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Most of the states throughout mid-America’s heartland tend to lean far toward the pro-gun side of the Second Amendment debate. But that doesn’t stop the anti-gun minority in those states for pushing ill-conceived schemes that would restrict law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to curtail violent crime.

As in many states, the anti-gun advocates in Kansas have trotted out much the same laundry list of restrictions as are being considered in many less firearms-friendly states. And, of course, that includes a so-called “universal” background check measure.

SB 549 mandates a background check be conducted on every firearms transfer in the state. Of course, as required by federal law all transfers from licensed dealer are already subject to a federal background check. Private sales, like those between friends and hunting buddies, do not require such a government intrusion.

Of course, as we’ve explained before, expanding background checks would not stop many criminals from obtaining firearms. Federal studies have repeatedly found that persons imprisoned for firearm crimes get their firearms mostly through theft, the black market, or family members or friends. Requiring another “level” of such checks wouldn’t at all affect those buying guns from other criminals on the street.

Of course, one of the goals of those pushing “universal” background checks is to have a record of every firearm sold. That helps them create a de facto gun registry of what Americans own what guns—a registry that is banned by federal law.

Another punitive measure, SB 548, would repeal Kansas’ constitutional carry status, which has already proven successful and cannot be linked in any way to increased violent crime. The measure would also exempt colleges and universities from the public buildings requirements under the personal and family protection act.

Another bill would directly infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of Kansas citizens aged 18- to 20-years-old. SB 550 would prohibit anyone under 21, including legal adults, from purchasing and possessing common semi-auto rifles with standard capacity magazines that gun-ban advocates like to call “high-capacity” magazines.

As we’ve chronicled in the past, such restrictions on Americans who can vote, join the military and do everything other adults do are a direct slap to lawful gun owners in that age group. Imagine if someone wanted to pass a law that citizens in that age group couldn’t vote or participate in a peaceful protest because they weren’t yet 21!

Yet another anti-gun measure, SB 551, would make “unlawful storage” a crime, along with providing criminal penalties for not doing so. According to the text of the measure, “Unlawful storage of a firearm is storing or keeping any: handgun, rifle, shotgun or any other firearm in any place unless such firearm is secured in a locked container or equipped with a tamper resistant mechanical lock or other safety device, properly engaged so as to render the firearm inoperable by any person other than the owner or other lawfully authorized user.”

Violation of the law, which is obviously overly broad and uses a number of undefined terms, can result in fines ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.










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  1. These disarmament industry fools love to claim their foolishness as some sort of public safety or crime prevention measure. What they avoid like the plague is demonstrating or offering any proof or reasonable evidence their plans would have the claimed results. And when these measures fail miserably, the same crowd demand even more restrictions and bans that will fail just as spectacularly.
    No law ever written has ever prevented any crime from being committed. Laws only define what is or is not permissible in the society that legislates/mandates them. Giving guidelines for possible punishment/retribution for transgressors.
    Here’s a novel concept. Decide in the state legislatures what is and isn’t acceptable in the society of that state. Then actually arrest, charge, try, convict, and fine or imprison those who commit the crimes. With no plea deals, early release, or regard for race, gender, or wealth.

  2. That helps them create a de facto gun registry of what Americans own what guns—a registry that is banned by federal law.

    The law bans the federal government from establishing a registry, not the states. Hawaii, California, NY and N all have registries.

  3. My internet data is slow so it would be two weeks before I could look up who not to vote for( if that’s possible). Who are these anti-gunm legislators?
    Elections are coming up.
    Ks is going broke, they’ve got a Democrat Governor(for now🙂) and the State is grabbing at every straw to bail them out.
    In the legislative mind those fines will alleviate some of Kasnsas broke dickedness, because I can’t see a lot of Kansans obeying the No Concealed Carry law, whiskey drinkers are going to drink whiskey no matter what the law says,if you know what I mean.
    It appears making criminals of everyone Nation wide is the goal.
    theBiden’s favorite song is “ls Under My Thumb” and the squirrely dog who once kept him down is us.

    • Cindy Holsher, Democrat.
      How’d she get in there?
      Lawrence Ks, big college town with mind twister professors.
      Quantrill where are you?

  4. My house is a container and the doors are always locked. If you enter that container, the defensive weapons within that container may and will be used against you. Done! I’ve complied


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