Screenshot from President Joe Biden's latest campaign ad on his support of gun control.
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As if we ever doubted how this might play out, President Biden’s reelection campaign has moved his gun control agenda front and center of his campaign after unveiling a new advertisement last Saturday, highlighting his administration’s efforts to combat gun violence. The ad came just one day after the Supreme Court struck down a Trump-era prohibition on bump stocks.

In the 30-second spot, shared with The Hill, Biden blames former President Trump for the conservative-leaning court’s decision to overturn the ban. The Biden administration had defended the regulation, initially implemented by the Trump administration following the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

“When Trump was president—children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden says in the ad, accusing the former president of often siding with the NRA. The ad also emphasizes Biden’s actions, including expanding background checks and establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention late last year.

“You and your family deserve to be safe and I’m going to fight like hell to see to it that you are,” Biden asserts in the advertisement. The campaign further notes that murder rates have declined under Biden’s administration, citing a 20 percent drop in over 200 cities across the U.S., based on an April analysis from the criminal justice consulting firm AH Analytics. Though those numbers are questionable, but if they are accurate, then it also possibly counters their arguments that “more guns equals more crime” as in that same time frame Biden is claiming to have made our country safer, gun sales continue on a healthy pace and more states have enacted permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) in their states. Twenty-nine states now allow their citizens to legally carry firearms without a permit.

“If you care about the gun violence crisis in this country, there is only one candidate in this race with a proven record of successfully taking on the gun lobby and only one candidate who will ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” said Biden communications director Michael Tyler in a statement to The Hill.

The ad is part of Biden’s broader strategy to differentiate himself from Trump on gun policy, as reported by The Reload. By emphasizing his aggressive stance on gun control, Biden aims to reignite support among Democratic base voters, despite the risk of alienating less liberal swing voters or new gun-owning Democrats the gun-focused news outlet reports.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has not released any gun-related advertisements. However, the Second Amendment Foundation announced a nationwide ad campaign attacking Biden on gun issues. Alan Gottlieb, the group’s founder, told The Reload that the ads would run on cable networks, including CNN and Fox News, though he did not disclose the financial investment behind the effort.

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    • Never mind biden when he has pasty mouth Gun talking blowbags on this forum whose rhetoric shows they might as well be cheering for him.

      You won’t see TRUMP 2024 coming from the snot nosed finger pointing bump stock crybabies who are so politically inept they do not know the difference between a reversible bumpstock EO and a not easily undone Act of Congress that included a laundry list of products including products advertised at the time on this site.

      The same shtheads who held hands with democRats to slander POTUS DJT before 2020 are at it again helping biden…Pathetic ratbassturds.

      • How’s that sandwich tasting? Keep chewing and keep pretending the special sauce isn’t what it looks like stuck in your teeth.

  1. Good. Ignore the desperation of working class families drowning in high taxes, gas prices and inflation.

    Concentrate on selling millions more guns. That’ll work well for the fascist left.

    • Shhh don’t interrupt. But seriously even the libs at work are asking how to get pistols now and learning just how bad things really are. Going to be fun seeing how many have records (can’t check if they are felons except for a few work titles since 2018-19 area).

  2. there are many things Biden could do – or try to get done – to make America and Americans safer.

    new gun control isn’t anywhere close to the top of the list.

    • I disagree. Were.that the case, he would have been doing those over the past.3 1/2 years. He, like most traitors , concerns himself with lining his pockets and supporting our enemies.

      • theBiden is not a He’, it’s a Hydra.
        It revells in manipulation and power.
        theBiden lives is Australia too Southern Cross.

        • Nah. Our current PM is kowtowing to the Chinese Premier who was on a state visit. Acting like a good little lackey.

    • Dark Brandon said he’s making corporations pay their fair share! Sure that doesn’t help me, but I’m an envious and spiteful person, so I’m just happy that others will suffer. They’re going to suffer, right? They would never mislead me to get my vote.

  3. This move is intended to shore up the only solid constituency (that actually votes) the Left currently has – urban/suburban/exurban women (along with their neutered partners). Abortion and gun control are just about all they have left to demagogue over. Fear about the Evil Orange Man and The Virus Of Unknown Origin got them over the top last time, hopefully fear about “gun violence” and losing access to infanticide doesn’t work as well this time.

  4. OK, so nothing has changed. The Democrat Party is running an anti-civil rights campaign. That’s normal for them.

  5. Women will buy his bullshit on guns because of “muh safety” yet they’re totally okay with felons from other nations waltzing on in to rape and murder their daughters.

    Go figure.

    • Allowing the uncountried to enter gives us a chance to be virtuous enough to look down on you which makes it all worthwhile.

  6. Funny how these idiots fail to understand the politicians and disarmament crowd are lying to them in order to make them vulnerable to both the criminals and the government who want them incapable of self defense.

  7. President Biden’s AG Merrick Garland tried to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the Bruen methodology with a case involving terrible facts and he has failed. Mark Smith Four Boxes Diner provides initial reactions to US v. Rahimi criminal case.

  8. Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, starts breaking down all 108 pages of the Rahimi decision.

  9. “You and your family deserve to be safe and I’m going to fight like hell to see to it that you are,”
    –Joe Biden

    So, what is he doing to keep young women and children like Laken Riley, Rachel Morin, Jocelyn Nungaray safe from illegals who came into this country under Biden’s Open Borders policy?

    • Nothing.
      Because Dems are death cult of diddlers and the thing pretty much all women hate the most in this world is other women and girls are just women to be and that’s more cock competition so mothers unconsciously, sometime consciously, want their daughters dead. Or really fat.

  10. September 16, 2020, NSSF

    What is being done to catch violent criminals? The first step is to enforce the law to prevent prohibited persons, like convicted violent criminals, from obtaining a firearm in the first place. The firearm and ammunition industry supports these laws and works hard to help ATF educate retailers about how to spot and stop straw purchasers and to encourage all government entities to submit their prohibiting records to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

    The Trump Administration is putting prosecution at the forefront with initiatives such as Operation Legend, which is expanding collaboration among federal, state and local law enforcement departments throughout the country to address violent crime. In a recent press release, Attorney General William Barr announced several impressive updates since the initiative rollout, including 2,000 arrests. Furthermore, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and U.S. Marshals Service have confiscated over a thousand firearms, 111.2 kilos of illegal drugs, and $5.19 million in drug proceeds since the start of the program.

  11. “Still, Trump did nothing”

    Total BS. Trump did the same thing Biden would have done: get the ATF to unconstitutionally ban bump stocks.

  12. If you are a productive American who is a valuable part of society who isn’t a violent sociopath, who doesn’t wish to give drugs to kids and subject them to surgery designed to castrate them, if you oppose drag queen story hour for kids, if you oppose open borders, then you are their enemy and an enemy of the tyrant deep state.

  13. Moderated again, maybe I should abandon this site for shootingnewsweekly, cause this sux.


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