Springfield Armory Auction of First Chris Kyle TRP to End Live at NRA


Are you headed to Louisville for the NRA convention and meetings? I just made it through security in less than two minutes. Running my G43 through the TSA only took about one minute more than that. God bless Texas. If you’re going, you can’t come home empty handed. So why not check out the Chris Kyle Legend Series 1911 TRP that Springfield’s auctioning off? The money goes to a good cause and you have that empty space in your safe that’s just perfect for a new 1911 . . .

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New from Apex Tactical: 2016 “Dream Gun”

Apex Dream Gun

The last time Apex Tactical introduced a heavily modified Smith & Wesson “dream gun” Smith’s legal department claimed copyright infringement. When the move raised a hue & cry Smith backed-down claimed it was all a misunderstanding. Apex is back with their 2016 Dream Gun. “DP Custom Works, Blowndeadline Custom and SSVI give the pistol its unique appearance,” Apex’s ammoland.com presser proclaims [full text after the jump]. “DP Custom Works machined the slide, lightening it and adding side and top scales. Pulling from a Cerakote color palette consisting of NRA blue, a custom mixed blue, midnight bronze, graphite black, titanium and a custom mixed yellow, Blowndeadline Custom created a finish that will be immediately recognizable to fans of the popular game Borderlands as that of fictional weapons manufacturer Torgue. The finishing touch is the signature look of SSVI’s 360º texturing, hard edge bordering, undercut and trigger guard texturing, as well as forward reference point texturing.” OK then . . .

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Gun Review: Honor Defense Honor Guard HG9SC


The subcompact semi-auto handgun market has become considerably more crowded over the last few years. These days every gun manufacturer under the sun has filled out their product lines with small pistols perfect for concealed carry. Despite this crowded marketplace, a new company named Honor Defense thinks their Honor Guard pistol is a sales-winning concealed carry semi-auto 9mm handgun — and they’ve priced it to move. At first blush, the Honor Guard looks like just about any other polymer framed compact 9mm handgun. But there are some distinct differences . . .

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A Cheap Gun is Gun Enough for One Homeowner


The RG23 is the quintessential cheap handgun and never had a good reputation. Many owners have claimed a lack of reliability, so I suspect that quality control wasn’t in the same class as the old Smith & Wesson revolvers. The rough trigger makes accuracy difficult, even for experienced shooters. The steel inserts in Zamak alloy construction are corrosion cells waiting to happen. The revolvers are so inexpensive, they are not economically worth repairing. They sold, in 1969, for 19.95.  The current price on the used market is around $50. But, they are guns . . .

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Gun Review: Dan Wesson Discretion


Dan Wesson makes some of the finest 1911s on the market. I regard most of their products as highly as those from, say, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer, and others. The crazy thing is that MSRP on a Dan Wesson is often 33% to 50% less. In 2014, I got my hands on and reviewed a DW Valor and loved it. I didn’t purchase it, though, as I wanted just a bit more pizzazz. But with the release of their suppressor-ready Discretion — the better part of Valor? — I found my new 1911 . . .

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A Tour of Kel-Tec’s Cocoa, Florida Operations

While on vacation in Florida recently, I was able to sneak away for a day and drive up to Kel-Tec CNC Industries for a tour of their facilities. Seems like a lot of people think Kel-Tec is four guys in a garage assembling a couple dozen guns a month, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cranking out over 150,000 firearms each year, Kel-Tec is the fifth or sixth largest U.S. firearms manufacturer, and the video above and gazillion photos below show how they do it . . .

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New from ARES Defense-FightLite Industries: STEP-22 Silenced Pistol

ARES Defense FightLite Industries STEP-22 Silenced Pistol (courtesy ammoland.com)

Press release [via ammoland.com]

FightLite Industries, a special products division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc. announces their new patent-pending STEP-22LS (Strategic Target Engagement Pistol, Low Signature). The STEP-22LS is an accurate, rugged, lightweight and reliable monolithic pistol receiver chambered in .22LR and features a tensioned target barrel with integral silencer and MIL-STD-1913 Rails at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions for mounting lights, lasers, optics and other accessories. Designed for . . .

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Colorado Ivory And Animal Products Legislation Defeated in Senate Committee

Ivory handled pistol (courtesy gunsamerica.com)

NRA-ILA Press release [via Ammoland.com]

Yesterday, the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee indefinitely postponed House Bill 1341 by a 3-2 vote. Sponsored by state Representative Joann Ginal (D-52), HB 1341 sought to punish law-abiding citizens who collect and trade ordinary items, including antiques, artwork, jewelry, knives, firearms and accessories, furniture and many other lawfully owned and obtained items that contain ivory or any other “covered animal species part or product.” The purported goal of HB 1341 was . . .

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NPR Highlights Problems with ‘Smart’ Guns

Smart gun (courtesy popsci.com)

All Things Considered is an iconic program from National Public Radio (NPR). They have a reliably “progressive” approach to the world. Sometimes they stumble onto inconvenient truths. That happened a month ago when NPR ran this story on how a naive investor pushed Colt to develop a so called “smart” gun, which is actually a very stupid gun . . .

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