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As gun-ban advocates (and even some pro-gun voices) gloat over the announcement of National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, they’re leaving out some important facts. Despite some of NRA’s more recent challenges and criticisms, what they aren’t telling you is that the NRA, under LaPierre’s leadership, has outfoxed them at nearly every turn over the past three decades, leaving those anti-gun groups with very few accomplishments when compared to the sound beatings they’ve repeatedly taken in the political arena.

LaPierre, who has led the NRA since 1991, announced his resignation on May 5, citing health reasons. His last day with the association will be January 31.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” LaPierre said. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.”

The announcement was only hours old when gun-haters began piling on, lighting up the internet with lies, half-truths and propaganda.

“Thoughts and prayers to Wayne LaPierre,” Kris Brown, president of gun-ban group Brady, said in a statement. “He’s going to need them to be able to sleep at night. Wayne LaPierre spent three decades peddling the big lie that more guns make us safer—all at the expense of countless lives.”

John Feinblatt, president of Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety, took the opportunity to further trash the NRA and it’s millions of law-abiding members.

“The NRA has been in a doom spiral for years, and Wayne LaPierre’s resignation is yet another massive setback for an organization that’s already at rock bottom,” Feinblatt said in a released statement.

Of course, both statements are pure malarkey. The NRA has been thrashing Brady since back when the organization was named Handgun Control Inc. For proof look no further than the association beating back the very idea of handgun bans—very popular at one time—to the point that Brady had to change its name, twice.

And the association has been a step ahead of Everytown ever since Michael Bloomberg poured several million dollars into forming the organization that, despite its name, has nothing to do with gun safety. As NRA has notched win after win in Washington, D.C, and state houses across the country, Everytown has whimpered along happily spending a billionaire’s money while losing far more than winning.

For a good example, consider concealed carry. In the 1980s, most states restricted concealed carry or made permits very difficult to get. When NRA-backed shall-issue concealed carry was passed in Florida in 1987, the dam was broke. By the 2000s nearly every state issued permits to gun owners without them having to prove they “deserved” them.

Fast forward, and the NRA, under LaPierre, began pushing for “permitless” or constitutional carry. While that has been fought at every step by Brady, Everytown and other gun-ban groups, more than half—27, to be exact—of states now recognize the right to carry for self-defense without having to jump through government hoops and pay a fee.

Another major issue where the NRA won big was protecting lawful gun manufacturers. In the early 2000s, anti-gun advocates hatched a scheme to sue gunmakers out of business. The idea was to have cities sue gun companies for criminal misuse of their products, forcing them to spend money fighting the lawsuits until they would finally give up and shut their doors. Andrew Cuomo, then Bill Clinton’s attorney general, actually described it as “death by a thousand cuts.”

The NRA swooped in and pushed for protection, which was fought tooth and nail by Brady and other gun-ban organizations. In 2005, Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) making it illegal to sue gun makers for criminal misuse of their safe, lawfully made projects. Gun-banners hate the law so much that President Joe Biden still talks about overturning it nearly every time he gets behind a microphone.

Heck, about the only big win the antis have had in the past three decades was getting a federal ban passed in 1984 on so-called “assault weapons.” Seeing that the measure was about to pass, NRA lobbied for and got an amendment to the measure adding a sunset clause. After 10 years of blatant ineffectiveness, the ban was allowed to sunset—again largely because of NRA advocacy at the time.

Of course, there are many other big NRA wins and big anti-gun losses over those years. In fact, it’s likely that without the NRA our freedoms would be greatly diminished compared to what we enjoy now.

Those gun-haters gloating over LaPierre’s resignation are simply foolish. I have no doubt they’ll continue to lose to the NRA for years to come under its new leadership.

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  1. “Wayne LaPierre spent three decades peddling the big lie that more guns make us safer—all at the expense of countless lives.”

    1. guns do make us safer. guns in the hand of violent criminals do not make us safer. So if you guys would apply some actual research and context you will discover that what he was referring to is making violent criminal prey safer and that is 100% true.

    2. you anti-gun idiots spent decades falling for the decoy of the NRA, and in the mean time firearms ownership increased. You idiots actually sold guns.

    • “peddling the big lie that more guns make us safer…”

      and they do. Eli Dicken literally proved it by literally saving the lives of 50 or more people, and its proven millions of times annually in personal and others defense and home defense, and even stopping ‘mass’ shooters before they can begin their rampage and stopping ‘active shooters’, even stopping other crimes in progress thus saving us from billions of $$$ in loss and injury annually. Having more guns in the hands of law abiding people literally made/makes ‘us’ safer as a society by stopping these threats.

      • Gun Control zealots are just mad because their agenda does not sell to sane people. Their target market should be racists and nazis…After all History confirms they adore Gun Control.

    • Guess who just called on a “verified” number??? NRA. I was nastier than usual. Click!

  2. BS. The American people have been defeating the gun grabbers for the last 30 years. Grifters like Wayne have simply claimed credit for their hard work, while defiling the venerable NRA organization, and enriching himself in the process. This is best shown by the fact that all the real work of fighting the gun grabbers has rapidly shifted to other gun rights orgs, such as SAF and the FPC.

    • Yep! Grifter is right. Money, and power is the root of all evil. He may have started off as a hero, but ultimately fell prey to his own appetite and desires. Not only him, but countless others that have done the same throughout the history of mankind. This article is a white wash campaign, and I was barely able to read it through to the end. There are many other more noteworthy gun rights, 2nd Amendment organizations that have picked up the mantle to fight for us after the NRA went over a cliff.

      • After He Bested Them For Decades, Anti-Gun Groups Cheer LaPierre Resignation

        …and post text characterized by the Wayne bad, NRA bad, destroy the NRA loop. Shocker.

  3. 2nd Amendment advocates also cheer at his resignation. Quit paying them to negotiate rights away. Support results, support GOA and FPC.

    • It’s better to support state/local gun rights groups. Those are the front line people filing lawsuits and such against these wannabe dictators in blue states.
      I, personally, would rather send the $30(or however much it costs) for a GOA/2Af/FPC membership to a California or New York state gun rights group because I know they need the funding for those court battles they’re currently fighting.

  4. I’ve seen less fluffing backstage at porn filmings. To Mr. Chestnut, all I can say is that I too am thrilled and ecstatic about the few things the NRA has accomplished in my short time on this planet. Now do the stuff they either missed out on or where they actively went against us. Think about how much more could have been accomplished without all the organizational rot. And if, as a MASSIVE amount of NRA Members made clear, the leadership of the organization was not performing up to our standards, if ol’ Wayne really cared about the Cause, why didn’t he just gracefully retire?

    I for one will try my best to get some new blood and some new leadership in this organization. I would like to quote Mr. J.W. Taylor from the other day. “Again, still, we need an NRA. We don’t need this NRA.”

    • Many, especially pretend members, were quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater. One thing the NRA did right to educate Gun Control History illiterate America…

  5. Good riddance. Better to spend our money on groups actually fighting and winning. NRA may fight half-heartedly, but it seems like they’ve had a hand in all the “compromises” (read losses) in recent memory. “We caved on X because the alternative would have been so much worse” ain’t cutting it anymore, especially after people have seen real wins by other groups recently.

    • I hope you do not mean perpetual courtroom drama where an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide is the accuser and The Second Amendment is the accused. Until the tables are turned and Gun Control is the accused I am not contributing to buying lawyers expensive suits.

  6. Yeah, even bad guys do good sometimes. There are stories around, of convicts saving cops and prison guards lives, under various circumstances. Few people are 100% evil, just as few people are 100% saintly. So, WPL has been on the right side of 2A issues. That doesn’t change the fact that he has run the NRA into the ground with his corruption.

    Seriously, someone like myself who is simply not competent to run a huge organization couldn’t have done much worse than WPL. I mean, what’s the difference (to the organization) whether I spend money stupidly, or Wayne steals the money? The money is gone, and the organization sees little if any benefit.

    Wayne should have been booted out when he started installing his own cronies into positions of power.

      • “WLP was the non-profit version of a RINO“

        Actually, I think the Trump family wins the award for the biggest nonprofit grift in New York State:

        “Trump Pays $2 Million to 8 Charities for Misuse of Foundation
        Under a settlement, the president admitted he had used his charity to bolster his campaign and settle business debts.
        Dec. 10, 2019
        President Trump has paid $2 million to eight charities as part of a settlement in which the president admitted he misused funds raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and pay off business debts, the New York State attorney general said on Tuesday.
        The nonprofit groups that received payments were the Army Emergency Relief, the Children’s Aid Society, Citymeals on Wheels, Give an Hour, Martha’s Table, the United Negro College Fund, the United Way of the National Capital Area, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Each received a total of $476,140.01.“


        Did all you patriotic trump supporters make note of that first charity Trump cheated, the Army Emergency Relief?

        “What are Wounded Warrior Comfort Grants?
        Soldiers medically evacuated from hostile fire or imminent danger area, peacekeeping operations or training exercises within CONUS receive immediate financial assistance“


        So go ahead, lay your lips on the mango Mussolini‘s ass and get your snoot full of America’s biggest traitor who cheated our Wounded Warriors and insulted a man who served honorably during five years in the Hanoi Hilton.

        You people disgust me.

        • When I remember to bother I will look these up till then bullshit till proven otherwise as normal for you.

        • “mccain was a traitor“

          Well there you go, I’ve never been more proud to call myself a liberal than now. The conservatives have fallen to an unbelievably sad point, lower than whale snot they are.

          An American patriot, who endured over five years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, because he didn’t fake a 4F but rather flew the high-risk missions to downtown Hanoi.

          And of course, you make your insult with no attempt to substantiate your claim, because you know it’s bullshit, you aren’t fit to speak John McCain‘s name.

          “till then bullshit till proven otherwise as normal for you“

          Nothing I post is bullshit, and I post links and citations to prove every word.

          The fact is, Donald Trump stole from wounded warriors, yet you people continue to line up to polish the draft dodger’s testicles, disgusting quislings everyone.

        • Like previous posts that did nothing to support your assertions on multiple occasions going back months to years now? Yes bullshit till proven otherwise and not even a priority to fact check anymore as your record on politics, gun laws, and religion is at best slanted and on average specious.

        • “not even a priority to fact check anymore”

          Because you don’t want to know the truth about Donald Trump, because you can’t handle the truth, the fact that you have been gob sucking a piece of shit traitorous New York City scumbag.

          Trump is a gold bricking draft dodger, General Kelly stated that Trump had called dead soldiers “losers and suckers” and mad dog Mattis told how Trump didn’t want war wounded amputees in his military parades because it was “a bad look”.

          If you don’t care enough about the future of your country to take 60 seconds to research reality about your golden leader, then I have serious doubts about your commitment to patriotism.

          Donald Trump steals money from wounded warriors, and you close your eyes and plug up your ears and shout “Na Na Na, I can’t hear you!”.

          Really, my personal theory is that the conservatives’ racial and religious identity always trumps their honesty and patriotism, Sad!

        • miner. You are, as someone here has said, too stupid to insult. If Trump gets re-elected it will be in large part due to your efforts.

          You and the rest of your fascist buddies have done a pretty good job of making him a martyr. A hero to the people.

          At the same time you’ve ignored or lied about all the failings of biden and his crime family.

          But it’s cool. You’re doing the Lords work, here. 🙂

        • Lol Miner I will get to it when I bother to and if it matters I will learn from it. Even if true as you presented it is a drop in the bucket compared to the issues I have see with Biden so yes not particularly relevant at it’s absolute worst and this is coming from a vet. Also you are having a crisis of credibility and have been for a while so try having Dacian post it. Lately he has been far more believable and relevant than you which leads me to wonder if someone else took over posting on your screen name or if diminished capacity is beginning to kick in for you.

        • J-bird, Donald Trump is condemned by his own actions, that’s why he has 91 felony charges in four different jurisdictions.

          Donald Trump was crooked long before he ever entered politics, and that hasn’t changed.

          “you’ve ignored or lied about all the failings of biden and his crime family“

          Just like the Republicans in Congress, just like Rudy Giuliani, all you’ve got is theories but no evidence.
          The billionaires propaganda on Fox, OAN on Newsmax isn’t reality, the rumors and innuendo do not equal facts.

          I’d be happy to comment, if anybody ever presented any actual evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

          “House GOP’s impeachment witnesses say there’s no evidence yet that Biden committed a crime
          The witnesses and Republicans on the panel argued that more bank records from Biden and his son Hunter are needed to determine whether a crime might have been committed.“

          That’s all y’all got, a bullshit fishing expedition.


        • Believe my lefty billionaire propaganda LOL come on Miner anyone who is even passingly familiar with the last few years let alone Project Mockingbird knows that is a suckers game. Keep digging though you may uncover something worth mentioning………the problem is how does the boy who cried wolf present it?

  7. I finally joined the NRA because of the things he was saying back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Yes, I know there were a lot of people in the “gun community” who didn’t him. But I liked his in your face approach back then.

    It was the NRA that stepped forward to back gun ownership for people in public housing projects. Who were mostly black folks. The NAACP was certainly NOT supporting gun ownership, for public housing residents.

    People keep bringing up the Mulford Act. And that’s okay that’s history. But the “gun community” is uncomfortable with open carry. Just as the “gun community” is uncomfortable and pretty much against, the widespread ownership of machine guns in a general population.

    The “gun community” supports the government when they arrest Glock switch owners.

    And Lapierre was correct when he called for the regulation of the bumpstock. Him saying that was a delaying action that was effective. Because the Las Vegas massacre was the reason for this enormous push now, to ban all semi-automatic firearms. And there was momentum in congress back then to do just that.

    The biggest failing that the NRA has today. Is the lack of support for 2A education in the general public. With their resources they could have run public education events at private and public gun ranges. It was an enormously lost opportunity, to educate the public. About its right to keep in their arms. And the responsibilities and consequences.

    • I don’t know what community of gun owners you live around, but I rarely have ever heard anyone I know in the gun owner crowd who agreed with ban of automatics. Automatic submachine guns were available until 1934 without any license or check. The next loss was in 1986 when the manufacture and sale of new submachine guns was permanently banned to citizens. So now you can own one, but it’ll set you back $10k or more for the lowest quality examples, or upwards of $50k for nice WWII examples like the Tommy Gun. All this did is make it unaffordable for the average citizen to buy and own one. Now machine guns are toys for the rich.

      • Show me the 100 or more articles in gun publications that celebrate the creation of the glock switch. American Rifleman???

    • “The “gun community” supports the government when they arrest Glock switch owners.”

      True, but only because the people being arrested were using the switch in the commission of some other crime. No one hates those committing crimes with guns, regardless of configuration, more than responsible gun owners. No one hates laws that criminalize ownership because of those criminals more than responsible gun owners.

      • The vast majority are being confiscated. Some owners are arrested for simple position. Just like being arrested for simple pot position.

        The “gun community” has more loyalty to drug leg@liz@ti0n. Than it does to machine gun ownership. The pot heads have always supported gun control.

        They don’t believe in the concept of Liberty. Because they don’t believe in the responsibility and consequences that go with it.

        • How could .gov possibly know who has them unless the person is arrested for something else? They were never legal to purchase as far as I know. Makes no sense as they can be 3D printed and sold or given away to anyone. Stop & frisk would be the only way to know without an arrest.

          After Oregon, I don’t think people are pushing for legalization of drugs other than pot. I don’t use any of it and don’t advocate for it. Like owning guns and pretty much everything else, it’s a personal choice. Some make a good one, some don’t. Which is good or bad for someone else isn’t for me or the .gov to say.

        • Chris, I never knew they were available on the open market. I’m going to research it. I don’t own a Glock but if I did and the switch was available, I would’ve bought one of each. NFA needs to go.

  8. “After He Bested Them For Decades, Anti-Gun Groups Cheer LaPierre Resignation.”

    Nailed it. Cue the moles, trolls, and Lord Hawhaws assuring the world that the NRA never did nothing, all the NRA’s fault, blahblahblah, send money for Leticia’s re-election instead…

    • Regardless of the accomplishments, it appears WLP through greed and avarice gave James the in-road to destroy the organization. If so, I have only disdain for him and his cronies. Let’s wait and see what happens at trial though.

      • “Regardless of the accomplishments, it appears WLP through greed and avarice gave James the in-road to destroy the organization.”

        No. The NRA has, and will continue to be the 800 lb gorilla in the room. James, among others, have openly campaigned on the demise of NRA and the MSM and tyrannical leftists raise their money campaigning against NRA, not NAGR, SAF, GOA, FPC, or the other 2A groups who care not a whit about training, safety, women/youth/aging programs, nor a comprehensive, large network of local, state and national politics and a vision for restoring those rights lost over the middle 50 years of the 20th Century. And it must be remembered that the bulk of these usurped rights often often came with with the approval of the majority of the American people as safety measures until the intentions of the progressives became unmasked and clear to all.

        The real winners in the James trial and other actions against NRA have been those smaller groups, whose combined numbers still do not equal NRA membership in its present somewhat diminished state. Also needing to be considered is that the membership of all those groups contains many NRA members as well.

        The real value of NRA as a 2A target would be seen in the 30 or so days after the demise of NRA should James, et al somehow prevail. That’s about the length of times it would take these prosecutors, governors and other politicians to completely bankrupt and destroy the rest of the 2A orgs if they weren’t able to stay camouflaged beneath NRA’s umbrella.

        Be damned careful what you wish for. And keep watch on SCOTUS in the Vullo case which is likely to spill over into these other anti-NRA actions. Should Vullo win, this nation, as a beacon of freedom, will be over and the rest of the world will soon be mourning those golden eggs.

        • As I said, we need to see what evidence comes out at trial. Some ex-board members have said the board exists to enrich its members and, in particular, WLP. If James can convince me this is true then my disdain for WLP and the board knows no bounds. My personal belief is that LaPierre is, in fact, guilty based on some information I read a few years ago, and, particularly, the bit about the $3K/month hook.. – er – I mean intern that he kept on the side.

          As for Vullo, I expect the state to prevail but, I expect it to be a very narrow decision that could only be applied to this case.

    • WLP was a cancer on the NRA, the NRA will do great things again now that it’s free of his rot. I resent this cult of personality you’ve built, the NRA never needed Wayne and I refuse to allow you sycophants to marry the legacy of a valuable civil rights organization to this one man.

  9. Throwing out the NRA leadership is nothing new. I remember with pride when the NRA Members revolted at Cincinnati in the 70’s when the NRA leadership announced that they were moving out of Washington and were getting out of politics altogether to promote gun training programs in Arizona. The membership revolted and threw the bums out.

    Wayne La Pee Pee was a smart devil and gradually destroyed all of the Cincinnati reforms much as Hitler destroyed democracy in Germany and like Hitler Wayne made himself absolute dictator immune to being unseated, his goal was a dictatorship for life and he damn near got away with it. Its amazing that when his blind greed became so outrageous that he lasted so long when he was stealing so much money.

    Wayne was smart enough to let his subordinates in on stealing their share of the loot too so everyone kept quiet. When Ollie North came to the NRA and blew the whistle on the mass corruption it’s amazing it took so long for the rotten house of cards to come tumbling down on their greedy corrupt heads.

    Hopefully the NRA will re-establish democracy and elect a new leader which will restore confidence in the integrity of the NRA and gun owners will sure as well need it in the years ahead. Unless Biden dies in office it seems sure he will be reelected. Trump’s outrageous statements so far all based on revenge and racism in this election year has resulted in millions of Americans terrified that he will get back in and establish a dictatorship so I look for Biden to win by a landslide despite his dismal standing currently in the polls.

    Even gun owners will vote for their country and Biden before considering possible loss of some of their guns under a Biden administration. No patriotic American wants a Trump dictatorship for life except the deranged Far Right who worship Trump as a living God and incarnation of Hitler, still the darling and past hero of the Far Right who promoted racism and white supremacy, the only real religion of the Far Right.

    As it gets closer to the election the seriousness of what will happen to America if Trump manages to get in will cause many more people to flock to the polls to stop Trump from ever getting back in power this time and after the election if he is not re-elected he undoubtedly will be headed for prison.

    All this means another 4 years of Biden ranting for more gun control and with a weakened NRA he just might succeed in some very outrageous gun ban laws. If by some miracle the NRA gets a popular and charismatic leader then the money will once again start pouring into the NRA to use to bribe the corrupt politicians into voting for no new outrageous gun ban laws.

    • You can’t win elections when votes are not allowed. theBiden, talk about setting up a Dictatorship.
      JRB in 2028.
      Yeah buddy

    • “his goal was a dictatorship for life and he damn near got away with it“

      Yep, it took a black woman to bring Wayne LaPierre to the bar of justice, none of the NRA members apparently had the necessary testicular fortitude to step forward and do the right thing.

      “his goal was a dictatorship for life and he damn near got away with it“

      And that was Donald Trump’s publicly stated goal, the sheep who supported WLP and his girlfriend, I mean intern’s, luxury apartment are the same ones supporting Donald Trump’s grift, how embarrassing for y’all.

  10. Wayne was long overdue for his departure. When he starting claiming there was coup to oust him years and ago he ran off the head of the NRA-ILA Chris Cox (NRA-ILA is the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the branch that does all the legwork) is when he should have been removed by the board. Instead they allowed him to oust those he determined enemies and left a bunch of corporate stooge yes men in place. The worst part is that we, the members of the NRA, didn’t call for his head sooner. Sure, some good things happened under him in the early years. But in the last decade he’s done nothing but create chaos and an atmosphere of corruption. He tried all sorts of maneuvers to hide his corruption, including appointing a woman to the leadership role. In the end all that did was slow the progression of the cancer Wayne had become and leave the NRA in a state of decline. You’ve got 2 generations of kids who have grown up during the corrupt years of the NRA that will likely never support it as such. Those very kids are the ones giving up their second amendment rights before they’ve even earned them they’ve been so indoctrinated. We’ve got a long, slow path to climb in front of us. If nothing else I’d encourage people here to join back up or just join if you’ve never been a member. Let’s give some new leadership at least a sporting chance to turn it all around, and they have to have money to do that.

    • “Wayne…ran off the head of the NRA-ILA Chris Cox…”

      Not sure where you got your info on Cox’s effectiveness as a lobbyist but it certainly wasn’t from governors, US Senators, Congressmen or other players because he had very few actual direct connections to any of them. Few even knew who he was/is. Compare him to current ILA head Randy Kozuch and there really is no comparison at all. Randy is well-known and well-respected by many of those I listed above and knows his business well.

      And as a blanket reply to all of those who think NRA has been dead for 10 or 15 years in the political arena, I’d remind them of Heller, McDonald, Bruen and the up-coming Vullo cases before SCOTUS. Demonstrate to all the people here similar wins of nation-wide significance by those other groups that they claim to be supporting at NRA’s expense.

      While the first 3 above are significant wins for 2A, a win in Vullo may well be THE 1A win in the 21st Century. Its affect may have as much positive influence on the rest of the Constitution’s, and BOR’s preservation and restoration as any other decision, ever. A win in Vullo will expose the overall weaponization of officials and programs directed against citizens and organizations who dare demand that their God-given rights, and very existence, be respected by the government.

      The big picture seems to escape many 2A purists”. Pity.

  11. Yes the AR is an assualt rifle.
    And a Constitutional Right declares we the people have the right to own them.
    We have played the NRA game long enough.
    Clinton should have been impeached and the backdoor deals the NRA made with his administration should have been the end of the NRA.

    • No it’s not, words have meaning an assault rifle is a machine gun. Yes we absolutely have a constitutional right to keep and bear machine guns, but the vast majority of AR’s are semi automatic thereby NOT assault rifles. Words have meaning, it’s bad enough leftists are constantly redefining whatever they want to suit their needs. If you remove the settled meaning/definition of words then you have nothing but worthless babble.

    • Wow the derp in you is strong! Ar stands for Armalite Rifle, and if you were anything other than a fudd/libtard, you would know your basic firearms history.

  12. “The NRA has been in a doom spiral for years, and Wayne LaPierre’s resignation is yet another massive setback for an organization that’s already at rock bottom.” — Feinblatt

    That is an incredibly accurate statement.

    Whatever the NRA did in the 1980s or 1990s is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant? Over the last 15 or so years, the NRA has been virtually entirely absent with respect to substantive lobbying to enact laws which expand 2nd Amendment rights as well as winning lawsuits to overturn laws which infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights. Add in LaPierre’s abysmal behavior in the same time frame and it becomes abundantly clear that Feinblatt’s statement above is spot-on.

  13. “The EN-ARE-AY has been in a doom spiral for years, and … LaPiere’s resignation is yet another massive setback for an organization that’s already at rock bottom.” — Feinblatt

    That is an incredibly accurate statement.

    Whatever the EN-ARE-AY did in the 1980s or 1990s is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant? Over the last 15 or so years, the EN-ARE-AY has been virtually entirely absent with respect to substantive lobbying to enact laws which expand 2nd Amendment rights as well as winning lawsuits to overturn laws which infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights. Add in LaPiere’s abysmal behavior in the same time frame and it becomes abundantly clear that Feinblatt’s statement above is spot-on.

    (Apologies for the “coded” EN-ARE-AY reference: my first attempt at this comment using their actual acronym landed my comment in the moderation jail.)

  14. Corrections: He announced his resignation Jan. 5, not May 5.
    The “assault weapons” ban was 1994, not 1984.

  15. “[Negotiating Rights Away] has been in a doom spiral for years, and [La Pee Pee’s] resignation is yet another massive setback for an organization that’s already at rock bottom.” — Feinblatt

    That is an incredibly accurate statement.

    Whatever Negotiating Rights Away did in the 1980s or 1990s is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant? Over the last 15 or so years, Negotiating Rights Away has been virtually entirely absent with respect to substantive lobbying to enact laws which expand 2nd Amendment rights as well as winning lawsuits to overturn laws which infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights. Add in LaPeepee’s abysmal behavior in the same time frame and it becomes abundantly clear that the aforementioned above statement is spot-on.

    (Apologies for using “Negotiating Rights Away” instead of the actual name or acronym: my first two attempts at this comment using their actual acronym sent my comment to moderation.)

  16. I want my lifetime membership money back! When they agreed with red flag laws they were garbage in my book! I’ll never support them in any way again! Goodbye Wayne Le crook!

  17. I will miss Mr. LaPierre greatly. He has been the face of the NRA for so long, it will seem strange, not to see him in the future.

    • I can hardly imagine what it is going to be like donating money to the nra and not having it go to his suit collection. No one will be able to sell away rights like he did. I will miss those days. /s

  18. You notice how gun control people never count the government’s body counts in these figures?

  19. Not gonna say I know what the truth is, but I do know the NRA was the epitome of the 2nd amendment culture, and now lame laughing stocks. Listened to Gun Talk a few months ago and there was a guy on who was running to become new NRA pres citing lots of indiscretions and tyrannical behavior by La Pierre. Don’t know if any of it’s true, W.L. was at the helm when the org took a huge nose dive. Would love to see the NRA be saved somehow but not looking good from what I hear.

  20. I’m not howling, I’d say it’s Wayne LaPierre and his buddies doing the whining.

    Well, I mean the whining other than your sad whimpering about my factual posts.

  21. Radioactive Wayne never “outfoxed” the gun-grabbers. He colluded with them, giving them a slice of our 2A pie every time they came around. That’s not strategy, that’s appeasement!

    The good news in all this is WLP can no longer Negotiate Rights Away!!

  22. Glad to see that Wayne the Grifter is out (yay!!), but I’ll hold off on rejoining the NRA until I see how the Board and the membership replace him. Replacing him with one of his “40 Thieves” is NOT a solution. If they get some decent management (and start ACTUALLY protecting our 2A rights), I’ll consider trying to take them seriously again. Until then, I’d rather my money go to organizations that actually ‘fight the good fight’, like GOA, SAC, etc.

    Or, the NRA could go back to its ORIGINAL purpose, and start putting its emphasis on training, gun safety education, gun training and programs in schools, etc., which would be even better. The NRA was never more than a half-assed lobbying organization, MUCH too quick to bargain away my rights. They used to be really good at the training and education part . . . oh, yeah, until Wayne the Grifter de-emphasized that part of the program, too. Didn’t like that grifting SOB, and I certainly won’t support one of his sycophants.

    Oh, and MajorLiar is a lying, pomous, self-important sh*tbag, in love with the smell of his own farts. dacian the demented is just an idiot.

  23. NRA and the Bible share many traits…..”In the beginning….there was….and it was good…..” Then, the hose became filthy and God cleaned house under Noah; there was Sodom and Gomorrah;…..there will be Revelation. NRA has never cleaned its filthy house…..just changed a paycheck for an even larger retirement pension, probably a suit clause in there somewhere in the fine print. Put my hand on LePewPew’s shoulder at a NRA Convention Banquet……NICE SUIT…..confirming members are getting their money’s worth.

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