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Today is the day that the Louisiana House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will debate the constitutional, or “permitless,” carry measure being considered in the state legislature.

The measure, Senate Bill 1, was passed by the Senate last week with overwhelming support. Backers are hopeful it will receive the same treatment in the House.

Current Louisiana law prohibits the carrying of a concealed firearm and provides that Louisiana residents who meet certain eligibility requirements may apply for and be issued a concealed handgun permit, then must possess the concealed handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun in the state. Under the proposed law, carry would be permitted for any person who is 18 years of age or older and who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under any federal or state law.

Not only would the new law do away with the need to pay for permission to practice a constitutional right, but it would also alleviate the red tape involved with applying for an receiving a carry permit in the Pelican State.

The measure was authored by State Sen. Blake Miguez, who was delighted when the Senate passed the measure last week.

“Thank you Senate Republicans for passing #SB1 Constitutional Carry unanimously today!” Miguez posted on X, formerly called Twitter. “This important legislation will bring stronger #2A self-defense rights to Louisiana similar to those enjoyed by citizens in neighboring states.”

Miguez believes that if passed by the House and signed into law, the measure will take power out of the government’s hands that it was never supposed to have in the first place.

“Government is not here to place barriers to our constitutional rights,” Miguez told USA Today Network. “Criminals already carry concealed handguns without government permission.”

If approved by the House and signed by Gov. Jeff Landry, the measure would take effect on April 19, 2024. And as we mentioned recently, Landry has indicated he strongly supports such a measure.

“I have always said we are going to pass constitutional carry,” Landry said back in December. “I support further strengthening the rights of our citizens and their ability to exercise their Second Amendment right. As a police officer, I never went to a crime scene in which the perpetrator had a concealed carry permit.”


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  1. Actually an amendment was added to SB1 and changed the enactment date to July 4, 2024

    [quote]1 AMENDMENT NO. 1
    2 On page 3, line 19, change “April 19, 2024” to “July 4, 2024.”[/quote]

  2. Pass it Louisiana! Meanwhile I carry legally in Indiana with no permit. Unlike ILLannoy which sux🙄 Pray tell which is “safer”?

  3. “As a police officer, I never went to a crime scene in which the perpetrator had a concealed carry permit.”

    Yes, permit holders have met the requirements for training and background checks to carry a concealed weapon.

    But the proposed legislation would do away with the concealed carry permit process so the LEO statement above makes no sense and doesn’t apply.

    • minor49iq…I do reckon one can still obtain a state issued permission slip if so desired. The soon to be antiquated permission slip/scheme still has benefits like no NCIC background checks for cardholders, etc. Nonetheless once passed criminals will think twice instead of relying on the state to supply them with defenseless victims.

    • That’s because the quote was taken out of context:

      “Bill Profita with the Baton Rouge Police Union worries such a law would result in misunderstandings between law-abiding citizens and police during traffic stops.

      “If it’s working, why would you tend to take all the time, study and effort that these people put in to passing that class, and the background check, and learning about firearm safety, and basically just throw it all away?” Profita asked. “And it might just be to say, ‘Hey, your tire is looking a bit low,’ and the person who is carrying might decide they’re gonna shift this gun to their lap for whatever reason. A concealed carry holder would not do that; they know you’re not supposed to do that, so I think you add a whole other level of danger for your first responders,” Profita concluded.

      Governor Elect Jeff Landry said in response on Wednesday, “I have always said we are going to pass constitutional carry. I support further strengthening the rights of our citizens and their ability to exercise their Second Amendment right. As a police officer, I never went to a crime scene in which the perpetrator had a concealed carry permit.”


      • “That’s because the quote was taken out of context:”

        Miner is shooting blanks again today, par for the course. I’ve got my fruit cup in the desk in case he wants to continue.

      • Sadly you’re having difficulty with comprehending this sentence.

        He was saying that he believes the permit process is responsible for the fact that he’s never arrested a perpetrator who has a concealed carry license.

        Because there will now be tens of thousands of folks who will not be required to take the training, that level of protection for the police officers will be removed.

        • Sadly — I mean, unsurprisingly, Miner49er has difficulty with understanding context.

          The contextual discussion that led to Landry’s comment was not quoted in the TTAG article. To attempt to apply it to another conversation altogether is dishonest. But that’s how Miner rolls.

          Say, Miner, have I mentioned yet today that you can go fuck yourself? If not, I apologize for the oversight. Asshole.

  4. This thing has been dragged through the mud for far too long. An open carry state does not need roadblocks and timelines just to wear a coat over a firearm or keep in a purse, etc.

    A few genius lawmakers want to hold people who leave a firearm in a vehicle liable should someone steal it. Never mind the same lawmakers who denied conceal carry and forced people to leave firearms in vehicles, they’ll never mention that or hold themselves accountable. They did waterdown the idea to unlocked vehicles.

    The July 4 date will be used by those opposed to denigrate the law with sounds of firecrackers being twisted into gun shots…bad date, bad idea. Make it just another day that will come and go unnoticed.

    • “Never mind the same lawmakers who denied conceal carry and forced people to leave firearms in vehicles, they’ll never mention that or hold themselves accountable.”
      Debbie that is excellent. A better date of July 4 could not be found……Independence Day.

      As Senator Morris pointed out in 2021 when 4 RINOs reneged on their yeah, we already can carry open, what’s the big deal of placing a shirt, jacket etc over it?

    • Louisiana is an open carry state, Lil’ Debbie. Second time that I’ve stated this today.

      Should I repeat it once more?

  5. “As a police officer, I never went to a crime scene in which the perpetrator had a concealed carry permit.”
    Laws are to prosecute those who do wrong and should not limit the rights of good citizens.
    Perpetrators of crime should be punished and good citizens should not have their rights limited because of the criminal actions of bad guys. People’s goodness and people prepared to deal with those devoid of goodness is what keeps people safe.
    The criminal gets to pick the time and place and if it will or will not happen. The only thing you can do is be prepared for when the violent criminal chooses that time and place.

    People with a permit are not perfect no more than training is a guarantee that bad things won’t happen. CC laws are only for the good citizens since criminals already do as they please. And the common ground/common sense solution is available and recorded in the U S Constitution.

  6. things are looking up
    there are now 42 states
    that have some form
    of permitless
    open or concealed carry

  7. Be interesting to see a objective study on how crime stats changed in these Constitutional carry states in a few years.
    Also compare Blue cities in Red states that have stricter carry laws and how those crime stats changed in a few years.
    As we have already seen gun grabbers try to make the claim that Red states have higher crime rates than Blue states. But when we really read into the numbers we see it is actually Blue cities in Red states who have the real crime problems.

    • I am of the opinion that permitless carry states see little if any change in crime. My thinking is all that constitutional carry does is make the people who were packing before the law is enacted suddenly become law abiding. They don’t suddenly become more or less law abiding than before. Citizens will be citizens and criminals will still be scum bags. As we all know, carry restrictions are really just political means of control.

      • “I am of the opinion that permitless carry states see little if any change in crime“

        Fortunately, we do have actual research on this issue:

        “State lawmakers made concealed firearms legal without a permit. Then, more West Virginians died.
        Lawmakers who supported the 2016 law said it would help keep people safe. But there were significant increases in gun homicides after it was enacted, according to a new study from WVU researchers.
        by Allen Siegler
        October 12th, 2023
        As the end of the 2016 West Virginia legislative session approached, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin hosted a press conference in front of an audience of law enforcement officers from around the state.

        They applauded as the governor vetoed House Bill 4145, a proposal to allow adults to carry a hidden gun without a permit.

        “This is just bad law,” said Steve Tanner, then-president of the West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association. “It endangers law enforcement and endangers the public.”
        But in the months and years after the law was enacted, more West Virginians died from guns. A study, conducted by West Virginia University researchers and published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that firearm deaths were about 26% more frequent in the state after legislators passed HB 4145.“


        • Didn’t that very same article get blown the fuck out for being contrived nonsense the last time you posted it?

        • From the study:

          “This may suggest”

          May I suggest, Miner, that you eat a bag of dicks? Perhaps go fuck yourself while you’re at it?

  8. Louisiana has the following qualifications you must attain before you get a permit to carry. To do away with this very necessary training with idiotic Constitutional carry is just plain insanity.

    Louisiana law states that an applicant shall demonstrate competence with a handgun.
    Applicants must provide a copy of proof of training with their original (5 year or lifetime) or renewal application.
    Lifetime permit holders will have to provide proof of recertification training every 5 years.
    Approved firearms safety training tuition costs vary by organization and are not regulated by the DPS&C.
    A list of approved instructors can be found HERE.
    Original Applications – Specific modes of demonstrating competence are listed in LRS 40:1379.3 (D)(1) and also in LAC 55:I.1311.A
    Renewal Applications – Specific modes of demonstrating competence are listed in LAC 55:I.1311.B.
    Training for both applications shall include:
    instruction on handgun nomenclature and safe handling;
    instruction on ammunition knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting;
    instruction on handgun shooting positions;
    instruction on the use of deadly force and conflict resolution which shall include a review of R.S. 14:18 through 14:22 and which may include a review of any other laws relating to the use of deadly force;
    instruction on child access prevention; and
    actual live range fire and proper handgun cleaning procedures

    • Allowing people to vote with no ID, no training and no background check is insanity.

      Allowing people to speak without……..

      Just admit it dacian. You are a nat-zee.

    • to dacian
      How about you support the requirement to read and write before being allowed to vote???

      • English!

        Further, l strongly support universal background checks, psych evals and training – for registering voters. Once you are registered to vote, you should be required to own and maintain a firearm – unless you want to get a permit. To NOT own a gun…

  9. It is hard to believe that a person can be so stupid as dacian.
    Louisiana already has open carry and NO training is required.
    Training is no guarantee that accidents won’t happen.
    Senator Miguez when he was a Representative authored bills that created Free online training that anyone anywhere could take at their leisure and an account does Not have to be created nor do they have to give a name, email address etc…simply click: https://www.lsp.org/services/concealed-handgun-information/handgun-education-courses/
    and start the course at your leisure.
    Police don’t know who is carrying now so SB1 does not change that.
    Criminals already carry so SB1 has absolutely nothing to do with them.

    SB 1 is completely/totally for the good citizen. SB 1 recognizes the right of a good citizen to protect themselves, families and others. Politicians took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and it is high time they quit denying the Constitution and violating their oath of office.
    The Constitution is our common ground and common sense flows forth from that document.

    Prosecute those who break laws and leave good citizens alone. It is the person doing the crime and not the instrument. Good citizens should not be punished for the crimes of others. Limiting good citizen’s rights only places good citizens in danger and does absolutely nothing to prevent crime by bad guys.

    SB 1 did pass the Adm of Criminal Justice Committee this morning. Now the bill heads for a 3rd reading and floor debate and final passage which should occur tomorrow at the latest.

    • Did you listen in on the hearing?
      I did. The antis where in full form from pleas of emotion to interest balancing and going off on tangents that had nothing to do with the proposed bill.

      • @John Locke. My computer has problems and I heard some but not all. However, I did hear enough to remind me of what I have been hearing for several years. Those opposing show no respect for good citizens or their rights. Any subject can be “what if” to death. SB1 is about the rights of good citizens……period.
        SB 14 was an attempt to gut SB1 and add Red Flag laws was just deferred in Senate Committee C which was chaired by Senator Morris who had his bill 118 killed in 2021 when 4 RINOs reneged on their yeah votes and killed 118 in the veto session.

      • “Did you listen in on the hearing?”

        I tried. Did they rearrange the agenda? I was following the posted agenda and it appeared that they skipped the bill. But they may have moved it up. Can you confirm?

    • Your denial of reality is fascinating, but the black letters of this forum show it was not I who brought up the subject.

      “Chris T in KY
      February 26, 2024 At 12:50
      Don’t call your representatives. That’s a waste of time. Don’t vote. Don’t get involved. Just sit back and enjoy your legal butt sex“

      • You’re always the one who notices it and then comments on it.

        As you said yourself — “creepy.”

    • Unknown, SB1 passed the Adm of Criminal Justice Committee by 10 yeahs and 3 nays with 2 absent one of which was the chairwoman.
      SB 1 now is assigned to the legislative bureau after which it will go to the full house for a 3rd reading and final passage which could happen Tuesday.

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