Game Review – Deer Hunter 3D

Full disclosure: I am not a hunter. I have never killed a deer. Not that I wouldn't. Just never had the opportunity to do it. I have been on a couple of dove hunts,...

Welcome to Nerfworld. Stephen Hawking Need Apply


Gun Scare Cancels Human Vs. Zombie at Truman State University

0 The Truman State University Index reports that a boastful, unidentified male led to the cancellation of a friendly game of the growing sport (?) of Human vs. Zombie (a.k.a HVZ). "At about 4...

Die Pumpkins! Die! (NB: I Think the Tree Rat Was Already Dead)


If You Don’t Understand It, It’s Not for You. And Maybe Not Even Then.



To be perfectly fair, to call these two weapons "BB Guns" is like calling the Queen Mary a "dinghy." And from the looks of the chronograph, you really could put someone's eye out with these things. So for our inaugural edition of the "You're Gonna Put Someone's Eye Out WIth That Thing Dept., TTAG brings you the Well MP7A1 & SRC XM8 weapons.

La Chasse Est Ouverte! Sur Ninetendo Wii™ Hunting Challenge

1 Revivez de véritables parties de chasse grâce à Hunting Challenge et son accessoire inédit : un fusil de chasse à canon basculant.

FNH Hosts 16th Super Sniper Shootout. So To Speak.

Our new friends (we hope) at FNH USA are teaming up with optics maker Leupold to sponsor the 16th Long Range Precision Shooting Competition. On June 7 to 11, 2010, at Fort George G....

For the AK-47 Owner Who’s Got Everything

TTAG has searched the wold over for something unique in the firearms-themed drinks category and found this little number, available from Urban Outfitters for around a Jackson. Perfect for cocktail parties where your liberal friends shoot...

Vanessa Hudgens Gunrobics!

“To get ready for action sequences . . . it’s kind of random," Vanessa Hudgens told, apropos of nothing much, save her forthcoming movie Sucker Punch. "We’d take our guns and do jumping...

TWHN BS: “If You’re On The Right Side of It It Isn’t Going to...

2 .50 caliber sniper rifle. Young boy. Mom's comment at :49. Money shot at 1:54.

SteelHawk Defective Bullet Recall

0 Manufacturer Recalls Hollow Point Bullets That Fail To Explode Inside Targets From the folks over at the Onion News Network. Because at TTAG, we have a sense of humor, and we think you should too....