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Ugh, we’ve all been there!


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  1. Whatever is loaded in the weapon gets shot at a range session. Fresh ammo then goes back into the weapon.

    Majority of the range session does involve cheaper grade of ammo. But whatever self defense ammo is in the mags or cylinders gets used at the range.

    • “But whatever self defense ammo is in the mags or cylinders gets used at the range.”

      Same here. And in all those years, not one round of the expensive stuff has failed to fire.

      (I likely just jinked myself on that one. *mutter*… )

    • Agreed. After it’s carried a while, I’ll fire it off so I can put in fresh stuff. It’s also a good idea to run atleast one full magazine worth when something new used used. But I wont have Blazer Brass in my home.

    • “But whatever self defense ammo is in the mags or cylinders gets used at the range.”

      Tell me you don’t often practice with your EDC without saying that you “don’t often practice with your EDC.” Using a magazine of defensive ammo monthly, or more often, “just cuz” would add up quickly (extra $30+ per session). Twice a year or so ensures your gun feeds the defensive ammo properly and usefully.disposes of rounds that might have cracked powder, corrosion, lint, etc.

      • I have no mortgage. No car notes. No cc debt. I have disposable income.

        Don’t judge my status by yours.

  2. Range session always includes burning off carry ammo as well as trying out other potential carry ammo so you gotta have the baseline comparison. Im not just there to spend money.

  3. I found 3 Winchester Wildcat .22’s in one of the laundromats washing machines.
    I tried one and it didn’t go off. I’m afraid to try the other two because then I’ll be out of bullets.

    • You recycled that joke, Possum, I remember you using it awhile back… 😉

        • Turn it a little in the chamber and try to restrike the rim. That often works for me.

          I used to live to in Chicago and found loose unfired ammo on the street all of the time. Often they were light strikes and it just took a heavier spring to make them good.

    • “So what if I use the same ammo for practice that I keep in my carry pistol?”

      You’re considerably wealthier than I, but it’s perfectly cool… 🙂

        • Or he lives in New Jersey, where we’re only allowed to use hollowpoints for target shooting, not for carry, not for home defense, not for any defensive purposes.
          Only for target shooting!

    • I use the same carry ammo that the Polish military and police carried in this same pistol. Plant 11 gun and Plant 21 ammo. Practice/carry -all same.

  4. A smoker in 2023 sweating the cost of ammo? I was in the grocery check out lane and an old man ahead of me had no ID so he couldn’t buy a pack of smokes and asked me to do it for him and of course I said yes. He gave me $11.00 to give the clerk and I received a dime in change. During my boot scootin’ days I smoked about 2 packs a week and today based on what the old man paid that would be $22 a week and $88 a month…If you smoke do quit and put the money to better use.

    • Cant remember when I quit, sometime last year I think?
      $10.00 a pack, whooie.
      That would buy a whole loaf of bread and one hot dog.

    • I had a friend who said he smoked a new PC, another gun, or a musical instrument every year.

      Way too expensive a habit for me.

      • So- next question:

        What is the value of the booze being poured down the gullet? $6-$8 for a pint of decent beer most joints I step in, mixed drinks way above that.

        • I always wondered why people wasted money drinking in bars where they charge 4-5 times what you would pay for the exact same stuff in a liquor store. Don’t their wives allow them to drink alcohol at home?

          I think this is the same reason men spend all that money on fishing boats and gear. If their wives allowed them to drink alcohol at home they wouldn’t waste all that cash on a fake pastime that is just an excuse to get away from their nagging wives who don’t let them drink at home or pee standing up.

        • @ Nikita Tesla – I’m reminded of the old adage, “Give a man a fish and he eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat drinking beer all day.”

    • +1 Debbie. I’ve never felt the need to suck on cancer sticks. Although, I’ve sprayed enough roundup to fill a hot tub, melted down and poured a pile of lead, and worked with a number of other nasties, and just got a Novavax shot, so I guess something will catch up with me one of these days anyhow.

      Oh, and Debbie, be careful about telling how an old man got carded out but you didn’t. We know what you meant, but someone else may take that wrong.🤔😬🤐

  5. Was with a group at the range, and an acquaintance asked if he could shoot some of my ammo – of course I was burning thru a big can of Tulammo 9mm and obliged. Little did I realize he deliberately took 3 boxes of my golden sabre +P to shoot up at paper because he thought they were cooler…

  6. “$10.00 a pack, whooie.
    That would buy a whole loaf of bread and one hot dog.”

    6lbs of rice and 3/4lb pork…

  7. My practice/range ammo is the same as my carry ammo most of the time. Although I am willing to use cheaper ammo for fun and games in ringing the steel plates or punching paper.

  8. Nothing wrong with good old soft lead, been killing critters since the time when lead was used to make utensils.

    • Yep. Hard cast 200 gr SWC out of my .45s for just about everything. Around 830 fps. EZ loading, I’ve got a lifetime supply of various shotgun powders that work great and don’t lead the barrel up.

  9. I was very disappointed in the performance of the Privi Partisan Hollow Points in 7.62×25. They dont expand violently and they are not running much over 100fps of the 7.63Muaser.
    Shooting armadillos I could see not much difference between them and regular 9mm hardball.
    I also tried to shute through bridge railing and a piece of the bullet came back and stuck in my leg. The Sellier&Belloit blasted right through it.
    Dont try it with any 9mm or .45acp, you’ll get stuck by richocets.
    Sucks driving home with a bullet stuck in your leg, and if that ain’t bad enough it starts swelling up and turning purple and you have to cut deeper to get it out.
    The whiskey sure seems a lot easier to keep around then the cocaine.

    • I think the old Commie ammo plants loaded the military spec stuff a lot hotter than the “export” stuff they sent to the USA. Buying milsurp stockpile selloff stuff from the Warsaw Block armies might be older stock -but I have a feeling it is going to be a bit hotter than “civilian market” European-import ammo.

      • I agree 100% with that based on my experiences. Privi Partisan, while good ammo, is not loaded as hot as the surplus ammo I used to get.

        When I had my 95 Nagant revolver I was using S&B and PP ammo. Came across some actual Russian surplus sold in 14 round boxes. Big difference.

        Same experience with 7.62×54. 7.62×39 and 9×18 Mak. Commercial made ammo didn’t feel as solid.

    • 3000 to 4000 rounds of Blazer (brass and aluminum) four different brands of firearms 9mm and .40 s&w not a single failure. It’s the cheap stuff I use when introducing someone new to shooting. I’ve had firearms that didn’t work well with some brands of ammo. I don’t keep those very long.

      • Blazer tends to make the insides of anything I use it in look like someone dumped a bottle of glitter in it. It’s the only thing I’ve ever fired that does that.

        You can have all you want.

  10. three mags of American Eagle FMJ then 1/2mag HST! I only carry three mags so my HST has to be loaded into mags already emptied

  11. (partial) Joe Biden violence count (nationwide) due to insecure border — Dec 1 2022 – Dec 1 2023:

    Drug violence: ~100,000 deaths due to fentanyl trafficked across border.

    Crime violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants (non-rape): ~72,000 violent crimes (~30,000 of victims killed) using non-firearm weapons, ~2,370 perpetrators caught.

    Human trafficking violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants: ~42,000 kids (immigrant and not immigrant) under age 16 sold/forced into sex slavery, ~30,000 adults (immigrant and not immigrant) age 17 – 30 forced into prostitution and sex slavery. ~50,000 immigrant children under age 16 sold into labor slavery.

    Rape crime violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants (victim ages 10 and older): ~36,000 upon other immigrants and ~32,000 upon non-immigrants, ~300 of perpetrators caught.

    Physical criminal violence crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants – counts: Dec 1 2022 – Dec 1 2023 = ~140,000 violent crimes …. ~2,670 perpetrators caught, ~76% deported without prosecution.

    • Clarification for : “Crime violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants (non-rape): ~72,000 violent crimes (~30,000 of victims killed) using non-firearm weapons, ~2,370 perpetrators caught.”

      ~30,000 of victims killed = ~50% were other illegal immigrants

      • Ya think those numbers will go up significantly when the
        chinese silent dog whistles start going off?

  12. I do not mean to sound or be condensending, But one should alway be aware of the type, caliber of the ammo your shooting.

    In either pistol magazines or revolvers the operator loads the ammo. If you not watching what you load you are not paying attention. We drill into everyone attending firearm training classes the NRA rules and or the USCCA rules for firearm safety. This also goes to the ammo. Yes I know of a few cases where the incorrect ammo was loaded and things did not go accord to plan . Due care in the feeding. I also know of individual who brought his 45 Colt to the range but only brought 9mm ammo. It happens.

  13. Here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, hollowpoints are banned for all defensive purposes, including carry. The only place New Jersey denizens are allowed to use holllowpoint ammo is for target shooting at a licensed gun club (which would be a colossal waste of money).
    Not for carry.
    Not for home defense.
    Only for target shooting! That’s how dumb our politicians are.

    Technically hollowpoints are allowed for hunting, but since we’re only allowed to use shotguns for hunting, that’s a moot point.

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