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A new study conducted by the Center for Justice Research in partnership with Bowling Green State University found contrary to concerns by left-leaning politicians that gun crime has indeed gone down—not up—in six of the state’s eight largest cities since the state passed permitless carry in June 2022.

According to 19 News, the study focused on crimes involving firearms, verified gunshot detection alerts and the number of police officers struck by gunfire. The study found:

  • Gun crimes decreased overall in the eight cities when numbers were combined.
  • Gun crimes declined as much as 22% in one city (Parma) and 18 percent in two cities (Toledo and Akron).
  • Dayton (6%) and Cincinnati (5%) were the only two specific cities that saw increases in gun crimes.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who commissioned the study, noted that these numbers shouldn’t downplay the “very real problem of gun violence in our cities” but added, “…the key takeaway here is that we need to focus on criminals, not responsible gun owners.”

Wonder if any other state’s attorney generals are listening?

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  1. Makes sense since when States passed Make My Day and Castle Domain Laws home burglaries declined in number. Robbers didn’t want to meet up with Mr. Smith and Wesson unexpectedly.

    • Never, ever forget, the RKBA of the 1775 Patriots still is in force today. Rights never die.
      Also, Madison in Federalist 49 champions how “constitutional limitations” will always protect the inalienable rights of the People in that what is NOT SPECIFICALLY ALLOWED TO GOVERNMENT ACTIONS, IS ABSOLUTLEY DENIED! FULL STOP!
      The Second Amendment is an absolute prohibition to government to act upon possession of firearms by the lawful……….. all type firearms.
      Lastly, no lawful American can be charged a: fee, tax, permit, license or registration to lawfully exercise a right.

  2. Yes Constitutional Carry Works. Big NRA news coming…Will contributions resume? Depends on more than one thing.

    • I’ll be more inclined, but I’m waiting to see how things shake out. If I don’t see any changes and more transparency concerning spending, nope.

    • We need to open the books and see how much money was mis-used and stolen by King Wayne etc. and seek restitution b 4 my contributions begin. The SAF etc. has been doing what the Not Relevant Anymore hasn’t been doing.

    • Yep.
      But, in dacian’s mind its Ohio so that makes it okay because Ohio is better then the rest of America.
      That’s what irks me about dacian. He supposedly has AK’s n AR’s n Tommy Gunms, pistols, revolvers, and all kinds of blasters and that’s Okay because he is dacian, the rest of us our hill jack dumb hillbillies that can’t be trusted with a slingshot.
      Better then Thou

    • Maybe. Maybe he’s just upset that he lives in Ohio? The corn in Indiana leans East because of how bad Ohio sucks…

  3. Homicides went up throughout all of the U.S. during the Pandemic. Ohio’s laws had zero to do with the drop in homicides after the Pandemic as its a nationwide drop not just a 1 state drop.

    • *Homicide went up in states that enacted bail reform and particularly in democrat run cities. FTFY

    • that’s correct dacian..laws have zero to do with homicides.
      Laws have zero to do with any crime because criminals do not abide by the law.
      That is why law abiding citizens should have access to any of the types of weapons their adversaries have.
      No one runs a stop sign because its against the Law.

      • dacian logic. Laws make crime so if the law is removed then crime will go away.

        According to dacian’s holy book Das Kapital, criminals are considered ideologically close and citizens are ideologically apart. The book also professes “to each according to their abilities and to each according to their needs”. Sounds like dacian is a part of antifa’s anarchist block instead of the s0cialist block.

    • Is anyone supposed to believe if the rate went up you wouldn’t be blaming the carry law for the increase?

    • You mean during the pandemic, defund law enforcement and the black lives matter shit the homicide rate went up? Yeah, it did. What a surprise. My sister lived in Cincinnati for decades. She’s safely back in Florida now.

    • Well you’re almost right. Rates were roughly the same as previous year in January, February, March, and April of 2020. The rates went up and stayed up brining in May is 2020.

      In unrelated news the “peaceful” George Floyd riots, Defund the police, and the beginning of cashless bail started in May of 2020.

      I am sure there is no possible connection.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, and just what do you base your unfounded conclusion? You don’t have the common sense of an amoeba.

      Hoplophobes like you are scared stiff of an inanimate object.

      Have you found out what the firing sequence of a cartridge is?

  4. Joe Biden said it best, and honestly: “We believe in truth over facts!”

    Stats, data, facts, are useless when dealing with people driven by, and worshiping, emotion.

  5. I believe that the Republican governor. The RINO in Ohio did not want this to become law.

    • That Republican governor is focused on tranzing the kids. I doubt the people of Ohio thought they were voting for that. We need to do a better job of vetting candidates.

      • Sort of. He vetoed the law, then issued an EO – he’s done at the end of his current term so this way he takes the hit, letting the legislators off the hook. DeWine is a bit of a squishy weasel in ways but he’s the consummate party pol.

  6. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who commissioned the study, noted that these numbers shouldn’t downplay the “very real problem of gun violence in our cities” but added, “…the key takeaway here is that we need to focus on criminals, not responsible gun owners.”

    I agree.

    This is a multi-faceted societal aspect of life. As more people within the general population legally arm themselves regularly carrying, the safer everyone becomes. The left claims they want the public to ‘feel safe’. Well, the way to do that does mean keeping the animals in their cages and allowing people 2nd Amendment rights. This isn’t all that complicated.

  7. So if drim is falling why are deaths by gun crime contonuing to rise as are mass shootings? I also fail to see ANY NREAL CONNECTION BETWEEN POLITIXAL VIEWPOINTS AND GUN CONTOLS. tHE WHOLE IDEA OF THAT IS TO CREATE POLITICAL DIVISIONS . In practicwe both hard ri9ght and hard Left political regimes are equally against allowing Citizens de4e rei9gn as far as gun ownershu ip hoes.If anybpfy is delusional enopugh to think that the likeS of Donald Trump is in the lomger term going to allow untrammelled ACCESS TO FIREARNS RHEN THEY arein for SHOCK. iF HER IS ONE NTHING all DICTATORS HAVE IN COMMON IT;S THE FEAR OF ci(vil unreszt AND insurrection EXCEPT WHHEN IT SERVES THEIR OWN BRIEF AGENDA. . tHE FIRST CASUALTIES OF A REVOLUTION ARE THOSE THAT ENAVLED IT IN THE FIRST P-Lace. QH? because they are rtyhe first to become dlesioned and the first to creATE PROBLEMS. TtHOSE WHP WOULD PUT TRUMP INTO THE W WHITE HOUSE ADEVSOING SO FOR REASONS OF SELF INTEREST AND NOT POU OF ANY IDEA OF UNSELFISH ALTRUISM

    • Albert L J Hall, the Brit. Well, it seems that your gun control propositions just don’t work. So your “solution” is to do more of the same? There are lots of things that you Lefties don’t see. First is that your gun control regimes just don’t work. I think I have said this before, but a gun is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything unless a human has it in his grubby little hands.

      Now you bemoan “access to firearms”. Wow! Nice try? And you fail to see the correlation between tyranny and gun control? Do you forget your brothers in the old Soviet Union? How about Nazi Germany? Red China? It seems that if it you and your Leftie cohorts with the agenda. Disarm the people to make your imposition of socialism much easier with little or no resistance.

      I also note that your spelling has gone to hell in a handbasket again. Don’t you Brits have spell check on your computers?

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