President Joe Biden holding an 80% pistol frame during an earlier anti-gun speech. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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In a speech delivered Tuesday afternoon at the annual misnamed Gun Sense University conference, President Joe Biden pushed for more stringent gun control measures, mere hours after his son, Hunter Biden, was found guilty of federal gun charges in Delaware. The irony of the president advocating for more gun laws while his own son faced legal consequences for violating existing ones was not lost on many.

The event, hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety, a group heavily funded by anti-gun advocate Mike Bloomberg, served as a platform for Biden to call for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in front of a crowd that supports such actions.

“It’s time once again to do what I did when I was a senator: ban assault weapons,” Biden proclaimed and then again showing he or his speech writers understand nothing about firearms, went on to say, “Who, in God’s name, needs a magazine which can hold 200 shells?”

Just three hours prior to his speech, the president’s son, Hunter Biden, was convicted on three gun charges, including making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm, a crime that can carry penalties of up to $250,000 in fines and/or ten years of imprisonment. Sentencing is expected in October, just weeks before the election.

Biden’s remarks came as part of a broader discussion about the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), a 2022 law passed with the help of Republican Sen. John Cornyn. The President touted the BSCA as a significant step forward, claiming it has allowed his administration to pour millions into promoting more firearm regulations and establishing the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

“Who, in God’s name, needs a magazine which can hold 200 shells?” — President Joe Biden

He reiterated his commitment to banning assault weapons and implementing universal background checks, despite the fact that many law-abiding gun owners see these measures as infringements on their Second Amendment rights.

“None of this violates the Second Amendment or vilifies responsible gun owners,” Biden claimed, though many gun rights advocates disagree.

Ahead of the speech, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign released a memo lauding the administration’s gun control efforts and condemning former President Donald Trump’s support for the NRA. The memo attributed a significant increase in gun violence to Trump’s policies, an assertion that most in the 2A community clearly see as politicized and misleading.

Campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz emphasized that the Biden-Harris campaign is doubling down on gun control, noting recent events and ad campaigns aimed at pushing their agenda. Vice President Kamala Harris even held a gun violence prevention event in Maryland, and the campaign marked the second anniversary of the Uvalde school shooting with targeted ads.

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  1. A national divorce is inevitable. Conflict is likely unavoidable. There is no reasoning with these people when it comes to enumerated constitutional god-given human rights. They are coming for our Freedom and it is up to us to stop them. They aren’t going to stop until they are physically stopped from their goals of Civilian Disarmament.

    The results of this coming sham election don’t matter and even if they did we merely have a “choice” between a known gun-control advocate who has a history of anti-gun executive orders and posturing and the other guy who also has a history of anti-gun executive orders and posturing as president.

    One may be much worse than the other but it is a choice between a ham sandwich that only has an ounce of dog poo spread on the meat and one that is mostly dog poo with a thin slice of ham

    • He already gave his war-mongering FDR speech so we might have a Pearl Harbor event before the divorce begins.

      Like a giant game of Plinko. The different discs: economic collapse, WWIII, balkanization have all dropped onto the field and we get to watch them bounce around with bated breath wondering which will land where and when.

    • Trump may not be perfect but he’s hardly a shit sandwich like Biden when it comes to guns.

      Considering the difference a Dem president would have on the courts, especially the Supreme Court, the choice is clear.

      • Are we talking about the same Donald Trump? He is 100% for more gun control. Properly weaponized the bumpstock ban could be used to effectively ban all semi auto rifles. If changing the stock makes it a machine gun, they are all easily convertible according to the BATF. Then there is the take the guns first and coming for silencers as he doesn’t like them. At least be honest about him. They are both extremely dangerous when it comes to gun rights.

        As someone put it; Either Party could litterally run anyone other than Biden or Trump and win by a huge margin – yet they won’t.

        • You are giving too much credit to the electorate in this country.
          Case in point…If Mike Obama ran He/She may very well win.
          Stupid Black Women and Stupid Suburban White Women would put it over the top.

          • It’s not the Socialist politicians I fear so much as the free-shit addicted useful idiot Government Plantation Dwellers en masse that vote them into office.

          • “Mike Obama ran He/She“

            Interesting, it seems as if you have difficulty understanding Michelle Obama is a woman, how ironic.

            Your interest in other people’s genitalia is really creepy.
            You seem to spend a lot of time thinking and posting about what is under Michelle Obama’s skirt, you seem almost hopeful…

            • MINOR49er, If Michele Obuma is a “woman” why did she portray herself as a man for a number of years?

              • Minor maybe IS mike obama. I wouldn’t doubt it although I bet his arms are probably like two spaghetti noodles unlike Mike’s big guns he was so proud of showing of under the sleeveless blouses and dresses when he was first tranny.

              • “why did she portray herself as a man for a number of years?“

                OK, I’ll ask, when did Michelle Obama portray herself as a man?

              • “big guns he was so proud of showing of under the sleeveless blouses and dresses when he was first tranny“

                La Femme Nikita, I’m surprised you would admit that about Melania Trump, but the photos are on the Internet that show those big guns:

                “Melania Trump Is a Big Fan of Sleeveless Jumpsuits
                Elise Solé
                7 April 2017
                First Lady Melania Trump visits the Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida (Photo: Getty Images)
                Melania Trump dressed for comfort in a navy blue jumpsuit with a red-and-blue floral-print scarf to visit art students on Friday.”


        • Courts, dumbass.

          Think about who would appoint lib judges and who would appoint conservative ones.

          • Meh judges. ACB anf Kavanaugh are pretty weak tea on the 2A as we have seen them both vote to deny cert to case after case this year where Alito and Thomas sit in the minority. I’m not at all impressed with FDJT’s court picks overall.

            Enjoy your dog poo sandwich. Call me an extremist but after one spec of dog poo on my ham sandwich it all of a sudden becomes unpalatable.

            With FDJT there is a lot of dog poo in that ham sandwich, enough that you can smell it as you bring it up towards your mouth. Admittedly FJB is all dog poo with hardly a trace of ham. Not a Biologist girl is a horrible judge but when it comes to the 2A this year she’s not any worse than Weak Tea Amy and roofies Kavanaugh.

      • Yeah, Trump only blew smoke up NRA members’ asses at multiple NRA Leadership Conferences, then screwed ’em on National Reciprocity, Hearing Protection Act, and others, and sent tinglies up FineStain’s leg over bump stocks…”take ’em all first, worry about law later.” He BOUGHT his “good economy” with borrowed money, smoking America’s credit card on We Little Peeps’ future dimes heading toward a nickel’s value, At least FineStain won’t be getting tinglies this lap around the cesspool….unless they animate her like they have SloJoe.

        As for several decades, Americans can only vote for the lesser shit sandwich of the two SwampRats put up by the Elites. Again, this is the best America has to offer to lead us????
        Nose is getting raw from holding it in the voting booth.

    • More gun control under second term Trump (if he wins) would be a non-issue, and everyone knows it. They just don’t want to admit it. The real issue is going to be making sure Trump says no to the insane spending and government growth because the House Speaker isn’t going to do it. That was a major problem in his first term.

    • The idea of a National Divorce suggests that the United States will be partitioned into separate countries. Why should we cede valuable real estate with valuable infrastructure to liberal loons? The vast majority of liberals are concentrated within a few, tiny, geographical areas. It would be far better to just nuke ’em with neutron bombs. After the detonations, wait a few days for any residual radioactivity to fade then take over the empty cities. Of course disposal of millions of carcasses before they start rotting would be a problem.

        • Mao was at least partially correct. “All power (and Freedom…of course, he missed that part) comes from the barrel of a gun.” The WHY behind Libturds’ gun control fetish

      • Balkanization is inevitable. There is nothing holding the Republic together as a cohesive whole any more but the faith of a few patriotic folks and even that is getting pretty darn thin of late.

        When it is railroad time we railroad. Divorce time cometh.

  2. What’s ironic about it? He’s supported strong gun laws forever, and accepts the fact his (obviously-guilty) fail-son was convicted.

    There’s no irony, here. He’s been consistent all along.

    Words have meanings.

    • He has supported unconstitutional gun laws when he actually remembers what that thing is. Won’t matter anyway since he is going to pardon Hunter after the election or before it if he bombs the debate so badly that they kick him off the ticket.

    • No Biden believes in stronger gun laws to be used against his opponents and people he does not like or agree with. Not his son, that’s how pretty much how all Politicians are and why they exempt themselves from the laws they pass.

        • Bloomberg, Soros, Dettlebach. What’s with all the Jews in power wanting to take the gunms?

          • Are you saying that ‘take the guns first worry about due process later’ Trump is Jewish?

            I know his grandkids are Jewish, and worshiping at the temple but I didn’t realize Donald Trump had publicly embraced his German Ashkenazi heritage:

            “All of Trump’s children married Jews. Ivanka Trump changed her name to Yael Kushner, openly converted to Orthodox Judaism and married Polish Jew Jared Kushner (aka Jared Berkowitz). Donald Trump Jr. married Ashkenazi Jew Vanessa Haydon (whose original family name is Hochberg). Eric Trump married Ashkenazi Jew Lara Yunaska, who later backtracked and said she’s not a Jew, despite having a Jewish surname and having an Orthodox Jewish wedding with Eric Trump.

            Trump’s greataunt Katharina Trump married Fred Schuster, a German Jew. His other grandaunt married Elisabetha Trump, married Karl Freund, another Jew. These were the two sisters of his grandfather, Frederick Trump, who began making his life in America by working in businesses known to be associated with Jews, including “mining of minors”. His business partner was Ernest Levin, a Jew. Trump and his Jewish partner opened many brothels fronted as ‘restaurants’. Jew Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s special counsel, emphasized Frederick Trump’s “close connection to the Jewish people” and his relationship with the Jewish communities of Brooklyn and Queens. Frederick Trump even donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center. Frederick Trump’s wealth was tied to Jew Abraham Lindenbaum, his longtime counsel, his son Sandy Lindenbaum, and Abe Beame, the first Jewish mayor of New York.

            Frederick Trump‘s Jewish affiliates, Abe Beame, Jewish publicist Howard Rubenstein, Abraham Lindenbaum, and his son Samuel Lindenbaum — now part of a large Manhattan law firm — were the major political brokers on Frederick Trump’s Manhattan projects.“


  3. We all saw during the plandemic that our so-called “rights” go straight out the window in an “emergency”. Plan accordingly.

  4. Slow Joe had no choice but to let the trial take place and watch his son be convicted. He is just playing the game he has to play in order to maintain credibility with the mental midgets in the anti-gun crowd before the election.

    Hell, it’s not like there is even the slightest chance Hunter Biden will ever spend a single day in prison. Regardless of the election outcome…you can bet the farm daddy will pardon him sometime between November 6th, 2024 and January 20th, 2025.

    • A felony conviction means nothing to him. It isn’t like it’s going to hurt his job prospects going forward. This is a distraction from the other things they tried to have thrown out with the gun charge. Then there are the tax issues they intentionally allowed to lapse which they do for no one.

    • Yes, to maintain Bribe-em’s stupid stance on guns, he had to let his son go through this theater. So, now, he’s pushing for MORE gun control, b/c that’s what these puppets do.

      But, how’s he going to correlate his “tough stance” if (when) he pardons his son for “gun crimes”???

      • No doubt there will be political pressure to legal process Hunter’s consequences to little more than supervised release with a community service order.

    • “you can bet the farm daddy will pardon him sometime between November 6th, 2024 and January 20th, 2025”

      A very interesting offer, I will take you up on that. I’m assuming you do have a farm or some other suitable real estate to wager.

      I do not believe Joe Biden will pardon Hunter Biden at any point, though I understand your position that it will happen is a common assumption among the conservatives.

      • With your track record of being wrong on just about everything the credibility of your statements here is laughably insufficient.

        But keep flappin’ it’s amusing.

        • Miner doesn’t honor his bets. Ask me how I know. I know it’s shocking that he doesn’t possess an ounce of integrity.

          • Facts aren’t antisemitic.

            “He hates Jews“

            No, that would be the conservative mob at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally:

            “Why the Charlottesville Marchers Were Obsessed With Jews
            Anti-Semitic logic fueled the violence over the weekend, no matter what the president says.
            By Emma Green
            AUGUST 15, 2017
            The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was ostensibly about protecting a statue of Robert E. Lee. It was about asserting the legitimacy of “white culture” and white supremacy, and defending the legacy of the Confederacy.
            So why did the demonstrators chant anti-Semitic lines like “Jews will not replace us”?
            The demonstration was suffused with anti-black racism, but also with anti-Semitism. Marchers displayed swastikas on banners and shouted slogans like “blood and soil,” a phrase drawn from Nazi ideology. “This city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers,” one demonstrator told Vice News’ Elspeth Reeve during their march.“

            And I’m sorry Dude, you did not deliver on your claim of ‘open borders”.

            “Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is right that there have been more migrant returns and removals in the past nine months than in any single fiscal year since 2015, Department of Homeland Security data shows.”


    • Mr. Biden(the pedophile president)blames crack dealers for his sons addiction.
      theBiden is going to go after the private ownership of firearmns like America has never seen since the British feared a revolution.
      Fear not brave and stalwart defenders of The United States of America, the Supreme Court will come to the rescue.
      Gavel louder, I don’t think they’re listening.

      • gavel louder. PBJ still doesn’t know that a woman is If we aren’t willingly to establish new guards for our nation then we deserve what we get.

      • Skeletor couldn’t even carry a clipazine that big up a flight of stairs. Hell, walking up them is a challenge for him.

      • If you got the $$$ just go belt fed. The conversions run around $6,000. The problem is melting the barrel from continuous fire.

        • I’m handy with a welder. Belt fed means water cooled. Chilled water is even better.

    • Most hours of the day Joe probably thinks Hunter died fighting in Iraq and has to be reminded that he still has a junkie son that is currently alive.

    • .40 – IIRC there were ‘only’ two cannons in the community arsenal/magazine in Lexington which of course the redcoats wanted to illegally seize since they were private property. But what the heck, if you are minions of the king you WILL do what that king tells ya to. And of course there was all that gunpowder and shot stored as well, certainly can’t have such ‘dangerous’ stuff in the hands of the menials after all. They just might get a notion that they really don’t need to stay in their place and behave themselves.

  5. Yeah, let’s waste time, money and aggravation on a bill which had no effect the first time it was passed. Typical Brandon, fixated on a non-issue while the economy, the border and our security are in the crapper.

    • P – “had no effect” – agreed, unless you were one of the 14 or so who actually did get charged and convicted 😉 But statistically that awb was totally useless and no one can point out any crimes it prevented.

  6. “Who in Gods name needs a magazine that can hold 200 shells?”
    A well regulated militia.

    • Or maybe pull out Hillary again, though that might be less likely to work than Newsom. Michelle Obama?

      • Killery is one of the few candidates Trump might actually win against. He already did it once. I have my doubts about his chances on a second go against FJB. So far he is 0 and 1 against potato joe. I’m not holding my breath. There might not even be a Republic left next January anyhow. Storm is comin’

  7. Stop blaming Biden. He is an old man with Dementia doing as he is told by the real powers behind the curtain. The real danger with continue to exist long after he is rotting in the ground. Unless that danger is eliminated the 2nd Amendment will always be under attack and at risk of being turned asunder and destroyed. So focus people and stop playing the media blame game. We have met the enemy and it is us.

  8. Why in God’s name doesn’t Joe just stroke out and decrease the surplus population of ferking a–wipe Liberals ? Just pound sand and croak Joe !

  9. “Alright sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill: Assholes and elbows! HUNTER, come here. COME HERE!”

  10. Apparently, like Obama before him, nobody told Traitor Joe about Hunter’s “felony conviction” before he opened his dumb yap.

    • …. Joe – ” If I had a Convicted Firearms Felon son, he’d look like Hunter. “

  11. Who the hell wrote this? Why is he using the enemy’s language?
    No such thing as an “assault weapon.” We don’t have a “gun violence” problem. We have a GANG violence problem.

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