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Oh my. Someone call HR.



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    • “Lilith from Cheers/Frasier.”

      You have to suspect a woman as uptight as she was had to be amazing in the sack… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Give the young lady in the photo 36D bust and she would look a lot like my first wife. Beautiful woman with an ugly personality. That, and she couldn’t stay away from the stray boys.
    Still have to wonder what I was thinking back then. She couldn’t cook, didn’t clean, and hated the smell of Hoppes no.9 Damn I was dumb back then.

  2. This ‘gun meme of the day’ … its like something someone comes up with if they are bored and angry at a woman and drunk all at the same time.

  3. New York Goes Door To Door For Gun Parts & NYPD Puts On Master Class On How To Build “Ghost Guns” (note: attempting confiscation …. I expect New York to go full on crazy soon and do forced at-gun-point without warrant confiscation, that just a little bit of how crazy the governor in New York is.)

    • Buying gun related anything off of ebay is nothing but stupid. Particularly in this climate. This is like making individual gun purchasing over Facebook.

  4. Breaking: Most Firearms And Ammo Exports Banned For 90 Days. (note: Historically, when a country intentionally stops exporting firearms and ammo its usually because they expect those will be needed in the country to counter a threat internally).

    • Limiting international sales to ‘friendly governments’ does nothing with regard to ‘unfriendly governments’ getting them. This is the same as the craziness the left does domestically. A 90 day suspension wont even begin to touch the supply of firearms that already exist. So much has already been spread out to everyone across the board that doing something like this is nothing short of uselessness. It’s pointless.

        • ….And when they start collecting on debt and calling due collateral, 70% of the U.S. will be also.

        • “Australia will be a Chinese Province well before Mid-Century.”

          *Highly* doubtful.

          Did you hear how China reacted when they heard Australia was planning to buy old US 688 Los Angeles class fast-attack submarines we were planning on retiring?

          They literally threatened them with considering them to have nuclear weapons, never mind that no nuclear weapons were part of that AUKUS deal, just the nuclear reactors that power them.

          Australia considers China to be an existential threat, they are deeply suspicious of them, and expend a lot of effort watching what they are doing.

          Seriously dude, stick with making comments on things you actually know something about… ๐Ÿ™

        • China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services, accounting for nearly one third (32.2 per cent) of Australia’s trade with the world. Won’t be a fighting war, it will be immigrants.

  5. The top one was risquรฉ but was gun related.
    The 2nd one was rude and not gun related at all. Very sophomoric.
    Please be aware that just as we read their web postings and share the really stupid and ones that make them look bad they do the same to us. Do you really want to make it that easy for them.

    If you want to post stuff like that do it using a PM or a private facebook account. Please. Do not make the rest of us look as dumb as you are. Sorry but true


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