Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected president of Mexico.
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EDITOR’S NOTE: In an update to yesterday’s story from Larry Keane at NSSF below, Claudia Sheinbaum, won Mexico’s presidential election yesterday by a relatively large margin. She won with 58.3% to 60.7% of the vote according to news reports to become not only the nation’s first female president in its more than 200-year history, but also its first Jewish president. She was the “favored successor of outgoing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador” and vowed to continue his policies, which means Keane and TTAG had the problem with this presidential outcome spot on. For more on the election, visit the Associated Press. 

Mexico’s voters will head to the polls today to choose who will succeed Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He’s the controversial figure who adopted a “hugs, not bullets” approach to handling narco-terrorist cartels that have ravaged his country. He’s also the one who signed off on the controversial $10 billion lawsuit against firearm manufacturers that’s being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, after being revived by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, as well as a similar lawsuit against several retailers in federal court in Arizona.

Not content to bankrupt members of the firearm industry, Mexico’s lawsuits infringe on the Second Amendment, U.S. national sovereignty and usurp the role of Congress and state legislatures by imposing a nationwide injunction on how Mexico believes firearms should be sold in the United States.

The two leading candidates vying for office are women – Claudia Sheinbaum, the former Mexico City mayor, and Xóchitl Gálvez, an opposition senator and tech entrepreneur who represents a coalition of several Mexican political parties. Sheinbaum holds a double-digit polling lead that’s remained steady for months and the election is just days away.

Observers are pitching the election as a sea-change for Mexico. The two leading candidates would be the first woman elected as Mexico’s president. However, hope for real change in the misguided and corrupt policies that President López Obrador embraced have little chance.

Corruption and Violence

Mexico is headed for more of the same corruption, crime and pursuit of baseless lawsuits against U.S. firearm manufacturers. That’s largely because President López Obrador has ceded over half of the country to cartel control. The Economist’s Intelligence Unit downgraded Mexico from a “flawed democracy” to a “hybrid regime.” El País, a Spanish-language international news outlet, noted that 53 percent of Mexican voters consider insecurity to be Mexico’s biggest problem. That was followed by corruption, ranked at 32 percent. Over 113,000 Mexicans are estimated to have “disappeared.”

President López Obrador is a head-of-state only because he’s working hand-in-glove with the narco-terrorist drug cartels that are the scourge of Mexico. He refuses to confront those cartels, which are facilitating illegal drug and firearm trafficking. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency uncovered substantial evidence” that drug cartels funneled $2 million to his campaign and that it was impossible to divorce government officials from criminal cartels.

Gálvez has been an outspoken critic of President López Obrador’s “hugs, not bullets” policy. She wants to build a state-of-the-art mega-prison, much like the one El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele built in his country and filled with over 70,000 in a state of emergency. Critics allege many of those inmates are innocent.

Gálvez would also end President López Obrador’s policy of Mexico’s National Guard and Army limiting patrols to avoid confrontations with narco-terrorist cartels’ mercenary units. However, she’s also avoiding a return of former President Felipe Calderón’s “War on Drugs” that brought open gunfire between police, military and cartels.

Sheinbaum, on the other hand, is expected to continue President López Obrador’s “hugs, not bullets” policy. Sheinbaum is a low-key protégé of President López Obrador and a member of his Morena party founded by the current president. Sheinbaum studied at the University of California at Berkeley and her parents, “were committed leftists, with a copy of Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ hidden in the closet. Her mother, a biology professor, lost her job for participating in the 1968 student-led demonstrations against the one-party system that ruled Mexico for decades,” The Washington Post reported. She served as President López Obrador’s environmental secretary. She supports President López Obrador’s constitutional amendment proposal to elect Mexico’s Supreme Court judges by popular vote. That’s the same Supreme Court that has stymied President López Obrador.

Mum on Mexico’s Lawsuit

Neither Shienbaum nor Gálvez has spoken publicly of Mexico’s $10 billion lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. Sheinbaum, though, would largely be a rubber stamp on the lawfare effort by Mexico to abuse U.S. courts to influence gun control in America and erode Second Amendment rights.

“In several speeches, Sheinbaum has underlined the continuity between herself and López Obrador on key issues in the US-Mexico relationship, including migration, arms and drug trafficking, and border security,” The Nation reported.

NSSF filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. v. Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the $10 billion lawsuit brought by the Mexican government seeking to assign blame for the criminal violence brought by narco-terrorist cartels in Mexico. The brief argues that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit erred in reviving the case that was initially dismissed by a lower federal court for violating the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). NSSF wrote the First Circuit’s decision “… blows a gaping hole in the PLCAA and rolls out the red carpet for a foreign government intent on vitiating the Second Amendment.” The amicus later adds that the First Circuit’s decision was incorrect because it is “… emblematic of a recent trend of anti-gun governments (and courts) mendaciously skirting the PLCAA and using the resulting threat of bankruptcy-inducing tort liability to destroy a lawful industry that is vital to the exercise of a fundamental constitutional right. This Court’s intervention is imperative.”

Twenty-seven state attorneys general, led by Montana’s AG Austin Knudsen, filed their own brief with the Supreme Court, urging the court to correct the decision to revive the claim by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

“American firearms manufacturers should not and do not have to answer for the actions of criminals, as established by the commonsense federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Mexico’s bad policies created the country’s gun violence problem,” AG Knudsen said in a press release. “Rather than take responsibility, Mexico and anti-gun activists are trying to blame and bankrupt American companies that follow the law. The appeals court erred in their decision and the Supreme Court needs to correct it.”

Mexico’s elections are certain to change who occupies the presidential palace but hope for change falls short of Mexico’s insistence on scapegoating their own failures and cartel corruption on U.S. firearm manufacturers.

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  1. Mexico is a failed state, and electing a woman will just make it worse. Violence at the border is only going to increase. If you live near the border, buy more ammunition.

  2. Mexico is a Narco state controlled by and for the Cartels. Trump had the only reasonable answers, fence the border and remain in Mexico. Now as a result of FJB policies we have several million more illegals that need to be deported.

    • The only real answer is to designate the cartels as terrorist organizations and deal with them as done with Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah. By bombing them out of existence. If the Mexican government complains designate them as a state sponsor of terror and deal with them accordingly. Yes it will put some hardships on the U.S. economy as we get many things from Mexico, but is a necessary trade off to stop the destruction being perpetrated on our nation. In the end our nation will have to return to furnishing it’s own food and products which will be a Win/Win for both the economy and society as a whole.

    • “Trump had the only reasonable answers, fence the border and remain in Mexico.”

      The last few federal election cycles show the Latino vote going more and more our way, I won’t be surprised if the November election shows them at more than 50 percent for us.

      That trend is picking up speed. In the not distant future, they will be *insisting* on getting an actually-secure fence built.

      When they wake up to that reality, are they gonna blame it on racist Latino Trump supporters? 😉

      They will soon regret opening the border…

      • Sorry, but we need to deport every single illegal AND their anchor babies. Then we need to permanently fix the system that allows NGOs to profit from mass illegal immigration. Every single person or organization that abets it should be in prison.

    • Check out Peter Schweizer’s new book Blood Money, or listen to an interview about it. The cartels are working for China. China wants to degrade the US, and the cartels are happy to profit from it, just like the Democrats. Democrats are essentially going along with China as well because they support China’s multiple efforts to divide the country for their own personal gain.

    • Few of the illegals are Mexicans, I don’t know why they would want to stay there , maybe it’s the coyote money that is so attractive.

  3. Mexico’s problems are our problems and our problems are Mexico’s.

    When one thinks of Mexico the terms “Flawed Democracy”, “Hybrid Regeime”, “Banana Republic”, or “Narco-State” easily come to mind. The problem is the United States has been nibbling at those same monikers with enthusiasm and is hardly blameless for the predicaments that are befalling both of our countries.

      • It gets worse the more you look into it, especially when you consider Dude’s point of the China connection. Used to be mostly related to Afghan heroin but we are way past that now.

  4. There are ways to solve the cartel and crime problems in both Mexico and in the US. But, neither the politicians, nor the loud mouthed press and leftist useful idiots will allow such things to be done. As I’ve seen in a couple meme’s in recent months. ” You can vote your way into socialism. But you will have to shoot your way out of it.”
    Pretty much the same situation if the criminal cartels and organized crime gangs get into power or control parts of the country.

  5. American dopehaids created this problem. The US Federal Government should give all dopehaids 18 years old or older all the dope they want, for free, in any quantity they want. Put the cartels out of business. The average dopehaid would kill you and your entire family just to get $10 for a dope fix so why worry about whether they OD.

    • “so why worry about whether they OD.”

      Have you ever done anything stupid in your life? How about when you were a teenager? Do you know of someone, or know someone who knows someone who accidentally overdosed? I personally know of two. One of them was a teenager. I know of even more when I go out another degree of separation. The current drug epidemic is a preventable disaster. Throwing more fuel on the fire isn’t the way to solve the problem.

      • Overdoses are rare when people know what they have, and how much is too much. Tough times, get tough.

        We have a “the bad guys are taking over” problem.

        • Yes, of course. My point was that it’s okay to be compassionate. And I don’t mean that in the pointless liberal sense. Every drug victim is someone’s child. No one wants to grow up to be an addict.

  6. Obrador/Biden. What’s the difference?
    They’re both selling out their country and countrymen for financial gain.

  7. “Hugs not bullets” AKA “Payola not prosecution.”

    Corrupt narco states gonna do what a corrupt narco states gonna do.

    Creeping steadily into the USA so get used to it. Violence, vice and the printers of fiat currency rule the world.

      • I’m all for complete and total legalization.
        What I’m not for is the plethora of “safety nets” that the people will demand be put in place to waste futile efforts on rehabbing and supporting the addicts.

        Legalize it all and let them die in the streets.

        • Decriminalization is the worst of all the options – maximizes usage, leaves production and distribution in the hands of organized crime. It is what they did in Oregon and Mexico – cha-ching for organized crime, and NOT A COINCIDENCE OR “POLICY MISTAKE”.

          All criminals are not leftists, but all leftists are criminals.

        • “safety nets”

          See comment below regarding welfare. Also, I don’t know how this could ever happen because they could never justify a prescription for other drugs, if an adult can take opioids whenever they want.

  8. The real problem is the insatiable appetite of the United States for drugs.
    You could bomb every single cartel member tomorrow.
    And in one week there would be new people trafficking drugs over the border.
    The profits to be made are just unbelievable.

    • Yes, they are like cockroaches, but with the right poison even cockroaches can be eliminated. The important thing to keep in mind is we can’t allow morality to get in the way of defeating them. Which has been the reason why terrorists and the Evil they perpetrate continues. What must happen is the same decisive actions used to defeat the Nazi’s and Imperil Japan with no regard to collateral damage or deaths. Which was the last time such Evil was truly destroyed and removed from the earth.

      • Horseshit. The Founding Fathers did not ban dope. That was done by Progressives in the early 20th century. And presto! Cartels. mafias, junkies pooping in the streets, and wannabe dictators saying get tough on dope.

    • Easy solution to that, sale drugs out of the drug store just like they sale booze out of the liquor store.
      Anything they want.
      Load them junkies up, the smart ones might learn to say enough the dumb ones Over Dose.
      Making progress.

      • But then the smugglers can’t make any money. Cartel flunkies and Hamas stooges, er, Democrats won’t have it.

        • China is driving the fentanyl epidemic in order to degrade the US. The cartels are junior partners in the drug trade.

      • It can never happen because there will be no way for them to justify requiring a prescription for anything.

          • I think that’s an apple to oranges comparison to modern day America.

            They didn’t have the potency or availability that we have now. They also didn’t have the welfare state to keep them going when they decide to ignore their obligations to society. Back then, you had to eventually get your act together or you starved. You were also more likely to have a family to support which might keep you from going off the deep end. They were also more likely to have a close family looking out for them as well. It’s a different ball game now.

            • “They didn’t have the potency or availability that we have now.”

              Factually incorrect, on potency, purity, cost and availability. Egregiously so.

              And they had welfare. It was called the public dole.

              The idea that folks will choose fentanyl, bath salts or xylazine over what was OTC in 1900 is laughable. Yeah. l know you did not exactly say that.

              l know dead people, too. They are dead because drugs are against the law. Several of them had nothing whatsoever to do with consumption, distribution or production.

              How anyone can claim to be living a Christian life and support the current atrocity on any level is beyond me.

              The situation with meth is a perfect example – in the mid 60s, legal meth was easy to get – ask any former frat boy. Meth face was not seen. The more illegal it got, the more poisonous it got, and the violence increased accordingly.

              They busted over a ton in GA not long ago. Barely made local news.

              • There was a market on every corner in 1850 with pure drugs for sale? And we had as many dope heads back then? I know it isn’t in the history books, but that doesn’t sound right.

                The family, work, and obligation to society attitudes were very different just six decades ago compared to now. People are much more vulnerable now due to the general degradation of society. Two centuries ago was even more different. We also weren’t creating accidental junkies thanks to doctors that began overprescribing certain meds a few decades ago.

              • It barely makes the news because the current atrocity is being abetting by the regime. If people figured out that the regime is working with our enemies to degrade our country, they would lose support. The news media works for the regime.

  9. Anyone living in Mexico should recieve from the U.S. giverment a Social Boarder Security benefits check every month for $23,576.
    Immigration problem solved.
    Si Senior, I love United States I just don’t want to live there.

  10. … “the gutless wonders on this forum that give bigotry a pass”

    Debbie, YOU are the quintessential definition of bigotry, so STFU you crazed echo chamber.

  11. Annex Mexico, then deport all the Mexicans. All of the items made in Mexican factories will then be Made in USA.

    • I’ve said it before; use sleepy Joe’s alternative energy giveaway cash to build a continuous, 5 mile deep Solar Field along the southern border just north of the border wall. No one walking or crawling under that human pizza oven would make it to pick up their “welcome to America” gift basket. We need the electricity anyway, and the lizards would eat better.

  12. Is El Presdidente gonna stop the mass extermination of wimmen in old Mehiko? Just another $hithole cuntry. Wat happened to them village folks trying to fight back against the car-telz? Don’t hear about that anymore! Slingshots and pitchforks don’t work against military hardware. RIP Mr. Sanchez

  13. Oh, she is Jewish, well yup , for sure she will try and disarm America. Catholics in Mexico?.. Scarce as homemade Tequila in Durango. I suppose the Pope wasn’t pushing gunm control hard enough.

  14. I’m sick of my rare witty comments getting censured. I only have so many brain cells and the bot is holding me down. Gosh I’m takin my brain and goin home. Have fun.


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