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Earlier this week, we ran a post by Jennifer Sensiba regarding Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Jennifer has no quarrel at all with Rep. Greene’s support for Second Amendment rights. Why would she? Greene is clearly among the biggest gun rights supporters in Congress.

Instead, Jennifer took issue with Greene’s approach and tactics on other issues and opined that allowing herself to become a media punching bag has hurt her support for the right to keep and bear arms.

The article provoked a lot of response, as you might expect. Jennifer’s piece doesn’t necessarily reflect my opinion or that of TTAG, but that’s completely beside the point. We’ve always been open to a wide range of views regarding guns and gun rights here and always will be.

I fielded a few calls and emails from readers who were upset since the post was published. Then, this morning a number of regional email lists run by a group of affiliated pro-gun orgs sent out an email blast attacking Jennifer and TTAG for publishing the piece.

They wrote . . .

As gun owners, we live in a time of traitors, RINOS, and phony allies who pretend they are with us, only to stab us in the back, just like Pat Toomey, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney did when they sided with the liberal left and voted to impeach President Trump.

If we are going to be able to defend our gun rights, we MUST understand who our friends are, who our enemies are, and who is just standing on the sidelines trying to get rich off of the fight to defend freedom for the next generation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is very clearly a ‘friend’ to gun owners.

And it’s now very clear that ‘The Truth About Guns’ is an enemy to gun owners, who are simply using the Second Amendment issue to put money in their pockets, while using their website to advance a leftist ideology any chance they get.

They then urged their readers to contact us and demand that we apologize for attacking Rep. Greene. That resulted in dozens of emails and phone calls. It may not surprise you that virtually no one whose email I’ve read or who I talked to seems to have actually read Jennifer’s article.

One emailer who subsequently read the piece after I responded to his initial email sent another one stating . . .

Lol….I read the article and she DOES bring up some good points….it wasn’t an attack, but more of a “what are you doing” type of saying….kind of like trying to tell someone to “get your head in the game and stop getting involved in stupid stuff” …I do like Greene, but I get where the author is coming from: if we want people to take us seriously, we better show them our side has credibility….

I appreciate your response…I’ve heard about the Dorr Brothers and I tend to be careful when they send an email. I’m glad I followed up. Your articles are pretty spot on.

Most of those we’ve heard from did as the email blast instructed and demanded that we apologize to Rep. Greene for daring to criticize her. Many also wanted us to fire Jennifer. Neither will happen.

Sorry not sorry
Courtesy Etsy

First, the piece was an op-ed…an opinion piece. Jennifer expressed her view and did it rationally and clearly. You may not agree with it and I may not agree either. But that’s the nature of an op-ed. Rep. Greene is a big girl and from everything we’ve seen, she’s quite capable of handling some (mild) criticism.

Second, it’s interesting that so many of the people who fired off knee-jerk responses to the email blast demanded that we fire Jennifer. That’s exactly what those on the other side of the issue and the political spectrum have been doing to their ideological opponents for years now.

Cancelling those who have opinions with which you disagree is ignorant, intolerant and small-minded. We won’t be doing that. If you expect that we would, you’re in the wrong place.

Finally, we’ve always been open to publishing a wide spectrum of gun rights-related content here. Old timers might remember posts by a gun control supporter back in the early days of TTAG. We’re still open to publishing those kinds of posts. If Michael Bloomberg himself sends us an opinion piece laying out his justification for working to disarm America’s civilian gun owners, I’ll happily publish it.

No one benefits from TTAG being a strict party line echo chamber, preaching only to the nodding choir (to mix metaphors). That said, we are and always have been gun rights absolutists here. We take a back seat to no one in our support for Second Amendment rights. Anyone who reads our content and concludes otherwise isn’t paying attention or needs some remedial help.

The way to handle opinions with which you disagree isn’t by silencing them or firing those who dare to express them. It’s by countering them with better, smarter ideas that are backed up with facts.

We’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done here. It won’t always make everyone happy. It never has. And it would be awfully boring if it did.

As always, thank you for reading.




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  1. One wonders how many of the “blasters” are paid trolls looking to cash their paychecks. You know like TNT and Miner49er. Inquiring minds etc.

      • Don’t forget the anklebiter who’s constantly calling Geoff PR a Goof, and rankling others here. Annoying.

    • Probably a fair amount. It’s pretty common tactic to use paid shills and agitators to attempt to divide political movements. The Democrats were know to use a corporation called ‘Share-Blue’ to do this for severs years before they were discovered. They’ve since decentralized their agit-prop tactics to make them hard to spot.

      • Can I get somebody to pay *me*? I seem to miss all these fun wars, but I could fabricate some opinions as well as Miner Annoyance.

    • Make no mistake about it…This ongoing tug of war over your Gun Rights does put money in some pockets. Gun Rights are an easy issue that one can pretend to defend with platitudes. What separates the men from the boys sort of speak are those who cut the chase and want to yank Gun Control out by its despicable racist and genocide roots. When you do not see that happening that’s a red flag and someone is either history illiterate or they are pulling the wool over your eyes.

    • I honestly believe they don’t even have to pay these idiots. That’s just the internet now days. It consumes people. They live in their own bubbles. They make every thing about one thing, and it’s only relative to their beliefs. No doubt there have been some on here that are politically motivated, but paid shills? More than likely not. There would be massive trolling beyond a level that would basically ddos servers with it’s capacity. We have simply seen keyboard warriors claiming to fight the good fight against keyboard warriors. If you look at the difference between a site like this, and reddit, it’s easy to know who is being paid to type and who isn’t. People like Miner don’t even deserve the credit of being paid for their copy and paste waste of time. If anything, that new kid Idaho Boy is the closest to a paid shill this site has seen in a very long time. But still, more than likely just a bleeding heart liberal wasting their free time.

      • I also agree with Montana Actual (and strych9).

        It would be exceedingly easy (and relatively inexpensive) for a paid entity to write e-mail blasting scripts and deluge anyone’s e-mail in-box. To be honest, I am personally shocked that this doesn’t happen far more often.

        And given how much money (in aggregate) that the Mega-wealthy anti-rights cohorts have, they could do the same via good old-fashioned U.S. mail. A meager $10,000 from one of those Mega-wealthy anti-rights entities — which is roughly equivalent to a dime (10 cents) for us “little people” — would pay for the postage for more than 18,000 letters. Imagine being a person or modest company receiving 18,000 letters in one day. That would be quite disruptive.

        Of course someone will say, “No big deal, just throw them all away.” Setting aside the fact that 18,000 letters would weigh almost 500 hundred pounds and require a dumpster, what about any legitimate mail that may be mixed in with those 18,000 garbage letters? It would likely take you hours to sort through all of them. And we have not even covered how disruptive this would be if it happened every day for three months, or if there was twice the volume.

    • TTAG already went full retard, just look at any of the comments sections. Looks like they actually gained a bit of sense with the OP ed in question. MGT is a frickin whackjob who can only hurt gun rights. Delving further into the Q Anon Trumptard viewpoints will ensure gun rights get pushed to the sidelines and eventually compromised to the point they won’t exist.

      Voter suppression can only get the snowflake RepubliQans so far. How’s that revolution coming dipshits?

      • Translation of RammerJammer’s comment:

        1) I despise people who refuse to enthusiastically support my emotional positions, no matter how destructive nor disconnected from reality my positions may be.

        2) I refuse to see if there are any factual errors in people’s comments. And even if I did see factual errors, I cannot be bothered to provide factual corrections.

        3) When people refuse to support my emotional positions, I insult/attack them to either coerce them into compliance or flat-out punish them.

      • Don’t complain, Minor Annoyance, you’ve been paid FAR more than your drivel is worth. I hear Antifa is recruiting people to write commentary, and I’m sure they’d be interested in your . . . unique . . . brand of commentary. I’m sure they’d pay much more for your insightful analysis than the troglodytes here at TTAG, who simply don’t appreciate your brilliance.

  2. Thank you to TTAG to holding all of us gun rights affirmed accountable! That’s the only way TTAG or gun owners can be credible!!

  3. I”m with TTAG on this one.

    The resolution of differences in opinion, race, religion, gender and a thousand other controversial topics CANNOT BE FOUND IN CENSORSHIP!

    Again, I’m with TTAG.

  4. “…And it’s now very clear that ‘The Truth About Guns’ is an enemy to gun owners..”

    Wow! Downright lie right there! Who wrote this childish nonsense?
    There was an article posted, many people disagreed with the authors opinion, that should have been it. Then it morphed to the above? TTAG is now ‘The enemy’?


  5. My comments did not relate to political party.

    The article basically said that the rep should “tone it down” cause she was making people look bad.

    Sounded like pearl-clutching and a “we shouldn’t be too provocative” in our stances and statements.

    Just the opposite of how TTAG is presenting it in this post.

    I may or may not agree with the rep or her positions. How she wants to interact is her business.

    • I’ve agreed with what you have to say on the issue and I’m glad you’re speaking up.

      I don’t like this surrender trend on our side of “if we only give up on this then maybe they’ll stop”.

      They’ll never stop.

      And the whole trans rights movement is trash. It’s an excuse by mentally deranged men to use their natural physical abilities to oppress women. Period.

  6. Wait, you mean to tell me I can’t just kick and scream every time I don’t get my way or I have hurt feelings?!? In all my 42 years I wish someone had told me sooner…

  7. You can read an opinion, disagree and discuss, debate, you know like adults!
    Clearly people are both side are RRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    Don’t claim to support gun rights if you are not ready to debate and discuss those rights rationally like an adult.

  8. I’m not too concerned about that specific article. Although I have little to no interest in more and more of TTAG’s articles in general these days.

    My bigger problem is with the technical side of the site itself. There seems to be more fluff and code for google and tracking. Things for me to filter out. When you changed to site, it was more than just looks. It’s a bit odd since google/alphabet is so obviously anti-2A. It’s your site. Do as you will.

    In general, it become more difficult for me to be a regular reader here.

  9. I disagreed with the author of the article and posted my thoughts in the comments in the hope that she would consider them. I do not want her fired. I do not want her canceled. I do not want anyone to apologize for anything. The source of the emails encouraging people to demand these things is all one needs to know to understand what is really going on.

    Freedom of speech is freedom to say things others disagree with and even things others find offensive.

    • “cancel culture” has been politics since humans began to govern. It just has a catchy woke name now.

    • “Canceling” people isn’t always a bad thing — denying kinship and profit to people who hate you and would destroy everything you love is good and necessary. To put it another way, being kind and forgiving to cruel people only helps them visit more cruelty on the kind; when you identify the cruel people, cut them off.

      To paraphrase the article, yes, cancelling those who have opinions with which you disagree — simply because you disagree — is ignorant, intolerant and small-minded. Furthermore, canceling people you disagree with who are on your side, as the nitwits in this case want to do, is just butt-stupid.

  10. It’s like saying I’m all for the 2nd amend but nobody needs an assault weapon….
    I believe everyone has a choice, but one way or another there is always consequences on those choices. That’s the reason I read a lot fewer of your articles!
    Continued articles of her nature will have me looking in the REARVIEW! No it not a threat just a fact, just as I carry a gun when I put on my pants that is not a threat but a fact I will not think twice in using it if the need arises!

  11. Haters gonna hate.
    The dogs bark and the caravan rolls on.
    Who wants to live in an echo chamber? Fart once, and you’ll never hear the end of it.

    Those are a couple of my favorites. I’m standing with TTAG.

    As for the haters:


    Said it too much and now it’s stuck in your head. And sorry, but this isn’t your party.

  12. Too many knee jerk morans these days just want to get fired up. Anyone jumping off the cliff without reading the base information first needs a solid kick to the groin.

    You see this same childish reaction in forums and groups when the don’t read the OPs statement and then offer all sorts of advice on things not relevant.

    Too bad there’s no real Americans left to make the ones who attack our constitution walk the plank. We all talk but who’s willing to risk jail, life and family?

  13. I fully agree with you, Dan. You’re spot on and you make valid points. I actually did read the article when it appeared and while I didn’t agree with everything the writer said I had no thoughts of trying to silence her. The left wants to think for us and tells us we’re better off if we let them. Open opinions are to be respected but not always agreed with.

  14. 2A defenders, and “conservatives” in general have a complex decision to make. If we are to use the weapons of the Left as a means to defend them, we must also know what those weapons are. One of them is virtually complete public agreement with their party line.

    The Left has one goal: power, unmitigated power. Anyone who supports that goal is tolerated, almost no matter what they do or say. Why? Victory is more important than purity (think Slick Willie abusing women, but given a social justice “pass” simply because Slick Willie supported abortion).

    A visceral reaction to alleged 2A supporters who do not “toe the line precisely, uniformly” may be an important indicator that 2A defenders want a monolithic message, such as the Left benefits from. Yes, that means “cancelling” those who openly differ from absolutism regarding the Second Amendment.

    The gun-grabbers read pro-gun forums/websites/blogs, and any deviation from “the message” is used to show how diffident 2A defenders are, evidence the 2A crowd doesn’t know what it is doing, is unable to mount a vigorous defense, and not to be taken seriously.

    All this is not an endorsement of “cancelling” any viewpoint, but merely pointing out that messaging from the pro-gun community needs understanding, and evaluation of what the public message should be: uniform.

    Evil has complete conformity in its intention and goal. Good is a fractured vase, suspicious of its own validity.

  15. Wow. It’s almost like you expect people to read something and then think for themselves. Considering things from both sides (ours and theirs) before trying to determine which is right doesn’t happen on the left anymore. If you don’t hear out both sides you won’t know the best way to respond to their “logic”.

  16. Bravo!

    I wish you had bolded: “Cancelling those who have opinions with which you disagree is ignorant, intolerant and small-minded. We won’t be doing that. If you expect that we would, you’re in the wrong place.”

    Cancel culture is “ignorant, intolerant and small-minded” no matter whether its the right or left. And those calling for Jen’s cancellation basically proved her point.

  17. Sorry Sensaba clearly attacked the congesscritter because she was “mean” or some such chick thing. We need more mean -not less. We’re at war and we’re losing. I disagree with Boch but he’s right a lot. I have no problem with the “new look” TTAG. I certainly have poor eyesight! And league’s better than 4 or 5 years ago(for you HAZ). I find myself not commenting on west or east coast “problems”. Most of the so-called gun cognoscenti disses Illinois and those of us stuck here for now…

  18. Cancel Culture:

    My Wife: “What do you think about having Jean and Jack over for dinner this weekend. They suggested we get together soon.”

    Me (totally missing the nuance in her voice) “Great idea! Saturday or Sunday?”

    My Wife: “Neither. I do not have time for this right now.”

    Me (continuing to miss the point): “But you just suggested…..

    My Wife: “You know I am really busy right now. You should have told me that this is not a good time.”

    Me (going down fighting): “But it was your suggestion!”

    My wife: “And you should have known the answer.”

    Me: “Next time give me an answer sheet before you ask questions.”

    My wife: “I will; it is obvious that you need one”.

    Me: “I am going outside to mow the lawn.”

    My wife: “There are 8 inches of snow on the ground.”

    Me: “It is still going to be easier than this conversation.”

    Me wife: “OK….I’ll call the looney wagon. The neighbors will understand.”

  19. I posted a reply on Jennifer’s original post and now have had some days to reflect upon it.

    After reflection I determined that my original post is still valid and I repeat….

    Jennifer is a loser just like most of the Repub cucks on capital hill.

    We’ll see if she learns or continues to be a loser.

  20. I really love reading the articles. It gives me great pleasure to talk about their insanity and vileness. I would never advocate to censor anyone under any conditions.

    Where else can I have as much fun? 🙂

    BUT let’s remember the reality. There are NO arguments possible.
    Once you say “…The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED.”, that is it, that is final, full stop, you said it all.

    There are NO shades of grey, there are no exceptions…
    You either have the right, or you don’t.

    Liberals are like Middle Ages philosophers arguing how many angels can fit on the head of a pin….

  21. That Sensiba article was absolutely ridiculous, ludicrous, nonsense. It was like reading a transcription of “Mean Girls.” But, the only fireable offense on a firearms website should be “I support the Second Amendment, BUT…” Which should be immediate termination. Firing an inept employee or a good old fashioned “shut your mouth” isn’t Cancel Culture, just like COVID isn’t the only disease extant currently. Learn the difference, everyone. But, I digress.

    My point is, Mr. Zimmerman, you DO understand that capitulation and trying to play nice is how we got here in the first place. Everyone is so petrified of being called crazy, or mean, or (GOD HELP US ALL), racist or misogynistic, that people who literally embody every one of those traits everyday are taking power. More and more everyday. So pardon us if we’re a little sensitive.

    That being said, you did the right thing. And I do applaud your conviction, and agree with your decision.

  22. Attacking Mrs. Green in any capacity is idiotic. Go attack the anti-gunners. TTAG is deleted from my bookmarks. I’ll get my 2A information from a credible source.

  23. We all have our opinions and own thoughts. Group think and echo chambers serve no positive purpose. Disagreement is healthy and when done with civility it makes you present a better argument for your beliefs.

    Her article was her opinion and I may not agreed with all she wrote, I will defend her right to say it. She did however give food for thought and if you went immediately to fire her, you failed to think. That is not her fault.

  24. Fire Sensiba Now- or I’ll stop reading this blog. This blog is all boomers. TFB covers actual guns and has young people involved.

  25. More proof the liberals cannot or will not decipher opinion pieces from factual news.

    Even though these opinions are pretty fucken accurate, lol.

    Sorry, not sorry. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

  26. all socialists are jews? Or all jews are socialists? Sounds pretty racist to me… I think you are lying to yourself more than the TV and TTAG are lying to you.

  27. Dorr Brothers…say no more. Bottom feeding scam artists. They’ve been running the con for years now. It’s an old schtick and it’s shameful anybody still falls for it:
    “Everybody but us is lying to you! Send us money so we can protect you! ”

  28. those who talk, never do.

    You are already trolling hard… no need to make yourself any more of a jackass.


  30. This is why the 2A protects 1A. If you can’t speak your opinions out, then why have a bill of rights.

    Kudos to Dan.

  31. The Left aren’t the one ones who eat their own, or at least try to.

    Welcome to the interwebz, enjoy your stay.

  32. MTG does more harm to gun rights than good. She gives our enemies an opening to conflate gun rights with bigotry. What she should do is encourage transgender people to arm themselves for defense against violent bigots. It’s good public relations, not to mention basic fairness, for advocates of gun rights to support groups like the Pink Pistols.

    • I didn’t know who MTG was until this article. And I still don’t care who she is. She isnt my Rep.

      Every officeholder should be treated with mild contempt. Even the ones we work to get elected. Even the ones on “our side”. Especially those.

    • Except there are no violent bigots attacking “transgender people.”

      Transgender people aren’t real and are using their mental disabilities as an excuse to abuse women. And that’s the truth.

      • Is there some sort of mandatory tattoo visible on all “transgender people”? Because if not, how is it anyone can locate one to attack? If you are attacked, I suspect it is because you are screaming your deranged bullshit in someone’s face, otherwise how does that someone know you are “transgender” stupid, as opposed to some other stupid?

    • “She gives our enemies an opening to conflate gun rights with bigotry.”

      They’re doing that anyway. They’ve been doing it for decades, and will never stop. If you abandon every 2A advocate they point and shriek at, you won’t have any — and that is exactly what they want.

  33. I 100% agree with Jennifer’s op-ed, and even if I didn’t, cancel culture shouldn’t be us. Revenge against our “enemies,” *especially* those who are allies, will be our undoing. I welcome more sober reflection from her, as well as the more inflammatory stuff.

  34. My problem with that article wasn’t so much that Jennifer was attacking Greene’s stances, it is more about her fear of upsetting the media/liberal machine at the expense of our principles.

    That’s something that I think has been lost in this little spat here. Trash Greene all you want, I don’t care. But some of you need to realize we’re all Greene, or Kavannaugh, or Trump, to the left, regardless of how polished we are.

    Someone else, I can’t remember who, in that articles comment section said it best:

    “Anyone who isn’t on the left will get the kavannaugh treatment regardless.”

    We need people with spine. We need people who will actually stand up to the lefts loony demands. The left is not winning and they are not “on the right side of history.”

    Just because the left tells you transgenderism, critical race theory, and communism is the future doesn’t make it so.

    Just because they have an army of bots to shill for them doesn’t make it so either.

    I’m not going to give in to the left on any topic, thinking that will somehow save guns. Because it won’t.

  35. Yeah I’d sure like to know as well. Mine had absolutely no cursing or questionable words. I’m not blaming TTAG because I know they don’t control the filter as Dan has mentioned, but I’m concerned for this sites future if whoever does control the filter now has an agenda. TTAG may not be censoring anyone but will end up themselves being censored by TBTB.

    I’ve also got a feeling there’s a coming internet wide purge by TBTB and tech companies of any website that’s not explicitly left wing.

  36. They could have put on their big boy pants and written a rebuttal for Dan to post, but that’s like hard, yo.

  37. “it’s now very clear that ‘The Truth About Guns’ is an enemy to gun owners”

    That’s about the most stupid load of twaddle that I’ve read since Jennifer Sensiba’s stupid load of twaddle. No, TTAG is not an enemy to gun owners. OTOH, Dan, doubling down on Jen’s bvllsh!t probably isn’t very smart.

  38. ALL we the gun owners know for sure is Green is a true 2nd Amendment rights believer and she’s VERY OPEN WITH HER Opinion, which I MYSELF VERY MUCH AGREE With 100%,candidate’s like M.GREEN is very HARD TO GET INTO Political OFFICES, SHE’S A TRUE FIGHTER FOR AMERICA’S RIGHTS OF FREEDOM, as for the reporter.FREEDOM of SPEECH is for EVERYONE, AGREE or DISAGREE.

  39. I mean if TTAG wants to piss on their readership I guess that’s TTAG’s prerogative?

    Personally I don’t come here to read RINO opinion pieces, I can get that anytime anywhere else. Making the argument that “oh we have to hear opinions we disagree with” is about as out of touch boomer as it’s possible to be. We hear the other side’s opinion literally everywhere else we go, you don’t need to publish that RINO conciliatory drivel here. Opinions like that are precisely why we’ve lost the culture war and are on the verge of losing our gun rights.

    The other thing I think people should remember is that this blog is not REALLY about guns. It’s about money. Controversial articles = clicks = money. If you don’t like an article the best thing you can do is ignore it. Don’t give it clicks, don’t give it comments. Just move on. If TTAG continues to publish articles like that and it’s readership moves on then they’ll learn.

    Or, none of it will matter when some enterprising agitator starts a movement to try and pressure TTAG’s hosting service ( and try to get them deplatformed. A smallminded but effective tactic.

  40. As Pink Floyd said. “Keep Talking”.
    TTAG is doing just fine. If you don’t have a thick skin? Then please leave. The rest of us will continue to carry on, the great American tradition of social intercourse. It’s always easier to talk about things you agree on. And those talks are very short ones.

    TTAG is the first amendment. And I like the way it is. I’m very glad the Jennifer Sensiba piece ran. I want to know what and why she thinks the way she does. And I think she is, an example, of why the 2A is losing ground. Because Jennifer only wants “certain” or “special people” to represent the public fight for civil rights.

    Can a reformed criminal represent the fight for civil rights in the 2A?
    A previous NRA president was found guilty of murder. Another leader was a drug dealer. He was involved in assaults on other drug dealers. I trust these people because they have changed. And people can change for the better.

    Some fighters just look better all dressed up. Especially WLP @ $20,000 a suit!!!
    But you don’t need to be a sharp dressed man or woman. You just have to be articulate in defending the 2A.

    And Marjorie Taylor Green is doing just fine. And if you have a problem with her? And it has nothing to do with the 2A. Then I say you are the problem. Not Miss Green. If you are looking for someone you can agree with everything on, then you won’t find them in the 2A community.

  41. oh wtf ever…… enemy or not…. who f kn cares….. you ain’t getting my guns either way or ANY WAY…..

    As far as YOU know, they’re laying in the bottom of a lake somewhere in the middle of kentucky….. go find em…. lol

  42. Bravo.

    I may disagree with Sensiba, but I defend her right to publish her opinions.

    I am finding her pretty annoying however.

  43. Honestly, she can say what she will and you can print what you will. It doesn’t change it if she says stupid things. The point of her being attacked is silly, of course they will attack her. FFS a Republican got attacked for saying the phrase “hard work” on MSDNC. If you’re going to say something you may as well say it instead of trying to walk on eggshells to no avail.

    Far better someone like this than another Toomey, Flake, Mccain or Roberts or the likes.

    Transgenderism is definitely another front in the culture war and she’s right to fight on that one too. The Democrats are trying to get people to believe 2 2 is equal to whatever the party tells them it is and enforce that orthodoxy with the strictest means possible. Do you believe that they will leave be after they win that battle? If they do you’re nuts or an idiot.

    All things aside about sports Transgenderism is a horrible mental affliction. Would you let someone with Bulimia throw up repeatedly because they think they’re fat? What about someone with Anorexia stop eating? Would you let someone go into the ocean and drown because they thought they were a fish? Right now the science around people who convert seems to show a lot of regrets and not a lot of “curing” in terms of mental fixes. It’s funny that the same people who detest conversion therapy would applaud this.

    • Only thing I have against transgenderism is that I *believe* (no proof) that more than 90% of the medical costs for that hooey are paid by the taxpayer. If you want to spend a quarter million dollars having your thingy cut off or sewed shut, go right ahead, but I don’t want to pay for it. For ANY elective surgery you should save up your $$ until you are ready to decide between a new house or self mutilation, and then I won’t care a whit.

  44. Let me guess… You wrote a great big comment ranting and raving about how Dan Zimmerman and TTAG are totally (((da joos!))). You neo-nazis really are idiots.

    • Nothing like that in any of my comments, go back and read them. Like I said, I’m not blaming the TTAG staff, as Dan has mentioned they don’t control the filter. That actually bothers me more. I’d rather have TTAG staff control the filter. Whoever doing it now is subject to pressure from leftist influence whereas TTAG proper I know would resist that influence.

      My greater fear is cancel culture is now so powerful websites like TTAG will soon be a thing of the past internet wide for wrongthink.

      • You’re not wrong; those are legitimate worries. My comment was aimed at that “we know” idiot and all the previous comments with the (((neo-nazi echo quotes))). Apologies for the lack of clarity.

  45. I had my reservations about TTAG when ElaineD came on board. She was pretty smart, the strip joint pose, a few other things, but then she started sounding more like a manipulator and she was good at it. Whatever happened to her anyway? I liked messing with her.
    I’m pretty sure the Sea Eye Aye, Elf BE I or Home Depot Security monitors this site and for a bit thought maybe TTAG was in cahoots with them, but Nah, I like conspiracy theories .
    TTAG puts up with a lot of shit that other sites wont, I’ve always felt they support the first Amendment maybe even more then the Second.
    Keep up the good work guys, 3’s&8’s your way.

    • Lordy its raining hard where I’m at, regular monsoon. Bet it floods.
      Anybody ever fish flooded timber? That’s a blast.

    • Elaine D… She was definitely smart and really slick too. Too slick. Like you said, a manipulator. After the first couple of articles, she really started creeping me out and I skipped everything she wrote. Something about her was just…off. I’d rather have an honest but wrong writer like Jennifer Sensiba than whatever kind of lizard person Elaine D was.

  46. The title of this post can be read as, “we won’t apologize for our op-eds and we won’t apologize for firing our writers”. I was a little confused at first.

  47. This editorial curiously omits the names of these organizations attacking TTAG… They are run by the Dorr brothers, professional grifters and con men. These orgs are (depending on the day of the week, as these con men keep inventing new orgs): the American Firearms Coalition, American Firearms Association, National Association for Gun Rights (Dudley Brown’s fan club), and every state-level org affiliated to these.

    The Dorr brothers masquerade as no-compromise gun rights activists, but what they are …are saboteurs. They wreck the good work of legitimate state-level gun groups, they attack moderate legislators for “not being pro-2A enough” and sour them to all 2A activists, and in the process good gun legislation gets killed or is allowed to wither & die.

    Now we see these saboteurs dividing the 2A gun-rights community AGAIN by attacking gun publications like TTAG by conflating one issue with another, and just plain LYING, to drive a wedge between gun owners and TTAG over something about Marjorie Taylor Greene. I appreciate the TTAG editors’ setting the record straight, and we who pay attention to what’s going on all know who the Dorr brothers are, and we need to PNG them (Persona Non Grata) right out of gun culture. Educate your fellow gun owners about these grifters, so everyone will avoid them like the plague. Deprive the Dorrs the oxygen they crave, like we need to do with Wayne LaPierre. They are the cancer on the 2A movement that is keeping us from being truly united. They need to be excluded and their hapless followers redpilled as hard as possible. We are AT the PRECIPICE!

  48. You have the right to not fire her.
    I have the right to not read her.
    If not a win-win, it’s at least a tie-tie.

  49. The headline is terrible. It can be read as “No, TTAG Won’t Be Apologizing For … Firing Our Writers,” and I was looking to see who got the ax. Just switching the phrases would have made it clear: “No, TTAG Won’t Be Firing Our Writers Or Apologizing For Our Op-Eds”

  50. “To put it another way, being kind and forgiving to cruel people only helps them visit more cruelty on the kind; when you identify the cruel people, cut them off.”

    As Dennis Prager recently spoke: “Those who are kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind.”

    (not sure that applies here, but I liked the slogan)

    • I dont know about that saying?.
      I mean if I found somebody I didn’t like in the desert dieing of thirst I’d give them a drink before I ate them

  51. First time commenter – thank you for sticking to priniciples, keep her there and keep her writing.

  52. Cancelling those who have opinions with which you disagree is ignorant, intolerant and small-minded. We won’t be doing that.

    Thank you for the above. Thank you for this entire piece, in fact. Stand firm

    I didn’t agree with much of anything in the op-ed in question but reading it gave me cause to justify my position, thus reaffirming it. MGT is a f’ing loon, but for the time being she’s our loon. Ms./Mrs. Sensiba may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but she’s our too. We need to celebrate differing opinions, not silence them.

  53. TTAG, good on you. While I agree with MTG’s stance on the 2A, she has a history of making OTHER moronic comments, and, yes, that does give our opponents ammunition. As others have noted, being right on one subject does not mean you aren’t a moron on others – or you could be like Minor IQ, and be wrong on EVERYTHING.

    I would LOVE to read an intelligent op-ed that laid out a coherent case for gun control – not because I agree, or am likely to be persuaded by such, but because (1) I’d like to know what the opposition says, and (2) I would actually enjoy reading an INTELLIGENT argument for gun control (hint: Haven’t seen one, so far).

    TTAG is doing the right thing morally and intellectually. Agree with Sensiba’s position, or disagree with it, she DID make a coherent point. After all, most MSM outlets give AOC regular tongue-baths, and she is a raving moron, and has yet to be right about anything. I can read an intelligent critique of MTG, and make up my own mind . . . and STILL welcome MTG’s position on the 2A (and wish she were a little less of a nutjob).

  54. How about publishing articles related to guns?

    Literally half of John Boch’s articles have nothing to do with the 2A or firearms.

    And when was the last review we had of a firearm? They’re sparse around here these days.

  55. Just my 2 cents, but it’s not like she’s arguing that we should all go out and support biden or something. While I may not agree with her entire article, I can respect her opinion and learn from it. A lot of the fuds who are complaining are the same guys who say things like “you should be forced to take a safety class to own a gun” or “If you need more than 10 rounds you shouldnt own a gun”. Unpopular opinion (maybe) but the biggest threat to our gun rights from within our community is old ass fuds who are lifelong dems (probably) who maybe did support trump but don’t understand the difference between constitutional rights and privledges. “I’m just so nervous with all these new gun owners who didn’t get any training. They probably don’t need a gun” is one that pisses me off particularly. Guns for me but not for thee. Everyone starts somewhere. Had that argument more than once at my local gun clubs’ meetings. Not that I don’t advocate for training (I’m actually an instructor and work in the firearms industry full time), but I think there’s a big difference between “You should have to pass a test to own this” and “Hey, it’s probably in your best interest to seek some training on the weapons platform you feel most comfortable with.”

    But I digress. Moral of the story – leave this woman alone and stop perpetuating cancel culture.

  56. “Don’t forget “Enuf” always a reliable source of moronic comment.”



    But not as exquisite as I.

  57. Nobody ever lost an argument letting someone speak their peace. What we’ve seen repeatedly is that the left demands that those they disagree with not be allowed to speak because they’re dangerous or deranged or spreading misinformation.

    If you need to stop someone from speaking then you should examine your arguments and what your trying to do and not shut someone down because they don’t agree with you.

    That said making sure that anyone reading or hearing that persons arguments knows who they are and what their agenda is and whether what they’re saying is true. In other words you present YOUR arguments alongside of theirs.

    Something the gun grabbers never do.

    I’m suspect as to who is saying her article is anti-gun and why they’re saying that. And maybe who inspired them to inspire others.

    This is how pr people work. They know they won’t get listened to because they have an obvious agenda so they contrive to get someone else worked up and complain and get angry.

    This seems to be what happened here. Either the target was Jennifer but maybe it was TTAG for doing a rational job of speaking about Gun Rights concerns.

    I get more worked up about some of TTAG’s reviews than I do about their political position.

  58. The “we run all sorts of divergent opinions” argument is bull hockey pucks. You don’t randomly pick something out of the slush pile and print it blind. No, by what you select, you make explicit what YOU think is within the bounds of reasonable discourse — the Overton window, if you will. Sensiba’s argument is the tired old cuckservative “if we don’t play nice they won’t like us.” That’s a loser’s argument. TTAG is being “neutral” only in the sense that a neutered dog is neutral.

  59. Dan, I’m glad you addressed this as I’ve always found you to be a straight shooter. Not sure I agreed with her and the commenters after I read the piece definitely didn’t but hey, if the commenters didn’t have anything to bump. Their gums about this would really be a boring site to read. Keep up the good work.

  60. THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE (Not Apologizing)! Just because we appreciate firearms for our many diverse reasons, we should not be obligated to be ignorant, non-thinking people who are afraid to examine all points of view. In my view Marjorie Taylor Greene is a whack-job who just happens to voice support for us Second-Amendment folks. I’m among those who also recognize the The Donald is a first class jerk who, while I support many of the things he advocated, managed to do it in a manner which alienated as many as possible. IF WE CAN’T BE CRITICAL OF OURSELVES WE ARE DESTINED TO BE NO BETTER THAN OUR OPPONENTS.

  61. I am on Rep. Green’s mailing list, and read every email. I also read every email from TTAG.

    I think Sensiba is dead flat wrong on Green. I will always defend the right of Sensiba and TTAG to publish her drivel to prove it to the world.

  62. If we do cancel people for their opinion which isn’t the exact party line, then we are no better than the radical left. While I don’t agree with everything Sensiba wrote, we need everyone in this battle!

  63. “I mean if I found somebody I didn’t like in the desert dieing of thirst I’d give them a drink before I ate them”

    That’s not cruel or kind; improving your meal.

  64. Critics, get off your asses and get involved. Get in the game, don’t just be an armchair quarterback!

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