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Ahha! Ball’s in your court now, loser. Also, do books on Kindle count? Asking for a friend.


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  1. I’ve got hundreds of books. There must be a dozen or so more books than guns at the very least even discounting the user manuals.

    • All I have is coloring books because a picture is worth a thousand words.
      And why do the blue crayons taste better then the yellow ones?

      • “And why do the blue crayons taste better then the yellow ones?”

        I *think* that means you’re really a United States Marine in a small furry body, ‘Marsupial One’… *snicker* 😉

  2. I’m not a techie. I read books. Lots of books. I detest giving money to media of any type. I shop thrift stores and yard sales. I have no hookups outside of my computer. No hulu, netflix or whatever.

    I have loads of dvd’s mostly bought used. Reading is what I really enjoy.

  3. I’m betting that homes with guns have a greater likelihood of having a copy of the Bible, the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers than homes without guns.

    • Interesting thought. On the face of it, I would have to agree. The Bible has consistently outsold everything else since it was first set to type.. Not a pious Bible-reader, but I have more editions of the Bible here than I can easily remember, including two next to the S&W and 12 ga by the bed..

      • I’ve got a lot of guns, but vastly more books than guns. I probably have over a dozen Bibles alone (and read God’s Word daily).

        I bet gun owners on average have more books (and read more) than those not have guns.

        • Yep, same here. Remember, it’s always Opposite Day in leftist land. Leftists accuse others of the very things they are doing.

    • No Bible. Read it along with the Koran and Torah years ago. Do have about every military training and technical manuals in existence, as well as a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook. Also have about 300 other books, between the Mrs. and I. The Declaration of Independence is framed between the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. In the gun room. The Federalist papers is in book form.

  4. Got cha Jeff Tiedrich. I own an equal number of books to the number of guns I own. Why? you ask. It is because each book I own is about the design and history of a corresponding gun I own.

    • Jeff Tiedrich Is a garden-variety, pompous, little bee-hatch, who has been told all his life how ‘smart he is’, and what an ‘open-minded free-thinker’ he is. All these dirtbag libs like dacian need to be rolled in pig-slop and baked at 350 for 90 minutes.

  5. My extensive Sci-Fi collection alone comes pretty close to my gun count, plus every “horror” novel and anthology ever published by Richard Bachman/Stephen King… Also have all Tolkien books, C S Lewis, Anne McCaffrey and other fantasy writers plus fiction and non-fiction, reference books, Playboy (for the articles), Hot Rod, Easy Rider magazines back to the 70s…

    • A man after my own heart. I also own everything McCaffery ever wrote. I also dated her niece Gwen when we were both Naval Officer Candidates back in 1975/76. She told me that Anne modeled Mennolly on her. I also have the entire Heinlein library. I used to have all of Andre Norton’s works as well as EE “Doc” Smith’s Lensman series, all of Azimov’s works and more, but those were lost in a basement flood several years ago. I was heartbroken. Some of those I’d had since I was about 10 years old.

    • Sorry buddy, the Tolkien and C.S. Lewis books, and the Hot Rod and Easy Rider magazines, do not count. They have the wrong political, religious, and cultural messages are that makes them “problematic”

      • Got a lot of stuff that fits in that category… Always been more or less a “problematic” kind of guy…

      • I’d say the Null-A thinking of the Gilbert Gosseyn series is what is desperately needed today..

  6. Ha! I have a modest collection of old and new firearms, firearms all over the house.. We also have a small bedroom modified into a library complete with wall shelves to the ceiling, plus several free-standing bookcases in other rooms. I love my books and read continuously and have done since age 5 or 6. I also love my guns and have done since age 7…
    Not to mention the amazing amount of books and other material I read on the internet.

  7. I have more books about guns, how to use them & reload them than guns .
    I probably need more guns.

  8. Cut the chase jeff tiedrich and just say what your sick behind would really like to see done to those who exercise their Second Amendment Right.

  9. One of my LGS gives a Bible with every purchase. Not including owners manuals, I probably have 10 books for every firearm I own, all of which I have read. Keep in mind, I was considered a domestic terrorist in my old state of Komieforinia, but an amateur in the Tennessee Valley.

  10. Judging by quantity of books? How about judging by the quality of the books that are owned? Even better, can you read, understand and even debate the author of your owned books Jeff?

  11. “When being a smartass goes wrong”.

    That said, there’s a lot to unpack in the OP and the reply, which I’m not going to bother with.

  12. I have a Ph.D. and my wife has a degree in English Literature. We have more books than some small town libraries. I also have well above the average owner’s number of guns. So, according to this guy, I’m *not* part of the problem but, I bet he still has a problem with all my guns.

    • I had a PHD, but it wasnt the kind you hooked behind a tractor. It would wear blisters on your hands until you dug holes for a couple weeks.

  13. The concept of book burning is rapidly fading as everything is moving to electronic. Just as fewer and fewer people can write in cursive anymore and a growing portion of society considers their cellphone as an appendage, the very notion of homes with ‘books’ of type written paper is seriously becoming a thing of the past. People can no longer be shamed in any way by not having books or possibly not enough of them. THIS is that ‘boomerfudd’ thing we were just talking about.

    We live in a new era now. Times have changed. So few people buy news print that it stands out as odd. This is the red dot preference over iron sights for anything that fires a bullet. It’s time for people to embrace the horror (or perhaps smell the coffee) and understand that the war Biden is fighting is something most people moved on from decades ago. Too many people living in the past that just cannot grasp the changes and advances our civilization has made. This is part of what drives mid-east war for as long as I can remember. Many over there want humanity thrown back to the dark ages. This meme is but an example of how the left can’t understand the reality right in front of them.

    • BS. The US newspaper business has collapsed because it is a left wing marxist cabal. REAL people own REAL books.

      • If being left wing marxist was the answer then Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/instagram/etc. never would have grown so massive. More people are getting their news from left wing Yahoo and MSN than buy news papers.

        I have plenty of real books myself. Many of which I’ve had since childhood. Quite a few from the 70’s and 80’s that deal with electronics/computers/and electric motors. That’s not to mention the thousands of ebooks at my disposal. But that doesn’t change the direction society is moving.

      • The Columbus Dispatch was owned by a local family for generations, and received high marks for its balanced reporting and editorials. I quit buying and reading it after it was purchased by a media conglomerate in 2015, because it took on such a leftist slant that it crossed a median strip plus 3 lanes of traffic and went into the ditch on the far left side of the highway. Damn shame, because it was one of the last great large metro newspapers.

        Whenever we travelled, I was in the habit of buying a copy of the local newspaper wherever we stayed the night, so I could get a feel for the community. One can learn a lot about a community from reading their comics page. That habit faded as I began to notice how many local papers were taking on the flavor of USA Today. Damn shame.

    • “The concept of book burning is rapidly fading as everything is moving to electronic.”

      The concept hasn’t changed at all, it’s followed along with the format. It’s now deleting “content” rather than burning a physical book.

      Book purchases and reading have been reported in the single digits as a percentage of population for many years, at least since I was in high school 20 years back. Which is somewhat believable if you frequent book stores. You’ll see the same people again and again and again with few new faces.

      I have no idea if the stats are true or not but anecdotal experience suggests that bookstores are, in fact, mainly supported by a small sliver of the population that buys, and presumably reads, books with very high regularity and that, based on the size of various sections, stores tend to cater to reasonably narrow tastes.

      IME, many people will tell you that the read but clearly don’t.

      • If your property is controlled by someone else then it can be takin away at their discretion (virtual burning). Just like ‘purchasing’ a movie through your cable provider when it can’t be removed from their cable box. If it’s in the cloud you will likely be able to hold on to it but only as long as your account is active. You didn’t really buy it. You paid for a longer rental period.

        If you take care of it, a book might last hundreds of years. The Dead Sea Scrolls lasted thousands of years. But the only real value of any of this stuff is in the ability to pass it to others over time. That’s what makes antiques and rare books so highly prized. The Holy Bible had little meaning until it was copied.

        • They don’t have to take it away, they can stealth edit it. Which isn’t a theory, they’ve done it.

          This started years ago with The Simpsons where they decided that some episodes were “racist”. First, they removed them from online availability, then they went back and renumbered the episodes to make it less obvious.

          At the time if you had the content downloaded (which was the option then, streaming wasn’t really a big thing yet) you were good but you could never replace the episodes if you lost the storage device or it became corrupted.

          Then they went back a few years later and even if you’d purchased the episodes and downloaded them from the Apple store they disappeared in iTunes. The files themselves were still on the computer but they file association in iTunes wouldn’t show you that they were there.

          Over time, last I recall, they became basically unusable unless you intentionally broke Apple’s legal agreement. They could only play in iTunes (“legally”) and iTunes wouldn’t play those files. There were ways around it but they were difficult for most people and definitely violated the ToS you’d agreed to.

          At this point, I doubt they give a fuck what you “own” or don’t. If they have the capacity, they’ll edit it to their liking by adding that edit into a “update”. Most people will agree to that without reading the whole thing (which I can’t blame them for, really, you’d spend your whole life reading legal documents if you actually read everything that comes with a device’s software).

          If they give it to you with a “critical” update you won’t really get a choice. Your first warning will be agree or lose access to the software which means you lose either way. That’s how they got Covid tracking software on to people’s phones in some areas without their knowledge, embedded in a critical update and automatically activated and given full permissions.

          “You can always turn it off” was what was said (after they got caught, of course). Well, yeah, but they went out of their way to hide that it was there in the first place. Unless someone was checking their permissions after every update they’d never know it was there. Which is how they got caught, when people found it and started reporting in online.

          I like a lot of tech but I don’t trust any of it.

        • @strych9
          Trust is a hard thing to come by. I can’t disagree with sceptisim.

          It is for the reasons you’ve stated why my most valued data stays on machines that don’t get updated. There is a risk of loss and that’s what backups are for. My failure to backup things have resulted in more loss than for any other reason. Keeping all your treasured photos on your smartphone is something people do but has always confused me. Dealing with tech is all in how you do things. That’s why it’s important to understand it. The nature of 1’s and 0’s makes for a volatile relationship. But my passions in life make me keep coming back.

  14. I lost a *lot* of books in a house fire about 25 years back, sadly. I have a *lot* of eBooks now, due to the sheer convenience, not one of them ‘in the cloud’, backed up in multiple other physical locations…

    • Printed words may be able to be burned but they can never be e zapped.
      Eventually modern technology will make most humans the dumbest species on earth.
      As a matter of fact my spelling has gotten worse because I’m depending on smart phone to do the word correct for me.

      • “As a matter of fact my spelling has gotten worse because I’m depending on smart phone to do the word correct for me.”

        The exact same here…

  15. My collection of New Testaments is now less than 100. We buy them by the case. I read one daily and mark them up with a pen.
    English/Spanish duo is very popular.
    Favorite O.T. book is Job. Also Judges 5-6.
    Books include:
    Racing Alone by Nader Khalili
    Shadow Divers
    The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
    Night Flight by Antoine de Saint Exupery
    Lots of car repair and Electronic Technical stuff.
    Bummer is, I become allergic to most paper after about six months. Sinuses go bonkers.
    Gotta use the Internet more now.
    Have a brace of Schofields and a 4” Model 64 that are very comfy, like a good book…

  16. Tiedrich us one of the biggest pieces of farvafe on Twitter…
    Only one close is “Brooklyn Dad Defiant”… Another absolute garbage DNC paid shitposter

    Been blocked by both of them on every one of my past Twitter accounts

  17. Pro Tip: If you need to post your stupid on ‘Twitter’, you are part of the problem and need to spend more time reading books and less time on ‘Twitter’.

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