Does VT Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Want to Ban Handguns?

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken heat for accepting the NRA’s support early in his political career and his vote for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The left-leaning mainstream media has fixed on Bernie’s supposedly pro-gun stance as his achilles heel. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Sanders trotted-out his usual defense – with a twist. “Coming from a rural state, I think I can communicate with folks coming from urban states, where guns mean different things than they do in Vermont, where [they are] used for hunting.” In fact, Bernie’s morphed from a “guns are OK for self-defense in rural areas” to a proper “guns are for hunting” Fudd. Check it out . . .

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Gun Review: Taurus Curve


Concealed carry handguns are still all the rage at the range. Guns like the GLOCK 43 and S&W Shield are flying off the store shelves as the number of people legally able to carry a concealed handgun skyrockets nationwide. The standard approach gun companies have been taking to satisfy this market is to shrink their existing handgun designs and call it good. Taurus, however, wanted to do something different. They created a gun that was designed from the ground up as a concealed carry handgun, and the result is the Taurus Curve . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s’s Number One Selling Revolver?


The same folks who own broker TTAG’s advertising. And for that we give them thanks; their sterling salesmanship gives me, Dan, Nick and the rest of the TTAG crew the freedom to focus on providing you, gentle reader, with the gunblogosphere’s freshest and most frequent content. Some of which is genuinely surprising. For example, did you know that’s best-selling revolver isn’t a Smith & Wesson? Ah, but what is it? Guess, then make the jump for the reveal via the manufacturer’s proud presser. I bet you won’t see this one coming . . .

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Firegild Exclusive Firearms: Mexican Drug Lords Need Apply?


Our salacious friends at Because Guns turned us on to Firegild Exclusive Firearms. In case the image above and the ones over at BG’s gallery [click here to view] aren’t self-explanatory, and I think they are, the company’s website tells us that their work is “Inspired by laissez-faire freedoms and the reckless pursuit of seeing beauty in the blending of forces, this boutique venue brings a celebration of blissful furor to firearms, from simple or sublime elegance, to dazzling brilliance.” So now you know: Firegild’s marketing prose is just as overwrought as their jewel-encrusted guns. Still, Polly Davis Ditch’s passion for obscure objects of bedazzled desire seems clear enough. As is her distaste for corporate America . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: Know Your Gun’s Limitations…And Prepare For The Worst

By Salvatore DeGennaro

Every so often we hear about one of those incidents that makes us, as concealed carriers, cringe. Usually they happen to law enforcement officers. Such incidents tend to happen when some lunatic decides to go rodeo on a poor patrol officer during a traffic stop or other routine interaction. The scary part: when the officer barley survives to tell the tale after pelting the assailant with staggering amounts of gunfire to bring an end to the rampage . . .

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A First Pass at The Rehn Test

In a previous life, I was pretty committed to being a scientist. Well, an engineer actually. A minor distinction to some, but the cardinal sin is to confuse the two among a certain group of my friends. I entered college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to learn what I needed to so I could go work for an Italian or Japanese MotoGP team making the next generation of fast motorcycles. Fast forward a few years to a bitter college sophomore curled up in the fetal position broken under the weight of abstract math and an electronics class that beat me up and took my lunch money . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Three Reasons Not to Carry A Back-Up Gun

Robert Farago's everyday carry complement (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Over at, B. Gil Horman provides readers with 3 Arguments In Favor of Back-up Guns. BGH reckons you need a backup gun in case “the first gun goes click instead of bang” or “a primary defensive gun is not accessible.” What’s more, “additional guns can be used to arm other responsible adults.” I can’t argue with his logic – except to say that you can also make a good case for carrying around a back-up pair of underwear. And a spare pair of glasses. And an umbrella. It’s a question of comfort, risk analysis and priorities. Here’s why I don’t carry a back-up gun . . .

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Contest Entry: My Most Important Gun – A Browning Buck Mark


By Jeff the Griz

The other day while reading TTAG RF asked, “What’s the most important gun you own?” This got me thinking…I know dangerous, right? I thought about what firearms are important to me. I have my first gun, a single shot .410 from my 10th Birthday. I have my first deer rifle. I have others, and I have a lot more on my wish list. But the question got me thinking about something that I have been thinking about off and on for a while – family heirlooms . . .

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Contest Entry: Why M9s and Shotguns Are The Coolest Guns In The Army

Shotgun Sniper


I joined the Airborne infantry because jumping out of a perfectly good airplane seems easy when the static line pulls your shoot for you. That was honestly my line of thought when signing up. A $3000 airborne bonus didn’t hurt either. Between basic training, and the range days at Fort Bragg, I got to shoot most of the current U.S. Military’s small arms. I carried an M249 SAW on my first deployment and an M4 on my second. I was a gunner behind a .50 cal and M240B. There I was, surrounded by all these guns I would probably never own in civilian life. Actual assault rifles and machine guns. Grenade launchers, like the M203, M320, and the MK19 . . .

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Contest Entry: The Double Eagle and the Fate of Colt


By Red McCloud

The Colt Double Eagle was Colt Manufacturing LLC’s attempt to get into the ‘service-ready DA/SA semi-auto market’ in 1989, but it was plagued by a few massive problems at launch. Problems like the lack of quality control, finicky parts, and in general Colt’s lack of caring. The first run of the Double Eagle, the Series 80, was a complete flop which was the main reason the gun gained a horrible reputation and sold poorly. They had almost no quality control, as Colt rushed them out the door in an attempt to beat the likes of SIG SAUER, Ruger, and the rest. The main problem . . .

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Gun Review: STI Nitro 10 10mm 1911


After testing the GLOCK 20 I’m still auditioning candidates for my perfect truck pistol: a handgun I can use for concealed carry self-defense and hunting game. Before reviewing the latest contender – the  STI Nitro 10 10mm 1911 –  I want to address an issue raised by TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia: why not a truck rifle and a handgun? As many readers pointed out, a rifle is almost always the better choice for taking game. But there are a lot of reasons to hunt with a pistol instead . . .

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Gear Review: Gun Pro Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive 1911 Magazines


The 1911 platform has been around since, well, 1911. There have been so many tweaks and revisions over the years that today’s 1911 handgun might be the most well-polished and refined piece of ballistic equipment in existence. One area of the platform where that polish and refinement hasn’t necessarily been focused as much is the magazine. Most manufacturers ship their guns with mags identical to those that our grandparents took into battle against the Nazis. SIG SAUER’s R&D department likes to say “find a magazine that works and build a gun around it,” so old magazines might not be an issue in their eyes. For Gun Pro, instead of historic reliability they see something that can be improved . . .

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