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Worse is fine.


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        • Challenge accepted, add one moderately aggressive muzzle break, a tungsten guide rod (generation dependent) and a thug slug. Now I can be deaf and still use the doughnut of death with acceptable accuracy.

        • Cliff, I don’t know. Years ago I had the opportunity to shoot a Glock 18. The only accessory was a Fobus fixed stock. It attached via the hollow area in the grip frame with a spring loaded tit that engaged the lanyard whole. It was just long enough to prevent the slide from giving you a black eye. Took a second to get trigger control down. Cyclic rate was very high. Once mastered it was easy to keep two center mass at seven yards. When I looked at the size of the groups I switched to head shots. Then I backed up to ten yards. Then Ralph wouldn’t give me any more loaded magazines. Anyway, that was factory Glock sights. Don’t know why it would be different with a dot (choose your color) sight. Which begs the question; is the dot really better.

        • GF, same experience. I can keep a full magazine inside a 19″ silhouette at 25 yards with my 18C without difficulty and so can most experienced shooters.

  1. I’m starting to think Fudds don’t actually exist, they’re just boogeyman delusions from the minds of paranoid younger gun enthusiasts

    • My uncle was Fudd. But he put bodies on his M16 pre Tet so he got a pass for his incorrect opinion.

      • Which part of that “gives anyone a pass” in opposing your possession of current technological means for the lawful exercise of fundamental rights?

        • He thought the m16 was a weapon of war because he used it in war. I don’t blame him for that

          Dude is dead now is opinion is irrelevant now

    • Fudds are people who say, “I support the Second Amendment but…”

      it has nothing to do with whether someone likes a real handgun like a 1911 or plastic children’s toys like GLOKz(tm) and Sigs that are so advanced they can fire all by themselves.

      Carry whatever you want, wherever you want, and regardless of whether it is a Colt single action army or Chinese plastic zip toy that fires .75 caliber recoilless rockets. The 2A covers everyone everywhere, always and forever. Long live the Republic!

      • The ultimate Fudd gun.

        Winchester Model 70, pre-1964 of course, in .30-06 or .270. Wood stock and blued.

        Zeroed at exactly 100 yards. Never used beyond this distance.

        Fires 1 box of 20 rounds per year, MAXIMUM.

        • it’s not about technological advancements, magazine capacity or range appeal.

          Only accurate weapons are interesting.

          That model 70 was accurate.

        • Southern, that’s the rifle I want to buy. Kinda like the old lady’s car only driven to church on Sunday. Besides, I like a model 70. A lot. Now, as I sit in my recliner, watching some guys hunting in Africa, I can see a Smith Corona 1903A3, a rigged out BCM AR, a Wilson Combat 870 and a SIG P 220. A Smith 442 in my pocket. What pigeon hole do I fit in?

    • Once the fudds die off, Metro-Fruits will have enough votes to remove the Second Amendment and Australianize the gun laws in the USA. Village Children are taught from the age of two that guns are bad. Even BB Guns will require a permit. Sorry.

        • Too Late…..the yoots of today have already been hard core indoctrinated. Gangbangers are about the only ones who want guns and they want the Middle Class disarmed, for obvious reasons. The same ballot harvest scams that put a moron in the White House will be used to dissolve parts of the Constitution.

      • Do your own “appleseed”. I have my son with me at the range. He loves the competition and respect he gets of the other members.

    • They’re usually just Democrats who happen to have a gun in the house or Ryan/Romney republicans who can’t stop talking about Yellowstone.

      Status quo statists larping some pre-selected avatar of a life who hate themselves.

  2. Boomer fudds? Why do I outlift & outshoot all the young boy’s at 69? There’s a profound lack of manliness from the soy boy’s. If we have a shooting war no one will pass a physical for induction🙄

    • I have seen speculation that this may be the intentional inclusion of estrogen in the feed of cattle being fatted for market that is causing the effimination of the current and possibly just previous generations of “men”.

      But that would only be true if they had the balls to actually eat beef against the wishes of their vegan “significant others”.

      • Part of it, continue with drinking water that does not filter out excreted estrogen before going from treatment center to consumption, phytoestrogens from several “plant based” foods, hopps in beer, many strands of marijuana, ink for receipt paper and this is before we get into other endocrine disruptors. Still lift weights and it is mostly counteracted but if one doesn’t it can show depending on lifestyle.

        • ain’t nothin’ bland about flat iron or hanger.
          or brisket.
          i like dutch oven shoulder (“butt”, for whatever reason); can’t help notice how nasty swine smells before igniting the 2oz of searing tequila.

      • “intentional inclusion of estrogen in the feed of cattle being fatted for market that is causing the effimination” (sic)

        Yep, the American beef industry is making females out of all the meat-eaters. That’s along with the routine antibiotics in the cattlefeed causing super bugs to evolve (who said evolution was false).

        Not to mention alpha-gal protein allergy and pesticide/herbicide poisoning.

        It’s not the soy…

        So go ahead, have a nice, juicy steak. Or how about a thick, tasty hamburger.

  3. I support the 2A for all people, whites, blacks, Israelis, Canadians, and Palestinians.

  4. Lol, kids today didn’t grow up with the constant threat of nukes and EMPs. Is your red dot EMP proof? My tritium sights are already radio active 😉

    • Some of them likely are but I do like tritium in general. Either way an emp resistant emergency box isn’t hard to make for storage.

      • Can be done with a metal shed as well. Keep some spares and other electronic back ups in such a building. Wasn’t planned out for an EMP event, just had a grounded metal storage building and needed someplace for parts storage. Faraday (SP?) cage by default. I do have a couple night vision scopes that may be ruined in an EMP, but the majority of my optics are old fashioned glass. Only 1 Glock has a red dot and it isn’t my preferred sidearm. At handgun ranges iron works well enough. And 50 years of using the old iron likely makes a difference.

        • Well so long as you are not next to a military/logistics target and have independent water/power you should be as good to go as it is likely to get in a Nuke event………..unless you are near the spread zone for the starving in which case I am sure you have alternate plans.

        • Pay attention to grounding / bonding of ALL metal ‘chunks,’ if you want it to work correctly. All of the individual sidewall panels, roofing panels, structural support hardware, etc. ALL of it needs to be bonded together and tied to a good ground or the individual panels will still pass a magnetic and / or electrostatic pulse.

          Get a couple of zinc coated metal garbage cans with lids to put your ‘sensitive’ gear in, and that will most likely work fine as long as the lid makes good electrical contact with the rest of the can.

          Lots of examples out there of well constructed homemade Faraday cages to take a look at and to kind of get a ‘feel’ for the principles involved.

          If you ever get a chance, take the time to examine radio / microwave mountain top structures. Most of them will easily survive multiple direct lightning strikes if all the bonding has been done correctly. Still, sometimes odd stuff happens and the magic smoke gets let out of the gear no matter what you do…

  5. Lol
    We defeated the British with a muskete. Who needs a 1911? African tribes winning wars with blow guns.

    Boomerfudd…oh please.
    No one seems to actually understand what a ‘boomer’ is anymore.

    I love red dot sights. Why not? I just don’t see much point to them on pistols. I never cared much for lasers either. Although flashlights are nice. But then there are those that hunt with revolvers wearing scopes. I like to put red dots and scopes both on rifles though.

    I can tell you this much, shooting a 1911 is not the same as most other handguns.

  6. You don’t need a light or a red dot. But if you want one on your Glock or Sig, go for it. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep right on shooting everything out there. Oh yeah, and I qualified with a 1911 in the 80’s.

        • My P.38 does a good job of opening cans, but don’t bother trying to save the garbanzo beans, as they will be pretty well scattered.

        • Perhaps the implication was that Joe Bidet qualified in the German Army.
          The US P-38 fighter was bit in service in 1941.
          I don’t know the date of first issue of the can opener, but from recent observations, its’ use would be beyond Bidets’ current competence.

    • Cool story bro.

      I’m sure there’s absolutely no reason why reason every competitive shooter who can use an optic uses an optic.

      Just a weird coincidence.

  7. Cowboys filed the front sights off and ground the trigger guard away so they could be just that much faster then the other guy.

  8. What Can You Do If a Mob Surrounds Your Car?

    Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses a recent video that has been kicking around in the virtual universe which shows an elderly gentleman get surrounded by an angry mob of pro-Palestinian protestors who decided to start smashing his car.

    • I WAS surrounded by a large group of black youts on the Southside of Chiraq circa 1990. At dusk trying to sell medical alarms(“I’ve fallen & I can’t get up”). They were yelling at me vociferously. I gunned my engine & the sea parted. NO Reginald Denny bs🙄.

    • @.40 cal

      Apologies for the late response to your post.

      The idea of using your vehicle as protection or armor driving through attacker(s) surrounding your vehicle won’t work with a modern vehicle…to include all the EV’s.

      It came to my attention earlier this week that modern cars with “Collision Avoidance” sensors / software can be bound up if people surround your vehicle…the vehicle sees a pedestrian / obstruction and WILL NOT allow you to advance or retreat (back up). The person this happened to was driving a newer model Subaru. The vehicle software will allow you to override the safety feature (it is not recommended by Subaru)…the caveat is that you have to do it every time you start the vehicle (the command is buried deep in the vehicle Menu system).

      Glad that I still drive “dumb” cars.

  9. Left wing hate and violence and bigotry on the rise (my note: its been here all this time, just not reported on as much and kept quiet by a left wing complicit media and political structure , collectively overall in 2022 ~76% of murders, ~85% of rapes, ~97% of domestic-violence, ~73% or violent robberies, ~97% of assaults, ~72% of child abuses including sexual were committed by people who are left wing or left wing leaning politically or liberals or embrace left wing or liberal ideology either selectively or in part) …its time for the UN to be evicted from America.

    • Meanwhile he does what he can to help Budweiser get a handle on the Bud Light boycott. Trying to promote the brand suggesting that the boycott has hurt employees, drivers, and other associated individuals. Well, the boycott didn’t hurt them. They hurt themselves. When a company that large does this, the self implosion is impressive and affects many.

      • A Bud Light boycott ’cause trans mental illness and ‘woke’ mental illness is a far distance from left wing hate and violence and bigotry and the hostile UN. Doesn’t even meet at an intersection.

    • “collectively overall in 2022 ~76% of murders, ~85% of rapes, ~97% of domestic-violence, ~73% or violent robberies, ~97% of assaults, ~72% of child abuses including sexual were committed by people who are left”

      Thanks for the humor!

      • Once again Miner49er, learn what context means and stop cherry picking things out of context and trying to involve your self with your false in a subject for which you know nothing.

        here is the context once again:

        “its been here all this time, just not reported on as much and kept quiet by a left wing complicit media and political structure , collectively overall in 2022 ~76% of murders, ~85% of rapes, ~97% of domestic-violence, ~73% or violent robberies, ~97% of assaults, ~72% of child abuses including sexual were committed by people who are left wing or left wing leaning politically or liberals or embrace left wing or liberal ideology either selectively or in part”

        We already know you don’t understand English well enough to know what ‘context’ means but now we also know you don’t understand what the word ‘or’ means.

        • “I did not have sexual relations with that woman..”

          Maybe that’s why they don’t want to define ‘woman..’

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