe Tim Kennedy? I can’t remember. But that would now be two federal firearm felonies.

    I support the repeal of all drug and gun laws. But I will not support them being enforced against ordinary people and ignored for others.

    • As far as I can tell, the rich/wealthy, can still get away with things, the less well off can’t.

  9. More crap from California here to walk out of the bus station and buy a cowboy hat and continue ruining the place. Give him a one way ticket anywhere else.

      • Outstanding suggestion! And with NYC natives fleeing for their lives, the NYC property values have to be dropping too!

  10. you guys laugh all you want about California, but I live in SoCal and it is armed to the teeth, seething mad about whats going on, and about to do a big U turn courtesy of 39% of the population pissed off Latinos. Its unreal how gunned up this place is now.

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