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Meanwhile in California, pornographic books are apparently just fine for K-12 school libraries, but periodicals about firearms are adults-only restricted material everywhere in the state. This is a shocking level of book banning!

This is actually nothing new. Cal-unicorn-ia had effectively banned images of handguns in public spaces for a full century. That blatant First Amendment violation was overturned by a federal judge only a few years ago as part of a lawsuit filed against our current, uncontrollably cackling Vice President who was then the AG of CA.

At any rate, despite the fact that federal law allows for the ownership and possession of long guns by minors and the possession of handguns by minors in certain circumstances (employment, ranching, farming, target practice, and hunting), the Golden State of Kommiefornia won’t even allow minors to possess a primarily educational magazine about the shooting sports.

It was outlawed with the passage of AB 2571 which . . .

prohibit(s) a firearm industry member, as defined, from advertising or marketing any firearm-related product, as defined, in a manner that is designed, intended, or reasonably appears to be attractive to minors. The bill would also prohibit a firearm industry member from using, disclosing, or compiling a minor’s personal information if it is intended to market or advertise a firearm to that minor, as specified. The bill would impose a civil penalty of up to $25,000 for each violation of these provisions, and would authorize a person harmed by a violation to bring suit to recover any damages suffered, as specified. The bill would make each copy or republication of marketing or advertising prohibited by these provisions a separate violation.

The prohibition even applies to the Junior Shooters website.

Junior Shooters
This is the warning readers get when they visit the Junior Shooters website.

Lovely. Kids involved in the shooting sports on the left coast are relegated to furtively sharing this kind of dangerous samizdat.

Find out more about Junior Shooters magazine and their lawsuit challenging the ban in the Ninth Circuit at


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    • This is old news. Several online retailers located elsewhere across the nation have had filters installed (for a while) that sense my IP is from CA, and a splash page pops up requiring me to enter a birthdate that is older than 18 years before allowing me to proceed. As if no 17 year old can defeat that…

      I find it odd that a company located outside CA and with no physical presence here is enforcing CA’s stupid laws…

      • Prop65

        I see those same things. It’s foolishness but what happens if they don’t do that? The governator put into place several things that forced California into forcing everyone else. It’s no different from Biden telling the world that anyone that wants to do business with the US federal government will be required to get the shots. Then every employee of every ISP around the country was then made to comply.

    • It all started in the early 1970s when the proud h0m0sexual Tom Ammiano, got elected to the SF school board.
      With the public stated goal to remove 2A education and shooting teams from the SF public school system.
      He was very successful. With political support from the g@y community. He went on to pass even more gun control in CA.

  1. A VPN makes online content easily accessible.

    Print copies and leave them in the school library along with a copy of On Tyranny, since it’s super cheap.

    Panties will be shitith while heads doth explodith.

    • I remember someone slipped some “It’s ok to be white” stickers into the pride month display books and it took a surprising number of days for it to be noticed and due to masking policies of the time no clear description of the suspect. Made for a delightful comedy of errors in the regional paper.

      • The fact that they went looking for a “suspect” using cameras is both unsurprising and unbelievably sad.

        IHMO, school admins and unionized teachers should be first against the wall. Though, I’m open to methods that rapidly ionize teachers, just for the lulz of the word play.

        • From what I understand it may have been an Uncle Ruckus situation so the video review may not have been as thorough as typical. With that said play with Nuclear strong/weak forces an un-ionize them?

        • They’re already un-ionized. Extreme heat will fix that, turning them to plasma.

          Start with a blowtorch and work up from there. If they scream “Why are you doing this to me?!” the answer is “Shhhh… we have to be thorough, you know, follow the science. If this seems slow and agonizing for you, well, we’re just working at the speed of science!”.

        • And yet, in the White House where every nook and cranny is under camera surveillance night and day they can’t figure out whose nose candy was found.

        • Strych while I share your disgust of the follow the science cult and understand the value of being feared by your enemies I am not sure I would be up for some cartel shit. I hope it doesn’t get to full dirty war but I will not deny it as a possibility. With all that said that was some great dark humor for a one liner.

        • “… I am not sure I would be up for some cartel shit.”

          Generally speaking, with a historical frame of reference you will find that the choice isn’t actually yours to make. It’s made for you by the groups in play.

          This is no different. The Left will be talked off the ledge (something that seems less and less likely), defeated politically and shamed into hiding for 20 years or the ram will touch the wall.

          Hence why I don’t argue with, and rarely interact at all, with our local trolls. It’s a waste of time and energy. Time and energy I could use for something more constructive.

      • When sites/services are banned in certain locations their general tactic is to blanket ban the use of the service for people in that area by using those people’s network information provided to the server via the ISP because that information is part of the general information for users and servers.

        You can do something like whois a website, say TTAG, and find out that it’s hosted by CloudFlare and the address of the building housing the server in California along with a bunch of other information.

        This ceases to be a problem if you use a VPN that makes it appear to the server as though you’re not in the targeted location. California bans you, use a VPN that routes you through basically anywhere else and the the site will allow you to read it.

        The site could get around the VPN and still ban you if they wanted to but that’s expensive and time consuming and most internet-folk don’t much believe in censorship anyway, at least not enough to spend that kind of effort to make sure you can’t break .gov rules. Instead, if they’re actually concerned about it they’ll just reject traffic from a VPN. For example, YouTube does this for comments. If you’re running a VPN your comments won’t post. You can run into the same thing with logins for some sites, like Reddit.

        They claim it’s to prevent spam but that’s quite clearly not true since both instances require a login and the banning of an account found to be spamming is something easily automated, and in fact, already enabled (and defeated regularly).

        Even a super basic VPN, like the one built into the Opera browser will generally do the job.

  2. Just call it “junior Trany’s” and keep the same materials but put the boys in girls clothing and then it will be untouchable by any law.

  3. Interesting.

    If this is no longer sold in California then what difference does it make if anyone in that state is 18 or older?

    • it’s sold with the scat and felch mags. just need your buddy with solid facial hair to grab them.
      the old man at bellibutton head shop sold us zap and bijou, but he wasn’t s’pose ta.

  4. First Amendment, Second Amendment are not supported in Commiestanforina. Everyone I know that lived there has moved to Texas. It’s now a third world nation on it’s own. I do feel bad for any conservitives still trapped behind enemy lines, the rest can enjoy living in North Korea West. F Them, they voted for it.

  5. As Cam Edwards says, the Progs are otherizing firearms and shooters.

    A couple of generations and people may not be able/allowed to admit to gun ownership.

    • It certainly looks like we are there NOW. Seems like TTAG just had an article where it was being discussed that surveys, polls, and doctors are being lied to about it.

    • As it is people can’t admit to liking certain music, reading certain books, watching certain movies, working in certain industries, wearing certain clothing, living in certain towns or many other things without subjecting themselves to the ire of the mob.

    • Mrs Haz and I saw that last night. The theater was *packed*. I mean, absolutely full. Haven’t seen any theater with that many people since Avengers: End Game back in 2019, pre-COVID. Not even the recent Top Gun: Maverick was that full, and that was a great movie.

      If you can, go see it. SOF is very well made, and the text shown at the end of movie before the end credits (open borders, human trafficking) makes it very clear why Leftist media outlets are bashing this movie, because Biden and Harris have done absolutely nothing about our border security.

      Seriously…go see the movie.

      • When the media tries to smear it as a qannon conspiracy story I figure it was probably worth checking out.

  6. AR15s are INSANELY Safe: The Statistics about how Safe “Assault Weapons” Are.

  7. Take ONE of These Medications and LOSE ALL Guns – “Safeguard Against Homicidal Side Effects Act”

  8. california:
    where 8 year olds are forced to learn about anal sex at school
    but 14 year olds cant read about guns in their home on the weekends

  9. if you put a Pride flag on the cover and call it ‘LGBTQ Junior Shooters’ it would probably be allowed in California and taught in schools.


  10. Will make commiefornia easier to re-conquer when the rest of the country finally grows a sack.

    • More likely China will claim the People’s Republik of Kalifornia based on an “ancient map”. Much like how the eternal emperor will claim eastern Siberia based on another ancient map.

  11. I see an article like this and all I can think is…BS
    A) this is the advertisement in other states (which makes it pointless)
    B) it’s photoshopped (which makes it worthless)
    C) someone somewhere is lying (which just pisses me off)
    D) the point is just to get people riled up (which is a complete waste)

    If this is a real thing then it’s not worth being given a second thought. It’s too big of a direct conflict for me to take this seriously. Even if it’s been relegated to adult only book stores then it IS being sold. If it’s not being sold then NO ONE BUYS IT BECAUSE IT IS NOT BEING SOLD!

    As for no internet access to the website; that is more about California ISP’s than than anything else. We had a great big to-do regarding Internet Providers prioritizing web traffic. If they are blocking access then it should be takin up with them but either way it does come down to tyranny. Californians just need to stop voting in so many Democrats.

      • Perhaps you might explain to me how I can go to California and buy something that isn’t sold?

        I am asking someone (anyone) here to explain this to me because this doesn’t make any sense. Dan, .40, haz, Debbie?

        What I’m seeing here is propaganda. It’s gaslighting if nothing else. Even fake news. It isn’t about left vs. right or Dem vs. Rep. This is just crazyness.

        Tell me how I can buy something that isn’t sold.

        • “Perhaps you might explain to me how I can go to California and buy something that isn’t sold?”

          That sounds like a Miner49 lack of understanding context thing. The article and ‘WARNING’ thing is in the context of it isn’t LEGALLY sold in California.

          why did you bring me into this?

        • isn’t LEGALLY sold in California for under age 18 that is. If you are an adult you can buy it. Assuming you are an adult, yes, you can buy it in California and that’s how you were able to buy it ‘legally’.

          Unless you are telling us you are under age 18 and if so then it was sold to you illegally.

          Its not that it isn’t sold, its that its not legally sold to those under age 18.

        • I’m just asking for an explanation.

          If this magazine isn’t legally sold in California then what difference does age make?

        • I’m not too happy about the treatment this thing gets but atleast that makes sense. It’s more that it very clearly states that it is not sold in California.

  12. Remember, these are the same people that the left wants to be able to decide if they should chop off their breasts and privates and vote. Seems like a double standard to me.

  13. THIS is why all communists MUST be dropped from helicopters out over the Pacific!
    (No, I’m not joking)

  14. I just went to the site and, even though I’m in Florida, I received the same gateway notice in the photo above.

    Prndll, I went to the “Stop California” tab ( and received the same notice yet again, clicked through to find this:

    (paraphrasing) This is the first shooting publication to have a warning to minors in California under the age of 18 and NOT SOLD in California. This issue is now available for free as it has been on the newsstands for the last two months. Click on it to read this issue. Updated language in the law is contained in Volume 49 Winter 2022, currently available in print only.

    Another statement as far as online access: Effective July 2022, Junior Shooters no longer sold in CA. The most recent issues are available as PDF files, three months after the current issue comes off of the newsstands.

    An in-depth discussion of the magazine’s lawsuit and efforts of the Second Amendment Foundation is reported.

    The photo of the cover with the header statement has not been photoshopped; it is an actual issue.

  15. obviously i oppose this but kids do not read magazine. the only people i know who read magazines are in their late 70s-90s

    • I’m way younger than that, and grew up with magazines. Still prefer them to online articles whenever available.

      A good magazine,
      A good gun,
      A good woman,

      There’s just something better about holding something yourself rather than seeing it on a screen.

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  17. if its so illegal , why does fish & wildlife send out emails showing kids with dead animals and they smiling and having fun . its a state email . and i see the same thing on game and fish big game hunter mag that has all the tag info /
    time to sue the state for violating their own stoopid laws

  18. Well you, and you know who I’m talking about. You supported removing the Bible out of the schools. That was in the early 1960s. So why not remove books about guns now. And then add books about @n@l sex.

    This was always the goal of the h0m0sexual/atheist agenda. They have NEVER SUPPORTED the 1st or the 2nd amendments.

    • Now explain to me just how a book called the Bible is different???
      Since the Bible is just a book.

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