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There are a lot of versions of this meme (different “comebacks” to the protestor’s sign) and this is my least favorite of them all. But it’s the one I have available LOL. I’ll do better next time.


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    • Guns don’t have rights, American people citizens have rights and one of those rights is to have guns.

      Snowflakes and Karens and Idiots and Clueless gonna Snowflake and Karen and Idiot and Clueless.

      Shes the emotional based type, no not because shes a woman …. well, maybe shes a woman, some of them can fool ya until you get a good look at them even though they imagine they look like a woman all the time… but anyway, the emotional based type.

      Before committing her ignorance to the history she should have sounded it out first to see if it made sense. Like this…

      “I dream one day women will have the same rights as cell phones.”
      “I dream one day women will have the same rights as computers.”
      “I dream on day women will have the same rights as my vibrator.”
      “I dream on day women will have the same rights as trans.”
      “I dream on day women will have the same rights as aborted babies.”
      “I dream on day women will have the same rights as my sun glasses.”

  1. Keep them locked up at home until I want to fondle them? Clean them, lubricate them, then exercise them indoors or out, until I tire of putting up with them? Maybe trade in an older model for a lot younger one, any time I want?

    Were are these women? 😉

  2. That retort is closer to the truth than you think, after years of yelling about “toxic” masculinity even Liberal women are complaining that there are no real men left… Funny how that shit works, defund the cops and then complain that there are no cops, emasculate the men then complain that there are no men…

  3. I agree!

    Women should not be allowed in polling places, bars, schools, or the post office (as well as many other prohibited places.)

    Make this happen.

    • “Women should not be allowed in… bars”?
      No, we need women in bars. A bar without women is a g*y bar.

  4. Woman #1: “I demand the right to kill my unborn baby”.

    Woman #2: “Agree. I’ll lend you my gun.”

      • Masochist to sadist: “Hit me, please hit me! I need you to hit me!”
        Sadist to masochist: “Suffer.”

        • Since when couldn’t “real men” also be considerate and thoughtful as well as determined, capable and adept? Being an abusive bastard (or bitch) says precisely nothing about being a “real” or woman! – Other than being a person who is a pain in the ass whom I will avoid whenever possible and treat as such (a bastard or bitch) whenever I find it necessary to be in their presence.

      • Since there’s no reply button to your video posted above…

        I thought the video was going to be “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” from the movie Cabaret. Ironically, that song was written by two Jewish musicians to warn about things to come. Somehow, it’s just as appropriate for today’s ‘useful’ American leftists.

  5. Today, 17 Nov 2023, The US Supreme Court will be conferencing the Range v. Garland case… so maybe expect an order of some type.

  6. Guns aren’t illiterate, leftist/liberal white trash sluts. Work on that first and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

    • This is because the extremely narrow-minded and very ignorant generation(s) have, like SHEEP, accepted any and all demonization of anything and everything the GUVMINT told them to. Sad that intellect too the contrary must be searched for diligently but the aforementioned IGNORANCE has become extremely common-place these days.

    • And this comes after decades of the Left trying to legalize weed and denying it’s a gateway drug. So all those Leftists from my college days who were “stickin’ it to the Man” and being defiant by smoking weed actually WERE mentally ill!

      Who knew??

  7. Obviously, no thought was given to what that slogan actually meant, or whether it made any sense. She’s just repeating a received talking point.

    You know, I really hate the whole “NPC” meme thing. I hate when people are referred to as “sheeple”, as if some of us are real, thinking human beings and others are mindless drones with the mere physical form of human beings. I think it’s dehumanizing and morally dangerous to think in this way…

    …But damn it, these people aren’t making it easy on me!

  8. Chairman Mao instructed us: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.”

    The founding generation understood this principle along with the principle that we are governed by the consent of the governed.

    Men have always understood this principle.

    Women have, of late, been jealous of the political power of men to say nothing of the physical power of men.

    To paraphrase the OP’s sign:

    “I dream one day women will have the same rights TO guns!”

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