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Gun Review: ATI Omni Hybrid Polymer AR-15


With President Obama’s election a few years back and the Great Assault Weapon Scare of 2012, there was a ton of demand for AR-15 rifles. The shortage eventually got to the point where it started making economic sense for companies to make plastic receivers instead of taking all that time to mill out an aluminum forging. But with the use of plastic instead of aluminum, you lose some of the rigidity and strength that made the firearm usable. Enter the hybrid lower receiver, where a small block of metal is molded into the receiver itself to strengthen it. Some companies have done this well. Unfortunately, ATI is not one of them . . .

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Gun Review: NAA Mini Revolver


In the world of production firearms, there aren’t many smaller than the offerings from North American Arms. Its Guardian series is about as petite as semi-automatic pistols come, and I believe its Mini-Revolvers may be the smallest production revolvers in the world. There really aren’t many clothing choices — at least ones you can legally get away with in public — that would prevent carrying a gun this small. As I’ve owned an NAA Mini in .22 LR for about 5 years now, I think it’s high time I officially reviewed it . . .

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Gun Review: Czech Vzor 58

The Czechoslovakian Sa Vz. 58 assault rifle has to rank high as one of the least understood and most underappreciated military rifles of the twentieth century. Case in point: for many years I thought that it was simply a copy of the AK-47. But I’m not alone: I’ve even seen it described in books as being an “AK.” However, outward appearances aside, they only thing the Vz. 58 has in common with an AK-47 is the round it shoots:  the M43 (7.62 x 39mm). In fact, internally this rifle has more in common with Walther P38s, Beretta 92s, Brens, and Glocks than it does with an AK-47. Over the past couple years, I had the opportunity to test two civilian-legal adaptations of the original Czech design: the D-Techniks Vz. 58 “Sporter”, and a Century Arms International Inc. parts kit build called the “Vz. 2008.” . . .

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Gun Review: CMMG Mk4 3GR

CMMG Mk4 3GR, c Nick Leghorn

It seems like all of the major firearms manufacturers these days are going after the 3-gun market.And that’s great, since the sport is absolutely booming and the only serious manufacturers making things for 3-gun have been Noveske, Stag, Sampson Mfg and Lancer. But this year at SHOT, a handful of big-name manufacturers decided to take a shot at making a 3-gun rifle, and CMMG’s MK4 3GR was among those whose guns looked the nicest . . .

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Gun Review: Sam Yang Dragon Claw Air Rifle


We don’t review many air guns here at TTAG, but it’s a segment of the American gun industry that’s growing right alongside traditional firearms. Thanks to modern enhancements in compressed air technology the guns are getting more powerful and more accurate every year. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where hunting medium sized game with an air rifle is actually a feasible option. Sam Yang Industries have come out with a series of air rifles designed to fill that specific niche — air rifles for hunting — and their “top of the line” model is the Dragon Claw. Air Venturi is the US importer and they were nice enough to send me one to review . . .

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Project Build: The Ultimate Mosin Nagant


I had been feeling bad about my poor Mosin. There it was, sitting under a bunk bed in the cabin. All but forgotten and slowly rusting away. It had probably been two years since it was last fired. I know I’m not alone here – there are maybe 4,000,000 Mosin Nagants in the U.S.. Hard to say how many of the apparently 37,000,000 or so that were produced actually made it to our shores, but it’s fair to say they’re pretty ubiquitous in gun safes, closets, attics and under beds all over the country. The world, really. Many of those not getting shot much. Rusting . . .

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Gun Review: PWS MK114 Rifle


The debate has raged for years: AR-15 or AK-47. Precision or reliability, direct impingement or piston, 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington. Usually the process of choosing a “perfect” rifle for competition, self defense or even hunting is filled with compromises that need to be weighed in order to determine which tool fits the job best. But not with PWS’s line of rifles . . .

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