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We already know 2020 is the unofficial National Year of Gun Sales, but it’s still awesome to see even gun-friendly states like Missouri stepping up their ballistic game. According to the Riverfront Times, Missourians have spent their COVID-19 days buying guns…lots of guns:

The FBI had already conducted more [than] 576,000 background checks [in Missouri] for gun sales by the end of October, well over the nearly 498,000 during the entire year of 2019. With two months to go before 2020 ends, the state could hit more than 690,000, which would easily be the largest number of background checks in the more than two decades the FBI has on record.

Here’s the really fun part. The reporter for the “alternative” publication admits that NICS checks don’t capture the full number of gun sales:

The number of background checks doesn’t have a perfect correlation with sales. For example, it doesn’t account for private sales, for which Missouri doesn’t require background checks.

As we’ve already seen across the country, gun sales in Missouri follow a predictable rising path in tandem with the coronavirus restrictions and related drama. In fact, when sales first began spiking there was a 48 increase in background checks run in March alone compared with the same month a year ago.

These are the kinds of trends we like to see taking place, with more than seven million new gun owners taking the plunge. One thing, though. This article mentions 690,000 as an unprecedented number for Missouri for 2020. Come on, guys, those are rookie numbers. You can surely do better. Any takers for topping one million in Missouri in 2021?

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    • Well as for my “bluest” state of a shithole state of New Jersey allows us to build….some types of firearms but by law we are suppose to register them. That’s if we decide too but then they can never leave our property after being built if we choose to not have them registered. But are still required to meet all specs of the laws of our state. So if for any reason the cops get to see your guns if they are not legal to state standards i can still be charged with a crime. Like several uppers i purchased. Companies don’t seem to want to cater to the restrictive states and make more variants of uppers with Mini. length of 16″ barrels and comps. rather then brakes or flash hiders. If there was more varieties of uppers/rifles with comps as well they will sell a lot more. I always have to purchase the Cali. Compliant rifles then cut off the fins on the grips or replace them. Plus i don’t have to have a fixed mag in my ARs here. I can have a detach. mag, but has to have a pinned stock(non-adjustable) and a pinned/welded Comp with a min. length barrel of 15″. Now here we can have AR pistols but they are NOT called pistols here but others. Very few are made to our states configuration. They are a 10.5 to 12.5 inch barrel, measure 26″ overall when fully collapsed. It also “must” be a fully built firearm or (other) and comes in its factory configuration to our states specs and be kept in that configuration. But the big deal is the stock or as we have to call them here the other rear device other brace can be functional. We are allowed to have a collapsible stock or “other” brace….lol But at least we can get a pistol or rifle caliber (other) here for now. Once Murphy starts infringing on our 2A again in his next session of bill signings i’m sure we will have less 1st and 2nd Amendment rights then before. As well as all the costs related to firearms in the way of tax’s/fee’s/licensing on everything to do with firearms will be raised by a staggering 150% or more!!! He is nothing more then a TRAITOR and should be arrested for shredding our Constitution and Bill Of Rights!!!

    • Looks like it has a stock. It probably isn’t the best picture to represent the type of firearm purchases this year. Folks don’t want to wait around on a government permission slip.

    • I myself can not any connection between one firearm being legal and another one not based on its configuration. I would think adding a stock to a pistol would increase its accuracy. I ponder why the BATFE would want someone to be less accurate then they chose to be.

  1. “For example, it doesn’t account for private sales”

    It also doesn’t account for multiple firearm purchases at once.

  2. Disarming this country should be easy, a no brainer as the left is fond of saying.
    Yup. No problemo.

    • Criminalizing a vast majority of firearms.
      Ammunition prices and availability make it unavailable to the majority.
      Routine traffic stops become a nightmare.
      Red flag laws.
      More restrictions on when and where you can be armed.
      All of these except the purchase of ammunition involves going to court, the court is the system, the system wants a disarmed public. As was previously stated by a commenter on another topic, Radman I believe, “They’ll pick us off one by one.” A very true and sobering statement.

  3. And the left still doesnt see the writing on the wall!! You a-holes caused the last civil war, wanna try for two?

    • Yes.

      Don’t forget: we had a famous actor assassinate your president in 1865. With T.V. and movies the Democrat Party has even more famous actors today,.. just sayin’.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

  4. A significant percentage may be Antifa, BLM and such groups on the left gearing up. They have the money to do it and BO promised it.

    • That has a high chance of probability, I’m in agreement. I do not know if the exact amount could be known for certain on first time buyers. However I’m assuming with by the numbers purchased the amount could not consists of ones whom already have a plethora.

  5. tooling up to inflict some misery.
    it’s nice there, save the helmet laws.
    running 160 from doniphan to alton/ thayer is short list stuff. and the hilly, cavey vineyard town of herman is a trip.

      • ah, true, remember now from ama ups and downs. i remember customers who were escorted to bike shops and required to make the purchase.
        no ticket, pretty nice.
        i started doing south east ohio/ west virgingie (not 45yds of straight asphalt in that entire state) because of the misery lid rule. but really, all you need is wisco’s driftless area.

    • Having recently moved here from Washington state, it’s amazingly gun friendly. Constitutional carry, no UBCs, no purchasing limits. It’s true that if I go out to my porch and start shooting cans the cops will show up, but just the cop that lives down the way a bit, and only because he wants to play too.

      I met most of my neighbors by shooting off the porch. As soon as they know I’m not an idiot shooting in their direction, the only thing they care about is what kind of beer they should bring when they want to use my auto clay throwers.

      It’s great.

  6. It’s funny how the “law breaking” gun people, even with the opportunity to buy privately, or produce their own, STILL get BGC’s done in states without the need, nor the need to permit their carry.

    There’s a bit of irony/sarcasm in here, but I’m personally baffled.

  7. In my estimation 2021 would probably top 2020 except that there won’t be the inventory available to allow for that.

    • Agree completely.

      If firearm manufacturers had the manufacturing capacity and/or inventory available, 2021 firearm sales in the United States would dwarf 2020 firearm sales.

      • Rising prices in the steel industry and all things involved.
        Limiting imports of ,,,,,,,,
        Firearms will be a Kings game.

        • It’s not the problems with iron (the root of the issue in the steel industry) but rather the world-wide issues with copper that will hurt the most. The price of brass stock is likely to skyrocket next year with the copper shortage.

          Don’t worry though, Biden will fix it with a quickness. And the evil orange dictator will be gone! Rainbows and unicorns will abound, peace and prosperity will settle in across the land and lists, those darn lists of ALL types, will be a thing of the past. /sarc

  8. I would consider those as impressive numbers in a state with a total population of slightly over 6 million…

  9. The reason Black Friday sales were down is only because there are no guns available for sale! I live in anti-gun MA, but even so, the local Bass Pro/Cabela’s didn’t have one single handgun in their display case. My local private gun shop had two in his case and he said he’s pretty sure one of them is sold. Plus he couldn’t sell a customer ammo for either gun as he had mostly naked ammo shelves.
    You can’t sell customers what you don’t have and don’t know when you’ll be able to get product.

    • The availability for most common types of ammunition in the smaller towns are not as adversely affected as the ones in the larger cities. However I’m sure once the available stock is depleted it will be difficult to acquire.

  10. I believe most of the firearms sales are on the perceived notion that there is going to be a civil war. The Right versus Left, similar to the Russians equivalent of the Reds and Whites.
    I would be more content if everyone were “tooling up” for the Zombies or the Martian invasion, however I do not believe that to be the case.
    The Truth About,,, well you see, There’s never going to be a Martian invasion, there’s never going to be Zombie apocalypse, and there’s never going to be another civil war, not in the United States.
    There will be turmoil, small uprisings, protest, shootings, arrest and murders, destruction of a once great country. No longer Americans, not even subjects, but numbers.
    As an American, I give my regrets, We the People should have had your back.

  11. Yea I didn’t even read the article.

    I just wanted to let TTAG know their new desktop version of the site is terrible. The individual article formatting is doable, but the home page is a mess. Far to easy to miss stuff and not well organized. Find a medium between the old and new, where we can simply just see new articles as they post and keep scrolling them. I’m not “old” and I am “tech savvy”, but this format is confusing AF.

  12. FYI, the “Riverfront Times” is one guy’s blog with a cool name that gets mistaken for journalism all the time.

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