Incoming from TASER: TASER Pulse

Courtesy TASER

We’re well aware that many people don’t want to carry a firearm. Fair enough. But that’s no reason not to carry a self-defense weapon of some kind: defensive cane, knife, mace, pepper spray or a TASER, for example. Technically speaking, the last item on that list is a “conducted electrical weapon” (CEW). Practically speaking, it has its limitations, the most significant of which relates to the fact that CEW’s were designed for law enforcement. Let me explain . . .

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New From CAA: Carbine Conversion Kit for GLOCKs


Pistol caliber carbines are the bee’s knees days. There are now tons of great options for purpose-built PDWs, but the most obvious solution — retrofitting your existing handgun to meet the need — has been frustratingly difficult. That might all be changing with CAA’s introduction of the RONI pistol carbine conversion kit, designed to turn your GLOCK 17 into a full featured 9mm carbine for $625 . . .

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Question of the Day: How Much Would You Pay for a New Colt Python?

“The epitome of Colt’s double-action revolver line was the Python,” NRA’s American Rifleman asserts, recycling a video from 2012. “Introduced initially as a ‘deluxe Magnum’ target revolver, the Python in .357 Mag. made its debut in 1955. Not inexpensive, it sold for $125 a half-century ago.” Discontinued in 1996, today a used Python will run you from $2k to $5k, depending. I’ve heard dozens of gun guys say Colt should make it again. So…how much would you pay for perfect modern-day rendition of this classic gun?


The Hunt for Col. Gaddafi’s Golden Gun

Who knew that Libyan dictator Mummer Gaddafi was the man with the golden gun? The BBC. You’ll have to watch this report by Gabriel Gatehouse — which offers considerable insight into the cluster-you-know-what that is post-Gaddafi Libya — to find out if the intrepid correspondent finds the pistol in question. SPOILER: he does. Now what?



Obscure Object of Desire: CZ P-09 Modular Handgun System Trials Pistol


As you’re likely aware, the U.S. Military is holding a competition for a new pistol. It’s called the Modular Handgun System, or MHS, and the winning gun is slated to replace the Beretta M9 to the tune of up to a $586MM contract. As I’d guess few were aware, CZ was thinking of throwing its hat into that ring and went so far as to manufacture a very limited number of P-07s and P-09s, in 9×19 and .40 S&W, for MHS submission . . .

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On The Range With STI Guns


Joe Grine and I visited the STI Guns booth at SHOT Show Range Day and put a few rounds downrange. Naturally, the Costa Carry Comp was a big draw. This one’s a “sight tracker” 9mm 2011 (double-stack 1911), and it’s apparently the first of four Costa Ludus specials. More Costa Carry Comp and other STI photos, plus shooting impressions follow . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: TheNameJohnny [NSFW]

Is that a real GLOCK 19 or an Airsoft gun? At the end of this “comedy” skit, the teen playing COD racks the slide and ejects what sure looks like a cartridge. If so, whoa. Not only is he pointing the gun in an unsafe direction, his finger’s on the trigger. If not, if it is a toy, still no. This channel is popular with the whipper-snapper set; setting a bad example on gun safety on the Interwebz is never a good idea. In fact, it’s entirely irresponsible. And Facebook bans people selling a legal product legally. Go figure.

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Jorg Sprave’s Firearms Suicide Machine Revealed

Oh sure, Jorg calls it a Cap Gun Music Machine. And yes it plays music. But as the Slingshot Channel maestro rightly demonstrates (with a cap gun revolver), his homemade wheel of misfortune is perfect for blowing your brains out. Even though I have a [child] psychology degree, I have no idea why turning a wheel is an easier way to end your life than pulling a trigger. Still it’s all in good fun. Yes? [Click here to see the music video using Jorg’s Cap Gun Music Machine.]