HBO Takes Elmer Fudd’s Gun Away in New Series, Gives Him a Dangerously Sharp Tool Instead

Conspicuously displaying their elevated, ever-evolving state of social consciousness, HBO has decided that Elmer Fudd’s gun is now beyond the pale. Instead, in their upcoming reboot of the Warner cartoon classic, Elmer will hunt wascawy wabbits with…a scythe. Because beheading woodland creatures with a swipe of a razor-sharp curved implement is far less violent and […]

Media, Gun Control Groups Paint Lawful Michigan Protesters as Anti-Government Racists

[ED: This report is indicative of the way the protests in Michigan have been portrayed by the mainstream press. Note the attempt to tar the protesters — none of whom broke any laws — with racism and associate them with un-named, mysterious, insurrectionist “far-right groups.”] By Sara Burnett, Associated Press Gun-carrying protesters have been a […]

LA Times: Mass Shootings Could Totally Be Stopped With More Gun Laws

From the Bloomberg School of Public Health study that concluded “assault weapon” bans don’t actually work to Dr. Garen Wintemute’s finding that California’s extensive gun control laws have done nothing to curb homicides or suicides by firearm, there is a slew of empirical information available demonstrating that gun control doesn’t work. Of course, that’s probably […]