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Oh, hi there! Well, will you look at that? What the hell am I doing here on TTAG? My goodness, if you would have told me a year ago that I’d be writing an article for The Truth About Guns, I’d have said you sound like you snorted a pound of stupid.

For those of you who may not know me, let me introduce myself – I’m Jenn. I’m from Wisconsin. Born and raised in the cool part of the Dairy State (North of Lambeau, baby!) by my NRA-loving, hunting, shooting, hunter’s education teaching, Second Amendment-defending dad and my stepmom… who has to put up with him. I was the epitome of a 2A kid now all grown up and raising three little defenders of my own. Well, mostly grown up, at least.

I come from the world of politics, having gotten involved after listening to countless hours of talk radio on surveillance as a private detective with my husband for our PI agency for years, also happen to be the President/CEO of a hunting company, the only woman to have co-hosted the NRA News program Cam & Co. live from Farmville, VA… oh, and the former Editor-in-Chief of Bearing Arms.

Yup, that chick.

When Bob and I teamed up back in 2014, one of his core rules, along with never printing the name or showing images of shooters, was told that I couldn’t link TTAG in any article… for any reason. Period. I had been running my own website, Guns & Curves, with Rachel Mullen for only a year at that point, so I just figured this was an industry thing I hadn’t learned yet.

Fast-forward to 2018 where, aside from a blip in my career after my “position was eliminated” three short months after Bob’s death (don’t ask, I can’t explain it – I blame my grief coma,) I’ve been exploring my options and I guess, to some extent, waiting for a sign to tell me what I should do next.

So imagine my surprise when, by happenstance, I learned Dan would be taking over this website and inexplicably found myself grinning ear-to-ear like an idiot. I was so happy for him! Now mind you, I had only met him briefly at that fateful dinner years ago and didn’t really know him personally or professionally. But for whatever reason, exactly the same way I connected with Bob on BA, I sent him a DM on Twitter and asked him to give me a call.

In all honesty, I had another job offer – complete with a full-time salary as an editor – but talking with Dan made me feel like those first few conversations with Bob years ago. Endless possibilities, a great platform for my voice, an opportunity to shake things up in the industry, and the chance to work with great people I genuinely respect and like – but it doesn’t make a lick of sense!!

Choosing to take my own advice I frequently give to other women, I’m trusting my gut here. I am joining the TTAG team and I 100% cannot believe I just typed that. I understand that some of you may harbor some bias against me based on the BA thing where we never acknowledged y’all but I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

I also know many of you saw the comment I made on the article covering Bob’s death. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to adequately explain the impact his suicide had on my life, but I plan on sharing my account of that day and the months leading up to it on May 9th right here on TTAG and hope that will go a long way in providing everyone, myself included, with some much-needed insight on it.

As a TTAG writer, I hope to bring you the absolute best of this industry I love so much, but especially given how salty the past year has made me, even calling out the worst of it in hopes of changing it for the better. But for today, I’m just enjoying my appreciation for the absolute craziness of the situation – and hope you are, too.

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  1. Welcome aboard.

    Forgive us, however, we’re all a salty bunch in our own unique ways.

  2. Why rehash the Owens thing? He’s dead. This is a gun blog not an avenue for your spiritual healing.

    Welcome aboard.

        • “People on this site tend to be a bit . . . um . . . well, a bit.”

          A sage once offered this observation/advice:

          If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.”
          (Q to Capt. Picard; Season 2, Episode 16, 08May89)

          I recommend the above be taught at home, and at school. (And shoved up the noses of anti-gun pantywaists at every opportunity)

          • Wow, quoting Star Trek. All of your other retarded comments now makes sense. You are one irrelevant loser! HAHAHAHAAHA

            • Ah, name calling. The high pinnacle of the truly intellectually gifted.

              Join the Luddite group over on the left. If you cannot handle adult conversation, go sit at the little table.

          • Wanna know what I teach? Someone gives you a bloody nose, break their jaw. Return the favor 10 fold. That’s what growing up in a tough neighborhood taught me. Not watching Star Trek to get my life lessons.

    • So, you are that guy that likes to toss the turd into the punch bowl? Why cant you simply say “welcome aboard”, instead of giving her a direct reminder of what a bunch of pricks us anonymous keyboard commentators can be?

      • Because nobody with any sense gives a rats ass about how she feelz about a dead guy. Let dead dogs lie as it were.

        Plus the only thing I despise more than baby boomers are white knighting baby boomers. She said it, she can own it. No Free Lunches.

        • The fact that the majority of the readership of TTAG are boomers who just cant resist defending a woman, even if she is the female equivalent of Firearms Concierge.

        • Have you ever noticed how pure-t aholes can never for a moment stop being undiluted pricks? Even when it would serve their purpose; even when it would accrue to their benefit – they just always come into view displaying their uninhibited assholiness. In the words of Carl the Greenskeeper, they got that going for them.

        • Firearms Concierge did suck. But I don’t think she is the female equivalent of Firearms Concierge. We’ll see. We let this play out – and we’ll see.

    • Why rehash the Owens thing?

      Maybe because we all know her from Bearing Arms where she worked right next to Owens.

    • Who’s BA, for that matter? I’m completely unaware of this entire occurance.

        • A comment Jenn left on an Owens article here on TTAG:

          We did not make an announcement on Bearing Arms because it was more important to us to give the the family a day to grieve than to break the story and get clicks.
          A simple gesture of respect this website is obviously too dense to comprehend.
          If you have a shred of dignity, you’ll post only kind remarks and fond memories of Bob. This is difficult enough for family and friends to deal with, I’m sure you can appreciate that the last thing we need is anyone picking apart a tragedy that we know will scar us for life.
          Please know that his daughters are reading what you write and act accordingly.

          • I remember the posting you cite, but Jenn said Owens told her to never link to TTAG, before he died. That is my curiosity. What was the beef between BA and TTAG?

        • Yup, the truth can often be awkward and ugly, but it still always remains the truth.

          And now that you have said the truth, have you accomplished what you hoped? What was your goal in presenting this truth?

        • I have not known Mr Bolan to fabricate things, so I will assume he cut and pasted this..

          “A comment Jenn left on an Owens article here on TTAG:”

          “We did not make an announcement on Bearing Arms because it was more important to us to give the the family a day to grieve than to break the story and get clicks. A simple gesture of respect this website is obviously too dense to comprehend.”

          Here’s a great idea, let’s not report any deaths, until the family says it’s OK. Would that please her? Somebody in the gun community dies, especially by their own hand, you’re damned right everybody needs to report it.

          “If you have a shred of dignity, you’ll post only kind remarks and fond memories of Bob.’

          So, anyone speaking ill of the dead, has no decency. Got it.

          ” This is difficult enough for family and friends to deal with, I’m sure you can appreciate that the last thing we need is anyone picking apart a tragedy that we know will scar us for life.”

          There’s a solution – DON’T BE READING INTERNET COMMENTS. Perhaps, I dunno, spend time with friends and family, remembering dad, or something wacky like that.

          “Please know that his daughters are reading what you write and act accordingly.”

          Same solution, tell the little darlin’s not to be digging around looking for another reason to have hurt feelz. Pretty pathetic (to me) if that’s what they were doing rather than remembering and mourning their father.

          From the evidence, a sad harpy who’s going to whine about anything that disturbs her imaginary fantasy world. I miss Tipton. KJW back in the day had much thicker skin than this delicate flower.

          The beginning of the end for TTAG

        • @16V

          LOL!!! WTF

          This comment section is like comedy gold right now.

          But on a serious note, and Just FYI, and from experience, when someone right next to you dies, especially in a horrifying manner, you tend to temporarily lose a great deal of logical continuity. And at least for me, it’s hard to blame people for their reactions, when they are in that state.

        • Anonymous, I not so sure that you’re providing comedy gold….

          Grownuptip: If you haven’t figured out to be logical and rational when those close to you die, you need more experience. Or perhaps more testosterone. Most of us (males) have this sussed by 16 or so at the latest, but for slow learners, I guess it can take till 18…

          We’re all gonna die. Rather soon in context. Grow up and learn to accept that fact. Coddling children who refuse to accept universally defined reality does them no favors.

        • @16V

          Grownuptip: If you haven’t figured out to be logical and rational when those close to you die, you need more experience. Or perhaps more testosterone.

          I don’t think Jenn is going to want testosterone. LOL.

        • “I don’t think Jenn is going to want testosterone. LOL.”

          [anon apparently doesn’t know that women even have testosterone, let alone that they can be deficient]

          I retract my original comment about the lack of comedy gold…

      • I had no idea either. (I don’t know what DM means either) I’m here to learn, and enjoy the comments, tho, some of this reminds me of the new kid on the playground: some accept her, some take a wait-and-see attitude, some scorn her before she does anything.

    • I don’t know specifics, but I have the distinct impression that RF did some things that rubbed other gunbloggers the wrong way. Now that he’s sold TTAG and is no longer associated with the site, maybe things will thaw a bit…

        • “I don’t know specifics, but I have the distinct impression that RF did some things that rubbed other gunbloggers the wrong way. Now that he’s sold TTAG and is no longer associated with the site, maybe things will thaw a bit…”

          “Bingo! We have a winner”

          Well, that is all very informative.

        • Sam, RF, to an extent, is a bit like I am. On a slightly different wavelength than the masses.

          It can be rather off-putting to other people sometimes. As in creep them out.

          Clear enough?

          • If I got this right, RF is a bit of an oddball character, and Owens lacked the social skills and resilience to cope with it, finally deciding that hostility was the appropriate response, ordering the BA staff to act accordingly.

            Yep. Clears it up.

  3. I left BA after your snarky, “Don’t question me” attitude. Might want to leave that at the door.

      • Yes, that statement speaks more clearly about her preconceptions about TTAG than anything else written. Now that a job is attached to it…

      • I liked when she had a hissy fit about being hit on at a bar at SHOT a few years ago and going into a diatribe about the male-dominated gun industry objectifying women, including the use of Gun Babes at SHOT.

        I thought it hilarious that a female with a blog entitled, “Guns and CURVES” (emphasis mine) was complaining about women being objectified. I guess it”s okay when a female sexually dresses herself up with a blog title like that, though.

  4. You were always the best female perspective gun writer, imo. Real articles from a real writer. I always got what I wanted for my click. I wish you luck in the future.

  5. “I understand that some of you may harbor some bias against me based on the BA thing where we never acknowledged y’all . . .”

    Naa, not really—most of us are only tangentially interested in behind -baseball editorial wrangling, anyway. What’s most important is that you have something to say. So, welcome. And go for it.

  6. I can’t wait for your input and so sorry for the craziness in your life , It is truly a continual learning experience , this thing we call life . May God be your guide and may His spirit guide your fingers upon the keyboard as the future rolls out before you . Welcome aboard .

  7. Seeing as this is the first thing you written that I’ve ever read, I have no opinion about you or your writing. Keep it fresh, on point, and controversial enough to stir up the commenting denizens.

  8. This raises many questions about the current state of TTAG. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention enough.

    Regardless, welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing the results of your influence.

  9. How about some articles about, I don’t know, say GUNS??? The are plenty of places for firearms politics…

        • Hi-Point guns.

          One side: “They are cheap garbage marketed to gangsters!”

          Other side: “No they aren’t, they are dependable firearms for people on a budget.

          Guns and politics. They are forever intertwined.

    • I will give this comment a major Ditto . There are a lot of issues that are interesting and informative about gun culture in America and current politics that need addressed and discussed in open forums like TTAG and these issues should be debatable without derogatorily debasing and bashing of the commenters and their opinions given . One does not need to read or participate in any discussion or topic if one does not wish too . A good old caliber war always brings in newbies and they should be welcomed , BUT ……………. More gun reviews , by qualified reviewers , is welcome BIGLY .
      I would like to see more reviews of some of the more obscure manufactures and unique calibers . There are lots of fine firearms being made by lessor known manufactures who would welcome quality , in depth commentary , on their products .
      Noreen Firearms comes to mind here for me , as well as a few other gems out there that never seem to get any attention .

    • The truth (lower case “t”) about guns spans politics, mechanics, economics, history, and much, much more. I’m fine with some firearm reviews; it was a google search for reviews on a specific model that first brought TTAG to my attention in 2012, after all. I’ve been commenting here ever since, though far more heavily on the legal, ethical, political, current events, etc. aspects than on reviews; but those, too, on occasion.

      What I don’t want to see, and what would drive me away in a heartbeat, is if TTAG degenerated into a nonstop tech talk forum. You know, the kind of place packed with guys who (to borrow shamelessly) like all the pretty articles and who like to shoot their guns, but who don’t know what it means. Geez, next thing you know, every comment will be appended with a paragraph-long signature complete with the commenter’s favorite quote(s) and a full inventory of his personal arsenal. Pure cringeworthy.

  10. Welcome aboard Jenn!
    We will leave the past in the past….where it belongs. Hope for great things from you

  11. “NRA Sends YETI Tumbling With Record-Straightening Statement
    by Jenn Jacques”

    Well….that was fun.

    • TTAG sends emails of new articles… So I see a new headline, click the link… Removed! But I still know there was an article and can guess the content by the headline, deleting it is kinda like trying to unsend an email after the fact.

      The people of the gun are right to feel betrayed by various politicians (especially Republicans, too many to name here), companies like various banks, airlines, etc, and others attacking us, but I guess we need to be careful not to jump to conclusions at every optics planet or possibly yeti or anyone else who appears to “cross us.” It looks kinda dumb if we aren’t sure who our friends and enemies truly are. We should be more concerned with keeping the pressure on our “frenemies” in government at all levels.

  12. Welcome.
    I’d love to see some articles with a female voice that might help influence my 2a friendly wife to renew her concealed carry permit and find a carry piece and method that work for her.

    • Might remind your wife that having a permit doesn’t mean she must carry a firearm. Get the permit as a finger-in-the-eye to the establishment. Get the permit just because she can. Drive the oppo nuts.

        • Happy to be helpful (now and then).

          You crystalized a thought for me: concealed carry permits as a political statement. Let’s encourage everyone to get a permit, and drive up the number of permits in the wild. The anti-gun people rail against the NRA, but have no real contact with the group. Having the number of carry permits explode would scare the crap out of the little snowflakes. They don’t actually think of the NRA as surrounding them, but millions more people “carrying firearms” would mean that everyone the gun grabbers see is a potential wet panties event.

      • That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. You get your carry permit, to carry a concealed weapon. Period. If you want to “stick it to the man” make a donation to 2nd amendment foundations.

        • “You get your carry permit, to carry a concealed weapon.”

          You get a concealed permit for whichever reason you choose. Last I looked, there is no natural, human or civil requirement that having a carry permit makes it mandatory to carry a firearm.

          Maybe in your country.

          Millions more concealed carry permits will hammer “the man” (and all the ant-gun weeines) much more effectively than money to organizations unknown to the anti-gunners. Dollars for politics do not pose the same level of distress on the Left-O-Wimps as would knowing even more people around them might be legally armed. Scare the horses.

    • 2A Rally at the PA Capital on Monday at 10 AM

      If you are a resident of PA or hunt here, be sure to be at the Capitol on Monday!

  13. Is she talking about some sort of Judean People’s Front vs. The Peoples Front of Judea thing? Do we have different secret hand shakes or something?

    • “…and what have the Romans ever done for us? The aqueducts. The sanitation. And the roads… Well, yeah, there is that.”

  14. I understand that some of you may harbor some bias against me based on the BA thing where we never acknowledged y’all…


  15. Jenn, having gone through a less public series of life altering events in the last few years myself, no need for you to explain anything from the past. We are all looking forwards to your contribution to TTAG and the discussions which will follow. It’s a good community here overall (besides the odd troll). I’m particularly interested in a woman’s perspective on concealed carry pieces and self-defense.

    Welcome aboard!

  16. Welcome to TTAG Jenn. I see every one in the comments section gave you a grimace and punched you in the kidney.

    Better get used to that unfortunately.

    It’s like a verbal Free for all fight zone in here. Kind of like MMA/UFC for comments sections.

    • Hardly. This has been a cuddly reception, especially considering the self important way she’s introducing herself. It reminds me of the CNN chick who on her first day introduced herself as “in case you’ve been living under a rock, my name is “.

  17. I was not aware of Bearing Arms until this post.

    What ever transpired in the past, is in the past.

    Welcome to TTAG.

    • “What ever transpired in the past, is in the past.”

      Without knowing the issue, how can you dismiss it?

      I do not know what happened, either, but….
      Whatever it was, Jenn agreed to follow the rules. Did she compromise her standards to get a job? Did she fully support the reason for the directive? If so, what changed to make it OK to now work for TTAG? Whatever the cause of the rift, Jenn endorsed it by signing on, and abiding by the rule the entire time she worked at BA. We do not even have her saying she disagreed with Owens, but everything else about BA overwhelmed Owens’ prejudice about TTAG.

      Dan is making business decisions (doing what is best for TTAG), and I trust him. But when someone is a declared convert, I want to know about the epiphany.

      • Jenn brings a lot of knowledge and experience to TTAG. This Is something that will be a big plus for all parties concerned.

      • “Without knowing the issue, how can you dismiss it?”


        I don’t know her, I have no dog-in-the-fight, and I usually extend trust to someone and then let them prove me wrong.

        • “I usually extend trust to someone and then let them prove me wrong.”

          Not disagreeing, but….

          The previous alignment is an important data point, don’t you think? I rather view the transition the same as Obama holdovers inside the Trump administration.

      • We do not even have her saying she disagreed with Owens, but everything else about BA overwhelmed Owens’ prejudice about TTAG.

        It’s called business guys. If I have a website called “Amazon,” I don’t want my customers going to Jet, so obviously I wouldn’t provide links to Jet products. LOL. If I have a website called BearingArms, I wouldn’t want to hand my customer base over to TheTruthAboutGuns. Not that it would, by providing a link, but it could, so no. Come on guys.

        She worked for the competitor. But the competitor is gun people nonetheless.

        • “She worked for the competitor. But the competitor is gun people nonetheless.”

          Oh yes. Tribalism and Balkanization of POTG has worked so well for all gun owners.

        • Oh yes. Tribalism and Balkanization of POTG has worked so well for all gun owners.

          But aren’t you the one advocating for tribalism here?

          If she isn’t the absolutist that we want, she will have that pounded out of her in the comments section.

          The comments section is like a forge. Tough things that never yield, get heated up, pounded, and then yield anyways. LOL.

          • “But aren’t you the one advocating for tribalism here?”

            Not at all. I am a long time reader of BA, but uninformed about the details of the rift between TTAG and BA. I think BA should have been just as willing to link TTAG, as TTAG is to link BA and other blogs. My questioning is about whether, without knowing the specifics about the rift, if we should give Jacques a pass on endorsing and supporting Owens’ hostile attitude toward TTAG. If Jacques did not find it important to maintain an open alliance with ALL blogs supporting the second amendment, why not? If Jacques found that the, apparently, single exception to sharing and collaborating with other gun blogs was really completely offset by whatever else BA offered, why haven’t we heard about it? And….what is it that Jacques now finds attractive about TTAG that allows her to write for TTAG (abandoning her mentor’s stance).

            I know Dan is making good business decisions, but full disclosure clears the air, don’t you think? Not saying Jacques should not be employed at TTAG, only wanting to know what we are actually getting.

        • Eh, most likely he didn’t want TTAG linked not due to any rift, but because it was a direct competitor to Bearing Arms. Why send clicks to a competitor, esp. if that competitor gets more visits anyway (not verified, but according to TTAG staff, TTAG is the most visited gun blog).

      • You might want to try and get a life. If this stuff bothers you like the way it’s coming across, dude, go to Walmart or the dollar store, and buy a life. The cheap ass life you would get from either one of those crap establishments, would be better than the lame one you have now.

        • I just happen to have a pig in a poke, straight from Walmart, I would be willing to sell you. Always looking for someone who doesn’t ask questions.

  18. Fasten your seat belt, Jenn, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But fun, too, if you have a thick skin and enjoy the badinage. You’ll also discover that Dan is a great editor.

    • I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one. An editor is supposed to correct spelling and grammar mistakes before a piece is published. If Dan is the editor, he fails at that task quite regularly.

  19. Welcome. I don’t think I’ve ever read Bearing Arms and didn’t know what it was, but I’m looking forward to reading your articles here.

    • I’m looking forward to someone telling us what happened to Foghorn.

      But yes, welcome ~?

      You write here, JWT, and [now] so does she. Shouldn’t she be welcoming us?

      She should’ve / could’ve cemented herself and us here just by kicking in the double-swinging saloon doors and telling us all to F off.

      • My guess is he got skinny, got a pilots license, and got a girlfriend.

        Beta males cant handle the pussy pressure.

      • Nick is logging as many hours as he can so he can be a professional jet pilot. I know nothing of his specific career track, but it is quite possible he now working very long hours flying little puddle-jumper commuter twin turboprops for literally less than minimum wage until he can get a right seat in a FedEx or UPS plane, where he might get 25k a year. And then years later move over and fly for Delta or one of the others.

        His new wife is on a similar career track, so they likely don’t see a whole lot of each other.

        So, Foghorn isn’t having a whole lot of fun right now…

        • “So, Foghorn isn’t having a whole lot of fun right now…”

          If a pilot flying airplanes isn’t having fun, it is time for a career change. A pilot who is not flying airplanes, and is not having fun, that I understand.

        • Sam, read the accident report on the Colgon Air crash in Buffalo a while back.

          It lays out why why flying turboprop commuters *sucks*…

          • If a pilot is flying and not having fun, time to find another job.

            Back when, I was in the application process for a major airline (no longer existent). One of the guys I flew with in the AF was already flying for another major airline (also no longer existent). The weekend before the Friday for signing employment contracts, my former squadron mate was sitting right seat at jetway. The fog was so thick that the pilots could not see the tug driver. Dispatch ordered the crew to taxi to the runway (in a line with other delayed flights). The crew was pushed back (with no means of determining their position relative to anything), and when pointed toward the taxiway, reported to dispatch that they still could not see the tug, or anything else. After some more back and forth, the message was clear: proceed, or turn in their wings. The crew proceeded. The result was a collision with the wing tip of another fog-bound aircraft. Both craft were visibly damaged, and both planes were emergency evacuated (passengers literally leaping onto a slide that disappeared in the fog). The end result was the crews of both aircraft (different companies) were identified as the cause of the collision. NTSB pronounced both crews inexcusably negligent for trying to drive airplanes in a blinding fog. All four pilots were terminated.

            Sensing the yet to be determined cause of the accident, I sat with my wife at the big pilot signing event in a posh hotel (hosted by the company I was about to join). We thrashed out the financial cost (one-third of the salary I had as an AF pilot), three boys about to enter college in the next three years, and the accident my former squadron mate was in. Finally, I turned to my wife and said to her that the financial drain was too great, and the inability of aircrew to make sensible safety decisions was just too much. We walked out, and never looked back. Then came Air Florida, and the senseless crash into the Potomac. Another example of profit before safety.

            If you can’t have fun flying (and not every moment is joyous), do something else. If the company abuses safety, find another company. It takes tough people to make tough decisions, closing one door and having to find a different building.

  20. I have no knowledge of any prior offenses committed against the gun community in general, so I say welcome aboard! We shouldn’t nit pick each other during these trying times. We need to band together and fight the good fight!

  21. Welcome Jenn. Lots of guys who post here need their Moms to come down to the basement with fresh sheets.

  22. “the only woman to have co-hosted the NRA News program Cam & Co. live from Farmville, VA… oh, and the former Editor-in-Chief of Bearing Arms. Yup, that chick…”


    Whatever… must be something very important I missed by paying less attention to industry politics than guns I guess.

    • The downward spiral is accelerating. Brace for impact.

      At least TTAC cruised on auto-pilot, for a proverbial minute or two.

  23. I don’t give two hoots in hell about your life or where you are from. You are a woman, so what? Welcome to equality I don’t care what you are. Also don’t kids yourself most of us don’t have any time to keep up with our own comments on articles much less yours. I won’t ever read anything else by you.

  24. Welcome Jenn. As long as you realize real handgun calibers began with a “4”.

    And watch for the .9’s they can leave a mark….

    Disclaimer: Above statement was a sarcastic joke and sad attempt at comic relief.

    Caliber wars are like Darth Vader stated;
    “All too easy.”.

  25. Hopefully she doesn’t read these comments.

    What did Jordan Peterson say? If you talk to ten people, you’ll probably offend one. So Jenn leaves this article here introducing herself and providing a tiny bit of her past. Then the 10% who were offended, grimace and verbally punch her in the kidney in the comments section. The 0.1% pervs see a woman and suddenly it’s inappropriate joke time. And the 0.2% who completely lack interpersonal communication skills drop their comments as awkward as can be, and then the 0.1% short circuited weirdos drop some strange pathological conclusions with their outrage noted. Lastly, of the 99.9% normal people reading, almost none of them drop a comment! LOL.

    Dan should have warned you! LOL

    • “Then the 10% who were offended,”

      I commented/questioned the situation of her earlier mentor, and now coming to TTAG. I am not offended, merely cautious (OK, skeptical).

        • Let’s see….ask questions, and someone accuses you of bad character. Hhhmmmm. Who does that sound like?

          Oh my.

          A special little snowflake.

          If you disapprove of adult blogs, there is no mandate to visit.

    • ” That being said, I’m going to work hard to clean them up, too. ”


      Well, I’m not shy –

      You strike me from your introduction you prefer to be upfront from the beginning. And that’s a good thing!

      What (or who) needs ‘cleaning’ in TTAG Ms. Jacques? 🙂

      • She’s got it wrong. We’re going to clean her up, she’s not going to clean us up.


  26. Sounds like the anti-social nut job cop hating weed toking misfits who for some reason were the target audience of Robert Farago sense that the arrival of fresh talent like Jenn might be an indication the new TTAG ownership is taking the site in a different direction. Time will tell.

    • Ted, put your badge away and stop beating that kid who didn’t cross at the crosswalk. We got real issues here man.

      • Farago divesting both ownership and editorial control is the best thing that ever happened to TTAG. Below is the article Robert Farago actually posted then hastily deleted in October 2015 from the TTAG website, most likely after an Attorney explained the legal peril a gun blog owner frequently involved in firearms transfers might find himself in should ATF determine that gun blog owner was a cannabis frequent flyer.

        Housekeeping: The TTAG Team Creates Marijuana Website” The people who bring you The Truth About Guns have launched a new website dedicated to marijuana news: It’s not a blog. It’s a news aggregator – with a difference. The software contains a proprietary algorithm (thank you, Nick) that automatically personalizes the content you see based on your reading preferences. (Provided you sign in with a Facebook account. If not, the site remains anonymous.) Click on the leaf to see a blurb, then decide whether or not you want to eat some more chocolate chip cookies. I mean, read the full story. Better yet,’s curated. In other words . . .Our marijuana guy scans the web and selects the freshest crop of weed news for pot-oriented surfers (are there any other kind?). He also provides an editor’s note: a summary so you can decide whether or not to click through to the story. Note: unlike other aggregators, doesn’t strip-off advertising from the linked story. We think that’s unfair.
        Not to put too fine a point on it, is like the Drudge Report. Except personalized just for you. And about pot. We’d appreciate it if you could check it out and email a link.

  27. .Good News TTAG my Cat had kittens, !!! I’m a new daddy !!!. ” How can you be a daddy of kittens ?” you say. … Well I carry a .9 mm Gock as an extension of my Glock…….. Welcome Jenn and if you say anything bad about a 1911, grrrrrr

  28. I feel so fortunate to come to your blog to be a new member on your blog it’s superb for me I generally get such huge numbers of new thing over your blog. I hope i will get more valuable knowledge in your blogs.

  29. Welcome from Downunder, Jenn. Just letting you know you are reaching a global audience.

    Despite popular belief, we can still own and use firearms in Australia. The rules are much tighter than they used to be be pre-Port Arthur, but we are winning slowly. Firearms ownership is now higher than it was before then.

  30. I’d never heard of BA prior to the reporting on the suicide and I don’t know much about this rift. So I’m cool with her getting a fresh start here.

    She isn’t a cabinet secretary, nor a SC justice. Worst thing she can do to me is to write some uninteresting, uninformative, and/or unintelligent trash. If that happens repeatedly, she’ll be exposed and ignored in due course. Until then, she gets a a chance with me.

  31. Congrats and welcome.

    Now I’m curious, are there anyone else here who
    1) Don’t know who this lady is
    2) Don’t even care what her background is?

    If she provides factually accurate, thoughtful, insightful content I’m good.

    • I hadn’t heard of her before nor do I care much about her personal history. So that would describe me fairly well.

      I hope she writes well though because that would interest me. I hope she doesn’t take comments sections too personally either…because this shit-storm has been cracking me up. The internet is both awesome and terrible.

  32. Welcome aboard, and best wishes for dealing with so many of the absurd personalities that frequent this site to get their daily dose of “I’m so cool!”

  33. I agree with some of the above posts:

    Many people (including me) have never heard of you. This post comes across as self important, as if you’re some hot shot. You talk about your past work at BA as if we care (we don’t). We’re just readers of a gun blog, not co-owners or potential investors. We just want good gun posts. It could have been handled better, a bit more humble. That would have come across much better to this audience.

    • I should note, Jenn, that I have read BA before, on occasion. So while I didn’t know your name, I have probably read some of your articles there.

  34. Once again in my life, I’ve come across someone and I think “who is this person and why should I care?”

    The only difference is that she has told me who she is, and I still don’t really care.

    I’ll read whatever articles she posts, and I’ll either like them or explain why I don’t and stop reading them.

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