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Last one for the year, I promise.


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    • Mine was similar. She had no problem with men, but was decidedly non-friendly towards visiting lady-friends. It was a little weird. Not as strange as my mentally-ill demented troll is, but weird… 😉

    • We have had a number of cats over the years, the wife brings them in and then they decide they belong to me. Peculiar beasts all of them, including one who would chase down a wadded up piece of paper and then bring it back, drop it and sit for you to throw it again. That cat would fetch until your arm fell off.

      • Yeah they’re weird. Had dogs all my life, cats stayed down at the barn, never really got to know them.
        Now I got two cats. Smarter then I thought they’d be. I just wish they were more like a dog, instead of like a woman. I mean come here pretty kitty kitty only works if they want it to. Here Rover’s got that slobbering son of a bitch in your lap happy as can be.

        • “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul is, ‘What does a woman want?'”—Sigmund Freud

  1. Yeah, you’re doing it wrong. You get the gun you want and give it to your girl even though she has zero interest in it. Then you use it so it doesn’t go to waste.

    • That’s why I like the great big heavy caliber ones,
      and I wish you guys would quit arguing with me over which is better, a. 9mm glock or a 1911.50 cal behemoth, my girlfiend sometimes reads TTAG and she doesn’t need any wrong thought.
      Heavy gunms R Good, plastic gunms are cheap junk, We dont buy cheap junk, only the good stuff for gal.

      • I don’t really recommend watching it. It’s a totally fucked movie about Xenia, Ohio. A bunch of the cast were picked specifically for their previous or lingering substance abuse issues.

        It centers on a kid who shoots cats with a pellet gun and sells them to the local butcher. The kid’s not real smart so he opts to get paid by the cat rather than the same value per pound.

        The main character kid ends up in competition with another kid, who’s new to the town. The new kid has a different method of harvesting cats which is by putting out cans of tuna with broken glass mixed in and then tracking down the cats when they die of internal bleeding.

        • I worked in a grain elevator once, had rat poison everywhere also a cat, the cat ate the sick mice and when it had kittens it hemorrhaged to death.


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