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Makes sense.


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      • My gluk works. I love my k frame smith and my Rugers.

        I just love what the gluk does for me. But it is fugly and has no personality.

        • “gluk”

          I kinda like the ring of that. Probably going to use it. Though it pairs nicely with a “bruh” at the end. πŸ™‚

          “I luv my gluk, bruh”

        • “The Truth About Guns kinda sucks when it comes to memes. Most just aren’t very funny.”

          A lot of memes aren’t funny and are just pitiful, for example, Joe Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre.

      • None of them. Eventually when we are liberated here in CA I will buy an AR. Not because I like them, I used an m16 50+ years ago, but because it will piss the dems off.

        • Kinda why I like an AK.

          I swapped out the furniture on both of my AKs for adjustable, folding polymer stocks and handguards with rails several years ago and I’ve never regretted it… Finished one in Ruskie style tiger stripe camo and the other in an airbrushed woodland theme using leaves and ferns for patterns…

  1. OK, somebody please school me on this one. I’m guessing this has something to do with their names (manufacturer/model) plus some reference to their quality/design/suitability. So why does an FN 509 end up in the top right while the Sig is the lower right? Otherwise, JWM is tracking about right on the WTH scale.

  2. No, it doesn’t… So, Glock and Taurus SOUND dumb but Sig and FN SOUND smart? BUT Glock and FN are SMART and Taurus and Sig are DUMB? How does any of THAT make sense… Never owned or even fired a Sig or an FN so I have no opinion of them other than they are a bit over priced for what they are…

    • “a bit over priced for what they are”

      So they sound smart because they’re expensive. The FN and Glock are smart because they’re known for their reliability. Sig and Taurus, not as much.

      The Glock and Taurus sound dumb because [insert stale joke here].

      I’ve noticed Ruger never shows up in these memes. Is that because the kids are indifferent?

      • Bullshit.

        For the simpletons in the back, what all of that sums to is it is impossible for the VUP upgraded P320 or generation 2 to “go off uncommanded (sic)”, the trigger must be pulled to fire, making every supposed instance an ND.

        Being that y’all can’t stick to the facts and Truth as implied in the name, I am out until such time the truth returns as first and foremost priority, with employees held to the same standard. No more revenue generation off my back. Congrats, you’ve achieved the same status as “Dis”Honest Outlaw.

      • My G2C is reliable as hell. Have never had a issue with it. My old boss has 2 of them and a Sig. The Sig stays in the safe because it is a POS. I also have a Glock and I feel like Eh, whatever, about it. Used to have a FN and couldn’t stand the grip texture. Felt line a cheese grater. To each their own.

  3. I think 3 of those pistols should be in the sounds/is smart quadrant, and, well, the 4th one is Taurus…

    • I own a Taurus G3c, lost count of the rounds I’ve put through it and it has never had a failure to fire/feed. It’s as accurate as micro compacts I’ve shot that cost twice as much. I honestly don’t understand the hate Taurus gets

    • Savor: You are a rapier of the spoken word!
      A County Sewer of verbal flatulence!
      Purveyor of Tonguistic Gymnastic Ability!
      My hat is (again) off to you!
      (Sorry for the blinding glare, I shoulda stopped using the Brylcream about the same time my hair left town…)

    • Hmmm. I now have 21 revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns. So I must be above genius level! I shall inform my wife who questions my need for three gun cabinets (smokepoles, 12 ammo crates, tac gear). Everything is far superior to what the Army provided me with in 1969 on the DMZ in that tropical paradise. Well, except for that 90mm gunned M48A3 tank with a lovely 50 cal, and a (“liberated”) M79 grenade launcher. Those were kinda special.

  4. The boomer community gets so frustrated with memes. Meanwhile the rest of us that are hip to the subtle and not so subtle hilarity get to enjoy this tasty night-cap. My favorite thing about this meme is how well it pairs with the socio-political / socio-economic ideology grid.

  5. Remember the sweet, innocent, 6 year-old angel that shot his teacher?

    Mom got sentenced to prison for not securing her gat :

      • dacian knows the answer. The North Korean example of guilt to the third generation.

        The crime is life and so is the sentence.

    • she wasn’t sentenced for “not securing her gat”.

      She was sentenced because she pleaded guilty to two federal firearm violations: using illegal drugs (marijuana in this case) while possessing a gun, and lying about her drug (marijuana in this case) use when purchasing the gun.

  6. Plastic is for water pistols.
    They also have a safety trigger design.
    I carry my water pistol in the appendix position.
    The wet spot in front signals I’m ready to run for President.

  7. None of the above.

    There are things that are more appealing than any of these four (particularly for the money).

  8. So this ‘meme’ makes some sort of sense to someone I guess given the amount of comments sparking a ‘pro-con debate’ of sorts and at least one seemingly unrelated temper tantrum about ‘facts and Truth as implied in the name’.

    • In the end it’s a joke and not necessarily accurate to nth degree in reality. But to some degree I sound smart but am dumb so…………..

  9. Some comments on the Taurus G3c (the Taurus pictured above) from an actual owner…

    2) Taurus sprays some kind of cosmoline relative all over the inside as a shipping and storage protectant. It’s not a lubricant. If you don’t know that and either just oil it or try to shoot it “dry” it will jam for up to 300 rounds while that burns off. Or you can spend 10 minutes with a $5 bottle of Hoppe’s 9 and an old rag and in my personal experience, get Glock levels of reliability from shot one. That ghetto cosmoline crap is behind a lot of their current reputation for unreliability.

    2) The G3c now comes in a no safety flavor making it even more glock-like. That’s what mine is.

    3) This thing is basically a Glock 26 clone but with 12 round mags that each have a factory finger rest. If you want to be more concealable you can put a flat base plate on and it will still have 12 rounds per mag. It takes the 15 and 17 round factory mags from its bigger brother. You can also get 3D printed spacers to make the bigger mags look more reasonable. If you want more barrel length you can also throw the 4 inch or 4.5″ factory barrels on from the G2 and G3 variants or run aftermarket barrel from Lakeline in whatever life you want. So you can functionally convert it up to something the size of a g19 if you want.

    4) Taurus has been working on this basic design for a long time. Trace it back far enough and you find ancestors like the Millennium PT111 G2 that it’s still partially parts compatible with. It took them a while to get the reliability issues sorted, including opening up the Bainbridge Georgia factory to build uppers and barrels stateside. Frames are still cast in Brazil.

    5) The G3c has world class economics regardless of the gun price. Feels a ton better in the hand than anything Glock ever made.

    6) The Taurus GX4 isn’t as good a gun. Taurus stretched their engineering past what they can reliably do in trying to build something the size of a Hellcat. The G3 family IS within the envelope of their engineering capabilities. They should have continued to throw improvements at that rather than try to shrink further. The GX4 issues are what’s currently hurting their reputation yet more. No idea how long it will take them to sort that one out to the degree they polished the G3 family.

    Sidenote: this year my wife has been fighting cancer, I had to sell almost every gun I own short of one that’s not a good carry piece (magazine fed SA revolver). I explained this to a particular YouTuber and guess what, I have proof “The Yankee Marshal Posse Pistol Project free guns for the poor and needy” program is real. That’s where the Taurus came from. And to my surprise, the damn thing is truly legit. David paid $24 extra to do the no safety version of the G3c and I appreciate it. For the flack he gets, he does more charitable stuff through his website paid for by t-shirt sales than any other guntuber on YouTube. TYMPPP is just one.

      • Yeah, and Yankee set me up. The G3c no-safety variant is a really legit piece. I’m honestly impressed. Didn’t know the no-safety variant even existed, so David (his real name) really fixed me up picking that one.

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