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If she doesn’t like it, tell her to take it up with the fat man.


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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.

    And going into 2024, remember that government elites, regardless of party, hate you and want you dead because you represent both an unpayable financial liability and a legal placeholder on the resources they’d very much like to take from you.

  2. The ATF is gonna give Santa a real hassling about those 4473s……

    Passed on a MK-II 22/45 for 250. May regret that, but may not. I was gonna buy it for the nostalgia but I have a Ruger Standard anyways. Nothing to complain about in not getting it.

  3. Didn’t get nor do I need another firearm at this time. But, Santa did leave 10lbs of ffff primer powder. The long rifle will be happy for a couple years. Although I will need to knap a couple flints from the chunk I found in Wyoming a few years ago.

  4. Well, given the ATF’s proclivity for over-interpreting the law, I’m not sure you can even give one to yourself without being accused of a straw buy. Better off to give yourself a gift card and go in and buy it your own self.

    (It hurts to think like a lib.)

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