Gun Review: Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

Ruger’s new Precision Rifle created quite the buzz when it was announced. As a tech guy by day, I shudder every time I hear phrases like “paradigm shift”, but to look at Ruger’s newest rifle, you’d be hard pressed to find a different phrase to describe what they’ve done. On paper, you have a very modular platform chambered in three very competent, long range, short action cases that makes great use of an already thriving aftermarket for the AR-15. The RPR, no matter the flavor, is adjustable, modular, and functional. And let’s not dance around the subject…it’s affordable, too. So when I got the nod to have one shipped to me, I knew I was either going to be very happy or very disappointed . . .

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Gun Review: The 0% GLOCK GLOCK -or- Lone Wolf Limited Edition 2014


“Perfection” is a strong marketing slogan, but it hasn’t stopped dozens of companies from manufacturing aftermarket replacement parts in the quest to upgrade the perfection that is GLOCK pistols. One of the oldest and largest players in this game is Lone Wolf Distributing, best known perhaps for its caliber conversion and extended length barrels. But they make a lot more than that. In fact, with the recent release of Lone Wolf’s locking blocks for compact and full-size frames, the company now makes or sells a replacement option for every single part that comprises a GLOCK. Including the frame. So, can you build a “GLOCK” with zero factory GLOCK parts whatsoever? Why yes. Yes you can. . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Review – Kimber Stainless Target II 10mm


By David Kronenfeld

I’ve always been a 1911 fan. Perhaps it comes from my childhood memories of flipping through my great grandfather’s World War I scrapbook and idolizing his service in the War to End All Wars. My favorite picture is of him and his childhood sweetheart who he married just prior to shipping off to France. While Jeff Cooper would not have approved of his trigger finger placement, it’s an image that left an indelible imprint on my impressionable young mind. I’m also a fan of 1911s chambered in something other than .45 ACP . . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Review – Henry Big Boy Steel in .45 Long Colt

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By Max Simpson

My first rifle was a .22 Henry lever action and a Marlin in .357 was the first centerfire rifle I shot. Unfortunately, by the time I was searching for a lever gun in a pistol cartridge, the options were limited. Winchester was no longer making rifles in the U.S. and Marlin was suffering teething problems from a factory relocation. An 1873 by Uberti was appealing, but a bit out of my price range. Rossis were inexpensive but disassembly of the 1892 action was daunting. There were just too many little slotted screws. I tend to favor guns made in the U.S., which didn’t work in favor of a Rossi or Uberti . . .

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Gun Review: Shaolin Rifleworks 300 BLK Carbine


Shaolin Rifleworks says they’re making the most accurate AR-pattern rifles in the world. At SHOT Show 2015, I had a good time shooting their .223 and .308 rifles along with this .300 AAC Blackout carbine, but a gusting ~20 mph crosswind meant trying for indicative 100-yard groups was basically out of the question. Thankfully, Shaolin followed up by loaning me the .300 BLK version and I’ve been shooting it for a couple of months now. . .

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Gun Review: Serbu SUPER-SHORTY Shotgun



For nearly 20 years, Mark Serbu’s SUPER-SHORTY has been the standard-bearer among the super-compact shotgun set. Built from either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870 that started life with a pistol grip, the S-S is considered an “Any Other Weapon” (AOW) under NFA law, meaning a $5 tax stamp instead of $200 as with other NFA items. I’m really not sure if most people buy these just for screwing around and having fun or if it’s for more practical purposes, but I do know that the S-S is capable of filling both roles. . .

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Gun Review: Olympic Arms MPR308-15M


By Joshua Gillem

Every so often, something comes out of the firearms industry that forces you to stop and think, “Why has it taken them so long to fill this gap?” I’ve had the privilege to say that I’ve had my hands on one of those firearms during the course of the last few weeks and every time I show it to a new gun enthusiast, they agree with that sentiment. I’m talking about the Olympic Arms MPR308-15M. But, before you roll your eyes at the photos and pass this along as “just another AR” review, read on because as far as I can tell, there isn’t anything else like this on the market. You’re looking at a rifle capable of firing two totally different calibers . . .

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Gun Review: Arsenal Firearms Strike One


All else being equal, a lower bore axis will result in less felt recoil and less muzzle rise, as the recoil energy has less leverage over a shooter’s hands, wrists, and arms. GLOCK set the bar pretty high (errr, low?) in that area, but that didn’t stop companies like Steyr and Caracal from designing polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols with even less height and mass above the shooter’s hands. If we’re keeping score, though, it’s now the Strike One from Arsenal Firearms that’s king of the lowest hill. Great in theory and on paper, but what does this all mean from the driver’s seat? . . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Review – Primary Weapons Systems Piston .308 AR Comparison


By Austin Knudsen

One of the groups of people that I had the good fortune of meeting at SHOT via my good friend E.J. Redding was the folks at Primary Weapons Systems (PWS). E.J. has been shooting PWS rifles in 3-gun matches for a few years now, and I’ve handled a few of their products whilst smoking cigars in E.J.’s workshop over the years. PWS is located in Parma, Idaho, and they manufacture high-end AR-platform firearms in various calibers (not to mention their wicked-cool Summit T-bolt .22 rifle) . . .

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Gun Review: Primary Weapons Systems T3 Summit Rifle


SHOT Show 2011: Primary Weapons Systems introduces its T3 Summit Rifle, a 10/22-based, .22 LR rifle with a really slick toggle action (think biathlon gun). It is one of the coolest, sexiest looking rifles anywhere with its carbon fiber tension barrel and sculpted, laminated stock. It’s lightweight, lights out accurate, and whisper quiet when suppressed. Yet, fast forward to a couple months ago and I picked up serial number 495 fresh off the production line. Seriously, WTF? This thing is freaking sweet. PWS should sell that many every month! Why aren’t they? Let’s go in for a closer look . . .

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Gun Review: Taurus Curve


Concealed carry handguns are still all the rage at the range. Guns like the GLOCK 43 and S&W Shield are flying off the store shelves as the number of people legally able to carry a concealed handgun skyrockets nationwide. The standard approach gun companies have been taking to satisfy this market is to shrink their existing handgun designs and call it good. Taurus, however, wanted to do something different. They created a gun that was designed from the ground up as a concealed carry handgun, and the result is the Taurus Curve . . .

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