Gun Review: S&W Governor (Take Three)

When Smith & Wesson introduced their ‘Governor’ .410/.45 Colt/.45 ACP revolver at the 2011 SHOT show, many gun guys assumed Hell had frozen over. Smith & Wesson imitating Taurus? More specifically, the Taurus Judge,...

G2 Research Announces ‘World’s Deadliest’ 12 Gauge Shotgun Round

You may know G2 Research from their uber-hyped G2 R.I.P. ammunition. That's the personal defense round with "trocars," shards of metal that break off from the main bullet on impact intended to maximize internal...

Gun Review: Remington V3 Field Sport Shotgun

If your father took the leap and bought one of those new-fangled auto-loading shotguns, there's a good chance he bagged rabbits, busted clays, killed turkeys or downed ducks with an elegant Remington 1100 or the more workmanlike (but versatile)...
Remington Versa Max Tactical Shotgun Review

Gun Review: Remington Versa Max Tactical Shotgun

Goodbye Mossberg 500. Goodbye Remington 870. Goodbye to every pump-action shotgun I own. I never thought I’d say it, but the gun I’m counting on the most, the gun that has taken the place...
NJ Concealment furniture long gun storage

3 Options For Safely Storing Your Home Defense Shotgun

The point of a home defense shotgun is having an effective long gun that you can quickly get into a fight and put a two- or four-legged intruder down. A 3-inch slug will do...

Gun Review: Kalashnikov USA KS-12 Shotgun

  There’s something undeniably rugged about the AK-47 design. Intended to be used by relatively untrained conscripts and maintained less frequently than Robert’s guns (if that’s even possible) it keeps working under even the worst...

Gun Review: Serbu SUPER-SHORTY Shotgun

  For nearly 20 years, Mark Serbu's SUPER-SHORTY has been the standard-bearer among the super-compact shotgun set. Built from either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870 that started life with a pistol grip, the...

Gun Review: Remington Model 887 Nitromag

(This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. See details here.) By Shawn Graber Several years ago, I found myself in need of a shotgun. A former roommate had decided he wanted my...
Taurus Judge isn't the best concealed carry gun

Taurus Judge: Not the Best Choice for Carry?

The Taurus Judge series of .410-firing pistols proves that aggressive marketing can sell ice to Eskimos. The self-defense pistols aren't ideal for handgun buyers seeking stopping power or concealability. Why are so many otherwise...
Henry Lever Action Axe .410

Gun Review: Henry Lever Action Axe .410

If you are the type who doesn't take every gun purchase seriously, then the Henry Axe .410 might just be for you. This isn't a terribly practical or necessarily useful gun for most people,...

Gun Review: Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

Every now and then an invention completely redefines a genre. The iPhone. The microwave oven. Snuggies. The Kel-Tec KSG. While the 14+1 round shotgun doesn't instantly render current home defense scatterguns obsolete---wait. There's no...

Gun Review: Yildiz SPZ ME 12 Gauge Over-and-Under Shotgun

Back in '09, my college buddies and I spent the occasional afternoon at the local trap and skeet club. One of our crew shot for our school's rifle team; he busted clays with a...