Gun Review: Dan Wesson 715 .357 Revolver


We would all be lucky to have a reputation as stellar as Dan Wesson revolvers do. Unfortunately, hope as gun owners did, DW didn’t manufacture any for many years. Except for only a few special runs, newly-manufactured Dan Wesson revolvers have been as rare as a unicorn since about 1998. And, I believe, altogether non-existent since about 2005. Thankfully CZ-USA, which has owned DW for a decade now, has decided to expand its product line and get back into the wheel gun game. The first revolver out of the gate is. . .

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Napoleonic Imitation or Concealed Carry?

Many historians have speculated have about the classic hand in the jacket pose for Civil War photographs. The most likely theory: the subjects were mimicking Napoleon’s trademark pose, immortalized in Jacques-Louis David’s famous portrait Napoleon in his Study. Where’d that come from? According to napoleon-series-org, “in 1738, Francois Nivelon published A Book Of Genteel Behavior describing the ‘hand-in-waistcoat’ posture as signifying ‘manly boldness tempered with modesty.'” So where did the French get it? One theory . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge of the Day: 4-Year-Old Shot By Falling .357 [Not Shown] Edition


“[Alaska State] Troopers say the family was leaving a pickup when the woman’s .357-caliber handgun fell out of its holster, struck the pavement on its hammer and fired,” reports. “The shot hit the 4-year-old just above the knee. The bullet went through the boy’s leg and lodged in a building.” Holy caliber wars Batman! I’m surprised there’s much leg left. I’m also highly skeptical . . .

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New From Beretta: APX Striker-Fired Modular Pistol – Is This The Army’s New Sidearm?


“‘Beretta unveiled its first striker-fired pistol at the IDEX 2015 show in Abu Dhabi, saying it incorporates the latest developments in tactical handguns and will have an ‘aggressive price vs performance ratio’. The APX is currently in the pre-series testing phase and the company aims to complete full qualification early in the second quarter of 2015.” So reports from the Middle East. At first blush, the new wundergun sounds like Beretta’s answer to the SIG P320 . . .

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Gun Review: Law Enforcement Trade-In GLOCK 22


My go-to FFL, Best Buy Surplus, has always had a steady supply of LE trade-in GLOCKs. Suffice it to say, they’re fans of the genre. Last month they received a shipment of over 300 of these pistols — mostly G22s (.40 S&W), but also a lot of G21s (.45 ACP) — and asked me if I wanted to pick one at random and check it out. What can one expect from a used, ex-LEO GLOCK? Let’s find out . . .

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New from Magnum Research: Limited Edition Desert Eagle Cheetah


Ralph loves him some Deagle. Our resident self-confessed Smith & Wesson weenie’s Magnum Research IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE review concluded “Shooting a Desert Eagle is like taking a honeymoon in Las Vegas. There’s no justification for it, except for having a raucous good time and burning through all those cash wedding gifts when your spouse isn’t looking.” When Ralph saw the above, $1793 limited edition Cheetah print Desert Eagle – only available while supplies last – he emailed the link with “Redefining Ugliness, One Spot at a Time” In the subject bar. ‘Nuff said? Press release and 2015 promo video after the jump . . .

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In Defense of Cabot Guns

Cabot 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

You need to get from the airport to a business meeting. Take a cab! It’s quick, it’s easy and it beats the hell out of public transportation. Alternatively, at least in theory, you could have a driver pick you up. It’s even quicker and easier (no waiting in a cold taxi queue) and it’s better. The car’s quieter, cleaner and more comfortable. It smells good. The driver’s nicer (in a reserved and dignified way). The limo’s more prestigious, should such things matter. Now, remind me again why it’s not OK to spend $6k+ on a 1911? The way I see it . . .

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SHOT Show: Adams Arms at Range Day

My “go-to” AR-15 upper is an Adams Arms piston piece, and not even one of their fancy ones. Just a Magpul MOE handguard and no other frills or add-ons of which to speak. I’ve had great success with the reliability and durability of the system — with good accuracy to boot — so I was happy to see them at Media Day to find out what’s new. The piston .308 felt great, and the kidney-shaped ejector is a novel idea. There’s one item I’m particularly interested in, but what’s this about GLOCK parts?. . .

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SHOT Show: Pietta Single Action Revolvers

F.A.P. di Pietta or F.LLI Pietta, commonly just referred to as Pietta and sold in the U.S. under the Pietta and other brand names, is best known for post-Civil War and “Wild West” era Single Action Army revolver replicas in both black powder and cartridge flavors. A real showman, Pietta’s Bryce Huddleston gave us an entertaining booth tour to show off some of their revolver offerings, from bird’s head grips to buntlines. The Pietta crew may also have won the “most tactical” attire award. . .

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Customizing My Ruger LCP for Everyday Carry

1 11 range

By Jake Zweig

A gun is a tool. You choose the tool that best fits the job. My job every day: protecting myself and my family. As a Navy SEAL, that’s what I went looking for. The right gun would be practical for everyday carry in a side pocket, and it would shoot when I needed it to shoot, where I needed to shoot it. I spent a year making the choice and decided to go with the Ruger LCP .380. Of course, the gun would undergo a few modifications before I would be completely happy with it . . .

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Gun Review: FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

FNS-9C- brutal (ourtesy Rhonda Little for The Truth About Guns)

FNH makes a mountain of money milking the military market with firearms in a kaleidoscope of calibers and configurations. Perhaps that’s why the Belgian gunmaker hasn’t been chasing American handgun buyers with the kind of fervor of, well, anyone else. The long wait for FN’s entry into the striker-fired everyday carry handgun market indicates a laissez faire attitude towards the job of winning converts to John Moses Browning’s vieux amis. Then again, some things are worth the wait. Does the new FNS-9 Compact finally knock GLOCK from its perch at atop of the U.S. carry gun sales chart? One thing’s for certain . . .

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