Gun Review: Remington Model 700 SPS-T in 300 Blackout

Getting a threaded muzzle on a factory rifle saves a lot of time and trouble (and some money) for shooters who want to add...

Gun Review: North American Arms Pug-T Mini Revolver

Jeff Cooper's credited with saying that the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. And you've probably read a thousand times that...

Gun Review: Shadow Systems MR920 9mm Pistol

By David Blanton It's the same story whenever anyone posts a picture of a new GLOCK on the internet. There's always a race in the...

Gun Review: SIG Sauer Virtus Patrol Rifle

The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol rifle. Seven thousand rounds. Eleven months. Modular. Minute of angle groups. Not an AR-15. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The evolutionary...
Nosler Model 48 Mountain Carbon Rifle in 26 Nosler

Gun Review: Nosler Model 48 Mountain Carbon Rifle in 26 Nosler

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I have used Nosler products - ammunition, brass and bullets - for 25 years. But somehow, until...
KelTec P17 .22LR pistol

Gun Review: KelTec P17 .22LR Pistol

I have been interested in the KelTec P17 for several months, and have finally managed to get my hands on the pistol and give...
CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange

Gun Review: CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange 9mm Pistol

By David Blanton The CZ Tactical Sport is a very familiar model in Europe amongst those who participate in IPSC competitions. It’s a big heavy...
GLOCK 44 .22LR Pistol

Gun Review: GLOCK 44 .22LR Pistol

By Dan Thurs GLOCK has finally jumped into the .22LR market with the G44. There's plenty of demand for semi-automatic rimfire pistols because of the...
Mossberg 590 Retrograde

Gun Review: Mossberg 590 Retrograde Shotgun

Just a short while back, I reviewed the pump action Mossberg 500 Retrograde and found it to be a fun, lightweight, easy-shooting gun. It...
H-S Precision PLC long range rifle

Gun Review: H-S Precision PLC Long Range Carbon Fiber Hunting Rifle

When I met Josh Cluff of H-S Precision at the Dallas Safari Club convention, I already had heard quite a bit about the company's rifles....
Colt Delta Elite Two Tone (image courtesy JWT for

Gun Review: Colt Delta Elite Two Tone 10mm

Colt's newest 10mm 1911, the Two-Tone Delta Elite with Novak sights, borrows the cool of high-end custom 1911s from the 10mm's early years. Fans of...
Ruger LCP II in .22LR (image courtesy JWT for

Gun Review: Ruger LCP II in .22LR

The Ruger LCP didn't make the first .380 ACP pocket pistol. Not by a long sight. No, but the Ruger LCP made the .380...