How to Fly With A Gun

Replica Air Soft Gun - SMF

This article was originally published by Texas Law Shield and is reprinted here with permission.

Last year, over 1,800 guns were confiscated in airports across the country by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the majority of them loaded and in travelers’ carry-on luggage. Despite many of these cases being accidental, there are potentially devastating consequences that accompany being found with a handgun in your carry-on luggage, or a firearm that has not been properly processed in accordance with TSA policies and federal, state, and local law. We hope that this article will give you the knowledge necessary to avoid the unnecessary hardship of being caught at the airport with a prohibited weapon . . .

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Why the Army Will Choose the Beretta M9A3


Reader SACorey writes:

Speculation about the upcoming U.S. Army pistol evaluations and Beretta’s new M9A3 abounds. The Army says they want a new modular handgun to replace the venerable 9mm Beretta, but if history is any indication, the guidelines put forth for the evaluation process are meaningless. All the murky visions in everyone’s crystal balls that seem to be pointing toward candidates like the FNX-45, S&W M&P, and GLOCKs will prove to be unfounded . . .

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 460XVR 3.5″


Smith & Wesson’s 460XVR (X-treme Velocity Revolver) is a Performance Center hand cannon aimed squarely at the handgun hunting market. As if to evince the seriousness of its purpose, the snub-nosed 460XVR comes packaged in a plain white corrugated box, not the usual cardboard container gaily decorated with the vivid blue and white S&W colors. The box is highly utilitarian and can be used for many other purposes, such as shipping heavy machine parts or an improvised midnight burial of the neighbor’s Labrador . . .

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Test Driving Korth’s PRS and Sky Marshal at SHOT Show 2015

When Korth announced its PRS along with this great video a bit over a year ago, I was certainly intrigued. However, a fixed-barrel 1911 with a semi-locked, roller-delayed blowback action also seemed like a bit of a gimmick born out of an engineer’s wet dream as a showcase of talent. I also assumed the price would be astronomical. When we saw Korth at the SHOT Show range day with a PRS along with the new Sky Marshal, a 9mm revolver that doesn’t require moon clips, we knew it was hands-on time . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Drop Safe Edition

Richland, PA Giant Eagle (courtesy

2 injured when gun goes off at Richland Giant Eagle Pennsylvania’s headline proclaims. “Two people suffered superficial wounds from what appeared to be pieces of ceramic tile when a gun accidentally discharged as it hit the floor of a Giant Eagle in Richland.” Drop safe much? Apparently not. Then again, I’m not quite sure what to make of this description of gun owner Gerry R. Good’s negligent discharge . . .

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Question of the Day: What Sight System Do You Use on Your Self-Defense Handgun?

Gun guru Rob Pincus loves him some “notch and blade” handgun sights. He’s also enamored with the “claw” rear site for a one-handed rack. My EDC GLOCK 19 is so equipped. That said, there’s a lot to be said for the XS Big Dot site. You put the dot on the bad guy and pull the trigger. Then again, I know folks who swear that Heinie Straight Eights are quicker back on target than any other system. Time to call Leghorn for a scientific experiment. (Mr. Pincus rightly recommends testing all EDC sights against moving targets.) Meanwhile, what sights do you carry and what ones don’t you carry (that you’ve tested) and why?


Beretta Press Conference on M9A3, Modular Handgun System, Anniversaries, etc.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Beretta told me that the Army/DoD absolutely is reviewing Beretta’s ECP, or Engineering Change Proposal, for the M9 service pistol. The hope is that the M9A3 comes close enough to hitting the requirements proposed in the competition for a new MHS, or Modular Handgun System, that the Army and Air Force forgo the project and just stick with the M9 platform. Indeed, the M9A3 does meet ~86% of the MHS targets, and sticking with it would mean saving hundreds of millions of dollars. Here’s a 1-pager on the M9A3, and above is video of the press conference Beretta held at SHOT Show. They also discussed how this is the 100th anniversary of Beretta’s first semi-automatic handgun, the Model 1915 seen after the jump, as well as the 30th anniversary of the M9 becoming the official sidearm of U.S. armed forces. Photos follow. . .

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SHOT Show: Colt to Produce Limited Run of 1903 Pistols


Kudos to TTAG’s team for their SHOT Show coverage. While I was out and about signing-up exhibitors for the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival Nick, Joe, Jeremy and Dan were providing the Internet’s best SHOT Show reportage. Which is not to say our colleagues didn’t produce some amazing work. brought 12 – count ‘em 12 – writers to the Sands. One of the stories they caught that we missed: Colt’s decision to produce a limited run of the world’s coolest carry gun. Yup, Colt’s crafting 2500 1903 pistols. TFB wanted its readers to know that . . .

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CZ-USA SHOT Show 2015 Booth Tour

Zach from CZ-USA walked us through some of their new products for 2015, to include the 1911 A1 (and I asked about Dan Wesson’s hand in it), Scorpion Evo 3 S1, 805 Bren PS1, 40th Anniversary CZ 75, and 455 Trainer. We also get a first look at the production version of the 512 Tactical in .22 WMR and in .22 LR, and glimpse at the new Dan Wessons and a few shotguns. Video tour above, and lots of photos follow. . .

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Hands-On with the Heizer Defense Pocket AR


I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: this thing is ridiculous. Some loadings of the 5.56 cartridge would probably have the tip of the bullet poking out in front of the muzzle. But at SHOT Show, I had the opportunity to pick it up and talk to the guys at Heizer who make the thing, and their reasoning behind the contraption actually made a lot of sense. In their opinion, this gun is perfect for one application and one application only . . .

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Turnbull: Keeping the Traditions Alive

Courtesy Joe Grine

When you hear the name Turnbull, you immediately think of the beautiful bone pack charcoal finishing process that they seem to have perfected. But you might not be aware that they have a master engraver on staff as well. Turnbull was displaying samples of his work at SHOT Show, and were evening offering an exquisite sample for sale…for a mere $35,000 . . .

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