Gun Review: Savage MSR-15 Valkyrie Rifle

Before you ask, no, this is not a mil-spec gun. It is much better than that. With the MSR-15 Valkyrie, Savage turned their Recon package into a competition-ready, hunt-ready shooter with a fascinating cartridge, the .224 Valkyrie. The semi-automatic MSR-15 Valkyrie rifle gets its name from the .224 Valkyrie cartridge. The .224 Valkyrie was Federal’s […]

Gun Review: Trailblazer LifeCard .22 LR Pistol

I’m a sucker for the weird and the odd in the gun world. It doesn’t have to be efficient or effective to draw my attention. I can appreciate artistic quality and craft put in the Bond Arms derringers. I can appreciate the unique quality and designs Kel Tec puts out, and I can most certainly […]

Gun Review: Alpha Foxtrot AF1911 Government 9mm Pistol

There’s something about a 1911 blasphemously chambered in 9x19mm that I love. And you should love it, too. It’s everything that’s good about the 1911 platform smoothed out and refined with a significantly lighter recoil spring and a silkier, flatter, faster shooting experience. This new entrant to the 9mm 1911 market comes from Alpha Foxtrot, […]

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-4 .380 ACP Pistol

There are an awful lot of very good choices these days in sub-compact and micro-compact pistols. We’re living in a golden age of concealed carry options designed to appeal to the millions of Americans who now have concealed carry permits or live in constitutional carry states. The fact is, not everyone can or wants to […]

TTAG’s 5 All-Time Most Popular Gun Reviews

While we’ve always covered the gamut of gun-related news, training, gun rights and other ballistic topics, TTAG’s most popular content category has always been our gun reviews. Good and bad, up and down, our readers love to read — and then comment on — our takes on handguns, rifles and shotguns. We’re frequently asked what […]

Gun Review: Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck Double Barrel Revolver

Connecticut-based Standard Manufacturing made something of a splash with the announcement of their S333 Thunderstruck revolver. The pocket-size wheel gun packs eight rounds of .22 WMR ammunition and fires two round with each pull of the trigger. If you think that’s unusual, maybe you missed the introduction of their S333 Volleyfire six-round .25 ACP pepperbox […]

Gun Review: SIG SAUER P210 Target 9mm Pistol

I’ve shot some very nice pistols doing this type of work. I have a pretty good idea of what to expect when it comes down to it, and there isn’t a lot separating most gun in terms of general performance. But by far, one of the smoothest, most accurate, and easiest-shooting 9mm pistols I’ve ever […]

Gun Review: Devil Dog Arms Tactical 1911 in .45 ACP

It’s got more in common with the newer Marine Corps-issued Colt M45A1 CQBP than the original M1911A1, but the Devil Dog Arms Tactical framed 1911 chambered in .45ACP shares all the fighting greatness that made John Moses Browning’s classic legendary. When talking about Devil Dog Arms, the 600 Nitro Express in the room is the […]