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Posting this now so y’all can plan ahead!


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    • “Let John get his own shoes.”

      True story, the kids in my family were told not leave milk and cookies for Santa, but a six-pack of beer (suspiciously the very same brand my dad drank, no less!) and pretzels.

      And Christmas morning, we found pretzel crumbs and the empty beer cans scattered around the Christmas tree, along with all our presents!

      A true Christmas *Miracle*! 😉

      Anyways –

      Remember that story a few years back about the famous French actor brutally attacked one late winter’s night in Chicago by those hateful MAGA rednecks? Poured bleach all over him, and hung a noose around his neck?

      We have an update –

      He may be going back to prison :

  1. An particularly special Die Hard mention because Bruce Willis and his family should be in all of our thoughts and prayers this holiday season. Yippee ki-yay to all you MFers, and to all a good night!

  2. Since I cannot draw, I’ll just post the caption:

    Mary chases the Little Drummer Boy down the alley for waking the baby….again.

    • FYI the forbidden word of the day is l-i-t-t-l-e. Yes, really. I’ve dealt with that one before. They want us to call midgets l-i-t-t-l-e people, as if that’s not offensive. Then they moderate the usage of the preferred word. Why is midget offensive, anyway? L-i-t-t-l-e person seems offensive to me.

  3. In case of emergencies everyone should already have these items stowed away in vents around the house. It’s only prudent.

  4. I’m not leaving anything around for Christmas….BUT, I did buy myself a Christmas present yesterday
    Since my buddy passed leaving me all his firearms, one being a Ruger LC9, except I didn’t like it. Off to the pawn store Thursday where I offloaded it for two C notes. Then off to a LGS and I bought me an H&K P30sk.

    Now I just have to wait for it come in, do the 4473 with my UPIN number and wait some more. With luck, I’ll have it for Christmas!

    • @MLee:
      I have learned to stop buying sidearms that I not only can’t handle, but haven’t researched or personally fired myself.
      PLEASE come tell us how you get along with the P30SK. I am getting my Texas Driver’s License soon, as we are moving away from the “Hate you damn Americans” state of Calidysfunction.
      I’m done with striker fired toys, and cheap a$$ed plastic trigger parts. I demand accuracy and solid reliability. And I don’t have the money to keep buying-trying-selling off.
      The P30SK looks great. Please give us the long form report!

  5. Well If I ever have to go back to the nut house and I get thrown in the right Block, I’ve got a kitchen knife and two forks stashed in the vent of a certain room. It was a real bitch sneaking that stuff past the intern gestapo.
    I broke out once but there were a lot of pecan trees around and I didnt want all them loose nuts to go to waste.

  6. IL STATE SUPREME COURT 2A decision: The Illinois Supreme Court issued an order involving FOID and CCW applicants and the state’s Freedom of Information Act – they are denied the ability to get their own information, reasons for any denial, under the the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

    • West Virginia …. Brown vs ATF – defeat for ATF – federal court … Ban On FFLs Selling Handguns to 18-20 Year Olds Struck Down, found unconstitutional.

  7. Who Are the Controligarchs? Author EXPOSES Bill Gates’ Plot to OWN YOUR FOOD. (note: now even more reason to be armed, against the results and efforts of these people and not only our own government, to control every aspect of your lives. The left wing and anti-gun is not about ‘safety’ or ‘common sense’ – its being driven by people like this and is all about money and control over you. Its difficult to control a society if they are are able to resist the government imposed tyranny of such control for the benefit of these left wingers, so they want you disarmed.)

    • I feared that went out of style, I want to see more of that ie. sincerity, everyone devoted to the cause must immolate themselves publicly.

  8. Two of the greatest Christmas movies of all time:
    Die Hard
    Lethal Weapon

    Both had a Beretta 92, coincidence…? 🤔

  9. A Christmas Story featuring a wite sopremmist Schnatzee boy with a fully semi autamatic beebee gum tarrorizing dark bart!

    • all the best Christmas movies have guns
      i think even Snoopy has fighter planes, I know his Halloween show does

      • Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more The Bloody Red Baron was rollin’ out the score Eighty men died tryin’ to end that spree Of the Bloody Red Baron of Germany….

      • Snoopy was the WWI Flying Ace out to take down the Red Baron. He was shot down behind enemy lines and snuck through the countryside to sneak into Violet’s Halloween party.
        Then Snoopy had a pop-style musket in the Thanksgiving special, but alas no flying or pilgrims in the Christmas show. Just the commercialism of aluminum trees, and a surprise first place prize for the tree that couldn’t hold up the single red ornament.

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