Texas Campus Carry Carve-Out?

Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss (courtesy breitbart.com)

TTAG reader DH horites:

When SB11 came to the floor last night at 9:30 pm, with over a hundred pre-filed amendments, I thought it was DOA. I stopped watching the clown circus at 10pm and went to bed as the Dems and a few particular Repubs ran the clock out. So to be honest I haven’t scrubbed the amendments carefully. But what we know is this: the Texas legislature passed a watered-down campus carry bill with a host of amendments on second reading with ten minutes to spare . . .

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TTAG Project Gun: Otto Carter’s Design for the Cabot 1911’s Dust Cover

Otto Carter TTAG Project Gun 1911 dust cover design (courtesy The Truth About Skill)


Quick! Where’s the “dust cover” on a 1911? Make the jump for an image ID’ing the part on my favorite Cabot: a prototype stainless steel 1911. (Dibs!) Master Engraver Otto Carter devised the pattern for TTAG’s Project Gun: a Cabot S-Class 1911 engraved in the Victorian Aesthetic style. At least one member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia has suggested that Art Nouveau would be more appropriate. But I reckon you’ve got give an artist of Otto’s caliber his freedom. This is not his first engraved gun rodeo. Nor, we suspect, will it be his last . . .

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Question of the Day: Is the 1911 an “Expert’s Gun”?

In the 1911-o-philia above, gun guru Larry Vickers says the 1911 is “not a beginner’s gun . . . There are a lot of nuances to keeping it running.” I agree. Only substitute “not shooting someone you didn’t mean to shoot” for “keeping it running.” Never mind care and feeding and reliability; the 1911’s featherlight go-pedal demands SpecOps-level trigger discipline. And rewards the shooter with superb accuracy. Truth be told I’d prefer to carry a higher-capacity “wundergun” over my Wilson Combat 1911 X-TAC Compact. But nothing conceals as well in an outside-the-waistband holster. Or looks as good when it comes out to play. Anyway, do you have a 1911? Do you carry a 1911? Would you recommend it to a newbie or is it an expert’s gun?


Magnum Research Pushes the Envelope on Tacky Desert Eagles

(courtesy ammoland.com)

Our man Ralph called the Magnum Research IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE “the most useless gun ever made.” Psych! He loved it! “If I was rating the Desert Eagle’s fun factor using TTAG’s star system, the gun would get more stars than Hollywood.” So how do you make a fun gun funerer? You make it look as tacky the Christmas Story leg lamp. Previously, on who wants to put a glitch in the Matrix, Magnum Research introduced the Limited Edition Desert Eagle Cheetah. Which sold out. No really. So it only makes sense that they’re introducing two more animal print D’Eagles: Kryptek Highlander [above] and the Snakeskin [below], available in either .50 AE or .44 Mag. To which we can only add: ‘Merica! via Israel! Press release after the jump . . .

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Colt Firearms Teeters on the Edge of the Abyss

Colt Python (courtesy wikipedia.org)

“Colt Defense LLC’s debt rating has been cut to the lowest level possible after the hand-gun maker skipped an interest payment and extended its deadline for creditors to approve either a debt exchange or a prepackaged bankruptcy,” bloomberg.com reports. “Standard & Poor’s reduced Colt’s rating two grades to D from CC . . . The new rating means S&P considers the company ‘in default or in breach of an imputed promise’ and that it has ruled out the possibility the manufacturer will make good on a missed interest payment during a 30-day grace period.” The rest of the article is full of investor speak. Suffice it to say . . .

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TTAG Project Gun: Otto Carter Aesthetic Style Takes Shape

Otto Carter design (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


Master Engraver Otto Carter is hard at work creating a new design for the TTAG Project Gun. He’s got the naked Cabot S-Class 1911 frame, upon which he’ll engrave in the Victorian Aesthetic style. As with all Otto’s projects, this job begins with a sketch. Notice the 3D effect of the olive leaves wrapping around the banner (to be filled in). Also note the dark areas to the left of the image. That’s where Cabot (and other 1911 makers) put striations so that owners can grip the side for racking. Otto’s design provides a visual marker; the design will be etched deep into the metal to afford a strong grip. The 55-year-old engraver will be doing this job as all members of his craft do: with a hammer and a chisel. No computers. No lasers. Just a steady hand and an artful eye. Watch this space for updates.


GLOCK 23s Falling Apart! Or Not . . .

Bardstown PD Chief mimes gun defect. Show us the GLOCK! (courtesy wdrb.com)

“Dangerous defects were found on the guns that Bardstown Police Officers carry with them on a daily basis,” wdrb.com reports. “Hairline fractures appeared on 12 guns, which were immediately taken out of commission. That’s nearly half of the weapons of the 27-man department and Captain Tom Roby says it’s a serious concern . . .

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GLOCK 43 Magazine Problem?


After spending some more trigger time with my new GLOCK 43, I noticed that one of the magazines was catching when I tried to insert it. Giving the magazine a nice hard tap was to no avail – I had to take it out and re-insert. I also noticed that the plastic at the front of the magazine was starting to mushroom a little bit around the edge. Shortly thereafter, the other magazine started hanging, too. A little investigation with a flashlight revealed . . .

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Question of the Day: Got Toy Guns?

(courtesy sears.com)

“Sasaki Kougei – Handcrafted Rubber band Gun Grasp GRASP Walther P38 It is a gun of the old friend German small-arms maker’s Walther manufacture in Lupin 3 world using it,” sears.com Engrish description informs. “It is said that the screw to which parts are made to fix is made combining parts like [ it is few and ] a workmanship thing. It is attention required also to the modeling beauty! The wooden rubber gun made from the same size as a genuine article!  . . .

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Question of the Day: My Gun, My Ammo. Yours?

I have a date with ShootingTheBull410 to test that exact gun with that exact ammo. So we’ll be able to check out the real-world veracity of Wilson Combat’s claim for their custom ammunition. Meanwhile, I fired my X-TAC Compact with 100 rounds each with Wilson and Gold Dot ammo at the range and discovered no discernible difference in accuracy or reliability. Which makes me wonder, does it really matter? With the exception of R.I.P. ammo . . .

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Question of the Day: Holster Retention Much?

Wilson Combat X-TAC Compact in a Safariland 579 GLS Level II retention holster (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“A South Carolina school district has asked a private security guard not to return after a fifth-grader was able to pull the officer’s gun out of its holster,” fox news.com reports. “Anderson School District 5 spokesman Kyle Newton told media outlets that the guard was sitting on a bench Monday with a student on either side at Varennes Elementary School when one of the students was able to take the gun out of the officer’s holster. Authorities say the gun was not fired and was only free for about 10 seconds.” . . .

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Six Pocket Guns to Avoid Like the Plague

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.02.17 PM

By Jed Henson

Of all the firearm purchases you may make in your lifetime, a pocket gun is probably the one you can least afford to screw up. We buy a pocket gun for last-ditch self defense, which literally makes it a do-or-die gun. It therefore must perform when called upon. We can’t dislike shooting it so much that we’ll never practice with it. And we have to like it enough to carry it. Given all that, wouldn’t it be nice to know which pocket guns you can rule out right off the bat? Well, you’re in luck, because your fellow Americans have voted, and for some pocket guns, the results aren’t pretty . . .

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