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  1. A teacher was asking her junior high class to identify certain items after she described them and the class would miss one and the teacher would reply “you’re thinking you’re thinking”.
    After a while little Johnny raised his hand and ask the teacher if he could ask her to identify one.
    She hesitated, but relented and gave Johnny permission to which he stood and spread a distance between his thumb and forefinger and said, “what is about that long, has a head on it and is hard”.
    The teacher was embarrassed and began fussing at Johnny and he immediately replied,
    “it’s a nail, but you’re thinking”.

    • “it’s a nail, but you’re thinking”.

      The version I heard was “it’s a nail, but I really like the way you’re thinking”. 🙂

  2. Attempted mass killing with aircraft… Pilot on California-bound flight tried to shut down engines mid-air, authorities say.

    • It isn’t just the lives on the plane. It’s also the lives surrounding the crash site. The harshness of the charges are well justified.

      There is a serious problem that has taken place with pilots and other occupations like pro-sports and truck drivers. It isn’t simply a shortage. There is a shortage in the first place that can be directly tied to forcing Covid shots on everyone. The companies that employ these people don’t seem to have any clue how much damage THEY have created for society by forcing those shots onto their employees. In this particular case it’s about getting pilots up in the air much quicker than is wise to do. One of the biggest problems though is that very few of the right people are even willing to openly admit that those shots was the wrong thing to do.

      • To add to your building nightmare fuel consider average age and gender of pilots, which demographics tend to get the worst of the “died suddenly” and how many airlines are considering one pilot to address the shortage. Life is a risk but for now I think I will drive.

      • this can become a real problem. There can be radicalized pro-hamas pilots that want to jihad.

    • “There can be radicalized pro-hamas pilots that want to jihad“

      Actual white nationalist mass murderer, radicalized by right wing nut jobs, kills innocent family:

      “The admitted white nationalist who killed a Muslim family said he was inspired by neo-Nazi terrorists and anti-Muslim rhetoric he found on conspiracy websites like Infowars.

      Nathaniel Veltman, 22, is on his fifth day of testifying in the trial where he is facing four first-degree murder charges, one charge of an attempted murder charge, as well as terrorist charges. Veltman has pleaded not guilty to the charges but does not dispute that he ran down the family and wrote a racist manifesto just weeks before the killings. In a anti-Muslim screed he wrote before the killings, and in a police interrogation which was shown to the jury, Veltman said he hoped to inspire more white nationalist vehicle attacks.”

      How interesting that Fox or Newsmax has not run this story…

  3. The claim to fame of the 5.56/.223 is speed. Drop those speeds down to 06 levels and you get less performance because you not shooting 180gr’ projectiles. For long distance I prefer much heavier bullets in a much larger cartridge. A 30-06BA using a 26 inch barrel, with 200gr BTSpireP bullets loaded 100-150fps over SAMI are impressive.
    My girlfiend never wonders if I’m thinking about other wemon. Dehydrated Water

  4. For the below video… In case no one knew, the VA has a program for veterans that have financial difficulties. A veteran can apply for this program and what happens is the veteran is placed in a ‘conservatorship status’ and another person assigned by the VA manages their finances for them to get them back on track financially. This can be for many reasons, for example…. maybe the veteran is disabled in some way that limits their ability to work after leaving service, or maybe their income is at or below a certain level and their bills outpaced their ability to pay them, or they simply are not good at money management overall, and there could be other medical reasons why they need help with their finances, there is a whole list of things that could be. Anyway, a veteran simply asking for this help from the VA, well, there was a nefarious purpose applied by the VA and that being the veteran was automatically coded as a ‘mentally unfit’ status and entered in a database and the NICs system as a prohibited person for firearms ownership/possession and if they possessed firearms after such coding they were automatically a felon…and the coding also prohibited them from firearms ownership/possession for life. So actually, technically by law after being coded as such, the veteran also has to surrender their firearms or divest their self of their firearms or they can be taken from the veteran – never again to be able to exercise their 2A right even after out of the ‘conservatorship status’ because they were unjustifiably coded as ‘mentally unfit’ status by the VA thus forever a prohibited person – simply because they asked for help with their finances.

    Hundreds of thousands of non-veteran people ask for help managing their finances annually in the United States. There are various companies that do this in some manner, for example, debt consolidation companies basically wrap a persons debts into one monthly payment and pay that persons creditors, that is a ‘conservatorship status’. Yet these people do not suffer being coded as ‘mentally unfit’ and don’t have their 2A rights taken from them and don’t become felons if they dare exercise that right.

    The Biden admin has absolutely zero respect for veterans, is seeking at every chance to remove 2A rights from honest low abiding people in the most low handed sneaky manner possible including weaponizing the government against the people by use of ‘rule by fiat policy’ and ‘misinterpretation’ and having outside special interest create defacto law to bypass congress to even having the ATF threaten to shoot family members in no-warrant and no crime committed situations where they just show up with swat teams to trying to illegally gain entry to peoples homes.

    • Yeah VA can be shitty if you don’t have a good advocate system to lean on. Usually better than nothing but I don’t go near them if I don’t need to.

  5. This plot was foiled. (Some more background from other research: attempted-mass-murderer is left-wing).

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