After Exercising Her First Amendment Rights, NYC Councilwoman Was Arrested for Also Exercising Her Second Amendment Rights

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The people who have been marching in support of the Palestinian terrorists who butchered more than 1,200 men, women, and children in Israel over the weekend may be doing and saying vile things in support of some of the worst people on the face of the Earth, but the Constitution protects their right to do so. Guaranteeing that right is every bit as important as defending and extending gun rights under the Second Amendment.

Many of us may have to stifle our collective gag reflex when we see and hear what the great minds are saying in Harvard Yard, but again, they have every right to express their noxious, contemptible opinions. Just as employers will someday have every right not to hire them as a result.

While those who choose to blame Israel for the murder of their own citizens by Hamas terrorists have every right to express that opinion, people with opposing views have the right to say so, too. That happened yesterday on the campus of CUNY-Brooklyn. One of those protesting against the Hamas supporters at Brooklyn College was New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov…who appeared while openly carrying a handgun.

The Second Amendment is one of the civil rights the city of New York doesn’t fully recognize. Vernikov surely knew that, but apparently wanted it to be known by all who were there that she was carrying.

As The New York Post reports . . .

Republican Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov was arrested Thursday when she was spotted toting a firearm at a rally to support Palestine — resulting in calls for her to be removed from office.

The councilwoman, who is Jewish and has spoken out against pro-Palestine supporters, was in attendance as protesters convened on the campus of CUNY’s Brooklyn College Thursday.

“[Vernikov] was observed with the but-end [sic] of a firearm (handgun) protruding from the front portion of her pants” while observing the protest between noon and 2:45 p.m. Thursday, police sources told The Post.

She’s been charged for carrying a firearm on school grounds. New York’s former mayor, for one, was absolutely appalled . . .

Vernikov handed over her gun and permit to police when she turned her self in and was arrested.

“At no point in time was anyone menaced or injured as a result of her possessing the firearm at the earlier protest,” police sources told The Post.

Although Vernikov has a concealed carry permit, it is illegal in New York State to have a firearm at sensitive locations such as protests or school grounds.

In other words, Vernikov violated New York’s Bruen response law that now designates most of the city as a “sensitive place.” It was enacted after the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision was handed down as a middle finger raised to those who would like the Second Amendment to actually mean something in the city.

The law — like others around the country — is in clear violation of the Bruen decision and is currently being challenged in federal court.

So Councilwoman Vernikov was arrested for exercising her Second Amendment rights at the same time she exercised her First Amendment rights. That’s apparently still illegal right now in states like New York, but it may not be once the courts have had their say. It will be fascinating to see how far she’s willing to take this.

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      • The first go around touched on some of it but school, protest, and highly visible plaintiff all at once………. they better hope she takes a generous plea deal and that is before the optics of current events.

    • it’s NYC, you expect anything else ??
      yes they are charging her and then going to try and make an example out of her just because the anti-gun government can.
      more so because she is Jewish also.

  1. If she, as a Jewish individual, felt the need to carry a firearm at a pro Palestinian rally then maybe she shouldn’t have gone to the rally. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I personally would not take any firearm to any political rally or event, even if the law “allows” or I have been blessed by the state to conceal carry. Just opens up too many doors for litigation if things go pear shaped.

    • What’s “pro-palestinian” rally, and how is it different than all the pro global jihad riots? You don’t have to answer, just run along and self-activate. After all, actions speak louder than words.

      • AB – “run along and self-deactivate” – there fify 😉
        Note – I am ‘suggesting’ that person simply quit being a ‘useful idiot’ – NOT terminating itself.

        • Can’t be one without being the other. The Palestinians voted to allow Pro Hamas politicians to govern them. They are reaping the consequences of their votes and their silence.

        • “Can’t be one without being the other. The Palestinians voted to allow Pro Hamas politicians to govern them.”

          Incorrect. “Palestine” is made up of two entities: the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Palestinians in Gaza Strip voted for Hamas. Palestinians in West Bank didn’t.

      • She was still at a pro murder protest 🤣. Pro Palestinian or anti war doesn’t equate pro Hamas or violence. Seems like the nuance is missed, drowned out but ignorance.

        • So you consider that protesting the Hamas murderers and supporting Israel’s right of self defense are somehow morally equivalent? That brands you with the same mark that the jihadi bastards wear. Begone foul troll.

        • there is no equivilency between slaughtering civilians and civilians dying collateraly due to being used as shields.

    • The right to bear arms doesn’t become invalidated because of your irrational fears. If she as an American wanted to excercise her 2nd Amendment rights that’s none of your business. The fact that you bring her religion or identity into is just more irrational lip service.

    • so, you would rather go to a place unarmed because your feels ??
      if that’s the case then you should never go armed at all.
      the whole thing about going armed is to be your own first responder, to not rely upon others for your self defense.
      you just abrogated yourself.

    • If that’s the case wait for them to try and cut her a deal or the charges to quietly go away.

      • That’s gonna be so hard for them, they know charging her is what their base will demand, but it will cost them *dearly* in the end.

        I’m gonna LOVE watching this play out…:)

    • “who does that, Lurch???”

      In the not distant future, *lots* of folks will be doing that everywhere in NYC, and we will be laughing our asses off at THEM for a change… 😉

  2. While those who choose to blame Israel for the murder of their own citizens by Hamas terrorists…

    ???…. No way, I heard it was Trumps fault because he didn’t ask Iran to give back the plane load of cash that Obama dropped off in the middle of the night at Teheran airport… Funny how that shit works

  3. She’s an Hebrew-American it would seem. More power to her, and power to the people. May Hamass be destroyed and it’s terrorists die.

    • Hebrew is a language in modern day parlance, not an ethnicity. Jewish is a culture and/or religion, depending upon the context of one’s reference. She was born in the southern USSR (now Ukraine) and emigrated to America as a child, so she would more properly be called a “Ukrainian-American”.

      For example, I don’t refer to myself as an “English (language) American” or “Christian-American”. I’m simply an American. If I were born elsewhere and later became a citizen here, I would be able to refer to myself as a hyphenated American.

      BTW, she was originally a registered Democrat, but switched to the Republican Party upon seeing the rise and dominance of socialism in NY.

      • and “Hebrew” as spoken today isn’t even actual Hebrew in the biblical sense.bIt’s an attempt at a reconstructed language created by European immigrants to the mandatory of Palestine pre UN resolution for statehood.

        But I digress, everyone knew what she was by her name, skin tone, and part of the city she’s from. The real issue with her (like most dual citizens)is that their loyalties don’t truly lie here. For example, observe the NY boy being ran on Fox today for being kidnapped while serving in the IDF.. why the hell is he serving in a foreign military instead of the one in the country of his birth and raising? The vast majority of the “American” victims being reported aren’t simple tourists. They’re people who were “at home” and in the country they actually hold loyalty to. I eagerly await to hear some of the usual boomers justify foreign military service and dual loyalties. I suppose they also think their wife can have two husbands without having divided loyalty too 😆.

        The correct answer, deport them all (both sides of the conflict) and keep the US out of it.

        • Lol, as if wearing blue and white to a pro-palistine rally wasn’t already an obvious give away. Seriously, she may as week have been wearing a sandwich board with her intentions on it.

      • isn’t it funny how it’s only people who are destructive to the US as a whole are hyphenated Americans? I don’t recall hearing very many people of Western European lineage going around using and always blabbing about their hyphenated American title.

  4. when we see and hear what the great minds are saying in Harvard Yard

    Funny story, law firms and HMFICs on Wall Street are asking for a list of names of the dumb asses that signed the Hamas support/Israel condemnation letter at Harvard… Making a “DO NOT HIRE” list…

    • and that doesn’t strike you as odd? They tolerate and promote all th degeneracy in the world anymore with the DEI nonsense but this holy cow was a bridge too far? Lol damn, they’re openly proving Kanye and various other people’s claims about the banking and finance system true again and they don’t even care to be brash and open about it because they know that the average American is so dumb and apathetic as to never question or act.

      • Who do you think runs the big NYC law firms and the majority of the financial houses on Wall Street? (hint: it ain’t a bunch of Palestinians)…

  5. She was exercising her 1stA and making a political point.
    She will not be bullied, can and will make a stand for herself as a Jewish person. She knew full well what she was doing in making that statement.
    Good for her.

  6. Never would have happened if she was a (D) waving a Palestinian flag. Has Gaige Grosskreutz been charged with his unlawful weapons possession and brandishing crimes yet?

    Media has to parrot the “school zone” thing for the feelz even though it’s a college where everyone is an adult. At least chronologically.

    • i remember sitting in court listening to the guy who got a ticket for passing a stopped, unloading school bus. his defense was “they weren’t little kids, they were teenagers.” he got extra fines.

        • “Made up story so you can…”

          Prove it, asshole.

          Put up, or shut up… 😉

        • This Toshiba guy feels the need to insult random strangers on the Internet unprovoked.

          There’s your proof, asshole.

        • if i was to make up a sturry, it would involve you and a donkey dick, and it would read like non- fiction.

        • “This Toshiba guy feels the need to insult random strangers on the Internet unprovoked.”

          You’re no ‘random stranger’, you’ve been here periodically for *years*, always posting the same lame crapola.

          They’re you proof, asshole.

          Put up or shut up, asshole. Since you have no proof, answer the fucking question, jack-wad… 🙂

        • Paul Prediger, formerly known as Gaige Grosskreutz, chastised Kenosha County Eye for reporting that he secretly asked a judge to change his name. According to WISN12, Grosskreutz suffered a lacerated liver and multiple broken bones in a hit and run. He is trying to raise money on GOFUNDME. The offender in the alleged hit and run, Marvin Thomas, was charged yesterday with two felonies related to the crash. He is being held on a $1,500 cash bail… Happened in Milwaukee.

  7. I wonder how many knives the pro butcher side had in the ‘”sensitive location?” She was not making the mistake the Jews next door to Hamas made by complying with Gun Control and neither should anyone with an ounce of common sense. What happened to her is called Discrimination and Discrimination which is against the law has ridden alongside Gun Control for centuries….plaster that historical fact in sensitive places.

  8. once the courts have had their say. It will be fascinating to see how far she’s willing to take this.

    Sounds like the perfect test case to overturn Bribems GFZ bullshit from 1990… I’ve lived in the same place for nearly 30 years and three years ago they built a new Elementary School across the street so now “technically” every time I walk out the door to go to my mailbox I am breaking the law if I’m carrying my EDC (I always carry my EDC)…

    • May not apply depending on your state but aren’t carry permits supposed to cover you re within X distance of school property so long as you are not actually on school property?

      • Maryland law; a person may not have a firearm in the person’s possession or on or about the person at a demonstration in a public place or in a vehicle that is within 1,000 feet of a demonstration in a public place after:
        (i) the person has been advised by a law enforcement officer that a demonstration is occurring at the public place; and
        (ii) the person has been ordered by the law enforcement officer to leave the area of the demonstration until the person disposes of the firearm.

      • No, Federal law says within 1000 feet and NOT on private property… I’m good in my home, my yard or in (or on) a car truck or motorcycle, but if I step into the street all bets are off…

  9. Wow good for this gal! One wonders how she was “a chosen few” to get a CCL in NYC?!?🙄 Be alert out there today…

    • While getting a permit got more difficult and expensive for the rest of NY it got way easier (read actually possible) for normal people to get a permit in NYC. Still sucks but actually know a few people with NYC permits now.

    • former, they looked at all the women applying and decided to give it(permit that is) to the one with the biggest rack.

  10. Oh yeah, HAPPY GLOBAL JIHAD DAY” y’all… Carrying my backup in the ankle rig today and a couple of spare mags for each, don’t expect much activity in my part of Florida but you can always hope…

  11. This is called Jewish privilege. I am obviously very pro 2A, and she should be allowed to do this-

    But people who marched to save the statue of Gen. Lee In Charlottesville who were armed got 5 years in prison.

    • Ummmmm uh-uh… Richard W. Preston, 53, who was described as a Ku Klux Klan leader, was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a gun at the rally. Charged with DISCHARGING a firearm within 1000 feet of a school… One other guy from FL was charged with carrying a concealed weapon (assume he did not have a valid FL carry permit) no info on trial or sentence. The only other notable arrests were three White Supremacists from CA for inciting a “deadly” riot and of course the dumbass that ran the girl down killing her and making it a deadly riot (along with the two State Police who died when their helicopter crashed while covering the event)… If you are aware of other arrests feel free to correct me…

      • The “dumbass” didn’t hit anyone he ran into the back end of another car which caused a chain reaction and she was killed because she was standing in the street between two cars in bumper to bumper traffic caused by the counter protestors. Ever watch the actual video of what happened to cause the guy to slam into the other car? Neither did the jury.

        • Guess what, he still hit her he just did it with somebody else’s car… Defend that White Nationalist fuck if you want but his careless driving led directly to her death… His driving like a fucking maniac on a crowded street during a highly confrontational “mostly peaceful?” demonstration is what caused him to crash… Hit another vehicle from behind and it’s YOUR fault, go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go do not collect $200…

  12. The same people on this blog who cheer the life sentences of the McMichaels- who were attacked by the “Jogger” celebrate a woman taunting some of the most oppressed people in history (Palestinians).

    I saw a video today where someone asked former PM Naftaly Bennett if he cared that Israeli war crimes disrupted healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip, including life support systems and incubators for newborns. In a furious response, the former Israel Prime Minister said, “Are you serious? You keep on asking me about Palestinian civilians. What’s wrong with you?”

    Don’t get me wrong- I don’t personally like Palestinians, and they shouldn’t be allowed to come here to America, but neither should Israelis. They still haven’t apologized for killing all those Americans on the USS Liberty.


    This is a serious question: why are you supposed, so-called libertarians so excited to force me to pay taxes and give that money to Israel?

      • When we bombed Germany, did we try to get just the Nazis? No, we were at war with the German NATION. The Whole Thing! The Palestinian people have let themselves be ruled by Hamas, supported Hamas, and provided cover for Hamas. Israel is AT WAR with the “Nation” of Gaza.

    • Awww…those poor oppressed Palestinians. Half of them are HERE. Sorry your daddy got smoked in the fog of war. I support Israel now & forever. Not the scum who cheered on 9/11…

    • @No US tax dollars to Israel

      1. “a woman taunting some of the most oppressed people in history (Palestinians)” – she wasn’t taunting anyone, she was just there.

      2. “I saw a video today where someone asked former PM Naftaly Bennett if he cared that Israeli war crimes disrupted healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip, including life support systems and incubators for newborns. In a furious response, the former Israel Prime Minister said, ‘Are you serious? You keep on asking me about Palestinian civilians. What’s wrong with you?’”

      So lest bring a little context to that in #2 – here is what he actually said…

      “Are you seriously — keep asking me about Palestinian civilians? What is wrong with you? Have you not seen what’s happened? We’re fighting Nazis,’ said Naftali Bennett, an Israeli politician who previously served as the country’s prime minister.

      ‘We don’t target them,’ Bennett said of civilians in Gaza. ‘If you want to come and bring them electricity, I’m not going to feed electricity to my enemies.’ ”

      And he is absolutely right – you don’t supply your enemy with what it needs to kill you. The innocent in Gaza are suffering because Hamas has embedded its self in the population to use them as human shields. It’s Hamas that is ‘oppressing’ ‘Palestinians’ and committing war crimes on a large scale basis.

      Why don’t you go some place else to troll with your pro-hamas terrorism rhetoric Miner49er, and learn what context means.

    • The only people who have “oppressed” the Palestinians is their leadership (Hamas) fucking people take hundreds of millions of dollars a year in aid and turn 90% of it into military use, they even took pipe meant for infrastructure and used that shit to make rockets, then they place those rockets and their leadership facilities in those hospitals and residential areas that everyone is so concerned about… The people elected their leadership, and they have to live with it… Why is it that all the attacks come from Gaza (under Hamas leadership) while the West Bank lives peacefully with the Israelis?

      • Oh, I forgot about those oppressing fucking infants that had their heads chopped off with shovels, that’ll teach those little brats…

        • The Koran says “Do not harm the innocent, the very young and the old and infirmed” guess they didn’t read that part… Those that CAN read that is…

        • I would wager that the part you quote does not apply to certain forms of infidels. It was written by one person, the core text was, and hence taking bits out of context leads to errors in understanding.

          Unlike the 5000 year old collection of various authors that is the KJV, which often has no logical flow.

    • I’m sorry where were you to admonish the world when the Armenians were AGAIN forced out of their indigenous homes in Artsakh? We hear the hollow cries of colonialism from some groups yet ignore the genocide of Armenians and Assyrians in the same region that ethnically cleansed them by Muslim nations like Azaribaijan.

  13. The article says she was arrested AFTER she turned herself in. So, really, nobody noticed she was packin until she told them she was. Look what I have, look, LOOK!

    • It looks like a stunt. The question is why. Politicians who are always in the news probably get more donations, including from outside of their district.

  14. Harvard is NOT our friend. We all know that already. More people need to understand that Harvard is no longer worth while as a learning institution in America.

    This councilwoman knows (or atleast should know) what the law is there. Violation of the law SHOULD get people arrested. We are not seeing enough of this kinda thing. What we are seeing is that people are allowed to thumb their nose is the law with no regard to any consequence. If she wishes to open carry in NYC then she needs to do everything she can to change the laws there. That WILL mean NOT siding with Democrats. The problem isn’t that she’s carrying a gun. It’s that she’s trying to side step the law. Her license is not going to allow her to open carry there.

    All other considerations become pointless banter.

    • or as others said above, she is try to make a new case in support of the second amendment and to get the crap ny laws struck down.

  15. I think the JPFO should defend her case in court.
    The JPFO, for those who don’t know, is Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, arguably the most aggressive pro-2nd Amendment organization in America.
    I would like to put a link to the JPFO, but then this comment would get “sent to moderation.”

    • I contacted the JPFO, and they replied that unfortunately, they don’t have a legal defense fund. They suggested maybe GOA or SAF might help, and I’d add the FPC, which frequently files court cases on 2A issues.

      To Prndll, yes, I realize that being Jewish doesn’t change the legal issues, but you’d think that less than a week after the terrorist attack on Israel, the city with the highest Jewish population in America MIGHT show some sympathy for a woman standing up against pro-Hamas protesters, no? Unfortunately, no. The NYPD “had no choice” but to arrest the CCW permit holder because of the crazy gun laws in New York (Hmm, where else have I heard police use that EXACT same excuse? Oh yeah, right here in New Jersey!)

  16. Same would have happened in other gun friendly states also. The council woman is an idiot. Even in pro 2A states you generally cannot carry in or on school grounds. She needs to learn what “concealed “ means. NY will make an example outta her and prosecute.

    • “The council woman is an idiot.”

      She’s *very* smart.

      She gave them an impossible dilemma. –

      If they prosecute her like their little fascist Leftist Scum ™ buddies will demand, she has standing for a 2A lawsuit that will destroy their precious ‘sensitive areas’ law for EVERYBODY in NY state. 🙂

  17. “’At no point in time was anyone menaced or injured as a result of her possessing b̶o̶o̶b̶s̶ the firearm at the earlier protest,'”

  18. How about we deport them all, including her. Both sides of this debate clearly have loyalties that come before their supposed loyalties to the US.

    • “How about we deport them all, including her.”

      Hell, no!

      I like her, we damn sure need to keep people like her with (metaphorical) balls around to liven things up like she’s doing… 🙂

      • It’s her 15 minutes. Let’s take a good look into her background and watch what she does. Maybe SHE should run for the speakership.

        • @MADDMAXX
          like AOC going from bar tender to what appears to be more political power than Pelosi. Now that was a big step. Her problem though is that she’s still a child.

  19. I hope she uses this as a chance to sue to change that stupid “sensitive places” clause in the dumb NY law. If they have everywhere listed as a “sensitive place” except your front yard, that is infringing on the 2A and the Bruen decision.

  20. How am I expected to share this goodness if you keep posting the creepy ads with meaningful content? For shame TTAG

      • For my phone, all I had to do was use the DuckDuckGo browser. Host files do the job nicely. Although there isn’t a whole lot I can do on this laptop.

  21. Just so everyone understands, Israel is now almost as hostile towards armed citizens as Japan or England:

    As we saw earlier this week when over a thousand Israelis were slaughtered, gun control really works.

    if this attack had occurred forty years ago when gun regulations were far less draconian and gun ownership was far more common, it would have been the Palestinians who were pleasing “they’re slaughtering us!”

  22. Fact checking that 1,200 people were butchered is going to be difficult.

    Please hesitate before copy/paste misinformation from “credible sources.” The propaganda war is no better than the trash Ukraine still puts out. Unverifiable and distorted. The idea that Hamas pulled off a complete surprise is even a joke, Egypt informed Israel three days prior and they ignored it. There are too many indications this is simply another False Flag to divert attention from other stories. And its working.

    • So, you are now telling us that Israel not only knew in advance but CHOSE to allow the invasion accepting that babies would be beheaded in their cribs. Their women raped and burned alive. Their elderly butchered like cattle. All in the name of having an excuse to invade Gaza and kill the ‘innocent” civilians there? Is that what you’re saying? Are you that mentally deficient?

      • Michael. Literally every time a major event like this happens you get youtube commandos declaring it to be a false flag with crisis actors. Within minutes of the event starting you’ll get these claims.

        Why, if they know so much immediately after it starts. can’t they tell us about it 30 minutes before it starts?

        • The modern day Nazis and Holocaust deniers have been out in full force lately. If they’re in America, they vote Democrat. There’s a reason for that.

        • I particularly liked expose on the Palis using ACTORS to fake injuries.

          After the videos were analyzed, they discovered at least 10 to 15 people ‘appearing’ in multiple ‘incidents..’

      • @ mac

        It is the Pearl Harbor gambit. The speculation is that FDR had advance warning prior to 12-7-41, but felt he needed to galvanize the American public. And therefore let it happen…

        Whatever conspiracies you do or do not ascribe to, there was never any doubt that disarming the civilians at the kibbutzim would guarantee attack longterm.

    • Egypt did offer a warning..but the scale of this thing was way beyond anything they imagined…

    • So, I tell you “SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN” nothing specific, just SOMETHING, do you A: consider the source as credible and put your entire citizenry, police force and military on high alert until further notice, B: Tell everyone to be vigilant, or C: Write it off as another day in the neighborhood where SOMETHING is already almost always happening?

  23. Do you believe in freedom of religion for Islams? Yeah? Then you believe in their right to slaughter you anytime they feel like it. The constitution was written for civilized people, not savages.

  24. Yo, Doxing Asshole..

    I’m sure all the boxes of dental gold that they found at the Death Camps was all fake, too, right?

  25. I don’t really care that she isn’t the perfect person to challenge a blatantly unconstitutional law, look up the background of Miranda sometime.

    For the mouth breathing micro encephalopaths that were dropped on their heads too many times as children that deny the the Holocaust didn’t happen, I put them in the same category as the 9/11 deniers.

  26. Equality under law:

    1. This is being advertised on MTA vehicles >×615.jpg

    That advertisement is a protected expression of First Amendment Speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those advertising.

    2. The news media is reporting, for example, the non-legitimate warfare of the hamas terrorism, for example this >

    That reporting is a protected expression of First Amendment Speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those reporting.

    3. Actual pro-hamas supporters and actual known people on the terrorist watch list are protesting in our cities with chants of ‘death to America’ and making threats to kill people.

    The authorities say its a protected expression of First Amendment Speech and its not hate speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those protesting and making threats.

    4. This woman, a known member of a ‘class of people’ specifically targeted for death by the same advertiser in # 1, and by the same group who did what the media reported in # 2, and by the same types in # 3 – but this woman exercised her First and Second Amendment rights to counter and be prepared for the blatant and very real deadly threat present in her city and in the United States and selected to be prepared to exercise her inherent unalienable right to self defense >×235.jpg (

    For exercising her rights she was burdened with (unconstitutional) restrictions and was arrested and charged with a crime.

  27. Congrats, you found my name and address, except that isn’t me at that address. That’s a cousin who is a world renowned eye disease researcher. Me? I’m just a retired USAF officer with the PHD in aerospace. Nice try tho moron. Next you’ll be telling me that the World Trade Center didn’t collapse due to the 750000 pound airliner loaded with 60000 gallons of jet fuel that hit it. That it was an inside job by the World Zionist organization who snuck in and planted the explosive charges without people noticing it. You and the other “deniers” really are too stupid for me to deal with except I take your doxxing as a direct threat. Be warned.

  28. Farnum’s law in action…

    A young up-and-coming politician with the potential to eventually find herself in a position do good things for the advancement of 2A rights in the communist state of New York….and she pisses it all away with a single moronic act.

    Dumb stuff like this just makes the fight harder…the gun community is sometimes it’s own worst enemy.

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