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With 34 felony convictions being delivered to President Donald J. Trump Thursday afternoon by a New York jury—in what is questionably a rigged trial and unquestionably a politically motivated trial—there remain a number of questions on what will actually happen next and how it will play out. One thing that is not in question, at least until a successful appeal is decided on, is that Trump is now barred from owning or possessing firearms.

Journalist Stephen Gutowski over at The Reload was quick to report on some of the obvious ironies this situation creates for gun rights in this country. He writes:

While the convictions are for felonies under New York law, they trigger the federal ban on convicts owning guns. That means authorities will likely require Trump to turn over any firearms in his possession.

“What is commonly referred to as the felon-in-possession ban will apply to Trump because these New York crimes are punishable by more than one year in prison,” Gabriel Malor, a federal appellate lawyer and legal commentator, told The Reload.

Trump’s felony convictions will likely shake up the 2024 election. They will undoubtedly put the gun-rights movement in a weaker state. The candidate championing gun owners is no longer legally allowed to be one.

The law already barred the former president from obtaining new guns because of the numerous federal felony indictments against him, which are still being litigated. The New York convictions turn that prohibition into a total ban on ownership. It’s unclear if Donald Trump currently owns firearms and, if so, how many.

However, he has spent most of his political career courting gun owners. The National Rifle Association, which endorsed him earlier this month, was among the only major organizations to back his successful 2016 bid. He has spoken at every one of their annual meetings since that time.

From a practical standpoint, a firearms restriction likely doesn’t impact Trump at a high level, as it is questionable whether he even actually owns any guns as Gutowski observes.

His son, Don Jr., certainly is though, as the businessman, world traveler and avid hunter frequently showcases in his magazine, newsletters and website of the same name, Field Ethos. It’s one of the best outdoor websites and certainly magazines available for people who love the outdoor lifestyle without apologies to the meeker folks with whom we must share the planet. Check it out if you’re not familiar. The elder Trump has leaned on his smart and well-spoken son for input on conservation and related sporting issues, and Don Jr. and his crew’s love and commitment to adventure are clear.

As for President Trump’s security concerns, a restriction on possessing firearms will hardly impact him like it would the common man, since he still has a team of Secret Service personnel covering his six, his three, his nine and even his 12, and will have them for the rest of his life.

There is little doubt despite yesterday’s convictions that this story is anything but far from over. Appeals and more political wrangling from both sides of the aisle are sure to follow in the coming weeks and months right up through the election in November. One thing is for sure, with Trump at the center, it’s going to be a wild ride to watch. Unfortunately, it is one that may take the entire country with it.

Here’s an interesting consideration: If the convictions hold, but Trump is elected president again in November, can he then pardon himself? According to The New York Times and Washington Post, both liberal publications that no doubt fear this possibility, the answer is actually, “no.” According to the Post, “If Donald Trump wins back the presidency, he would once again have broad pardon power — but that federal authority would not overturn his state conviction in the New York hush money trial.”

Check out the complete Gutowski article on the Trump convictions at The Reload.

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  1. Our RKBA is not something that can be “taken” from any human by any earthly government. They are given to us by our creator and can never be taken by man -they can only be infringed by criminals either freelance or “official.”

    Stop speaking slave-talk.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

      • “Okay, lets see how that works out for you.”

        It’s very likely in the near future the SCotUS rules that only a violent act towards another is grounds for losing 2A rights.

        Money laundering is not a violent felony act…

          • It’s coming, I’ve said for *years* here in TTAG that if we ever won big on gun rights, the fascist Leftist Scum ™ would respond by making everything they possibly can a felony crime to deny you your 2A rights. Thomas was brilliant in crafting ‘Bruen’, the only crimes at the founding of this nation that took away gun rights were crimes of physical violence, we’re gonna need that…

    • “Our RKBA is not something that can be “taken” from any human by any earthly government“

      So you will be calling for the DOJ to drop the gun charges against Hunter Biden?

      • Along with anyone and everyone convicted of NFA, possession, carry violations, and private sales in the absence of other crimes yes absolutely.

      • bidens daddy and his fascist buddies made those laws. He wants his son off the hook they need to return to the constitution.

      • MajorLiar,

        Sure, absolutely! The second AFTER his corrupt father pleads guilty to the same “classified document” charges they are still pursuing against DJT, Senile Joe extends SS protection to RFK Jr., and Hunter the Crackhead and Senile Joe are convicted of, or plead guilty to, the appropriate charges for all the corrupt foreign influence peddling and bribery and money laundering.

        If you want to return to a rational “rule of law” standard, I am all in favor, your lying propagandist Leftist/fascist – you first. If you Leftist/fascists didn’t have double standards, you wouldn’t have any at all.

    • Better empty all the prisons and never execute anyone again. Wouldn’t want to infringe on anyone’s God given rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

      What a dumbfuck.

    • Rich men paying whores to shut up and get lost is not a crime, particularly one worth taking away civil rights. It’s a hell of a lot better than what used to happen just a century or so back to the whores . . . they were killed and tossed aside once the rich men were done with ’em. And people like to try and say Trump is bad for women’s rights and stuff.

      • Not just a whore but a whore who doesn’t stay bought and comes back demanding more or gets paid by others to spill the beans she was paid to keep in the bag. This is what happens when you do business with whores.

        • It turns out that there are consequences for sin, even if you’ve realized your mistake and changed your ways. They were using each other. She thought she would get a spot on The Apprentice.

          Cheating on your wife is one of the worst things a man could do. It was 18 years ago, so he’s probably over that phase now. If he was a younger man in the White House, he might have been having relations with an intern in the Oval Office.

      • Debbie,
        you are always so articulate with your insults. So smart, so sassy. I am so impressed that you are able to continually come up with such clever insults. oh my oh my “democRat”,that is hilarious!!! Please promise me you will continue to share your fantastic wit with us, your eager fans !

  2. Frankly the only people who do not see this politicized kangaroo court as an atrocity on the justice system are scum of the earth democRats…Obviously the politicized song and dance time consuming jury pretending to be goody two shoes sifting fairly through the so called evidence was stacked and clearly not of any DJT peers…FJB.

      • They wouldn’t let his legal team object to anything during the trial it sounded like. (Among other things)

        • “They wouldn’t let his legal team object to anything during the trial it sounded like“

          Perhaps you should’ve listened closer, Trump’s defense team did indeed raise objections, and some were sustained.

          You know, the DA, the judge, the news media, none of them convicted Trump. It was a jury of 12 American citizens who heard the testimony, examined the evidence And found Donald Trump guilty as charged.

          And I would point out, it was the jury Donald Trump wanted, the defense did not use all of their strikes during the selection process.

          • They wanted a change of venue, they believed them all compromised. Being able to say no to a few is an illusion of choice here.

            • They could’ve objected to the jury members they felt would have a bias, they conducted extensive questioning of the jury pool and yet were satisfied with the jury selected.

              Pew research shows Democrat registration in New York City is only 56%, a little over half and in his motion for a change of venue Trump did not present any evidence to support his claims of bias.


              Both the grand jury, and the trial jury, saw the evidence and heard the testimony, conducted deliberations and made their decision.

              You folks have nothing but rumor and speculation to support your position. That’s a typical characteristic of cult members, ignore actual testimony under oath and documentary evidence in favor of the cult leader’s unsupported claims.

              Well, at least some of you are admitting that Donald Trump barebacked a porn actress while his wife was home with a new baby, so I guess we’re making progress here.

              • It was an 85% Biden district.

                Normally you are complete idiot, but in this case its extremely obvious you are trying for force a meme and so utterly stupid how you try to spin this away as if it was some kind of fair trial. You got what you wanted, so why are you and all you people coping so hard?

                Perhaps you realize, deep down inside, that you absolutely didnt get the actual result you wanted and so you needlessly cope trying to spin it away from the fact that it was anything other than what it obviously was.

              • “It was an 85% Biden district.“

                You know, I posted a citation and link to the source to support my post.

                Would you be kind enough to do the same for your claim.

                And really, there is no county/state that is going to have an exact 50/50 political split, the registration will always lean one way or another.

                So the need to whine and demand a change of venue just based on political registrations is silly, and unsupported by the data.

              • Now tell us the part about where the cock sucking DNC Shill Judge Juan the Wonderful wouldn’t let Trump’s lawyers call an FEC official as a witness to explain why what Trumps lawyers ie. Cohen did wasn’t illegal.

              • “Shill Judge Juan the Wonderful wouldn’t let Trump’s lawyers call an FEC official as a witness”

                Really? Can you tell us more about your claim?

              • MajorLiar,

                “Really? Can you tell us more about your claim?”

                Wait, wut???? Are you REALLY trying to claim that Corrupt Juan did NOT rule to exclude testimony by a former chairman of the FEC, to the effect that under federal election law, even IF the allegations of the prosecution were true, it wouldn’t be a crime????

                Is THAT your assertion, you lying sh*tbag????? OK, that’s pathetic, even for you.

                Thou art a lying scumbag, MajorLiar. Among the legion of lying scumbags, thou art exalted for the depth and breadth of your lying scumbaggery. Thou art a liar and a poltroon.

              • MajorLiar,

                And another swing and a miss by the Leftist/fascist idiot. How many times have you testified as an expert witness, MajorLiar?? I’ve done it three times. Define for me “applicability of a law”, then next define for me “interpretation of a law”, which is a COMMON matter for legal expert to testify to (and to which I have testified, and been accepted as, an expert, TWICE, you babbling baboon). Now, tell me what the former FEC chair was to testify to (as stated in his expert witness statement, required of all expert witnesses – I would know; I’ve done a few).

                As usual, you have NO FRICKIN’ CLUE what you are talking about. Go micturate up a rope, you lying Leftist/fascist propagandist.

                Then, when you’re done with that, ‘splain to us how Article I, Section 8, authorizes universal gun control, and Senile Joe is NOT peddling influence to foreign actors.

                Is there a d*ck you wouldn’t suck, if it had a (D) tattooed on it???

              • The Court’s reasoning is detailed in the documentI linked on my post, perhaps you would find it interesting as you prepare your amicus brief for the appeals court.

                “Is there a d*ck you wouldn’t suck“

                It sure is creepy the way you are constantly posting comments about same sex erotic activities, it seems to be top of mind with you on almost every post.

                It’s like you’re constantly thinking about all that nasty same sex stuff…

              • MajorLiar

                But I thought, according to you Leftist/fascists, that there’s “nothing wrong with that”? I’m sorry, is suggesting that you may be homosexual somehow an insult, in your world?? Shocking.

  3. “…in what is questionably a rigged trial and unquestionably a politically motivated trial…”

    Questionably? Really? It is unquestionable that it was politically motivated, but not unquestionable that it was rigged?

    • …Which is excellent news. This means they’re insecure about the election, as usual. They feel like it has to be rigged for them to have a shot at winning.

    • Questionable since any trial can be rigged like this since the “justice” system is irrevocably broken. When they can do this to a rich mam with lots of sharp lawyers then they can do it to you or me or Mathew Hoover. What is questionable is not whether this particular trial was rigged or that the entirety of the “justice” system in this Nation has been rigged

      • “they can do it to you or me“

        Well yes, if you falsify business records in order to conceal a personal payment and then claim it on your taxes as a ‘business expense’ in order to prevent the voters from finding out you’re a whoremonger, it is illegal.

        Interestingly, adultery is a crime in the state of New York, Donald Trump is getting a pass on prosecution for three different violations.

        Yes, I remember those glory days, when the Republicans said “character counts!”, what a bullshit joke they are.

        • He didn’t falsify business records nor did he classify it as a “business expense”. He was paying a lawyer for services rendered. A Legal expense, you disengenuous asshole!

          • “He was paying a lawyer for services rendered“

            No, he was reimbursing Michael Cohen as a part of their conspiracy to falsify business records, evade taxes and conceal the payment.

            “Michael Cohen walked jurors through the handwritten math that he and former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg calculated together, to reimburse the former fixer a total of $420,000 that included the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

            The calculation was previously described on the stand by former Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney, but Cohen revealed more details about the deal.“


        • MajorLiar,

          COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now do Senile Joe failing/refusing to disclose on his taxes MILLIONS in illegal, poorly-laundered foreign bribe money! And his crackhead, whoremonger, foreign bagman scumbag son failing to declare MOST of his ill-gotten gains, failing to pay alimony to his first wife, failing to support his daughter, and violating so many state and federal criminal statutes I’ve lost track.

          Oh, and getting paid $83,000 a year to “serve on the board” of a corrupt Ukrainian company engaged in a business about which the crackhead KNEW NOTHING. Maybe, just to speculate, it was to get him to access his equally-corrupt, stupid (and now senile and stupid) old man????

          You suck, MajorLiar. You suck long, and you suck hard, and you suck out loud.

          I don’t like DJT, didn’t vote for him either time, before, but . . . I am PROUDLY going to hold my nose, and go vote AGAINST the Senile Serial Groper and Child-Molester and his puppet masters (*cough BARACK OBAMA cough*). And on November 6, I’m going to toast DJT’s victory with a giant mug of Leftist/fascist tears. Choke on THAT, scumbag.

          • “refusing to disclose on his taxes MILLIONS in illegal, poorly-laundered foreign bribe money!“

            After the years of congressional investigations by the Republicans, why are you still refusing to provide this evidence you speak of to the House oversight committee?

            By continuing to conceal this evidence you are obstructing justice and making yourself a part of the problem, how interesting.

            • MajorLiar,

              Well, we already have MULTIPLE records of chains of checks going from CCP entities to various “Biden Family” shell corporations (what, EXACTLY, was the product or service that they provided, eh??? Other than access to and influence from “the Big Guy”??), IMMEDIATELY followed by records of checks from various bagmen in the family to Senile Joe for . . . ‘loan repayments’. For loans that, somehow, cannot be documented as every having been made. Strange, that.

              Wait! Isn’t characterizing a payoff as a ‘loan repayment’ a ‘falsification of a business record’???? Why, yes, I believe it is!

              Crackhead whoremonger Hunter Biden the bagman performed exactly WHAT services for Burisma, that entitled him to $83,000 per year?? Oh, that’s right, he turned up his Daddy, on command, to drop by for lunch and ‘talk about the weather’ with his business partners. Seriously? You are advancing that tissue of lies with a straight face, and claiming DJT ‘falsified business records’??

              I would ask if you are ashamed of yourself, but I am now convinced that you are incapable of shame; shame requires a conscience, and at least SOME standards.

  4. Trump got real worried when he mistook putter for pistol.
    No more putters Mr. Trump.
    ” IIIIIEEEE! Lifes not worth living.
    Oh pistols, oh, okay, no problem there, take the gunms first due process later.”
    Still better then theBiden.

      • What, broken records can’t speak the Truth.
        Trump plays the Me For Guns ticket because it gets gunm votes.
        The Democrats play the We Hate Guns because it gets anti gunm votes. The Democrats are probably telling more of the truth then the Republicans.
        If cold buckets of dog shit was a controversial major talking point there would be Champions of or against cold buckets of dog shit.
        Whatever I gotta bend to get a vote.
        Trumps no saint
        theBiden is evil.
        Pick your poison.

        • There’s nothing wrong with speaking the truth, but beating a dead horse becomes tiresome. We’ve had plenty of time to contrast the two administrations. To pretend like they’re remotely close to the same thing would be either disingenuous just to complain about it, or a very uninformed opinion. Of course everyone in this country knew Trump and Biden weren’t saints decades ago. Again, we know what we’re getting at this point.

          Trump often suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. Sometimes he can’t shut up. Getting kicked off of social media in 2021 was actually the best political thing to happen to him. Not only did it make him a legitimate victim of our corporate overlords, it required him to shut up. L-i-t-t-l-e* did the Left know, they were actually helping him.

          Trump hasn’t spent his life working toward becoming a politician, unlike other major pols. Therefore, he often makes mistakes like this. Pence noticed the mistake Trump was making at that “take the guns” moment, and tried to save him, but Trump wasn’t having it.

          I like to find out why people vote the way they do. When you really delve into it, you discover that voters are often ignorant of the issues. It becomes a popularity contest based on their perception of the candidates. Trump rubs some people the wrong way because he talks a lot sh*t. Emotional people can’t handle Trump talking sh*t. It drives them nuts. This was Trump talking sh*t. I’m not trying to put you in the same box as emotional women who tend to vote for Democrats, possom haha. But you are beating a completely inconsequential dead horse, just like those emotional women. Sorry. It had to be said. The funny thing is, Trump did some really bad things, with negative consequences, that no one on here ever mentions. But this is a gun blog, so I understand the main concern is guns.

          *avoiding moderation

          • “Trump did some really bad things, with negative consequences”

            So did Reagan, but just like you (I think) I prefered Reagan over anyone else. 1986 comes to mind. An absolute fucking disaster, but it could have been much worse.

    • He was a big Hillary donator before he decided to get into power politics and saw opportunities in “leading” the other side where he found a power vacuum leadership opportunity on the other side. But he never really changed his NY blue state politics way of thinking even though he talked the MAGA talk and fooled a lot of fools into believing in him.

      Actions speak louder than words. Actions like EO:s on bumpstocks that opened up a crack in the ATF which FJB could later insert Dittlebux into to pry it further apart.

      The real broken record is the fawning sycophants droning on about “at least he is better than Biden.”

      • “The real broken record is the fawning sycophants droning on about “at least he is better than Biden.””
        What is your solution Nikita?
        We have three choices. A walking cadaver who hates me and wants me dead, or a businessman looking out for his own interests which happens to benefit me also, or sitting it out.

  5. Correction!

    It was UNQUESTIONABLY a rigged trial, and anyone who says otherwise is part of the problem in this country.

    And it’s the last day of May, so “hide your kids” month starts in five hours.

      • Really? If MMA kid competes, then what’s his name, ranking, and win-loss record so we can verify?

        Put up, or -for the love of God- shut up.

        • He is not professional and even of he was I wouldn’t publish his name.
          I will say this his win loss record has more losses then wins, because you know, not everyone is perfect. Ongo. The real champions do not quit if they lose.
          How to get attacked with two words.
          -Trump sux.- I suppose that was easier then Bidens two words for America speech.
          Trump was dumb for paying hush money, he had no real faith in his voters, so much for his I could shute someone in the streets of Manhattan and still be elected. bravado

          • Maybe he didn’t want his family to find out. Maybe he didn’t want to be humiliated like that. The reason the payment was made right before the election was because Stormy saw an opportunity to profit from the affair, which was the entire point of the affair from her perspective. As they say, he made his bed…

            • “Maybe he didn’t want his family to find out. Maybe he didn’t want to be humiliated like that“

              Then why are there so many pictures of he and Stormy together, so many pictures of he and Karen McDougall together out on the town. The one of her with him in that strapless blue satin dress is just so precious, and him with his shit eating grin. He attended public events with his Paramors, and didn’t give a shit if Melania or anyone else saw it.

              Until the election.

              During the trial, Trump never countered David Peckerwood’s testimony regarding the Trump Tower meeting where they hatched their criminal conspiracy to use Trump Org funds to pay off his prostitute, while concealing it as ‘business expenses’ to hide it from FEC campaign filings that would’ve revealed his whoremongering.

              And for the cherry on top, his testimony also revealed Trump’s conspiracy to interfere with the election by planting false defamatory stories about his opponents in the national inquirer, of course no Republican wants to acknowledge that blatant election interference.

              Remember when the National Enquirer ran the story about Ted Cruz’s father helping to assassinate JFK? Good times!

              • “blatant election interference”

                No one cared about a billionaire playboy’s affairs from years ago. Everyone already knew that about Trump. That didn’t move the needle.

                Where were you during Russia-gate and the Hunter laptop scandal? Oh yeah, you’re still defending it to this day. Do you know what the difference is? The federal government, Big Tech, and the news media were all knee-deep in that election interference. But, oh nos the National Enquirer LOL!!

                So how about being honest for once in your life Liar49er. You’re only against the idea of election interference when Democrats aren’t doing it.

    • “It was UNQUESTIONABLY a rigged trial“

      Specifically, in what way was it rigged?

      “hide your kids”

      Donald Trump heard you, he hid both of his sons from military service (runs in the family, like Donald Trump, his grandfather avoided the draft in his home country), but both of Joe Biden’s sons volunteered to serve their country in the Armed Forces.

      • Miner49 ones no better then the other. Trump would be better for America because most of his businesses are U.S. based, theBiden’s got his scattered all over the globe.
        They care about what makes them richer.

        • “theBiden’s got his scattered all over the globe“

          It’s a matter of public record that the Trump family has business ventures in China, multiple trademarks registered with the Chinese government as well as bank accounts in China.

          Despite the Republicans best congressional investigations, there’s no evidence showing Joe Biden has unreported business interests anywhere in the world.

          Please, post the details of any international business interest Joe Biden has, I certainly would be interested.

          “And it turns out that China is one of only three foreign nations — the others are Britain and Ireland — where Mr. Trump maintains a bank account, according to an analysis of the president’s tax records, which were obtained by The New York Times. The foreign accounts do not show up on Mr. Trump’s public financial disclosures, where he must list personal assets, because they are held under corporate names. The identities of the financial institutions are not clear.

          The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management L.L.C., which the tax records show paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015.“

          • The foreign accounts do not show up on Mr. Bidens public financial disclosures.
            There you go, but just because, Do a little research on Joe Bidens involvement with the Ukrainian biological weapons laboratory. Cobalt in China, oil in Saudia Arabia, agricultural dealings with Canada, Indian pharmaceuticals and the icing on the cake Yak milk in Tibet.

            • Foreign accounts?

              I’m sorry to tell you, but it is the conservative propaganda networks that are involved with Chinese financial criminals.

              “Epoch Times CFO is arrested and accused of role in $67M multinational money laundering scheme
              The chief financial officer of The Epoch Times, a conservative multinational media company, has been indicted in a multi-year scheme to launder tens of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained unemployment benefits and other funds
              ByThe Associated Press
              June 3, 2024, 10:47 PM ET

              NEW YORK — The chief financial officer of The Epoch Times, a conservative multinational media company, is accused of taking part in a multi-year scheme to launder tens of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained unemployment benefits and other funds, according to an indictment unsealed Monday.

              Arrested on Sunday, Weidong “Bill” Guan, 61, of Secaucus, New Jersey, appeared Monday before a federal judge in New York on charges of conspiring to commit money laundering and bank fraud. He pleaded not guilty.“

              Oh yeah, Weidong “Bill” Guan is known as a pillar of the conservative community.

              Let’s see, first Fox ‘News’ was sued and forced to pay $787 million for false reporting on the 2020 election, now the Epoch Times conservative propaganda network is involved in money laundering by their Chinese management team.

              And Donald Trump‘s businesses in China paid over $188,000 in taxes on their profits in China.

              Them ‘conservatives’ done got y’all snookered, how sad.

              You better run out and buy your Trump Media stock now, before trading is suspended for fraud.

      • MajorLiar,

        “Specifically, in what way was it rigged?”

        1. The underlying “predicate crime” was never specified, until the prosecution’s CLOSING ARGUMENT, and then Corrupt Juan allowed the prosecution to state as a FACT that the underlying crime had been committed when it had NEVER EVEN BEEN TESTIFIED TO;

        2. Corrupt Juan should have recused himself, or been replaced, over his ILLEGAL donations to Senile Joe’s campaign, as well as his blatant anti-Trump bias, as disclosed in his previous speeches and social media;

        3. The crimes that allegedly formed the “crime” for which Trump was prosecuted were ALL misdemeanors, for which the statute of limitations had already expired;

        4. Expert and percipient witness testimony by the defense was wrongfully excluded, repeatedly;

        5. Corrupt Juan’s jury instructions were a sick joke, and every competent lawyer who followed the trial knows it;

        6. Corrupt Juan’s courtroom conduct in re: the defense was inexcusably biased – yelling at the defense, in front of the jury, for conduct you had ALREADY let the prosecution get away with, is prejudicial bias of the highest order;

        7. The jury, in a trial getting NATIONAL, DAILY publicity, was never sequestered.

        There’s lot’s more, you lying sh*tbag, but you didn’t really want to hear any of it. The Leftist/fascist “rule of law” is “we win; you lose”, and that, to Marxist liars like yourself, is the essence of a “fair trail” – the Leftist/fascists win.

        You’re pathetic, MajorLiar. At least wipe the Joe Juice (or is it Barry Soetoro Juice????) off your chin before you go out in public. NOT a good look!!

        • Lamprey, may I suggest you file an amicus brief with the appeals court when Donald Trump brings his motion for reversible error in this case.

          I’m sure Mr. Trump and his defense team will be most appreciative for your insightful legal counsel in this matter.

          • MajorLiar,

            So, you have no answer, just cheap, not-particularly-witty, snark? About what I expected, MajorLiar. The good news, for the American people, is that Trump already has some of the best appellate lawyers in the country, so they don’t need my help.

            And, unlike YOUR idiot self, who approaches every subject with an open mouth, I don’t pretend to be an appellate lawyer. But, I also know what the law IS, unlike you. This “conviction” from this sham trial, will not survive appeal. Care to place a wager on that, MajorLiar???

  6. As for President Trump’s security concerns, a restriction on possessing firearms will hardly impact him like it would the common man, since he still has a team of Secret Service personnel … for the rest of his life.

    Fun question: if Trump somehow has to go to prison (for two years for sake of discussion), will his Secret Service detail still be protecting him in prison?

    • Not going to happen. The judge got really pissed at Trump’s attorney when the attorney argued to the jury in closing that Trump might end up in prison, because it isn’t going to happen. And even if rump went to prison, it would undoubtedly be at a Club Fed facility.

      • “And even if rump went to prison, it would undoubtedly be at a Club Fed facility.“

        You know, these are state chargers, right? The federal government isn’t involved in this case so there would be no ‘Club Fed’ for Donald, it would be a grimy Florida State Prison.

        Realistically, he’s an elderly man with early dementia, it’s a first offense, a non-violent crime, and a low level felony so he’ll probably receive a suspended sentence.

        Club Fed is a possibility on the federal charges, and there is precedent.

        Other corrupt Republican politicians have been sent to comfortable incarceration in the federal system, Republican Governor Arch Moore spent his time in federal prison pushing the library cart from cell to cell in Allenwood.

        It seems Republican politicians are beating a path to the prison door, no surprises there.

          • So I understand…

            You know, it’s just so sad, I once had respect for Arch Moore even though he was a Republican.

            During WWII, his unit was one of the first across the Rhine, he took a 7.92 bullet to his jaw and laid in a potato field for three days before he could be evacuated.
            When he campaigned, he always wore civilian clothes and never wrapped himself in the uniform, and I admired that.

            But he sold out for $50k in a paper bag from King Coal to artificially lower workers comp premiums for the coal industry, taking money from injured coal miners.

            Just the sad legacy of another conservative Republican screwing the workingman.

          • True fact – While she was at Alderson (FPC Alderson), Squeaky Fromme’s job was pushing the potted plant cart. Inmates could swap out the potted plant (1 – singular) for a different one every 2 weeks for a change of scenery. Apparently people tried to get along with her because she would save the nicest ones for her friends. Plus, she might kill you if she didn’t like you.

            Source – Mother in law from her 4 years there not as a staff member.

        • MajorLiar,

          WUT???? You actually think this kangaroo court bullsh*t is going to survive appeal???? That’s adorbs!!!

          This bullsh*t is going to get slam-dunked into the weeds by the first non-corrupt NY appellate court that deals with it. Enjoy your ‘victory’ while you can, MajorLiar. Nov. 6, you and your fellow Leftist/fascists are going to be wailing and crying us those sweet, sweet Leftist/fascist tears that we’ll be toasting DJT’s victory with. I didn’t like Trump; you lying, law-abusing Leftist/fascist clowns have made me a supporter.

  7. There was a recent court of appeals case that held that prohibitions on gun ownership by those convicted of nonviolent felonies are unconstitutional. US v. Duarte (petition for rehearing en banc pending):

    A federal appeals court has ruled for a felon challenging the federal ban on gun possession by those convicted of crimes punishable by more than one year in prison.
    In a 2-1 decision, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the law is unconstitutional as applied to Steven Duarte, a nonviolent offender who had served his prison time.

    Although the Ninth Circuit en banc panel is 56-0 when it comes to overruling pro-2A decisions by the appeals panels, Duarte’s answer to the petition for review is very well written and does an enviable job of demonstrating the weakness of the State’s position.

    • “There was a recent court of appeals case that held that prohibitions on gun ownership by those convicted of nonviolent felonies are unconstitutional. US v. Duarte (petition for rehearing en banc pending):”

      It’s going to happen, Mark, Coney-Barret herself has opined the only crimes where someone loses 2A rights are crimes of physical violence.

      The left has now gone so psycho anti-2A I can easily see the current High Court make-up curbing the deep state’s B.S. and ruling that the only time someone loses 2A rights are actual physical violence towards another, eliminating their B.S. argument that ‘words are violence’. (gag)

  8. “According to The New York Times and Washington Post, both liberal publications that no doubt fear this possibility, the answer is actually, “no.” According to the Post, “If Donald Trump wins back the presidency, he would once again have broad pardon power — but that federal authority would not overturn his state conviction in the New York hush money trial.””

    But he can pardon himself for the federal charge of a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

      • WAS – perhaps during when Rudy was mayor long ago. Disney was also supposedly once interesting. Progs ruin ALL nice things. Exercise the SOBs.

      • It was much more fun in the 70’s before they cleaned up Times Square and the other nice places.

      • Dude,

        I would say that is largely past tense, these days. Rudy Giuliani’s New York was an interesting place to visit (for a few days or a week). The current mess is not worth the effort. I can get to SF a lot easier and cheaper, and see the same crime, degraded economy, and sh*t (literally, sh*t) that I can in NY. What’s the point? SF and NY and Chicago, and Detroit, and Atlanta, and St. Louis, and Memphis, ALL used to be great towns, at least to visit. Hmm. What do they ALL have in common?? Decades of Dimocrat rule (with a FEW breaks, at least in NY, which usually resulted in dramatic improvements in livability, so long as the grownups remained in charge).

        I never considered watching drugged-out folks shooting up and defecating on the street a tourist attraction.

    • To bring back a $50 little piece of rock from the Statue of Liberty’s base?
      To learn to speak Arabic?
      to See if you can stop a moving train in the subway?
      Run faster then the guy with a knife?
      Souvenirs you bring back to the Midwest that nobody gives a fck about?
      If a Robin could eat the Worm out of The Big Apple he’d be one big fat bird.
      Different state but close.
      Remember Passaic.

  9. IMO, NY has accrued serious devil points amongst the satanic Left – they have interfered with an election by accusing a blackmail victim of interfering with an election. Cha-ching!

  10. Our two leading presidential candidates are an Democratic alzheimer’s patient and a Republican clown. What could possibly go wrong?

    This country is royally screwed.

      • A clown who got rolled by a whore, not just once -but twice. Some clown that easily rolled for millions by a whore has no business in the Whitehouse (again) -a loser is a loser. FJB & FDJT

    • Trump I assume is the clown to whom you are referring. I myself would not characterize Trump as a clown. Manipulator is the word I would chose to use.
      theBiden trys manipulation too. It’s not as efficient, it runs governments, Trump runs businesses. Succcess is harder to attain when its commercial. Financed by the government has the advantage of we cant lose. And that is JRB.
      The Democrats or who they work for ,(theBiden), consumates JRB their frontman to usher in oligarchy I consider that as a mistake. However it does seem fitting. The Emporer Wears No Clothes Because He’s An Idiot and you Voted for him(?)and theres nothing you can do about it.–Better him then the other.-Right–
      Sometimes I believe it’s a test.(.giv runs test on social order and structure, yah know, what makes em clik. Might take 20-40 years, What makes em click?)Find that out and we can run behaviormodifcation programs, [my credit card number is])
      How much hate, or hate propagandzed, can someone have for another one, that it can, unequivically cancel out, in their philosophies, the total ineptitude of the other, which will eventually result in losing what those who hated the other so badly it causes them to dejectedly relinquish their cherished privileges.
      It seems we have JRB as president for the time, possibly the future. He is theBiden.

      • “Trump RUINS businesses. Succcess is harder to attain when its commercial“

        Fixed it for you, Trump University, Trump Atlantic City casinos, Trump vodka, Trump steaks, and the list goes on…

  11. And tell me please Doug how this trial was rigged?

    politically motivated? Bullshit. it’s new York and they prosecute everyone for everything.

      • yeah I am. even if you believe 80% dem jurors is a factor that doesn’t account for 100% juror conviction agreement. it could easily have been a hung jury.

          • It was in Manhattan. A two second search brings:
            Biden did best in Manhattan, getting 86 percent of the vote
            Of course Biden did the best in the wealthiest area.

            “trial jury’s decision was unanimous”

            What, specifically, did the jury unanimously decide? Last I heard, the judge gave them three options, and told them that they didn’t have to agree on them. They only had to each pick one of the three options.

            • “Biden did best in Manhattan, getting 86 percent of the vote“

              So what? Just because someone voted for Biden doesn’t mean they can’t be an impartial juror. You would need to show evidence of bias on the part of a particular juror.

              Unlike Fox Entertainment, courts operate with actual facts in evidence as opposed to rumors and assumptions.

              Here’s a good article detailing Trump’s change of venue claims:

              “If past is prelude, at the close of jury selection Trump will then lose his change of venue motion for a second time, when the judge will conclude that the weeks-long voir dire process—including written juror surveys; individualized questioning of each juror by the judge; juror removals (“strikes”) for cause by the judge upon attorneys’ motions; and a set number of arbitrary (“peremptory”) strikes that the defense lawyers and prosecutors are each accorded—were, in fact, sufficient to ensure a fair trial.“


              • “So what?”

                What do you mean so what? It means that your comment I was replying to was incorrect. The percent for Biden actually rounds up to 87%. Venue changes are a thing for a reason. They didn’t allow it here because this was another get Trump operation, as everyone knows (even including you – you’re just too dishonest to admit it). It was unethical for this judge to even take this case, considering his political donation history and family political connections.

                You were also wrong about the unanimous decision. The jury wasn’t required to be unanimous, as I mentioned above. Do you ever get tired of being wrong about everything? You jump when they tell you to jump, no thinking required. You’re a mindless drone.

              • “It means that your comment I was replying to was incorrect. The percent for Biden actually rounds up to 87%“

                NYC’s Democratic registration is at 56%, and it makes no difference how many folks in Manhattan voted for Biden, trumps attorneys had ample opportunity to question the jury about their ability to render an impartial decision.
                If Donald Trump didn’t like the jury pool in Manhattan, he should’ve chosen another location to commit his crimes.

                “You were also wrong about the unanimous decision“

                Clearly, you need to reread the indictment and the jury instructions, I’m sorry the complexity of the New York legislation seems so mysterious do you.

                I’m sure this matter will be appealed, how interesting it will be to watch the process, good times!

              • “NYC’s Democratic registration is at 56%”

                Clearly, you still don’t understand how this works. This took place in Manhattan. That’s where the jury is located. Venue changes are allowed for a reason. We have ethics for a reason. You understand nothing because you don’t want to understand. You prefer to wallow in ignorance. Life is easier that way.

                Alvin Bragg is the DA for New York County. Look up New York County. It is NOT New York City. New York County is Manhattan! You’re wrong again, as usual always.

            • “So what?”

              What do you mean so what? It means that your comment I was replying to was incorrect. The percent for Biden actually rounds up to 87%. Venue changes are a thing for a reason. They didn’t allow it here because this was another get Trump operation, as everyone knows (even including you – you’re just too dishonest to admit it). It was unethical for this judge to even take this case, considering his political donation history and family political connections.

              You were also wrong about the unanimous decision. The jury wasn’t required to be unanimous, as I mentioned above. Do you ever get tired of being wrong about everything? You jump when they tell you to jump, no thinking required. You’re a mindless drone.

    • No violent criminals are on no bail release actually. You should visit NY sometime if you think I’m wrong.

    • “And tell me please Doug how this trial was rigged?”

      The jury pool was over 80 percent registered democrats, dumbass…

      • Trump’s defense team had the opportunity to strike who they wanted from the jury, they did not use all of their challenges so trump’s team impaneled the jury they wanted.

        They lost because testimony and evidence showed Donald Trump was guilty, it’s a simple as that.

    • I live in NYS ,with raise the age, bail,reform few get locked up . Shoot up a house, appearance ticket ,that nobody shows up for , no cops to look for you ,so on your next arrest you’ll get another appearance ticket . They don’t chase stolen cars here ,or those fleeing most crimes .

      There’s been stolen cars that swerve at marked patrol units ,they don’t pursue,If they do the boss calls it off . Many cops are simply doing on the job retirement,they’re so discouraged.

  12. ” Without apologies to the meeker folk whom we have to share the planet. ”
    You pompous arrogant bastard, that works both ways.
    Fck you.
    And Son of A Bitch I just put a donation in the Mail for the Trump campaign. I hope I can catch the mailman man before it gets sent out.
    The meeker folk? Like someone not making an 8 figure salary.
    The meeker folk built this country so those with money could exploit them and hand the silver spoon to their undeserving prodigy.
    Ahh, “the poors” as that arrogant pos jew Jeremy S used to refer to them.
    What is one benifit and a holy one a poor has over the rich, the poors appreciate that single shot break open pos because it took a lot to get it.
    Owning one Mazzarati makes it special, owning 15 is just prestige( I call it Igots disease) look what I got, with no real love for anything.
    Cue the bobble wife or girlfiend.
    and With no aplogies to the rich bastards I have to share My planet with.
    Fffffffffcccck You
    According to the bible, The meek shall inherit the earth. It may be wise for you arrogant SOB’s to practice a little humility. Or perhaps instead of buying another $10,000 dollar gunm for a $18,900 safari , buy a poor family dinner.
    Elvis Presley got it right.
    That nggr wanted a Cadillac and I got the money.

    • Jesus, you write like it’s the side effect of a stroke. Does your brain normally take a shit all over your keyboard like that?

      • You do know he’s a possum right? You try typing with paws and claws. I think he does pretty good.

      • So your good with the “Without apologies to the meeker folk whom we have to share our planet.”
        That sounds so KKK White Supremacy its disgusting .

      • @Iron Cat Beast
        You might not realize it but what you see is not coding for MicroSoft. This is a comment section of a gun site.

  13. I never was a Trump fan per se’, I mean I didn’t run around cheering Trump all the time. Basically; He had some good and bad like every politician does. I liked him better than some presidents, and did vote for him and will again. Overall, across the board, Trump did better for this country than Biden has ever done.

    And I admit I absolutely hate Biden and see him for what he really is. Although obviously in a state of dementia and mental decline and completely unsuitable for office and incompetent, he is a Marxist Socia-list at heart and in deed and in desire and through those Biden is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution and the American people. Biden should be removed from office (as should Kamala Harris, shes also incompetent and completely unsuitable for office and shes just a version of Bidens Marxist Socia-list personna but more stupid).

    But this case against Trump was not about the good or bad of Trump. Its about the attempted murder of the U.S. Constitution that originates with Biden and trickles on down in this country into the courts through an outgrowth of the violent left wing machine that seeks the over throw of the United States to install a Marxist Socia-list communism.

    The charges against Trump were obscure, (mostly) unprecedented, to the point of fabrication. Although s