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Don’t be the poor blonde girl.


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      • For the life of me I still can not figure out why people want to live in LA. Sure, there are liberals all over the place and that makes it ‘liberal nirvana’ but they turn a blind eye to whats really happening there to maintain their ‘liberal nirvana ’cause liberal’.

        I’ll see if I can find it again, but…I’m reminded of the before and after video of the guy in LA. In the before he railed against law abiding people having guns in LA and using them for self-defense, he claimed it was the ‘safest city’ in the country and that he had lived there for his entire life and never had a problem or saw any crime happening – the man was liberal and willfully blind for the sake of ‘liberal nirvana’. In the after video about a month later, he had been attacked and lamented in his after video about how he suddenly notices the crime and decadence and filth and drugs and crazy all over the place.

      • SV
        I take it this line is what you’re basing your ‘wife and child unarmed’ on?
        “..They would have come in the house and there’s nothing in my house.”

        Just curious. You are probably right, but I would hope not.

        Perhaps this will prod the wife to also get with the program…

    • If you refuse to eat the bad guy your hungry.
      People quit wasting your bullets the cops always get the carcass. ,,,,well somtimes 😏.

  1. So, does this mean Californians are being tricked into buying Sig P320 or P365 pistols for a later rope-a-dope?

      • I guess in California if a female rape victim fights back and repels her attacker the police will ‘remove’ her reproductive capability by removing her uterus because she was upset at their sloppy police work in investigating the crime and criticized them for it, unless of course, she agrees to only birth with 100 different genders and to have them sliced-n-diced later with ‘medical pseudo science inspired by Dr. Frankenstein’ to be assembled like a model airplane kit into a fake something gender.

  2. You deserve the tyrants and tyranny…You allow. Not since pre-Revolutionary War, has that been more true. Than now. Radical Progressive Democrats have the same disgust for you. As they do for the Jewish community.

    • No big deal I hate buzzards.
      And I dont like God much either.
      God should have made Buzzardbat’s, or Batbuzzard’s, a heavier toothier version of a foxbat, only bigger.
      Oh but to soar upon skin stretched tight
      No more buzzards will I fight
      Glide aloft in the cloudless sky
      Two day old road kill I do spy
      Down I swoop with wings tucked tight
      No more buzzards will I fight

  3. CDC (anti-gun, gun-control) Gun Research DEFUNDED (basically though, more background, Johnson bought it to the floor for a vote in the budget, republicans said “Nope”, and voila’ the CDC anti-gun, gun-control Gun Research DEFUNDED – the democrat ’round table’ idiots upset and angry. Gifford spins it as studying gun deaths and injuries, which is already reported via CDC in their stats for injury and deaths, to say republicans did it. When in reality its an actual law already that the CDC can’t be funded for ‘advocacy for gun control’ which is what the Giffords and the other groups were having the CDC do in direct violation of the law. So basically all the republicans did was obey and uphold the law exactly like they are suppose to do. Where the democrats and the anti-gun groups were wanting to intentionally violate and continue violating the law and wanted the tax payers to pay for it for which the money would also go to pay exorbitant amounts to the researchers from the anti-gun groups and the un-elected anti-gun group idiots in the white house office of gun violence prevention making defacto-law intended to circumvent congress and the constitution and remove the the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments rights for ALL Americans so the democrat politicians and the anti-gun groups could gain enrichment and power).

    • Since the name was mentioned:

      Gabby Giffords attended the Helldorado Parade in Tombstone AZ about two weeks prior to her being elected to the House in 2008. A local couple – both Democrats – asked her how she felt about guns. “I always carry mine” as she displayed what appeared to be a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. They voted for her.

      Related to me by that couple after she had been shot. The couple were neighbors of mine.

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