Gun Review: Remington ADL .243

Yes, you read that correctly – this is a review of the Remington ADL. I’m not talking about that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in the 1970’s. I’m talking about the cheapest Remington 700 that you can buy today. A Model 700 so cheap that Remington barely acknowledges its existence. You can’t […]

Gear Review: Muzzleblast AR500 Steel Targets

Back in September, I reviewed the MGM full-size IPSC AR500 steel target. I gave it high-marks and you’ll be happy to know that it’s holding up just fine. Of course, the fact that I have yet to shoot a single center-fire rifle bullet at it probably helps. I was going to buy another MGM target […]

Project Budget Precision: Remington 700 AAC-SD Pt.1

A few months ago I was skimming through some of TTAG’s older posts. I re-spotted Nick’s 1000-yard rifle for $500 project. Like many of you I’ve been anxiously awaiting the results, to see what could be pulled from a stock rifle with zero gunsmithing work and a scope that costs less than a decent bipod. Unfortunately, […]

Gear Review: SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders

If you read the TTAG About Us page – and you know you should – then you know that I’m currently wrapping up my Master’s Degree in Environmental Management. After working for the past 6 years as a chemist in the semiconductor research and development world, my career will be making a drastic switch this […]

TTAG Gear Review: Mildot Master

Everyone who has looked to purchase a scope has without a doubt run across the “mil”, “MOA”, and “milrad” abbreviations. I have a top-notch factory Remington 700 (XCR Tactical Long Range) that is just itching to be tested. The only problem was deciding on what glass to purchase. I eventually decided and placed my order […]