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As we’ve seen in the results of our recent reader survey, lots of you would like to support TTAG in ways other than wading through a lot of on-screen advertising. That’s an sentiment we fully support. So here’s an easy way to help us pay for what we do while you stock up on sorely needed gun food.

All you have to do is buy your ammunition from our friends at Freedom Munitions. Freedom supplies the ammo we need to pump through all of our review guns (no money; ammo only). They carry at least 23 major brands in just about any caliber you’ll ever need.

And since you’re a TTAG reader, you can re-stock your ammo bins and save some cash at the same time. Just use the discount code ‘TTAG’ when checking out and Freedom will lop 5% off your total. How cool is that?

What’s that, you say? You’re good on ammo right now? Did you know that Freedom also sells guns, reloading supplies, optics, AR parts and accessories? You didn’t? Why not? And the TTAG coupon code is good for everything they sell.

Seriously, check out their site and their prices. Subscribe to their e-mail mailing list for sale notifications. The more you buy from Freedom, the more ammo we’ll have to put through the latest plastic fantastic or bolt action hunting rifle you’ve been waiting for us to review. Thanks for your support.

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  1. I ordered ammo from Freedom shortly after they became a sponsor.
    9mm frangible and Hollow point under their name. Both shot well no duds/squibs very happy with my purchase. I also ordered cowboy load 45 Long Colt have not fired yet.
    I will order more.

    • +1… My last two bulk purchases were from Freedom and would love to buy more ammo especially from them to support TTAG. But Nanny California said I couldn’t. I cried, then she told my to go to bed without supper.

      • Freedom has a California network in place that allows you to purchase from them. You just need to locate an FFL that will accept the shipment. I found a place that charged $10 for up to 5000 rounds. Sucks but to sit it’s better than nothing.

        • Same for New York. Upload your ammo transfer FFL or transfer license or whatever into your account on Freedom’s website and they’ll ship it in your name to your FFL. A lot of gun shops are doing this for people for a small fee. I’d give the ones near you a call to see if they’ll do it and what they charge and so they can e-mail you an image of their relevant license to upload into your FM account.

          …or, a google search showed up a few things that may help narrow your search:

    • I live in NY. I buy all of my ammo online. I’m not sure where you got the impression that you could not purchase ammo online.

      I pay a $5 FFL processing fee and pick it up from my LGS. It’s still way cheaper than buying in a store, and it gives me an excuse to stop by my LGS, sometimes make impulse buys, and continue to support them.

  2. Tried, their website’s too slow and wonky. Could be a Mac or Safari thing but I don’t have time to screw around.

  3. Stay away from Freedom Munitions and re-manufactured ammo in general. I have shot thousands of rounds of their 9mm with no issues but have had the opposite experience with their 5.56. One batch I got would key-hole at 5 yards and shed its jacket in flight. I returned the ammo and they replaced the remaining ammo but not the ammo that had already turned into air burst rounds. Then, a few days ago, I was going through my ammo and found a casing with no projectile in it. Turns out there was no cannelure, crimp, or powder and the projectile had been pushed into the casing. I will be attempting to send this ammo back for a refund and will no longer use Freedom Munitions in any gun I own. It’s just not worth the risk of damage to me or my guns for the little money saved, often less than $50/1000rds.

    • Never used Freedom for 5.56, however, we got a few batches of newer 9mm where the case has been separating in half. This only happens when using in PCCs (every PCC tried in, 6 total, all AR-based). Basically the upper half of the case just tears off and remains in the chamber. The bottom half is ejected. They work fine in normal SA pistols but we’ve completely stopped using in PCCs due to this issue.

      No real commonality between the PCCs (other than being AR-based). Different OE barrels, 4 different OE bolts, etc.

      • Please give them a call and let them know. I’ve been shooting their 45ACP in two different pistol caliber sbr’s without issue.

        • In all cases where it happened it was that ‘Stepped’ thickness brass (seen it from IMT, Ammoload, and a few others) where, if you look at the empty case, you can see a thicker ‘lip’ on the interior of the casing. It was separating right at that ‘step’. Never had that issue with their 9mm previously. Went back and inspected the brass from prior outings (I keep various OE brass bagged separately) and it looked like they had only recently starting using that ‘stepped’ 9mm brass (at the time of the issue).

    • If you’ve shot thousands of rounds of their newly manufactured 9mm with no issues, then why are you telling us to stay away from them? That actually sounds like a good endorsement of their product.
      Maybe the remanufactured isn’t so great?

      I haven’t bought from them before, but I’d like to start trying their ammo. That carry load that JWT mentioned sounds like pretty good bang for the buck.

    • I have a collection of federal gold medal match that was purchased for my department sniper rifle.
      No powder, no bullet, upside down primers, no primers.
      None of them are infallible. One just has to take care when inserting/loading your ammo.

  4. I’ve ordered cases of 5.56 and 223 from them and never had an issue. They are a pretty popular ammo manufacturer around here. They also have a brass credit program if you send them your used (brass) casings which is nice.

  5. I would order from them if there was free shipping. Add the cost of shipping and I can buy it at a lower cost from the gun store down the block.

  6. Why would you buy remanufactured hollow points? I’d be happy with a few duds out of 100 rounds for plinking ammo, but self defense rounds? It sounds like a case of caveat emptor. I’ll definitely take a look at them when I need more target shooting ammo, though.

    • Those projectiles aren’t self-defense hollow points. The pistol ones that you can find in reloaded cases are more of your competition style (e.g. IPSC, USPSA) hollow points. People like shooting those because they make cleaner holes in paper and cardboard and some believe they’re more accurate than round nose FMJ. But the design of those is not intentionally made to expand in a reliable or controlled fashion for self-defense work. …I don’t believe they load any self-defense hollow points into anything but new cases…

  7. Wouldn’t mind giving them my money…if they ever actually had 5.56 or .223 in stock ever. Or for more than 30 seconds.

  8. Their ammo tends to be lightly loaded. I’ve also had two of their .223 Rem rounds get jammed in my Saint AR-15 – one severely jammed. I’ve had zero issues with any other ammo in the Saint, including steel cased. Not to mention, I can generally find new brass cased ammo on sale for about the price of their reman ammo (both 9mm and .223 Rem). A couple of years ago Freedom was a better deal than most by a few cents per round, now, with the sales generally run on ammo these days, their prices aren’t as good compared to the new competition.

  9. I see what people are talking about concerning the slow/wonky website. Still, I appreciate their support of TTAG, so I grabbed a few hundred rounds of 300 BLK.

  10. People are right Freedom Munitions shipping cost high. Cost with shipping,even with your 5% code, can get for less elsewhere. At least I looked at it for you. Stay safe.

  11. Why would you buy re-manufactured hollow points? I’d be happy with a few dudes out of 100 rounds for plinking ammo, but self defense rounds? It sounds like a case of caveat emptor. People are right Freedom Munitions shipping cost high. Cost with shipping,even with your 5% code, can get for less elsewhere. At least I looked at it for you. Stay safe. Specialty Mailing List Service provide special mail list to buildup strong marketing link.


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