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There’s a troubling trend by certain politicians to salt the ground at the U.S. Supreme Court before more significant firearm-related cases can be argued and decided. Politicians are disparaging the justices in an attempt to politicize the Court and delegitimize decisions even before arguments are heard. It’s unfolding in the cruelest ways, and it threatens the separation of powers between the three co-equal branches of government – the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.

It is also a reminder that November’s presidential election carries with it added significance for the future of the Judiciary.

Just last week, Chief Justice John Roberts rejected a request by U.S. Senate Democrats to meet to talk about Supreme Court ethics and a ginned-up controversy over Justice Samuel Alito flying flags outside his homes in Alexandria, Va., and Long Island Beach, N.J. The first incident stemmed from a 2021 dispute with a neighbor who personally targeted Justice Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann, seemingly as a form of protesting the violence of Jan. 6. Mrs. Alito made the sole decision to fly an inverted flag at their Virginia residence in response to a neighbor’s pointed attacks. More manufactured controversy stemmed from Mrs. Alito flying an “Appeal to Heaven” flag at their New Jersey residence in 2023, despite San Francisco’s City Hall flying a similar flag, only to quietly take it down last month after the media uproar.

Justice Alito responded to Senate Democrats’ demands that he recuse from cases involving Jan. 6 based on these contrived controversies. He explained, in part, that a “reasonable person who is not motivated by political or ideological considerations or a desire to affect the outcome of Supreme Court cases” would not conclude that he needed to recuse. But the harassment campaign against the Supreme Court will certainly continue. This latest attempt is a reminder that the Court will be a factor in the upcoming election and the future of Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens.

Former President Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 with a promise to nominate justices “first and foremost, based on constitutional principles, with input from highly respected conservatives and Republican Party leadership.”

From that came Justice Neil Gorsuch, who President Trump described as “very much in the mold of” the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination followed, and was marked by a tumultuous confirmation hearing that included uncorroborated, decades-old allegations. Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation followed in 2020, giving President Trump three additional originalist justices on the bench to serve alongside Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justices Clarence Thomas and Alito.

Since President Joe Biden took office, he nominated Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson who was confirmed in 2022. With the 2024 election looming, President Biden is making promises to nominate his own brand of jurist to the Supreme Court.


“The next president, they’re going to be able to appoint a couple justices, and I’ll be damned — if in fact we’re able to change some of the justices when they retire and put in really progressive judges like we’ve always had, tell me that won’t change your life,” President Biden told a Philadelphia crowd last month.

The Supreme Court currently has a 6-3 conservative majority. That hasn’t sat well with liberal firebrands on Capitol Hill who have railed against the Court and, at times, threatened to upend the respect for the Supreme Court’s independence.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) infamously threatened Supreme Court justices while the Court was considering an abortion case in 2020.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch… I want to to tell you Kavanaugh…, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Sen. Schumer said. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Chief Justice Roberts rebuked Sen. Schumer’s remarks in a rare statement that read, in part, “Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous. All Members of the Court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”

That’s not the only time, though, that political zealotry has overtaken the longstanding norms regarding elected representatives’ respect for the independence of the judiciary. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D. R.I.) took direct aim at the Supreme Court, particularly on matters of gun rights and gun control, when he wrote in an amicus brief arguing against NYSRPA v. City of New York, “Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.’ Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”

Packing Threats

That wasn’t an idle threat. President Joe Biden fiddled with the idea of packing the Supreme Court. He signed an Executive Orderto create a Presidental Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States. The clear purpose was to evaluate the ways in which he could re-shape the Supreme Court to benefit his progressive agenda, which includes undermining Second Amendment rights.

Among the ideas that were studied – and eventually discarded – were: doing away with the lifetime appointments of the justices; changing the membership and size of the Court, as well as its case selection, rules and practices; and, most astonishingly, broadly reconsidering the Court’s role in the Constitutional system.

Democrats went as far as to introduce legislation in 2021 to the expand the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices. Given the Court’s 6-3 conservative majority, the addition of four more justices nominated by President Biden was certainly aimed at tipping the Court toward a liberal, progressive agenda, potentially for a generation.

It is no surprise that Democrats have their sights set on the Supreme Court while there are significant cases pending at the Court that relate to Second Amendment rights and the firearm industry. Those include United States v. Rahimi, which will determine whether federal law prohibits firearm possession by those subject to domestic violence restraining orders. There’s also Garland v. Cargill, which involves a challenge to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) banning of bump stocks through the administrative rulemaking process. That decision potentially could have an impact beyond the regulation of bump stocks, as it could address more broadly the ATF’s ability to craft criminal laws that are not voted upon by Congress.

Relatedly, the Court’s administrative law rulings could impact legal challenges to the ATF’s overreaches. One recent example is the ATF’s “Engaged in the Business” rule, which requires nearly all private firearm sellers to obtain a federal firearms license and run background checks. Another is the ATF’s pistol brace rule that unilaterally reclassified AR-style pistols equipped with pistol braces as short-barreled rifles (SBRs) and subjected them to National Firearms Act (NFA) regulation.

Likewise, there are pending cases challenging the constitutionality of some state laws banning Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) and standard-capacity magazines. NSSF is challenging Illinois’ MSR and magazine ban, and there are similar cases pending review at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth and Ninth Circuits.

All told, there is a lot at stake for not only the preservation of Second Amendment rights, but, more broadly, the Supreme Court’s ability to carry out its duties without interference. The attacks by politicians on members of the Court are as deliberate as they are unnerving. It is an attempt to fuel the narrative that any decision some politicians disagree with can be discarded and ignored. Undermining the Supreme Court’s legitimacy is more than a soundbite. It can do lasting damage to our constitutional system of the separation of powers, as it seeks to supplant the Court’s reasoned decisions and the rule of law with demagoguing politicians as the judge and jury.

— Shelby Baird Smith, NSSF

About the Author
Shelby Baird Smith is NSSF’s Chief Litigation Counsel. She previously clerked for Judge Thomas M. Hardiman on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and clerked for Justice Samuel A. Alito on the U.S. Supreme Court of the United States.

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  1. “I want to tell you, Gorsuch… I want to to tell you Kavanaugh…, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Sen. Schumer said. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

    Why is this shitbag not in prison?

    • Democrat privilege.

      But the justice is system is completely fair. Just ask any leftist after a right winger is indicted or found guilty. It’s totally fair and just, except, you know, every other day of the week when they’re trying to blow up the system for being unfair and rigged.

      • If you are too stupid to understand that that banana republic clown show in Manhattan will easily be overturned due to the obvious shitshow that it was, then there is no hope for you…

      • What Schumer did is probably not a crime. You can say damn near anything with impunity from the floor of the House or Senate. Liable and slander laws at least do not apply.

  2. Obama did say he wanted to tranform the United States. And with the many useful idiots. He has been successful.

    • “Obama did say he wanted to tranform the United States.”

      That’s only part of the quote, the full thing was “fundamentally-transform” the nation.

      He actually could have done that, but he was so transfixed on ‘Obama Care’ (gag) he literally burned every last bit of political capital he had. Passing that so angered us that we vowed to stop him at all costs from further damage…

  3. It’s one thing to criticize the SC but demons Schumer and supreme evil hag Maxine Waters have threatened the safety of Judges on video. They should be prosecuted for inciting violence against a public official. I would carry a scorpion under MY robe.

    • “They should be prosecuted for inciting violence against a public official“

      Like ‘conservative‘ commentator Stew Peters?

      “Conspiracy theorist Stew Peters made a startling demand for public executions at the latest stop on the ReAwaken America tour — calling for the death of Joe Biden’s son Hunter as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom Peters insisted should “hang from a length of thick rope until he is dead.”

      • Well add him to the list of prosecution. He does not represent an excuse not to look at Schumer and othets for the same rhetoric.

        • “Schumer and othets for the same rhetoric“

          Specifically, what rhetoric do you believe equates to a call for death?

          • All the rhetoric being used is inherently violent.

            What is the whirlwind he wants them to reap? Another James Hodgkinson?

        • Really, I’m more concerned about Republican politicians propagating the Russian state narrative publicly:

          “US senator claims Putin ‘doesn’t want Ukraine’
          By Jonathan Lehrfeld
          Thursday, Jun 6, 2024
          Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville recently asserted on a conservative political talk show that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not actually interested in his country invading its neighbor Ukraine.

          “He doesn’t want Ukraine. He doesn’t want Europe. He’s got enough land of his own,” Tuberville said. “He just wants to make sure that he does not have United States weapons in Ukraine pointing at Moscow.”

          One would think the senator would know, there were no American weapons in Ukraine until Russia unlawfully invaded Ukraine, murdering thousands of civilians in their attacks.

          Typical, Republican politicians using their official position to advance the cause of our adversaries.

          That’s what they call ‘patriotism’.

          • Unlawful invaded UCrane.
            I’m so damned sick of people thinking laws and lawsuits is the answer.
            Damned straight Putin wants UCrane, he wants the ports and the wheat fields. He also wants Biden backed biological weapons laboratory out of there.
            Russia is planning for the future while Americans are planning their next vacation or drug fix.
            Climatic change is real, 9.8 billion hungry people, theres going to be war like history ain’t never seen.
            China sees it too, that’s why the fentanyl is here.
            America had better get out of it’s fantasy.

            • Of course Putin wants to take Ukraine. He said long ago he wants to put the old soviet empire back together. It’s a question of what balance was reasonable to have achieved without starting WWIII.

              What Russia has really wanted, since at least Katherine the Great, is a buffer zone and a year-round port. Russia has said for decades, ever since the USSR folded, that they would regard NATO on their border as an existential threat. Make sure they retain a warm water port, and I’m pretty sure they would have been OK with a neutral Ukraine with the right combination of credible force in reserve and diplomacy.

              So is Putin a poor, peaceful, misunderstood guy? I don’t think so. But what would we do if China or Russia was pushing to set up military bases in Mexico or Canada?

              I don’t even know if communication would help much at this point, but it seems like we could achieve some balance here without pushing closer to WWIII. Does Putin want their resources? Probably, but it seems like he could have bought a lot of grain from them, or traded for it, with far less cost than they have been expending. Not to mention the fact that a whole generation of Ukrainian men are being slaughtered. Maybe there are things I don’t understand here, but this seems like such a waste, and members of BOTH parties in DC seem to really want war.

              • “Does Putin want their resources? Probably”

                The US wants those resources as well. It’s funny how few people talk about that, or the fact that we promote more foreign regime changes than any other country, by far. We tend to “meddle” in foreign elections as well. Don’t tell the TTAG Dems or Libertarians. They might begin freaking about democracy. The constant propaganda has melted their brains.

              • People make very credible arguments that the US was behind the regime change in Ukraine in 2013 to get a more compliant government in place (the previous government, at least according to their statements, favored neutrality with Russia, which the neocons have never accepted). I’m not saying all was wonderful and glorious before. By most accounts is was corrupt and continues to be. But you have to wonder how their people really feel about all this?Given some of what Zelenskyy and his government have been doing, this “defending democracy” narrative doesn’t smell right. Again, there may be things I don’t understand.

            • “Damned straight Putin wants UCrane“

              Good, we agree that Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is wrong.
              So what does that make Senator Tubberville, if he is promoting Russian propaganda over American interests?

              I guess that makes him a conservative Republican…

              “Of course Putin wants to take Ukraine“

              Phil, I’m glad to see we agree the Republican politician is wrong, why do you think he is promoting Russia’s interests in the Senate, rather than helping America?

              “what would we do if China or Russia was pushing to set up military bases in Mexico or Canada?“

              False dichotomy, America is not pushing to put military bases in Ukraine or Finland or Sweden.
              They all share a border with Russia, and no foreign country is coming halfway across the world to set up military bases.

              Yes, for hundreds of years the Russian people have had a culture of paranoia.

              But their irrational fears do not somehow authorize them to invade their neighbors and kill thousands of civilians because they feel uncomfortable.

              Hitler had the same concept, Lebensraum or ‘living room’.
              We’ve pulled the same bullshit, we called it’Manifest Destiny’.

              In the Nazi state, Lebensraum became not just a romantic yearning for a return to the East but a vital strategic component of its imperial and racist visions. For the Germans, eastern Europe represented their “Manifest Destiny.” Hitler and other Nazi thinkers drew direct comparisons to American expansion in the West. During one of his famous “table talks,” Hitler decreed that “there’s only one duty: to Germanize this country [Russia] by the immigration of Germans and to look upon the natives as Redskins.”

            • I’d say on this list Republican supporters outnumber liberal supporters by about 100-1, so I’m just trying to return some balance to the dialogue.

              I understand this can feel threatening, to the privileged, equality feels like oppression.

          • “He doesn’t want Ukraine. He doesn’t want Europe. He’s got enough land of his own,” Tuberville said. “He just wants to make sure that he does not have United States weapons in Ukraine pointing at Moscow.”

            Lie, Putin wrote this shortly after the invasion started, he wants the old Soviet Union restored to the pre-1991 borders :


            That also means Poland, and other countries like Estonia will be in his sights…

            • “Lie, Putin wrote this shortly after the invasion started, he wants the old Soviet Union restored“

              Yep, Republican Senator Tommy Tubberville intentionally lied about Vladimir Putin‘s intentions.

              Republican senator Tuberville is promoting Putin’s interests over America, is that just another demonstration of MAGA patriotism?

              Because most reasonable people see that as giving aid and comfort to a foreign enemy of the United States, and there is a word for that.

              And that word is ‘Republican’.

              “Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio), who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Sunday that it was “absolutely true” that some Republican members of Congress were repeating Russian propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine instigated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.“


              You know, it was good to see President Biden visit the cemetery at the Marne to honor America’s fallen soldiers.
              A few years back Donald Trump was worried his hair would be messed up by the rain, and didn’t take the time to see the graves of those he termed “losers and suckers”.

              On this 80th anniversary of D-Day, several important truths are even more obvious today.

              Democracy matters. NATO matters.

              Because wannabe dictators work together to steal our freedoms, Putin, Orbán, Un, Xi… and Trump.

    • At the rate things are going it may not matter but not for the reasons you spam regarding some insignificant commie subversives.

    • The smartest people in the room have succumbed to the Leftist propaganda. Longtime Republican voters with “libertarian” values aren’t going to vote for an insurrectionist. They’ll support senile puppet Biden, either directly or indirectly, in the name of protecting democracy. Anyone left supporting Trump is an uneducated, hick cultist. Suddenly the Left and the Right both sound the same; like condescending, out of touch elitists.

        • I don’t think you understood the comment. Reread it real slow like. Or maybe you did understand it, and you’re suddenly looking down on Trump voters as well.

      • “Anyone left supporting Trump is an uneducated, hick cultist.”

        Yes, exactly, I’m glad the scales have fallen from your eyes.

        “ …many a true word hath been spoke in jest”

        • But that wasn’t spoken in jest. That is how people like you, and apparently neiowa, feel about anyone who supports Trump. You’re part of the condescending Left, and accountants from Kansas with “libertarian” values, who have kids that attend private schools, are part of the condescending Right. The smartest people in the room think it’s best to elect a senile puppet in order to protect against the orange threat to democracy. Because electing unaccountable bureaucrats is democracy. 🤡

          • Any person who hates one(1) man more than their love for their country might be part of, if not the, problem.

    • Don’t you have more drugs and gay people to do? Also that person does not represent the Libertarian Party, only in your mind. Go worship your gun grabbing hero Reagan or any of the other shitbag Republicans that are lock step with the Democrats. The only thing I detest more than Democrats are you Republican sympathizers. But keep supporting the Uniparty, it’s worked so well so far!

  4. We can all see the handwriting on the wall of what is coming around the corner. They wanted a “reset.” I don’t think they will like the reset we will get soon.

  5. Golly a loon attempted to murder Kavanaugh. Serious crime folks. Doesn’t SCOTUS have federal marshall power? Hmmmm… play that game. We are close to armed conflict. Guess who has a gazillion gats🙄

        • The only difference between communists and liberal/progressives’ is communists are honest about their intentions. Democrats not so much.

    • “Senator McCarthy was right“

      Amazingly, tailgunner Joe and Donald Trump are both connected by their love of Jewish attorney Roy Cohn, who later died of AIDS.

      Actual history is just so fascinating, sometimes it’s like looking into a person’s soul:

      “The Final Lesson Donald Trump Never Learned From Roy Cohn
      The unrepentant political hitman who taught a younger Trump how to flout the rules didn’t get away with it forever.
      By MICHAEL KRUSE September 19, 2019
      Michael Kruse is a senior staff writer for POLITICO.
      One of Donald Trump’s most important mentors, one of the most reviled men in American political history, is about to have another moment.

      Roy Cohn, who has been described by people who knew him as “a snake,” “a scoundrel” and “a new strain of son of a bitch,” is the subject of a new documentary out this week from producer and director Matt Tyrnauer. It’s an occasion to once again look at Cohn and ask how much of him and his “savage,” “abrasive” and “amoral” behavior is visible in the behavior of the current president.

      The infamous chief counsel for the red-baiting, Joseph McCarthy-chaired Senate subcommittee in the 1950s, Cohn was indicted four times from the mid-’60s to the early ’70s—for stock-swindling and obstructing justice and perjury and bribery and conspiracy and extortion and blackmail and filing false reports. And three times he was acquitted—the fourth ended in a mistrial—giving him a kind of sneering, sinister sheen of invulnerability“

      • Jewish attorney? Odd that you had to point his faith out. Do you say Christian business man or Black business man?

        You have a final solution for the Jewish problem in mind, miner?

        • Yes, I find it ironic that Trump with his multiple antisemitic statements would revere a Jewish attorney. And a gay one at that.

          “US Jews upset with Trump’s latest rhetoric say he doesn’t get to tell them how to be Jewish
          Updated 5:21 PM EDT, March 25, 2024
          Since the start of his political career, Donald Trump has played on stereotypes about Jews and politics.

          He told the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2015 that “you want to control your politicians” and suggested the audience used money to exert control. In the White House, he said Jews who vote for Democrats are “very disloyal to Israel.”

          Two years ago, the former president hosted two dinner guests at his Florida residence who were known to make virulent antisemitic comments.

          And this week, Trump charged that Jewish Democrats were being disloyal to their faith and to Israel. That had many American Jews taking up positions behind now-familiar political lines. Trump opponents accused him of promoting antisemitic tropes while his defenders suggested he was making a fair political point in his own way.“

          • Deflection. You have yet to explain your need to id the man as a Jew in your first comment.

            You’re a fascist miner. Which means that if you hate Trump he must not be a fascist.

            • “You have yet to explain your need to id the man as a Jew in your first comment“

              I’m sorry, you must’ve missed my very first sentence:

              “I find it ironic that Trump with his multiple antisemitic statements would revere a Jewish attorney. And a gay one at that.“

              Y’all brought up Senator Joe McCarthy, I noted the interesting connection between he and Donald Trump, through their mutual attorney. And I pointed out that, even with Donald Trump‘s decades of antisemitism, he still had a Jewish attorney as his mentor. Say, perhaps his antisemitism is just a tool to manipulate his base…

              Perhaps you should’ve had some of those journalism classes under Bill Pitt, it might’ve sharpened your critical reading skills.

              • That was not your first sentence. Joe and Trump connected by their love of a Jewish attorney that died of aids.

                Maybe bill pitt wasn’t a very good instructor. He didn’t teach you to express yourself plainly and without racism.

              • With his antisemitic statements, Donald Trump is the racist.

                Your problem is you don’t like the fact that I stated it plainly and offered evidence with a citation and web link.

              • Your opening statement paints you the racist. Trump is not in this conversation. Your first comment. Your opening statement was announcing the man’s Jewish origins.

                But with your past comments condemning the Jews for defending themselves against hamas this is no surprise.

                Now, I wonder what I would find if I researched anti 2a and antisemite professors at MU?

              • “But with your past comments condemning the Jews“

                Nope, I’ve said the nation of Israel is guilty of war crimes, just as the Islamist backed terrorists are guilty of war crimes.

                I understand that for simple minds, it’s difficult to tease apart the idea of people of the Jewish faith versus the nation of Israel, they are not the same.

                And yes, you should research MU or any other university, that’s the first step to selecting a school to continue your education past the sixth grade.

              • Spin it, spin doctor. Been to MU. English proff that spent half of each class discussing the sexual meanings of Shirley Temple movies.

                American Poly Sci proff that started each class with an intense lecture about ‘Palestine, which is now Israel’.

                That was over 50 years ago. Indoctrination is not education.

              • “English proff that spent half of each class discussing the sexual meanings of Shirley Temple movies“

                So you’re oblivious to the fact that human motivation and behavior is often revealed in popular culture, making it a rich environment for study?

                You don’t think study of the English language includes how incredibly popular cultural icons play out eternal themes of human psychology?

                I can tell you your academic peers don’t share that sentiment, here’s an interesting study of the sexuality and racism connected with Shirley Temple and Mr. Bojangles, just fascinating for the intellectually curious.

                “White and black in black and white: management of race and sexuality in the coupling of child-star Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson.
                Citation metadata
                Author: Karen Orr Vered
                Date: Spring 1997
                From: Velvet Light Trap
                Publisher: University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas Press)
                Document Type: Critical essay
                Length: 7,206 words“


                I can also recommend another study, that you may find interesting:

                “Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood
                February 2015
                February 2015
                ISBN: 9780813563275
                Kristen Hatch University of California Irvine“


              • “Poly Sci proff that started each class with an intense lecture about ‘Palestine, which is now Israel’.

                That was over 50 years ago“

                Let’s see, 50 years ago, aught plus aught and carry the aught, hey that was 1974.

                Oh, just a few months after the Yom Kippur War in Oct 1973.

                And you don’t think a political science professor should be discussing Palestine and Israel just after the YK War?

                “Yom Kippur War, fourth of the Arab-Israeli wars, which was initiated by Egypt and Syria on October 6, 1973, on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. It also occurred during Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting in Islam, and it lasted until October 26, 1973. The war, which eventually drew both the United States and the Soviet Union into indirect confrontation in defense of their respective allies“

                Maybe you are right, not everyone is cut out for higher education.
                But I do hope you found a personally fulfilling career.

  6. If Ballot Harvest Scams re-elect Biden with a democrat House & Senate, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Roberts will be impeached next January.

    Never underestimate the depths to which democrat will stoop.

  7. I like that nobody is trying to pretend the SCOTUS is some special, holy, non-partisan sacred cow.

    All the bitching is just people butthurt that the court is biased in the wrong direction.

    Now that there’s nobody left claiming any institution is non-partisan maybe we can get on with the national divorce. Usually the first step is to admit the problem. Here the first step is to stop pretending there isn’t a problem. The differences are irreconcilable.

    • LOL no, live free or die is the only outcome not involving slavery by whatever new name they call it.

    • A peaceful divorce will not be allowed by the fascist left. They would starve without us. And it goes against their nature to let slaves go free.

      These are the people that fought a war to keep slavery.

      • “These are the people that fought a war to keep slavery“

        Then why is it the southern conservatives who glorify the treason of the confederacy?

        Why is it the conservative Trump supporters who invaded the United States Capitol but didn’t raise the American flag, but rather the flag of the Confederate States of America?

        • One idiot from Delaware was carrying around a Confederate flag. Many others had American flags. In what world is Delaware considered the South? You should first learn where the states are located if you’re going to discuss geographic regions.

          • Well, Bidens from Delaware and he’s been best buddies with Klansmen and a staunch supporter of segregation.

          • “One idiot from Delaware was carrying around a Confederate flag“

            And not one of the thousands of Trump supporters offered a single objection to the flag of the traitors being paraded in the halls of the United States Capitol.

            They were too busy tearing down the American flag and replacing it with the flag of Donald Trump:

            “Pro-Trump Rioters Tear Down American Flag, Replace it With Trump Flag at U.S. Capitol Building

            Thousands of pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to protest the president’s loss in the 2020 election

            By Morgan Smith Published on January 6, 2021 05:35PM EST


            The good news is federal prosecutors have conducted investigation and charged 1500 people for violent crimes including sedition at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

            And the hits just keep coming!

            • Just remember, miner. You are full on cackling with delight at the show trials your side instigated. roland freisler must be a hero of yours.

              Just like your fascist european brothers of near a century ago you forgot that you need to win the war first.

              I wonder what excuse you will give when facing the peoples justice? Just following orders?

              • Miner lives for this sort of thing. He would’ve been a snitch in Soviet Russia, and he would have gotten off every time the state came down on someone.

        • The dems fought a war to keep slavery. They founded the kkk and the anti civil rights movement when they lost that war. fdr made it possible to round up Americans and put them in concentration camps based solely on their race.

          What point were you trying to make, miner?

    • An official divorce can’t happen because there would be a nasty fight over the kids resources. A practical divorce can happen, and is probably the only logical way forward at this point.

  8. Until the Democrats have kicked Gold Bar Menendez to the curb and out of the Senate then they can STFU. Of course Schumer is the biggest hypocrite in all of DC so that won’t happen.


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