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The truth about guns is that the fight to defend the right to purchase own, carry and use them never ends. That’s because America a dedicated, well-financed industry of lobbyists, advocates, and zealots whose job it is to limit and — they hope, one day — eliminate the right to keep and bear arms in these United States.

Fortunately, most of the country still disagrees with that stance.

It’s almost as if the more things change, the more they stay the same. Twelve years ago today, TTAG’s first post was about the push to roll back gun control in Virginia. Now, in 2022, after a change in control of the Old Dominion’s governor’s office — there’s no longer someone sitting in the big chair who used to use shoe polish as makeup — and the General Assembly, Virginians are, once again, struggling to roll back gun control laws that limit their Second Amendment rights.

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

Fortunately, aside from the never-ending sturm und drang of the politics involved, guns are also practical, useful, provocative, handy, interesting, compelling, and just plain fun. So we also get to shoot and write about the guns themselves along with the things you do with them from time to time, too.

In the end, the only way an online publication gets to be twelve years old is by being blessed with not only good writers, but also with dedicated, engaged readers. The Truth About Guns has always been fortunate to have plenty of both. So as we celebrate a dozen years (over 45,000 posts and 2.3 million comments) we’d just like to say thank you for your continued patronage. We couldn’t do it without you. Literally.

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  1. Congratulations TTAG. You need to fix the “moderation” thing. A lot of us regular supporters are fed up with the random nature while allowing vile trolls free reign…

    • Absolutely. Seems every third comment now yet no words contained in them to trigger anything. And yes, it’s time to take out the non contributing trash. Dacian is fine and makes a good punching bag, unfortunately it’s undoubtedly him making those other comments. It’s to the point of actually stalking now as he/it seeks out specific individuals to harass. You listening, Dan Zimmerman? And yes, Happy Birthday! Thanks for a great site. Been here since Sandy Hook and have read damn near every word.

    • I second that motion.

      The “new” format is okay on PC, but horrible on a phone screen so I don’t visit TTAG as often as I’d like when I’m out and about. The “awaiting moderation” filters absolutely suck and need to be fixed. No logic to it at all.

      Otherwise, I come here for the articles, and stay for the comments…and laugh at the trolls.

    • Ditto to this. There’s no apparent logic to the moderation. Completely commonly phrased posts get blocked forever while vile troll posts go through. Please address this.

    • And now a day later I see my long winded screed agreeing wholeheartedly with this, which of course was immediately sent to moderation jail, along with my comment 10sec later expressing my disbelief and ironic amusement at the fact, have both disappeared. Meanwhile the trolls continue to freely insult and vilify using language none of us sink low enough to use. Good job, TTAG. Good job.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday, yA’ bunch of freedom lovin’, gun obsessed, deer hunting, sons’ a’ bitches!
    Keep a’ writin’ and I’ll keep a’ readin’!

    I do have a suggestion. Hire that Possum fella to write some stuff now and then, like a feature article of the day, similar to your gun meme of the day. How ‘bout this:

    Possum’s Wisdom of the Day

    Dear Possum ( like Dear Abby)

    Possum’s Roadkill Recipes

    Possum: Have Gun, Will Travel

    Possum’s Dumpster Wars

    • Dave, that sounds good on paper. After you have an actual conversation with Possum, not so much. 😆 Just kidding. I once told Possum that if he called me at 0300 hrs and said, “I need your help, but I can’t tell you why. Oh, bring a shovel.” I’d say, “Okay. Well, let me start a pot of coffee and put on some pants and I’ll get on the road.” Dave, I have to agree with you, the comments section is not an appropriate forum for Possum. He deserves a regular column.

    • “Possum’s Roadkill Recipes”

      The answer is nearly always to let it ‘ripen’ at the bottom of the ditch a few days longer to ‘tenderize’ it… 🙂

        • There’s great truth in the old saying of “You know you’re right over the target, the more flack you get”… 🙂

      • Must really suck to be a friendless virgin living in yer mom’s basement whose biggest adventure for the day is to repetitively and boringly insult people from behind a keyboard. Talk about a waste of air.

  3. Cant be 12 years already.
    Why it was just the other day I was trying to figure out what a silver Prius a Glock logo and a baby groot sticker had to do with a road sign pointing to Waco.
    OMG, 12 more years of dacian.

    • “Where’s Robert?”

      Robert Farago sold ‘The Truth About Guns’ a couple of years back. The new owners left Dan Z. in charge of the day-to-day operations…

  4. Robert owns The Truth About Watches. I’m just not interested in watches. I did hang out at The Truth About Cars about 10 years ago. I just started lurking around here after a few years hiatus. The comment section certainly changed.


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