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Writer Conor Jameson on United Liberty, an oddly random website with interesting article topics that hum with a slightly click baity, AI-written vibe, took on a topic near and dear to many of our TTAG readers with the title, “13 Reasons the AR-15 Should Never Be Banned.” While the strict constitutionalists among our ranks will point to only one very significant reason, “it goes against our Constitution,” Jameson makes a good argument with his other 12 reasons, though he also points out in his intro, he believes No. 13 is the most significant argument as well.

But here’s his key arguments and list in a nutshell:

The AR-15, often misunderstood as a “weapon of war,” is in fact a versatile civilian firearm not used by the military in combat. Commonly employed for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that offers reliability and adaptability. Its use among civilians is backed by various practical and legal reasons, underlining why it should not be banned. Here are thirteen compelling reasons supporting this argument:

1. Not Automatic: The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, firing one round per trigger pull, unlike fully automatic weapons which have been heavily regulated since 1934.

2. Common Use: It is widely used by civilians for lawful activities including hunting, target shooting and self-defense, reflecting its adaptation to civilian needs.

3. Hunting Utility: The AR-15’s lightweight, accuracy and customizable features make it ideal for hunting various game and controlling predators to protect livestock.

4. Sport Shooting: Its precision and customizability make the AR-15 popular in competitive sport shooting events across various levels.

5. Self-Defense: Many owners cite self-defense as a primary reason for possession, utilizing its reliable and manageable design to protect homes and families.

6. Educational Tool: Used in training for firearms safety and marksmanship, the AR-15 serves as a practical educational tool due to its modifiable and accurate design.

7. Precision: Engineered for accuracy, the AR-15 features high-quality components like free-floating barrels and match-grade barrels for enhanced precision.

8. Customizable: The rifle’s modularity allows for extensive customization, catering to different uses and preferences, from sports shooting to home defense.

9. Safety Features: Built-in safety mechanisms like manual safety switches, bolt catch mechanisms and buffer systems ensure the AR-15’s safe operation.

10. Economic Impact: The production and sale of AR-15s support thousands of jobs and contribute significantly to the U.S. economy through the firearms industry.

11. Historical Significance: Since its design in the 1960s, the AR-15 has become an integral part of American gun culture, symbolizing the tradition of civilian gun ownership and American engineering excellence (ok, maybe I added the engineering excellence part).

12. Range of Use: Its versatile nature makes the AR-15 suitable for a wide range of activities, from recreational shooting to personal defense.

13. Constitutional Right: The AR-15 supports the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms, representing a fundamental aspect of American freedom and individual rights.

Each point underscores the importance of the AR-15 within civilian life and highlights the broader implications of a potential ban on such firearms. While probably all 13 aren’t really strictly reasons to support they shouldn’t be banned, they all are valid reasons why people appreciate the design and why, after becoming so integral to both recreational and defensive shooting purposes, the AR-15 in everyday American hands should never be outlawed.

Check out Jameson’s full list and supporting arguments here.

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    • Would have gone with full sized but yes that is a excellent point especially with how light the AR can be.

    • Cue wife-beating alcoholic and Fake Newser Gersh Kuntzman recounting those “sonic-booms” and how he couldn’t raise his arm for weeks due to the shoulder injury he suffered after shooting just one clipazine from an AR15.

  1. Familiar firearm that transfers skills learned in case one is drafted. Not a likely concern but important if one actually values their nation’s ability to defend itself in unforseen disaster. Also why I support neighborhood crew served competition leagues and private ownership of everything involved.

    • Safe, good point on the transfer of skills. One of the the reasons for founding the DCM. Of course, I got my ass chewed by SSG Sanchez in basic the first day we were issued our weapons. I began to disassemble my M 16-A1 before I had been instructed how to. I think what pissed him off was that I already knew how to do it.

      • Don’t doubt it can’t show up the authority in training status and all. For me it was more pistol and mp5 that I got too “highspeed” (really only had indoor ranges growing up). Rifle………yeah still working on that but always passed quals.

  2. Millions of defenseless people throughout history have been enslaved, tortured and murdered thanks to Gun Control…Therefore you cannot Reason with Gun Control…

  3. The Heller “in common use” test determines whether an arm is both “dangerous and unusual“, and therefore, whether it can possibly be banned.

    1. It’s an “arm”, therefore it implicates the 2nd Amendment.
    2. It is in common use for lawful purposes (not just self-defense).

    As a result, based on both Heller and Bruen, it cannot be banned because it is not unusual. Period. Full Stop. You don’t need any other reasons.

    • Interesting to note that the 2nd was written to allow The People to keep Gov in check, but somehow The People now allow Gov to dictate which items The People can even possess that could be used to keep Gov in check.

      Funny, that.

      • Its because We R Fcked and dependent on .giv.
        It’s going to get even worse when all currency is plastic.

  4. I do have an issue with the author’s adjective of “reliability” when he described the AR platform. Not my experience since 1979. And yeah, I still own ARs. I just don’t trust them very much.

    • Interesting. I think my ARs are the only ones ive NOT had a hiccup with. Of course being a Gen Xer ive never had to depend on one in the jungle.

      • Riding that border of genx and millennial but it did great with desert to mud flats (gotta love wet season and spring melt water from mountains). But yeah better part of half a century of design maturation can do that. With that said only gripes with some of the alternatives are reloading related as I am still working on being accurate enough with rifles to not have the precision wasted on me.

      • AQ, in my experience most people that say they have had no problems with the AR go to the range and shoot a couple of magazines. I didn’t begin to have problems until after two, or three hundred rounds without cleaning. That ain’t much. (Hey Miner, how’d you like that Southern euphemism?) I can shoot a thousand rounds through my Galil ARM without cleaning without a hiccup. I’ve done it. I have a standing offer on a wager of the reliability of the AR platform against the Galil. No one will accept it. Anyway, my ready rifle is a BCM AR. Aimpoint, Streamlight, Mag-Pul, etc ad nauseum. It has a 20 Rd mag in it and an extra at hand. I know it will make it through that. Wouldn’t trust many ARs past that.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          You ask an incredibly compelling question regarding AR-15 reliability when shooting several hundred rounds without cleaning. I have not heard about that potential weakness of the AR-15 design. I will have to research that more in-depth.

          • I’ve put a couple hundred rounds at a time through my “El Cheapo” PSA model with no issues and nary a hiccup. Granted, it’s not several hundred as touted by Gadsden, but it’s enough for me since a max rig loadout on my person would only be about 200 rds anyway (six mags plus one in the gun). That’s for a TEOTWAWKI.

          • Only shot over 200 in a trip on mobilization training and with the m4a1, tan follower magazines and a mix of m193 and m855 had one stovepipe somewhere around the 800 mark. Good enough for no cleaning for me to not give a damn.

        • gadsten…you switched gears from reliability to a meltdown…A moneybags like you can afford to do that, people like myself put a lot of time, money and sweat into builds and once sighted and proven their worth the firearm is set aside for defensive use, 3-gun, etc. Again if you have a reliability problem with an AR and all you do is complain it shows your inability to locate and fix the problem…try challenging that fact.

          • Debbie, why do think I have so much money? And even if I did, why is that so offensive to you? I’m a retired N FL deputy sheriff. That ain’t no lottery ticket. I’m sitting in a 1995 Chevy PK as I type this that I inherited from my father. To address the second half of your comment, you can’t fix fucked up. Now, do you accept my wager? Shit, or get off the pot. 850-694-9405. That round thing you see is the ball in your court.

        • True dat. And im referring to the once in awhile at the range kind of shooting too so definitely see your point.

          I was perusing the IWI (or whatever the Israeli companies name is) website the other day and those Galils are quite beautiful. I actually sprung for the Tavor though. Will be my first experience with a bullpup.

        • “That ain’t much. (Hey Miner, how’d you like that Southern euphemism?)”

          Pretty close, round here we’d say “Hit ain’t nary a bit”.

          And I gotta say, my 1983 SP1 ain’t got no problem self-shucking, hit’s slicker then a minner’s dick.

      • No it doesn’t. The flaw is in the basic design. Just like the Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega. Doesn’t matter how good the mechanic is. When he’s working on a turd, it’s still a turd. Debbie you know the wager. My Galil against your home built AR. 1000 rds each. First rifle to malfunction is surrendered to the other. No cleaning while shooting. Cool downs allowed. I’ll travel to you. If your AR makes it through 1000 rds without malfunction I’ll buy you a ribeye and a bourbon. I’m not worried about my Galil. It will come back to Florida with me.

          • gadsten…Besides myself the other half would make sushi out of you so take your snot nosed loser adolescent offer, phone number and shove it back up your pathetic ignorant azz.

            Again you display your mechanical ineptness by citing the Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega…The Pinto had an all cast iron overhead cam 4 banger that is bullet proof. The engine design stayed with Ford for years, I have a 2.3 Ford truck, uses a Fram PH8A just like the old Pintos and Ford V8s. As for the Vega it had its mechanical problems to chase which rest assured none you could address or would you know a BBC Vega was produced that is worth a fortune if you can find one.

            You continue to coverup your mechanical ineptness with omni directional finger pointing and you continue to display you are a do it for me gun owner who cannot deal with problems inherent with all firearms, vehicles, etc. Includes your galli that you damned sure did not assemble from stripped receivers…otherwise you’d show some respect for it and your sweat equity.

            • Oh, that’s right. The Vega had an aluminum block. Like an ARs receiver. I remember because my mom owned one. The block would tend to warp if they overheated compromising the water jacket. Don’t get me started on the Pinto. I know this because I worked at my uncle’s full service Shell station in Tallahassee from the time I turned sixteen until I joined the the Army at twenty. Going to high school and college at the same time. Two full mechanic bays and an automatic car wash. Yeah, that was during the oil embargo. It was a shit storm. The station was called Gene’s North Side Shell. Gene retired and we buried him a year, or so ago. It’s been converted to a convenience store now, but it’s still there. N Monroe St just South of I-10. Across from the old Tallahassee Mall. If you’re passing through stop in an fill up. Say to hello to my Aunt Nina if she’s there. I think she still does the books. Anyway, are you going to call me? I mean, if you’re scared, just say you’re scared and we’ll leave each other alone. Although, I would miss the amusement of you setting your hair on fire.

              • gadsten…more of your chickensht finger pointing…man up and leave your family, phone number, address, childhood out of it azzhole.

                When Vega blocks were sleeved properly they were acceptable, so not the doomsday crybaby turd you claim it be. You should not start on the pinto motor again because you’re already up to your eyeballs in your own manure…That said there is a good reason why performance parts are still produced to race the pinto style motor especially the 2.3. When it comes to twisting wrenches from lawn mowers to tractors to VW to SBC, BBC, Ford/Lincoln to V-12 Jags you are stepping into my wheelhouse…I advise you to go take a nap.

            • “take your snot nosed loser adolescent offer, phone number and shove it back up your pathetic ignorant azz“

              Now come on little Debbie, Gadsten did not use profanity or attack you in any way so there’s no call for you to go all potty mouth.

              From the tech detail in your (often enlightening) answers, I suspect you, like many of us, is on the spectrum and enjoy a bit of social awkwardness but that’s no justification to be so abusive.

              We can disagree, but the addition of juvenile personal insults really lowers your social credit with the group.

      • I replied to you. They’re moderating me. Again. You’ll probably be glad they did, because you’re not going to pick up the gauntlet.

  5. Minds infected with Gun Control…All that’s missing are the sheets, brown shirts, burning crosses and swastikas…

  6. Please stop with the Fudd lore.

    The AR-15 is protected because it IS a “weapon of war”. Armalite never made a semi-only AR-15. The first military M16 s were AR-15s (and were marked as such), and every one of them was a machine gun.

    Don’t deny it. Embrace it.

    • No one will embrace carrying a gun store AR-15 into a war zone when the enemy is better equipped, etc. Colt made the AR-15 for civilian consumption and consume it did thanks to democRats. The first AR-15 was a scaled down AR-10, however was the first AR-15 made tested with a semi auto fire control group? Probably because I would have.

    • KB, you are correct. My agency has an AR marked Armalite Colt A-15 with the rampant Colt. It is full auto. It isn’t reliable. Even with the chrome bore, chamber and BCG.

      • gadsten…Why didn’t you step up and volunteer to fix it for the dept? The problem is beyond chrome…and common sense says if the difference is $5000 between a fully functional performing class 3 and one with issues it can and will be fixed.

    • KB, don’t forget, a Mauser K98k and a Springfield 1903 are weapons of war also. Own several of both. Never had either platform malfunction.

    • “Armalite never made a semi-only AR-15“

      Oh man, don’t let 40oz hear you say that, he be telling ya the AR15 was designed as a hunting rifle.

      Yeah it’s a hunting rifle… Designed for hunting people.

  7. Because God-given rights don’t need a piece of paper, just a willing to die on that hill. At least the real estate is shaded by that Tree of Liberty and it is Very thirsty

  8. All in one vid…drew just sit on her lap why not? a ny pos goes to jail in Fl and last but not least America’s dorm room domestic enemies…

  9. The AR-15 with a bumpstock or a binary trigger. Is essential the something as the military M4 rifle.

    And that is why they want to ban civilian ownership of the AR15.
    The civilian population must have the same firepower as the military. Inorder for this country to stay a free nation.

    But the “gun community” will tell you that having an automatic weapon, is a waste of ammunition.

    And the “gun community” will tell you, that they cannot think of any reason, why a civilian needs to have a machine gun.

    • Rapid Fire IS a waste of ammo…….and dangerous. If you have a squib during rapid fire, you WILL destroy your weapon and may suffer serious harm or death.

    • Chris, full auto is fun, but over rated when it comes to most situations. We’re talking magazine fed rifles. Belt fed is another animal.

      • Dealing with body armor can change that quickly especially with room clearing. Fun shit we are learning from Fallujah to Ukraine.

    • I already have a blunderbuss.
      I can fire over a hundred, thirty caliber projectiles with only one shot.
      It works great when confronted by mobs of unruly Democrats.

  10. Rodney King Riots – LAPD was First-To-Flee when that Insurrection started and told citizens that they were on their own. Folks who defended their lives, businesses and homes with modern sporting rifles survived. 63 of those without MSRs died.

    • The Rooftop Koreans, whom underwent mandatory 2 year armed services duty back home, had experience with the Daewoo K2 that handled much the same as the AR15, and acquitted themselves quite effectively during the riots. I believe they were also armed with sporting shotguns, and none of the stores were set ablaze while under the owners coverage. The L.A.Times falsely stated that they posessed
      “automatic rifles and shotguns.”

      • Unicorn, the media got it wrong? You jest. I watched those riots live sitting in dispatch. I didn’t see any Daewoos, (not a bad carbine if you don’t have the gas impingement version.) I did see handguns, O/U shotguns and some South Central asswipe screaming into a camera about the business owners owing them. He seemed frustrated.

  11. Debbie, why don’t you dispense with deflection. Will you accept my wager? It’s a simple yes, or no. You remind me of suspects that would do anything to do anything to dodge a question.

  12. Debbie, it’s 20:35 hrs. I can’t wait all night for an answer. I:d like to begin to make travel arrangements as soon as possible.

  13. And if you think I’m kidding you are sadly mistaken. When I was in the army my unit had 48 hours from alert to mobile. I have go bags. I think I can do the same for you.

  14. It very confusing that no one seems to understand that the left has declared war on America. The AR15 absolutely is being used by the left as a weapon against the American people. This rifle is very much a weapon of war. The fact that it is intended for civilians and not military does not mean it isn’t a weapon of war. We are at war. We do not need congress to declare that fact. Every square inch of American soul IS the battlefield. How can someone live through 2020 and NOT see that? Tell me Rittenhouse wasn’t treated like a common POW.

    The AR15 is a weapon of war just as much as every gun out there is. Every sword too. People used blow guns for war for a very long time and every one of you know it. You can use it just for plinking or to save lives. Hang it on a wall as a trophy if that makes you happy. But open your eyes. I completely understand that Biden is a mental case filled with the hate of a comm you nust. So there is a natural tendency to contradict what he says with a nice cold glass of reality. But that doesn’t change what guns are. AR15’s are NOT assault rifles but that does not mean that they are not weapons of their war against us.

  15. Debbie, I have to get some sleep. I have a friend at TMH. He’s dying. cancer. His dad and sister went back to TN today. I’m going to sit with him until his daughter arrives from TX. Again, yes or no to my wager? I can be on the road in a couple of days. When and where? You do realize that everyone else are reading these comments. I’m guessing you’re lack of response and evasiveness is eroding your credibility. If you ever had any. I could invite one of my African American friends if it would make you more comfortable.

  16. Your facts mean nothing in the face of preset feelings unless you can produce an emotional trigger to get the information past mental screening processes that are, at base, emotional.

    This is just preaching to the choir and, honestly, POTG should be well past this kind of thing by now. Kindergarten should have been over decades ago.

  17. Something not mentioned in favor of the AR-15 is compatibility with magazines and ammunition with government issue stores. They can use the same ammo and mags issued to military personnel. Should the worst happen and we need to form local militia units to augment regular military in defense of the country it would be beneficial if the weapons used by the militia can use ammo and mags from government supplies.
    Of course many of the uniparty big daddy government types would happily roll over and capitulate with any foreign invaders if promised money or positions before being marched off to the firing squads or concentration/prison camps.

    • “compatibility with magazines and ammunition with government issue stores“

      Perhaps one of the most important attributes of the platform.

      Opossum, best shot I’ve ever known lived off the venison he took with his single shot 22 bolt action. He hunted just about every day till he fell over dead at 90, and it wasn’t about MOA 500 yard 7 mm magnum or Leupold scope.

      It was all about taking bucks from 50 feet in the dead of night, he didn’t like high-powered rifles, said they spoiled the meat.

      DNR never bothered him, I think they were a little apprehensive about dealing with him.
      Didn’t mess with his still neither.

  18. One BIG advantage (IMO) of the AR platform is its usability by some handicapped folks. It’s light enough to be used by a person missing all/part of a hand/arm. This ADA factor is never referenced, but it’s important. My grandfather (born in 1879) used his Model 08 Remington semi-automatic (“Autoloader”) rifle to hunt, feed, and protect his family in rural northern Minnesota, even though he had lost his lower left arm in a farm accident. Nigh unto impractical for a person with his disability to use a lever-action, pump-action or bolt-action rifle or shotgun, in the early 1900’s. Today the AR-style pistols are also available.


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