New York State Files Charges Against NRA for Selling Insurance Without a License

New York State’s Department of Financial Services has filed civil charges against the National Rifle Association over some of the Carry Guard insurance products sold in the state. Translation, the Empire State’s ultra-partisan, hoplophobic government officials want the NRA to fork over millions of dollars to the state in “civil” fines to make this “complaint” […]

Washington State Man Murdered His Wife and Pets, Then Tweeted to Blame the NRA, Trump, McConnell

From the Bellingham Herald: “The Bellingham man accused of fatally shooting his wife, who was a Bellingham elementary school principal, and their two pets Thursday morning may have admitted to killing his family in Twitter replies to the National Rifle Association, the President of the United States and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” Guns don’t kill people, people […]