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Today the National Rifle Association publicly announced that long-time Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre will formally step down from his leadership position at the end of January.  The embattled leader has faced all manner of criticism for a number of years which has culminated in a civil corruption trial that starts Monday in Manhattan.

LaPierre, originally hired as a lobbyist in the 1970s rose through the ranks to become the nation’s largest civil rights organization’s leader through the years.  More recently, he has become the public face of the NRA.

He cited health reasons for the sudden departure.  The head of General Operations Andrew Arulanandam will take the helm as CEO and Executive Vice President on an interim basis.

Donald Trump, Wayne LaPierre
President Donald Trump shakes hands with NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre as he arrives to speak to the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, Friday, April 26, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Here’s the announcement from the NRA, in its entirety:

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) announced today that Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre announced he is stepping down from his position as chief executive of the organization, effective January 31. Long-time NRA executive and Head of General Operations Andrew Arulanandam will become the interim CEO & EVP of the NRA.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” says Wayne LaPierre. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.”

During an NRA Board of Directors meeting today in Irving, Texas, NRA President Charles Cotton reported that he accepted LaPierre’s resignation. According to the NRA, LaPierre cited health reasons as a reason for his decision. The NRA continues its defense of a lawsuit by the New York Attorney General, and LaPierre is an individual defendant in that action. It is well-known that the NYAG vowed to pursue the NRA when she was candidate for her office and, upon being elected, filed a lawsuit to dissolve the Association in August 2020. Trial proceedings in that case begin Monday.

In March 2022, the NRA scored a major legal victory, when a New York court dismissed the NYAG’s claims to dissolve the organization. The court issued an opinion that vindicates the NRA’s position: the NYAG’s effort to shut down the Association ran afoul of common sense, New York law, and the First Amendment. Since then, the NRA maintains that it is committed to good governance. With respect to the NYAG’s allegations, the NRA Board of Directors reports it has undertaken significant efforts to perform a self-evaluation, recommended termination of disgraced “insiders” and vendors who allegedly abused the Association, and accepted reimbursement, with interest, for alleged excess benefit transactions from LaPierre, as reported in public tax filings.

LaPierre said, “I am proud of the NRA’s advocacy in New York and, through it all, determination to defend the Second Amendment. I can assure you the NRA’s mission, programming, and fight for freedom have never been more secure. What makes the NRA unlike any other advocacy organization is the depth and experience of its professional team, the unwavering support of its members, and its fighting spirit. I have enormous confidence in our board of directors, executive leadership team, and my long-time colleague Andrew Arulanandam. Andrew knows every facet of this organization and has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me in every arena imaginable. Andrew knows how to help the NRA win – he’s been one of the key authors of our playbook for decades.”

Cotton said, “On behalf of the NRA Board of Directors, I thank Wayne LaPierre for his service. Wayne has done as much to protect Second Amendment freedom as anyone. Wayne is a towering figure in the fight for constitutional freedom, but one of his other talents is equally important: he built an organization that is bigger than him. Under the direction of Andrew Arulanandam, the NRA will continue to thrive – with a renewed energy in our business operations and grassroots advocacy. Our future is bright and secure.”

NPR reports it like this:

The longtime leader of what was once the nation’s most powerful gun rights group is leaving his post.

Wayne LaPierre steps down as he and other former NRA officials stand accused of misappropriating funds from the nonprofit to bankroll opulent lifestyles that included private jets, luxury vacations, and expensive dining. LaPierre has denied those allegations in a New York court.

In a statement Friday, NRA President Charles Cotton said LaPierre, who is 74, said he is resigning of health reasons. The gun group says it will continue to defend itself in the lawsuit brought by New York State.

LaPierre will leave his post at the end of the month.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” LaPierre said in a statement on the NRA’s website.

Stay tuned for more coverage of not only LaPierre’s sudden resignation on the eve of his trial, but of the trial itself here at TTAG.

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  1. Boom there it is. Health reasons supposedly? Saw it on news first, but it’s on the NRA website as well.

    Of course, one would be quick to celebrate, ding dong, witch is dead style, no doubt team gun control is ready with their tweets. For the gun rights crowd, yeah, good bye, but as we see frequently, just because Fidel or Kim Jong goes doesn’t mean a shift in direction. There are a lot of people at NRA happy with Wayne’s way, and his leaving doesn’t necessarily mean they saw the light. Time will tell, still have the NY trial to get through.

    • “Boom there it is. Health reasons supposedly?”

      Is WLP’s replacement still a part of the problem?

      • Undoubtedly! There are no board members that WLP didn’t approve before they were endorsed by current board members. Even though he is gone the poison remains. There is no non-profit in America that has more than a dozen or so board members, yet NRA has 76. This needs to be reduced to no more than fifteen to eighteen, with no current member eligible for at least ten years.

        • I feel sad that an era is over, and Lapierre is stepping down. From Lapierre to GHWB’s “jackbooted thugs” statement resulting in Rino GHWB ripping up his NRA card and shifting into GFY mode, to Lapierre’s sandy hook’s “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” quote. Lapierre was an imperfect leader, but said what needed to be said, and he will be sorely missed. There is a lot of malice out there for Wayne, maybe some of it is warranted, maybe some of it isn’t. But one thing is for certain: We wouldn’t have any gun rights if it weren’t for the NRA changing from a FUDDcuck organization to an anti-jack booted thugs organization, which was spearheaded by Wayne. So here is a hat’s off to Wayne. Thanks for carrying this heavy load for so long, and my respect, for the good things you did.

        • WLP was the strong really “bad tasting medicine” that the 2A community needed in the 1990s.
          Calling the police jack booted thugs was absolutely correct. And he was not popular with many in the 2A community when he said it.

          But many people forget that it was a michigan democrat congressman who first said it.

  2. Wayne LaPierre never cared about what the principles of what the NRA was founded on. He also was never an advocate for the cause he only cared about himself. Incidentally why do y’all think he’s resigning? Plea deal in NY? Forced out due to tremendous drop in funds? Finally had enough $3K suits paid for by members?

    I hope the NRA gets aggressive like the Firearms Policy Coalition or Second Amendment Foundation with new leadership. They should 100% understand now that no matter what they do, they’re going to be the gun-grabber’s villain.

    • Is the “health reasons” because he’s developed an allergy reaction to his expensive suits? Or constant gout from the diet of gourmet foods? Or sore eardrums from the cabin pressure in the private jets?

      Or was he mentioned in Epstein’s contact lists?

  3. Best freaking news I have heard all year. Too many years in coming. The guy did more harm than good and depending on whom they replace him with I might once again support them. On second thought, the NRA didn’t remove Wayne did they? He resigned. So the NRA is still as corrupt as before. Nah. I think I will give my money to Shriner’s Hospital instead.

      • “But WLP’s people are still there to…”


        Unless there is a lengthy list of further corrupt upper-level resignations, nothing has yet really changed, yet… 🙁

      • Good news Wayne is finally leaving…However Wayne or no Wayne the biggest remaining threat to the Second Amendment is the endless supply of clueless Gun Control History illiterates…

  4. Good Riddance! Now, I and other Life Members and major contributors, are hoping the right things are done to fix the organization so a sizable group of us can release the funds we have been keeping in escrow since Ollie North blew the lid off of what WLP and his cronies have been up to.

    • Yes, as a life member, I will now have to consider supporting the NRA financially again.

      But today the important work begins. LaPierre’s departure is only cutting out the core of the tumor. The tumor long ago metastasized throughout the Board and among the ranks of the employees.

      First, the Board. Most of the Board members must go. They were mostly LaPierre’s puppets. They were responsible for keeping him in office. They can not remain because they will recreate a new LaPierre. They will continue to enjoy their prerequisites of office.

      No doubt, there are barely a few Board members who tried their best as quietly as possible to stop LaPierre. However, they could do very little. These few must remain because they have institutional knowledge that is too valuable to lose. We shouldn’t throw these few babies out with the bathwater. We need to look to the few Board members we trust to direct our votes to keep these few and throw out the scalawags.

      Among the employees, many doubtlessly did their jobs faithfully and obeyed orders. These, too, have institutional knowledge that we should not destroy. The more senior employees were LaPierre’s puppets. They will do their best to try to resist reform. They must be dispensed with. They have managerial talent, but that is replaceable.

      It’s easier to replace the head of HR than the head of the museum.

      It will take another 5 years to get the litigation and clean-up behind us. We must look at what the nominating committee does for the next election. If the nominating committee is determined to let the entire organization go down in flames, then we will withhold our support. We cut-off the water supply. If they tell the Board members loyal to LaPierre to resign so that they won’t be re-nominated and they nominate candidates who will restore the organization to functionality, then we can start to resume our support.

      Perhaps in 10 years, the NRA will again be a force to be reckoned with on Capital Hill. Now it is worthless.

      • Hold on a New York minute. You say

        “Yes, as a life member, I will now have to consider supporting the NRA financially again.”

        And then you go into a long screed about how things (that are not likely to change) need to change.

        I don’t have a problem with anything EXCEPT that the very first thing that occurred to you was to consider starting your donations again.

        Let’s see some real and sustained progress before we start donating again. Please!

        • I’m also a life member who stopped making donations. LaPierre was the cancer that has grown over the years and needed to be excised. Sure, there’s a lot of work to go to get the NRA back to what it once was, but without financial support from members they can’t afford to fight all the retarded laws they contest each year. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, yours is one that cuts your own legs off to prove a point. Ultimately, you lose either way with that attitude. I haven’t donated in years because of the corruption that ran amok in the leadership…..since LaPierre sacked the former nra-Ila chief who was an up and comer with leadership potential that LaPierre accused of all sorts of things against. I forget his name, it was Chris something. But the point is we lose both ways without funding them. So would you rather lose to make a point or give the organization a chance to rise from the ashes?!?

        • “LaPierre was the cancer that has grown over the years and needed to be excised”
          And you just assume that the next guy will be on the side of the angels. Stop thinking like a sucker. It didn’t happen with Soros’ kid, and it won’t happen with Wayne’s handpicked successor.

  5. It is sad that Letitia James had to investigate and pursue this case, because the NRA membership would not hold Wayne LaPierre accountable.

    While WLP‘s grift gene was strong, he never issued any ego-centric superhero NFTs or fabric swatches from his discarded suits.

    • How was the membership supposed to hold him accountable? Board nominations haave been rigged for years to keep LaPierre cronies dominating everything.

      • Never mind miner, he talks out of his ass ‘cuz the other end knows better. If his statement wasn’t contained in an article about WLP, most would have assumed that he was commenting on FJB and family.

      • Roymond, you have to understand that some people actually believe that votes matter. For example;

        Biden = “Most popular President, ever”. (Determined through the most secure and fair elections in the history of the U.S. of A.)

        …or at least some would have us believe…

    • minor49iq…Instead of your usual pointing fingers MO the much, much bigger question for you is…When are you going to hold the democRat Party accountable for owning the legacy of Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities? Don’t you think it’s only fitting the democRat Party be made to pay Reparations for their unspeakable evil doings? Please advise.

      • It only stands to reason that anything miner says is unadulterated -the comments read like a posting by a juvenile with a thesaurus program running on mom’s laptop down in the basement, probably with a few of his pimply-faced besties giggling him/her/it on.

  6. I am going to laugh if the NY anti gunner prosecutor brings the NRA back into a healthy fighting condition. Hopefully this is an opening the org uses to clean house and get back to core missions.

    • Haha, oh I hope so. I for one have not sent NRA any money for the past few (maybe up to ten?) years since all the grift came to light. I wrote a note to fire LaPierre on every return envelope they sent me till they stopped. Just sent them a membership renewal today, here’s hoping this is a good trend.

  7. Agree – good riddance! But – there’s no mention of what his pension or other golden parachute he leaves with. My bet is it’s substantial.

    • I wonder if his pension and golden parachute can be clawed-back if NRA can manage the testicular fortitude to sue claiming LaPierre defrauded the organization.

      • if a jury has found he embezzled money the NY AG is asking that he and other NRA leadership has to pay that amount back, we all know the POS miss used funds.

    • IIRC, his ‘retirement package’ was a million bucks a year until he keels over, last time I saw news about it.

  8. “….health reasons for the sudden departure”, huh? Those expensive suits must have nearly choked the life right out of him. As for his replacement, let us hope we do not get a “met the new boss, same as the old boss” type.

      • Colin would be a good choice, but I doubt he wants the gig. He’s busy enough being a lawyer…

      • Frankly, I don’t think the conservative core of the NRA would agree to an ethnic CEO.

        Conservatives often talk a good game about equality, but when it comes down to it the leadership somehow trims off certain folks, like Republican House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson did with his Christmas greetings:

        “The congressman posted a photo on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday of him and his family and said, “Merry Christmas and many blessing from our family to you and yours.”

        The photo included Johnson, his wife Kelly, and his four biological children, which prompted people to ask where Johnson’s adopted adult Black son, Michael, was.”


        • Yessir. Not at all like the dems. Oh, wait. The dems are mostly old white rich dudes.

          Could it be the adopted son was not available for a group photo? He is an adult.

          Maybe you jumped straight to racism because that is what is in your heart?

        • As the parent of 3 adult sons, and step-dad of two more, I can tell you that we haven’t had a group photo in almost 20 years. Each son has commitments, you cannot get them all into a group photo, unless you photoshop it.

          Maybe Johnson is a racist SOB as you imply. You’ll need more evidence than the absence of a son in a photo to prove it.

        • Paul. Same here. Biological and steps. We’re into grandkids now. All are mine as far as I am concerned.

          But it is near impossible to get them in one place at one time.

          miner is evil. He assumes all others are also.

        • I don’t even HAVE kids, and I still can’t get them all together at the holidays!

          Stop trolling these good people.

        • Your such a stupid F.
          Went to an NRA convention a while back and the longest queue in the entire hall (by far) was to get a picture with Colion.

          Damn, I violated my own rule to not respond to a stupid F’r like you.

        • Miner, YOU are ignorant. The NRA currently has four Black board members and had two back in 1980’s, when I joined. Roy Innis and Carl Rowan were members for decades.

        • “The NRA currently has four Black board members“

          Out of…

          “The NRA is governed by a board of 76 elected directors“

          All righty then…

        • MINOR49er. So what you are saying is that the Conservative core of the NRA (which is almost everyone in the NRA) would never support your dumbass “common sense (sic)” gun control measures?

          So what if there are only 4 Black Board (you should have capitalized it) members? The fact is that there are four. After all the racism of your Leftist brethren, you have the gall to insinuate we are racists?

          You are a stain on the soul of America.

      • a black face at the head of the NRA would be mind-blowing for the left…he’s right there waiting in the wings…..

        • minor49iq…Again pumpkinhead you forget to think before you speak…History Confirms your beloved democRat Party owns America’s race based atrocities. So much so one can conclude a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party…apologize and you pay Reparations.

        • miner, as one of your NewYears resolutions, perhaps a remedial math course wouldn’t be too much to ask for?… 4 out of a total of 76 equals – – – 19 percent !
          New Left Math must mean that a 19% representation for 13% of the population is a travesty, right ? Would you ever consider letting your brain to engage before your fingers?

        • Yeah, math is definitely not his forte… remember him going absolutely gaga over his hero Stephen King’s paltry 1/20th percent charitable foundation’s ” benevolence”?

    • Uncle Ted is part of the problem. He’s been on the BoD for years, but doesn’t attend meetings. He did nothing to hold WLP accountable.

      • If the Ted we’re talking about is Nugent, yes you’re right. He was a gross UNDERPERFORMER for the NRA and its membership.
        If he was as bad at music as he was at looking out for our rights, he would have had to kick himself out of his own damned band!

    • Honestly, I’d like to see Condoleezza Rice as the CEO. She’s smart, strong, & honest. I don’t think we could find anyone better but I doubt she’d be interested.

  9. I’ll bet his health has been not been good. Since he knows very well he’s going to be found guilty and going to prison.

    I hope she continues to go after these corrupt SOB’s. And no I don’t believe she will have the power to actually shut the NRA down. But I could be wrong.

  10. As good as it may seem, with WLP stepping down from the NRA. There is still a lot of rot permeating within the organization. That must be removed before the culture will be changed. in a truly positive direction.

    • I concur. I just paid all of my other memberships (FPC, SAF, GOA, etc) for 2024. Gave NOTHING to the NRA. I need to see some major changes first, and I need to see some heads roll.

      • This ^, I did the same last month. I did contribute to MSRPA even though they’re an NRA affiliate.

  11. About time! I’d love to see the NRA recover. With WLP gone, I wonder if there are enough reformers in positions of power to end the corruption?

    I let my membership run out several years ago, but would rejoin in a heartbeat if a group of people at HQ will expose what went wrong and take steps to keep it from happening again.

    • I “may” rejoin Negotiating Rights Away. We’ll see what transpires. I wish him all the worst🙄

    • The NRA has the same problem as the democrat party. Everyone wants to blame Biden for all the problems their ideology has caused. Just like blaming WLP for all the problems with the NRA. The problems run much deeper than the figure head at the top and will continue. Until the entire rot that permeates both groups is eliminated.

  12. Good riddance, asshole.

    Can they rebound from this jerk? I don’t know. Sometimes a group gets too damn big for their own britches.

    • “Sometimes a group gets too damn big for their own britches.”

      Except in this case, Wayne LaPierre just bought new britches commensurately sized to fit his @ss and his 3go.

      And new vests, and new suit jackets, and probably a bunch of new ties, and shirts, and shoes…OH MY GOD THE PRICE OF SHOES IN BIDEN’S AMERICA!

  13. This was many years overdue. LaPierre was a cancerous growth on the NRA that was eating it away from the inside out. As a life member, I won’t miss him.

  14. Good riddance. I wouldn’t have anything to do with the NRA if my gun club didn’t require membership. Just another corrupt executive looking for a payday.

    • I’m still avoiding all clubs that force me to give money to the NRA.

      I want to see a thorough house cleaning of the BOD. Then maybe we can talk.

    • Me: “Hey, I’d like to join your gun club.”
      Club: “Okay. Are you an NRA member?”
      Me: “No. Does it matter?”
      Club: “Yeah. You have to be a member of the NRA to join our club.”
      Me: “Does my club fee cover the cost of my NRA membership?”
      Club: “No. You have to pay that separately from club dues.”
      Me: “Oh. Okay. Have a good day.”
      Club: “Wait! Where are you going? I thought you wanted to join our club.”

  15. Health reasons.
    Like prison.
    And now he van moose’s off in his big ole jet airliner and flys off to Paddock Island where they enjoy their Margaritas and sunshine for the rest of their lives.

  16. If only we could get rid of the NRA all together and send that $400,000,000 to a different organization which actually gets results like FPC or GOA.

  17. Lol. everybody on the same page as minor 49! Thats hilarious.

    If LaPierre was as bad (ie, ineffective) as y’all claim, the NY AG would have left him in place. They care not one whit about the “corruption” – they want to destroy to destroy it because of its *effectiveness*.

    Now run out and get you another meaningless temporary injunction.

    • I like how in your world it’s impossible for Wayne LaPierre to be corrupt, and at the same time for the Attorney General of New York to be corrupt. Cannot possibly happen. You think only now the left woke up and said – oh, hey, let’s try to take out the NRA? They’ve despised them my entire life. What was the one variable that gave a tyrant prosecutor the green light? Wayne Fucking LaPierre.

      All those NRA board members who resigned? Oliver North kicked out for asking serious questions about WTF this group is doing? Why did that happen? Oh yeah. Wayne Fucking LaPierre.

      NRA member dues are the lowest its been in almost 20 years. Is that because of Letitia James? No. It’s because of Wayne Fucking LaPierre.

      Actually, it’s not just him. I read one ex-board member say “the grifters are a snake with many heads.”

      Sometimes it’s OK to call out corruption instead of getting your LOLs over what MajorDipshit49er says here.

      • “l like how in your world it’s impossible for Wayne LaPierre to be corrupt”

        Have a Happy Strawman.

        Now, since I have had a long day doing the kind of stuff that kills or cripples if you make a mistake, and bullshit absolutely need not apply, I will let you have the last word.

        • If you are going to quote me, then quote me fully. You skipped the crucial part.

          But you keep on not killing and maiming people, whatever the hell that has to do with this story.

        • @tt shadow

          Hey, I remember you. “No such thing as knockdown” because the “equal and opposite reaction would knock the shooter down.” Amirite? Holy moly…

    • The NY AG and Everytown were trying to take down the entire NRA but the federal judge ruled that the membership couldn’t be blamed for actions of the leader. By the time they realized that their lawsuit would actually HELP the NRA, it was way too late for them to stop.

    • Letitia James was educated by the same government schools that you were. It probably never crossed her mind to adopt your strategy.

  18. About time. I don’t care what his reason is. I’ll give it a year, then I might give them a donation.

    • “About time. I don’t care what his reason is.”

      Let’s see what the new crew says, and more importantly, actually *does*.

      Concrete actions will speak much louder than mealy platitudes… 🙁

  19. When I’m home in Australia I am on the executive committee of the local Returned Services League, our largest veterans association.

    A very specific rule is that no one can hold the same position for more than two years and can only on the executive group (Pres, vice pres, sec, tres) for four years max before a compulsory two year break.

    The rule was set up to prevent the WLP style I’m here for life and it’s my organisation situation. Always wondered why more groups don’t have similar rules?

  20. Wow, waited until he did as much damage as he could do then waltzed out.

    Again, still, we need an NRA. We don’t need this NRA.

  21. I want to hear about the golden parachute WLP you fucking weasel. He may have cited health reasons but I’m sure it has to do with money and more. He’s undoubtedly walking away with millions and resigning before trial likely complicates the court from stopping it.

    Of course I’m not a chief financial officer or lawyer so I have no clue really but I see no other logical reason. If it was for his health, why did WLP wait until the last god damn second??

    I want the guy to have a DOC number along with a cell number like 3W32

    • Whatever his parachute is, it pales in comparison to the $100M+ they’ve spent on outside counsel Bill Brewer III. They were spending $4M a month on legal fees for years. My guess is that there were kickbacks involved since he replaced AMcQ and his inlaws around the time all their kickbacks were exposed and there was a falling out. Does WLP launder his expenses through Brewer, who charged them back to NRA?

  22. Wayne LaPierre and his lackeys are responsible for gutting the largest, most effective, civil rights organization in history.

  23. Wayne and his fellow conspirator criminals should be made to pay back all the money they stole from the NRA funds.

    • That would be nice…but ALL OF IT, like in the money he spent already? He’d declare bankruptcy which who knows how that would go. If they seized all his assets and sold them off, I’d be down for anything that makes him unhappy, the more unhappy the better.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, how about Bill Clinton going to jail for his association with Epstein along with Billery?

      Oh, by the way, have you ever found out what the firing sequence of a cartridge is?

      • @ Walter
        To be fair, we weren’t PAYING Bill Clinton. We were however paying the NRA and scum-bag WLP blew it on fancy clothes and other crap when they should have been fighting for our 2nd amendment rights.

        It seems as if NRA wanted our 2nd A rights to be right on the edge of catastrophe, you know, where we lose EVERYTHING if we didn’t give and give deep, all so it seems the NRA could blow all that money on their own bullshit, private plane trips, fancy clothes and so on.

        I don’t always stick up for dacian and have on many occasions word slapped him, but when I agree, I AGREE.

        • Speak for yourself. I wasn’t paying the NRA. A lot of people have been saying for a long time that they were corrupt. But it was the “better the devil you know” types that kept the NRA going on borrowed time for so long.

  24. Good riddance, of course. But why do we have to wait until the end of January? And now who takes his place?

  25. “Good riddance, of course. But why do we have to wait until the end of January? And now who takes his place?”

    Suspect the 31Jan date is to allow the trial to complete, in order to see if an appeal is necessary, and NRA must cover those expenses. If acquitted, Wayne will be encouraged to rescind his retirement, and assume his empire leadership role. There likely would be some drama created as a means of creating a ground swell for Wayne to return.

    If Wayne is truly retired, nothing changes; he wasn’t the entire leadership. The established rulers will simply continue as in the past. As someone wrote, “Welcome the new boss, same as the old boss.” Leaders come and go; the bureaucracy lives on.”

  26. Members voted this year by about 60% not to replace WLP with Col. Allen West. News flash: West is black.
    Roymond, sounds like you didn’t vote in the annual election!

    Do all the NRA members who are reading this vote in the annual NRA elections? I’ve been voting only for a couple people who are not recommended by the Board. The Board is part of the problem!

    Good riddance to WLP. Too many organizations like NRA are always asking for donations and living large on the funds!

  27. The NRA needs real attention, rework, and house cleaning from the top. American desperately needs a strong functional NRA but ends up getting cheated out of that. I’m not sad to see him leaving but it’s not over yet so there is no reason to celebrate anything. The BoD made it clear they had no intention of correcting the problems. This is certainly noteworthy but the wheel is still in spin.

  28. Comments had “knockdown power” again… saw Chuck Taylor get shot with an FAL at ten feet and he barely rocked on his heels in level 4 armor. What you call knockdown power is the physiological reaction to the projectiles, that exists. And the next time some Gunriter says “barrel harmoniks” mention barrel vibration is big, harmonics are higher frequency and orders of magnitude weaker…as a result of the primary frequency.

    Hit low C on a piano with a sledge hammer and all the other C strings move harmonically, but they make barely detectable sounds with an amplifier and like the barrel kind are “insignificant”. Nobody shoots well enough to notice harmonics, not even Mann barrels locked in a machine rest. Now go and sin no more…

    (I’m the guy with the accelerometers who did the muzzle orbit science we all learned years ago and they’re the dopes who learn a big word so people who know better can tell they’re not to be listened to?)

    • So, you are saying if you want true knockdown power you have to shoot them with a piano?

      Can I shoot the low C string on a piano with an FAL and have my barrel harmonically vibrate.

      Try again, Einstein.

    • Not sure what your referring to here but vibration is measured in frequency as is harmonics. That’s not to mention materials having harmonic resanance (also measured as a frequency). Low C is a vibration measured as frequency noted for it’s harmonics.

  29. Well, now that Mr LaPierre is gone what is your objection to the NRA? Most of you naysayers have claimed that you would rejoin and contribute when he is gone.

    • Big deal, the lead dog of the team ” fell ill ” and got unhitched. The rest of the team will be all too happy to continue pulling the sleigh snorting and nipping at each other’s asses for a chance at a change of scenery, only to continue to run over the edge of the cliff.
      Wise passengers got off of the sleigh long ago, and only a fool would get back on knowing the destination.

  30. “Well, now that Mr LaPierre is gone what is your objection to the NRA?”


    Of course, there are some folks that absolutely hate: shall issue, SYG (to include civil immunity), Macdonald, Heller, Bruen, etc.


  31. I know the gun controllers are excited, but the fall of Wayne LaPierre is not going to be a hit to the pro rights movement, it is a benefit.

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