New Mexico’s ‘Gun Violence’ Public Health Emergency Is Still Extra Super Ultra Important

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How bad is the terrible gun violence problem in New Mexico? You know, the one that was so severe that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was forced to suspend Second Amendment rights in her state’s most populous city and county? This bad.

It’s such a serious, immediate, and urgent crisis in the Land of Enchantment that the Governor had to fly more than 7200 miles to…Taiwan. How else is an elected official supposed to adequately address such a dire and pressing problem?

Governors taking foreign trips is always a bit cringe to me, but it’s especially so when it’s the governor of a smaller state. What happened, Taiwan? Were DeSantis, Hochul, Newsom, and Abbott all busy?

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  1. Sex trade (minors are included in this, and unprotected) is standard issue in the Orient.
    I knew guys who R&R’d to Bangkot (kind of an Asian Sex Disneyland) just to stew in it. And NO, they were Rear-Echelon types. Scared to be anywhere. Can’t see how PTSD could have been their excuse…
    Maybe her cabinet went with her?
    Creepy, and Sad to imagine this possibility.
    Depose her, and the sexually sicko party she rode in on.
    AGAIN…Gat Control is caused by perverted sexual “needs” and misconceptions.
    ALL turned into Fear and HATE.

  2. If she is so willing to enact such EO via bypassing her Oath of Office and the U.S. Consitution what other acts is willing to enact in the anme of public safety. A state where judges release more felonys, where voting districts were rearranged to effect a better outcome for one party. where crime is high in the large cities. She enacts a EO that in the interview stated that she does not expect criminals to obey, but took away the individual right to self protection. She never considered any plan to establsih a governor investigative panel to look into the issue or any other concept. Not only has she lost her standing in NM she has shown Washington DC and elsewhere her true colors of being incompetent as a leader and her failure to live up to her oath of office. I am somewhat surprised that the democrates have so silient. I express my thanks to the State of NM AG, ALB PD, Bern Co Sherrif and the others who actual upheld their oath of office.

    • I would guess the Everytown representatives demanded she follow their “proposal” or they’ll hold their breath until she does.

  3. The “runs” Politicians make for office are 40% popularity contest and 165% voting machine shenanigans. (Heheh, he said “The runs”)
    When does a Gummint Flunkie EVER get the feeling that they are Ralphing It Up by the numbers, and should leave office because most everybody is pissed at them?
    Are they actually unaware that they are NOT cutting it?? Gimme a break.
    NOBODY is that dense. OK, maybe Fentanyl Heads and Rock Cocaine cookers.
    Something is Muchly Wrong with this one…

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