Bushmaster Bravo Zulu AR-15 Rifle review

Gun Review: Bushmaster Bravo Zulu AR-15 Platform Rifle in 5.56 NATO

When the dust settled on the Remington Outdoors breakup last year, Franklin Armory came out of the scrap heap holding one of the gems, Bushmaster Firearms. Franklin Armory didn't go out on any limbs...
Wilson Combat SFX9 HC 3.25" sub-compact

Gun Review: Wilson Combat SFX9 4″ Solid Frame Compact Handgun

Almost five years ago Wilson Combat released the EDC-X9, a double stack 9mm designed from the ground up as the ultimate everyday carry pistol. To kick off 2022, they've one-upped themselves with the new...

TTAG’s 5 Most Popular Gun Reviews of 2021

As we noted in our earlier post today, gun reviews have always been our most popular content and 2021 was no exception. Here are the gun reviews you read more than all others last...
Henry Single Shot Shotgun (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

Gun Review: Henry Single Shot Shotgun in 12 gauge

Although relatively inexpensive, I wouldn't call the Henry Single Shot Shotgun a "budget gun." The folks at Rice Lake, Wisconsin didn't skimp. Leave it to Henry to make the best simple shotgun on the...
SCCY DVG-1 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol

Gun Review: SCCY DVG-1 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol

By Virgil Caldwell There is some precedent in re-designing a double action first shot pistol to a striker fired design. SIG morphed the P250 to the P320 and HK created the VP9 in a similar...

Gun Review: JP Enterprises JP-5 Roller Delayed 9mm Carbine

I have recently started to look into the competition world. I've been unsure what discipline I want to shoot, but PCC competition has really appealed to me. I love PCCs. I mean, I love...

Gun Review: Charles Daly AR 410 Upper Receiver

You gotta love the AR-15 as a platform. Even if it can be a bit of a bore in terms of everyone making one, it's such an adaptable, flexible, and ever-evolving platform. It's one of...
TARA Aerospace TM-9X 9mm Pistol

Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X 9mm Pistol

Out of Montenegro, TARA Aerospace has introduced the newest version of their striker fired polymer framed duty gun, the TM-9X. What gets most of the media attention on the TM-9X is the trigger, which is...
Ruger M77 Hawkeye African (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

Gun Review: Ruger M77 Hawkeye African in 9.3x62mm

A few years ago, on a south Texas Nilgai hunt with Bill Wilson, a fellow hunter hammered a big boar hog with a Ruger rifle chambered in 9.3X62mm. The absolutely devastating effect the round...
Diamondback Sidekick 22 revolver

Gun Review: Diamondback Sidekick .22 Revolver

The last few years have seen the introduction of a number of interesting .22 caliber revolvers. Among them are the Ruger Wrangler and the Heritage Barkeep. These affordable wheel guns are well suited to...
CMMG FourSix AR Pistol 4.6x30mm

Gun Review: CMMG FourSix AR Pistol

CMMG has never been afraid of doing unusual things with the AR platform. They created the Mutant, an AR that uses AK magazines. They designed the radial delayed blowback system that tames recoil in...

Gun Review: Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep .22LR Revolver

The Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider series revolvers are some of my favorite guns. They are fun, cheap, and work immensely well for their low price point. I’ve watched the Rough Rider form the basis...