There’s Plenty of Time to Make Sure You’re Not on Santa’s Naughty List

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  1. Lol…you don’t have to clean them every time you shoot…but ten years might be a stretch unless it’s a safe queen or BBQ gun. Just sayin’…
    If you shoot corrosive ammo, maybe…but who has any of that any more?

    • Corrosive ammo? You’d be surprised. I warned a friend a few years ago about buying some ammo out of the Mideast. Not Israeli. Pitted the bore of his HK-91.

      • I’ve still got a pile of cheap old corrosive 1960s-1980s Com bloc surplus 7.62*54r for the Mosin (plus a little corrosive Yugo 7.62*39). It’s been years since I shot the Mosin. I have “better” guns now, and hate cleaning everytime I shoot. The Mosin was my only centerfire rifle for a while. I use to clean the Mosin and the Marlin 60 everytime I went shooting, when they were all I had. Now, I have tons of guns and rotate cleaning them. None get cleaned every outing (except the Mosin with the corrosive ammo).

    • “If you shoot corrosive ammo, maybe…but who has any of that any more?”

      I know folks who have it still sealed in their cans, and they plan on leaving it there. I have maybe 10 rounds myself, on 2 stripper-clips a buddy gave me about 30 years back, he’s since passed…

    • And there are some people so traumatized by their basic training experience they are afraid to try rolling their underwear up in a different way decades later. Do they really think their Drill Instructor is going to be checking their weapons with a white glove or something? That’s some Koolaid there buddy.

      • Unfortunately some take to operant conditioning too well. Same thing with what we see with television and social media.

  2. Naw I clean my gats when needed but I’m not OCD about it. Interestingly enough I just examined my wife’s 3 vintage Made in Japan felt elves to determine worth. 50bucks each🙄

    • Nothing personal but for all the wrong reasons OCD was regurgitated constantly by many Rambo wannabes on ar15.comedyclub. Generally if someone asked a question the club couldn’t answer the OP got the OCD. Following shooting the 15 minutes it takes to basic clean and inspect handguns that function off extreme pressure is no more or no less than the right thing to do.

    • I know one that last I heard had gone 9k rounds with no cleaning. Will have to see what the count was when he finally had it not function or just broke down and cleaned it.

    • Me: This rental Glock is really dirty. How often do you clean them?
      Range Desk Dude: Whenever they fail.
      Me: When did the last one fail?
      Dude: They don’t.
      Me: (astonished)
      Dude: Glock did a test, and stopped after one million rounds.
      Me: (pointing to the Glock on his hip) How often do you clean yours?
      Dude: Whenever I use it. It’s what I carry.

      • LOL yeah that’s usually how it goes, I do credit the one guy for carrying his 17 without cleaning though.

    • Glucks are top-rack dishwasher safe like any other Tupperware. Don’t run full mags through, obviously. That’s just stupid.

  3. Cleaning is kind of a ritual with me. Every time I shoot I at least field strip and clean. Hunting season pretty well winds down in January and when I’m bored I run the safes, cleaning each one and checking for any rust or pitting.

  4. Banning AR-15s Isn’t About Infringing On You, It’s About Protecting You Says Political Commentator. (Note: listen to the subject tiktok idiot, she literally tells a lie during her stupid…’cause people have defended, with a hand gun, against and stopped mentally ill mass shooters with an AR and body armor.)


  6. Me and Superman flew up to the North Pole today and I killed Santa.
    So hah hah hah.
    I never did like list.
    As I sang:
    Well my babys heart is frozen
    She dont treat me right
    I’m going to telegraph Santa and ask his advice
    North to Alaska
    That’s where the Eskimos play
    You get sunshine all night time six months everyday
    I’m going to play my harp to keep the Polar bears away
    North to Alaska
    That’s where the Eskimos play.
    And then I pulled out the machete.

    • I like the Klingon religion from the Star Trek shows. Long ago one of their ancient heroes took his space ship to heaven and killed all their old gods. That’s the best way to deal with those uppity gods and icons like the santy claws

  7. When my gunm gets to dirty to work I just pitch it in a dumpster and by another bag of cocaine.
    Then I cut it 35% and buy a paint by numbers set.
    Artist snag some mighty fine whores, especially with drugs and Daddie’s money.
    ” I said ,lap dance, not lap top.”
    Pow, take a hit from the needle.
    How you feeling now.

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