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With a Biden administration just a couple of months away, the media appear to be helping push one of candidate Biden’s gun control agenda items — a ban on the sale of guns and gun parts via the internet. And they’re focusing on cheap Chinese illegal full-auto switches along with “fuel filters” and solvent traps that are thinly disguised suppressors

News outlet WCVB reports that “illegal, deadly firearms” are “just a click away” in Massachusetts, and they have Homeland Security to back them up:

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but those laws are doing little to stop the purchase of firearms accessories that can be easily turned into illegal silencers or be used to turn certain handguns into machine guns.

The silencers are being sold as fuel filters or solvent filters and typically are shipped from China, according to David Magdycz, acting special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in Boston.

“We’ve found no legitimate use for these suppressors or these silencers, ever. We’ve never gone to a residence and had them show us exactly what they attach to or how they’re used as an oil filter or a solvent filter,” Magdycz said.

Then there are the handguns being turned into machine guns…

Trigger switches turn a Glock handgun from a semi-automatic firearm, which fires one bullet every time the trigger is pulled, into an automatic weapon, rapidly firing bullets with one pull of the trigger.

A machine gun is “incredibly dangerous,” Magdycz said.

And, of course, there are the “ghost guns“:

Ghost guns are bought as kits which, because they’re not considered firearms by the federal government, don’t require a gun license to buy. But with as little as 30 minutes of work and household tools, the kits can be turned into working firearms.

The guns by law must then be registered, but since they’re sold without serial numbers, anyone willing to break the law can have a working firearm without undergoing a background check or registering the weapon with the government.

Okay, so are we speaking in generalities here regarding 80 percent lowers? Do we not understand the law? Of course not, we’re dealing with the media here.

Imagine if you were on the outside looking in. You know nothing about firearms or builds. Would the premise of this article scare you? Seems highly likely. And that’s the intent.

Side note on solvent traps: quite a few gun people have noticed a recent upswing in social media ads for solvent traps. Whether this is just a wild and crazy cosmic coincidence or a sting operation underway by the ATF, who knows, but it does seem…interesting…that we’re all seeing these in our feeds. For sale, cheap.


My suggestion: don’t break the law. And in order to not break the law you have to know the law (the media should not be your main source of information for said laws, either). Do your own research. Familiarize yourself with firearm laws. And avoid questionable knock-off crap from China.

How well do you know your local and federal gun laws?

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  1. So anti freedom/fun China is perfectly cool sending restricted weapons technology to U.S. consumers that Free America has issues with civilian ownership………….. may need to get the Thanksgiving whisky early.

    • China has no issues with this, or counterfeiting our currency, or shipping carffentanil here, or shipping people random blind packets of seeds for invasive plant species, or industrial espionage and IP theft, or buying up swaths of scoial media to influence US media, running bots on same and domestic social media, engagin in currency manipulation, or a bunch of other things that probably haven’t been noticed or publicized yet.

      It makes the cold war with the USSR look tame by comparison.

      • Personally I distrust them enough for the bath salts. That they are trying for a result reversal on the opium war doesn’t help.

      • What he said. China is using concentrated active measures to put as much complication and disarray into American civil society as possible, particularly since Trump took office and went hard against them. Hence all the stuff about busts concerning Confucius Institutes and IP/tech theft via these places and the campuses they reside on and R&D affiliate companies of said institutions.

        Those who are in the know have known for awhile that the Confucius Institutes were covers for technical and political espionage for awhile, and Trump cracked down on it. Even though Beijing got their preferred candidate into office don’t think they’ll let up, even when Manchurian candidate Joe rejoins the TPP and otherwise kowtows to everything they want. Thanks enuf, you traded a “traitor” for a true blue proved insider threat who WAS CAUGHT RED HANDED PEDDALING INFLUENCE TO PRC OWNED COMPANIES.

        • your 100% right!!! They are all traitors and have tried stealing an election and if WE THE PEOPLE sit back and allow it then we deserve all we get! I myself will NEVER abide by any laws/policies/restrictions a Biden/HARRIS Admin would force upon the people! I have already made arrangements to lose “all” my semi-auto guns in a very odd boating accident! If Biden gets in the White House this Country “will” see WAR of some kind! Whether its WE THE PEOPLE again the left and their BLUE HELMET enforcers or a strait up Civil War!!!! “One way or the other America is in for some hell really soon! LOCK&LOAD people! Buy ALL THE AMMO U CAN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! Fools if you dont!!!%

        • stupidity? I totally believe the Biden Campaign as well as the Demonrats had a hand along with China to unleash this virus on the people to cause Chaos during the election to try and “force” Trump out of office! Trump won!!! A man that can draw more then a dozen cars to his rallies beats out a man that over flowed stadiums for 4Years! Are you all stupid? People (PATIORS) better get off their asses and the a few days off of work to make this right!!!? If we dont ensure our election was on the up and up then we deserve what comes to us all! I will never Abide by any laws/policies/restrictions that a Biden/HARRIS more so Admin would force/impose on the people! Biden…..NOT MY PRESDENT!!! huh….where have i heard something like that before? They can go strait to hell!!!% P.S. too old ot change my ways and allow myself to be enslaved and to young to allow them to get away with infringing on my rights! I will have them take my guns from my cold dead hands, after i take as many TRAITORS as i can with me!!!%

  2. This mess is our own fault. Too many of us have enjoyed playing outlaw with worthless crap available on the internet. Just because “we can” is not the same as “we should”.

    • Debbie,

      This mess is our own fault? Thus a woman who takes pride in her appearance and becomes a rape victim — that is her own fault as well?

      I have a better idea. Government should restrict law/punishment to people who actually and intentionally harm other people, where that harm could be physical, psychological, and/or financial. Meanwhile, let’s stop giving any support/credibility to government laws which restrict/punish people for their capacity to potentially harm other people.

      • I’m fine with people buying chinese crap product. Free market. Free country. They should be honest about it however, and not try to make “counterfeit” product. But if people know they are buying some cheap chinese stuff – let them buy some cheap chinese stuff. After all some chinese stuff is better than others (I.E. Primary Arms).

    • To the above ersatz Debbie…Man up and be who you are. It’s either you the democRat lint licker pos enuf or a close political relative. Whoever you are you know you are a gutless wonder and I know you are a gutless wonder…

      As for the TTAG topic…Whenever I see any newscaster or anything or anyone who is democRat pop up on my TV they are a Click Away from disappearing.

    • It really doesn’t matter if ‘Debbie W’ isn’t the real ‘Debbie W,’ or is a cross-dressing other-abled transvestite transsexual Transylvanian space alien, because she/he/they is correct.

      ‘We’ have gone out of our way to Poke The Bear in the ribs on a regular basis with cutesy, imaginative workarounds to various BATF regulations–‘bump stocks’ to imitate the forbidden-fruit machine guns, ‘arm braces’ that work suspiciously well as collapsible shoulder stocks, ‘oil-filter adapter’ and ‘solvent trap’ devices to try to get around suppressor regulations, ten-pound short-barreled rifle-caliber ‘pistols’ that aren’t fooling anybody with half a brain. Then, of course, with the advent of ‘modular’ firearms, there’s the farce of claiming that a receiver completed by a factory to an 80%level, finished by using a computer-controlled milling device, decked out with preassembled, factory-fitted parts such as complete ‘uppers’ with no further machining, finishing, or fitting required is ‘making your own firearm’ in the commonly-understood sense of the term. It isn’t; It’s ‘assembling a gun from a kit.’ Nobody’s being fooled.

      And ‘we’ blithely assumed that nobody would notice, that the Bear at ATF would just roll over and continue to snore, and that The G would just let people skirt the intent of the GCA and NFA with impunity, or maybe even respond with a hearty and rueful ‘Well, you got us, boys! Never thought you’d figure out how to get around us! Go ahead, Gosh Darn ya, and have fun!’ forever.

      It don’t work that way. Welcome to the party, boys; ‘We’ get to see just how BATF is going to respond now that it’s awake due to all of that poking. Probably should’ve left it alone. Especially now that ‘we’ could lose it ALL.

      • Now, reread that, and every time you come across something that you, in your infinite wisdom, find objectionable, think to yourself “shall not be infringed”. Reflect on what that means, then reread once more to discover precisely who it is that is fucked up. Any prohibition, licensing, taxes, fees or other restriction of anything you mentioned is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  3. “We’ve found no legitimate use for these suppressors or these silencers, ever.” — David Magdycz, acting special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in Boston

    I can say — seriously and credibly — that there is no legitimate use for all manner of “art”. Does that mean government has righteous authority to criminalize production and possession of art that government deems politically incorrect?

  4. Nothing illegal about a solvent trap, unless and until you drill holes through the internals and bottom end cap. I’d highly recommend you not do so until your PERFECTLY LEGAL FORM 1 comes back.

    DIAS’s? Meh. currently no way for an ordinary citizen to use one legally. If we get tot he point where we don’t care about legality then there are plenty of commercially manufactured guns with a giggle switch in police cars………………

    • “Nothing illegal about a solvent trap, unless and until you drill holes through the internals and bottom end cap. I’d highly recommend you not do so until your PERFECTLY LEGAL FORM 1 comes back.”

      I’m not risking even ordering one until my “PERFECTLY LEGAL FORM 1 comes back.” and is in my personal possession…

    • We can all enjoy a silencer as long as we let the government bribe us out of a grand of our hard earned money. You can buy and live in your own house as long as you pay the government rent. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other are saying What the Fuck? Welcome to a nation ruled by government, not a constitution. Don’t worry they are about to get rid of that worthless piece of paper in the near future, once they take all the guns away. We can’t have people wising up and overthrowing us now can we?

  5. They keep saying they’re monitoring and showing up to houses? Under what authority? Buying a “filter” is not a crime, nor does the federal, state or local government have any authority to monitor you or your purchases.

  6. Didnt Jeremy S. do an article on making a legal suppressor from a solvent trap?

    So….not illegal unless you make it illegally.

    Otherwise…every barrel is illegal as you can simply cut it down shorter than NFA allows.

  7. I hope they don’t watch the movie “The Equalizer” and see how horrifically violent a lot of the stuff sold there can be used including as parts for home made bombs or an unassuming microwave oven or cordless drill . Lot’s of people are killed or seriously injured with just a 4 foot iron pipe that goes for around $10.

    • And many die from lightning strikes, electrocutions, drowning, auto accidents, heart attacks, falls ……….. There aught to be a law.

  8. I wonder how long before they get a bug up their butt about optics on pistols and how deadly that makes them and want to ban them too.

  9. Well the feds were made aware of ersatz silencer technology by YouTube dude’s(ala Mrgunsngear). As for this clustererfluxk I have no answer other than defy,defy & defy!

  10. I’ve found those fuel filter/ solvent traps make great air particulit filters when stuffed lightly with gauze and they are a lot less expencive than a NAPA 4003 / WIX 24003 filters!

  11. Months ago I was getting ads for these “fuel filters” all the time out of nowhere on my YouTube ads and email ads and never even considered it. I figured from the get-go it was a bullshit or a trap by the ATF. Besides any metal you buy that cheap will melt in seconds after a few rounds. As for the Glock switch I’ve seen a few guys on my local news get arrested for those. The Chinese are animals and will sell anything!!

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