Gun Review: The 0% GLOCK GLOCK -or- Lone Wolf Limited Edition 2014


“Perfection” is a strong marketing slogan, but it hasn’t stopped dozens of companies from manufacturing aftermarket replacement parts in the quest to upgrade the perfection that is GLOCK pistols. One of the oldest and largest players in this game is Lone Wolf Distributing, best known perhaps for its caliber conversion and extended length barrels. But they make a lot more than that. In fact, with the recent release of Lone Wolf’s locking blocks for compact and full-size frames, the company now makes or sells a replacement option for every single part that comprises a GLOCK. Including the frame. So, can you build a “GLOCK” with zero factory GLOCK parts whatsoever? Why yes. Yes you can. . .

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Russian Roulette with a Maple-Flavored Whiskey-Filled Revolver. How Great is That? [VIDEO]

I’m not real excited about watching a couple of slackers sticking a gun in their mouth – even if they are slackers. Especially when it’s a faux plastic pistol holding a cylinder of Bird Dog Maple Flavored Whiskey. Wait. What? Googling the abomination (the whiskey, not the pink revolver) I found this at “My first experience with Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was amazing, but I got so wasted off it I totally forgot I had it for a couple of months.” Sounds about right. As does this take from . . .

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Sara Tipton: Teach Your Children Well


My son will be three in September. Recently, he’s been asking about my gun. “Where is Mommy’s gun”? and “I like Mommy’s gun” and “Can I shoot Mommy’s gun?” While I’ve already taught him about gun safety – and continue to do so at every opportunity – I figured it’s time to begin more advanced firearms eduction. Shooting Mommy’s gun? No. We start at the very beginning. I decided it was time for him to help clean my concealed carry gun . . .

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Hi Point .380 Disabled by Three Rubber Bands [VIDEO]

MattV2099 sets out to find the answer to that age old question “How many rubber bands do you need to wrap around a Hi Point CF380 to make it malf?” “Age old” in the sense that you have to be old enough to smoke marijuana to come up with it. I’m not sure what MattV2099 proves with this video – save the fact that “don’t try this at home” is sound advice when it comes to trying to get any gun to fail. Still, that’s entertainment!


NERF Nerd Reveals Star Wars Blasters

Everyone knows Storm Troopers can’t hit squat. Now, if they do get their sights lined up, they won’t elicit so much as an ouch from their targets. Equally, I’m sure a Jedi knight could stop a NERF dart mid-flight. What’s more, the Storm Trooper rifle – complete with NERF Rampage internals (the elite version of the old school NERF Raider) – positions the mag horizontally. Like horizontal stripes on clothing, even when worn by a Hungarian supermodel, that’s a really bad idea. As for NRFB Star Wars-themed darts, huh? I do, however, love the  . . .

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Oakland Park Business Owner Fights Back. Too Much? [VIDEO]

I’m aware that not all TTAG readers share my opinion on all things gun-related. Which is why Dan, myself and the rest of the team read our comments section: for a reality check. The feedback over on our Facebook page is even more, uh, critical. You might even call the commentators “groundlings,” but I couldn’t possibly comment. Except to say that when I FB’ed this video of an Oakland Park, Florida biz owner beating back armed robbers (click here for the story) with the caption “Too Much?” a mess of folks reckoned…nope. Not enough. Like this . . .

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Brits’ ‘Largest Ever’ Gun Seizure! Guess How Many Guns . . .

Skorpion machine pistols (courtesy

“Seven people have appeared in court over the UK’s largest ever seizure of guns that were allegedly smuggled into Britain on board a motor cruiser from France,” reports. “Officers seized Czech-made assault rifles and Skorpion machine pistols stowed in bags along with silencers and 1,000 live rounds of ammunition during the operation on the River Medway, in Halling, Kent.”  I’ve deleted the number to increase the dramatic tension and, yes, OK, force curious readers to make the jump (gotta pay the bills). And the answer is . . .

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APS 1SHOT: A Stock For Your GLOCK, No Stamp Needed? [VIDEO]


If there’s one golden rule for firearms laws, it’s this: you can’t put a stock on your GLOCK (or any other pistol, for that matter) in the US of A without an NFA tax stamp. There are a couple manufacturers who make such GLOCK stocks, but they all require a tax stamp first or a friendly local ATF agent might come a-knocking at your door. That rule has been stretched to the breaking point recently by such innovations as the pistol arm brace, but the folks at Accurate Pistol Systems have taken it upon themselves to try and stretch it a little bit further with their 1SHOT system . . .

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John Farnam: All Pistols Should Be Drop Safe!

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Gun guru and top trainer John Farnam writes [via]:

Brazilian-made Taurus pistols have been with us for several decades, enjoying a spotty reputation. Their striker-fired “PT” line has represented, for most consumers, a low-cost alternative to Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, SIG 320s, Kahrs, et al. Over the past few years, Taurus PT Pistols have been implicated in a number of “drop-safety” incidents, both in the USA and Brazil. Taurus has paid out several substantial settlements as a result. However, the latest is a class-action matter in which Taurus has agreed to pay out a settlement of over thirty million dollars, plus agree to recall at least a half million pistols already in consumers’ hands . . .

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New From Walther Arms: Walther PPQ in .45ACP

The Walther PPQ has developed quite a following thanks to its great ergonomics and superior trigger. Our own Joe Grine was certainly impressed. The only thing some people long for was a version that shot big boy bullets. Well Walther heard those cries and just announced the PPQ in .45ACP. It’s has pretty much all the PPQ M2’s features in the big boy caliber which should make it pretty popular as a duty gun. MSRP will be $699 and the gun will start shipping in the fall. Is this your new bedside pistol?


VT Woman Uses an Assault Ri- … Sorry, Hunting Rifle to Kill Social Worker

Vermont crime scene (courtesy

Gun rights advocates like to point out that the hysteria over “assault rifles” is misplaced. AR-style modern sporting rifles are a lot less likely to be used in a crime than handguns, as statistics reveal. The New York Times (no less) reports that “In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows.” The numbers don’t reveal the percentage of MSRs in that total, but you can bet it’s pretty low. Besides, what difference does it make? Traditional hunting rifles are just as deadly as “assault rifles”, as this story [via] reveals . . .

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