.40 Smith & Wesson? Yes Please!

David Tong [via ammoland.com] writes: There’ve long been questions regarding the reason the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge has been losing popularity, even though as of as late as 2011, some 65 percent of American law enforcement was carrying a pistol chambered in the round. Its gestation has been so oft-repeated (Miami 1986 FBI shootout, […]

TTAG Changes Ownership: Housekeeping

You may have noticed that my byline’s disappeared from The Truth About Guns. There’s a reason for that . . . Last week, after more than eight years of blogging, after writing more than eight million words about guns, I sold TTAG to Wide Open Media (WOM). Rest assured: TTAG’s in good hands. WOM is […]

BREAKING: Pulse Nightclub Killer’s Wife Walks

“The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter was found not guilty Thursday of aiding and abetting her husband’s deadly, Islamic State-inspired attack and obstructing the FBI’s investigation into the incident,” washingtonpost.com reports.  The stunning verdict means . . . that Noor Salman, 31, can go free, and no one has yet been held criminally responsible […]

101 Uses for a .9mm Handgun

You may have heard about a recent incident where police shot a man armed with an iPhone, which they claim they mistook for a gun. And you may have wondered, why can’t they tell the difference between an iPhone and a firearm? Well it’s hard to see in the dark, with adrenaline pumping. But not […]