Should I Buy A .300 Blackout Upper For My AR?

One of the reasons that the AR-15 platform is America’s most popular rifle is its versatility and ease of customization. For most people, changing calibers is usually as simple as buying another upper and swapping it out. And that’s what makes adding 300 Blackout blackout capability to your AR-15 so attractive. The cartridge has become […]

Why a Shotgun Makes a Great, Affordable Home Defense Tool

Some things just never change. In a time when pistol caliber carbines and ARs have become so popular, especially with some of younger gun buyers, a shotgun is still quite affordable and remains an outstanding choice for home defense. The technology might be centuries old, but it still works extremely well and will stop bad […]

Military Surplus Guns You Can Still Afford

Oh, the days when military surplus guns like a Mosin-Nagant could be had by the armful for about $100 each, along with all the corrosive steel case surplus ammo you could shoot. Those were the heady days back when I had hair, my knees didn’t make weird noises, and I even had some self-esteem. Just […]

How To Dye Your Polymer Gun Parts

Over the last couple years I have featured a couple of AR builds here on TTAG and elsewhere that had Russian Bakelite colored stocks and mags. Some people really loved the look of them and I have subsequently found my images “borrowed” and used on social media by shameless charlatans. Over that time I was […]

3 Alternative AR-15 Rifle Chamberings To Consider

Let’s face it: getting an AR rifle in .223/5.56 is BORING. It’s too easy! Everyone has one. It shows a lack of imagination. Oh, okay, fine. .223 and 5.56 NATO has their virtues. It’s cheap, which means you can do a lot more shooting than with other chamberings. It’s proven in self-defense capacities, too. If […]