Sonia Sotomayor
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor poses for a photo with a student who asked her a question as she walks through the crowd in attendance at Brown University. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)
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What happens when an 18-year-old thug brings his old, inferior S&W Sigma 9mm (but it has a laser!) to attempt a carjacking of trained U.S. Marshals guarding Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s residence in Washington, D.C.? Suffice it to say things didn’t go well for Kentrell Flowers. He got himself shot and his gun taken away.

So much for a brand new ride on this night.  Maybe he should have gone to summer school instead of taking a carjacking apprenticeship to go along with his pre-med studies at Georgetown.

Sotomayor’s residence. Image via Google Maps.

Just kidding about Georgetown.

The NY Post has the dirty details about the crime that lies just beneath the picturesque parts of Washington D.C.:

A deputy U.S. Marshal shot a would-be carjacker who pulled a gun on him while he was guarding Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s home in Washington, DC, authorities said.

Two deputies were parked outside Sotomayor’s home in northwest DC on July 5 when Kentrell Flowers, 18, allegedly walked up to one of their cars around 1:15 a.m. and pointed a gun at the bodyguard, the U.S. Marshals Service told The Post.

Mr. Flowers will likely survive his wounds.

For those who don’t have long memories, David Harsanyi notes on X how the same Justice Sotomayor sided with the dissent in the landmark McDonald decision that the little people in America – people like you and me – have no right to armed self-defense.

Easy to make such pronouncements when you get a protective detail watching over you and your family 24/7, which most of us don’t.

The Post also mentions a couple of other high-profile carjacking-related shootings that happened in DC in recent months.

In November, Secret Service Agents protecting President Biden’s granddaughter Naomi opened fire on a group of carjackers who were trying to break into an unmarked Secret Service vehicle just before midnight in Georgetown.

In January, former Trump administration official Mike Gill was fatally wounded by a carjacker as he sat in his vehicle on K Street at about 5:45 p.m.

The Secret Service has a protective detail on Biden’s granddaughter Naomi?  Does Hunter’s baby with the stripper gal also enjoy a protective detail?  Somehow I doubt it.

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  1. … another victim of social injustice – I’m sure Sotamaier would have rather theyhanded over the keys as a partial reparations.

  2. AWR Hawkins of Breitbart goes into detail of Sonia’s dissent against a private right of armed self-defense.

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    • Sotomayor,Kagan & Jackson are DEI justices(2 before anyone heard the term). Jackson can’t even define what a woman “is”. If Dims try to pack the court(shades of FDR) we need to being back T&F. I have no problem protecting them🙄

    • We used to do the whole Repub schtick… Precinct meetings, rallys, go to the state conventions, etc. We saw where they were going 25 – 30 years ago when they removed planks for fiscal responsibility and at that point we said “YOU AIN’T GETTING ANOTHER DIME OUTTA US!!”
      And they HAVEN’T.

        • John Cornyn, Dan Crenshaw and the rest of the heirs of John McCain. I laugh at the foos who think the GOP is on our side.

          Take the guns first and worry about dur process later.

          Keep chewing away at that shit sandwich folks. swallow it down.

        • But very different when it comes to appointing judges who either defend or attack the Constitution. That’s a world of difference that relates to guns and rights in general. If people want to change the NFA, then they need to begin with their own US Reps and Senators. Send a bill to a Republican president, and see what happens.

          I didn’t see anything in there about abortion either. Yet we just overturned Roe v Wade thanks to R-appointed justices. Keep in mind that they’re trying to get elected by appealing to a wide audience. They know which issues are polling well right now.

  3. Racism!!!
    Not only is he a “justice impacted individual,” he’s also a lead impacted individual.😂

  4. You’d think the unmarked government vehicles would be pretty easy to spot and avoid for a theft attempt in the capital. Are DC thieves just dumber than the rest of the country’s?

    • Except it has a worse trigger, an unobtanium magazine, and next to no aftermarket support to safely (looking at you, Apex Trigger kit) rectify these issues or the others stemming from it being the original Glock knockoff.

  5. Lets apply the anti-gun logic here…

    Obviously, Secret Service protection details are why these ‘justice impacted individuals’ comitted their crimes. If Secret Service protection details did not exist these ‘justice impacted individuals’ would have been upstanding citizens that made good choices in life. So lets ban Secret Service protection details.

  6. oh sure perfectly FINE for her to have PERSONAL ARMED SECURITY To Protect her, but take the guns away from people for THEIR Protection. How can she judge Guns when her ARMED Secret Service Detail uses it for their protection. and the WHOLE Block Gets their own BLOCK Security too. That’s unfair.

    • What a coincidence, that’s the same firm that I use – okay, it’s mostly because it’s the only one that I can afford.

  7. She’s got eyes on her 24/7 and probably slept through the storm…might as well the democRat roly-poly would have been no help and made matters worse.

    TRUMP 2024.

  8. “his old, inferior S&W Sigma 9mm (but it has a laser!)”

    Oh, the writers here on TtAG…

    lasers are so old fad as opposed to new fads like red dots. Good thing the young scholar wasn’t armed with a 1911 or it would have just crumbled to dust in his hands…(but it had tritium sights!)

    If it wasn’t made last week it is old and inferior. Just make sure to put a light saber and a dustbuster on the accessories rail (or whatever is the fad of the day!)

  9. Fat Enchilada is no worse than all the Trump appointments who voted right with her to deny cert for all the 2A cases they dumped a couple of weeks ago. The only justice who really is on our side is Thomas. The others don’t care about AWBs, Mag bans or any other part of our RKBA being denied. A right delayed is a right denied. Maybe next year? Maybe in 2 years? Maybe in 5 years? Maybe never…

    I look at this fat enchilada and see the same thing as when I look in creepy-eyes ACB.

    • Dear lord.
      They denied cert because the cases hadn’t been tried yet at the proper levels. I don’t want a Supreme Court with the power to step in to any appeals court at will and dictate judicial process. If it can be used for us, it will be used against us when the pendulum swings.
      We didn’t get here in a day, we won’t get out of here in a day. With Chevron gone, we actually have a chance now to undo the damage FDR started.

  10. An obese Hispanic suffering from diabetes and poor literacy and Constitutional legal skills. Just read some of her opinions.

    The poster child of diversity hires.

    Otherwise, the perfect Democrat pick for SCOTUS

    • According to the news story ” one of the officers drew his weapon and fired several shots at the suspect, with the second agent also firing at Flowers. ” He was transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.
      I dunno, maybe they were only carrying bb pistols ?

      • And here I was under the impression the Secret Service are the highly trained professionals who are sufficiently trained to handle firearms.


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