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I think there’s some kind of law requiring every publisher of any kind to do some kind of lame end-of-the-year post looking back on the last 12 months. We try to avoid complying with those kinds of mandates, but we get fairly regular questions via email asking what our most popular post is/was, and far be it from us not to give The People of the Gun what they want.

Gun reviews are and always have been our biggest traffic-getters as a category, but our posts on breaking topics of interest tend to be the most read individually. So with that in mind, here are the top five most-read posts of 2022.

Number 5Dick’s Sporting Goods Admits Decision to Abandon Gun Sales Cost Shareholders $250M in Revenue

Dick's Sporting Goods by Boch
Dick’s has plenty of free parking available. (Photo by John Boch)

Long ago, in The Time Before, Dick’s Sporting Goods sold guns. Lots of guns. And then the son of the founder decided to get woke and stop selling guns at all but a handful of the chain’s stores. After being hailed as a progressive, forward-thinking, responsible retailer, the company now admits that going woke and kicking guns to the curb cost it (and its shareholders) $250 million in revenue. (read the full post here)

Number 4A Third Primer Manufacturer Now Tooling Up For Production in Texas in 2022

Dan Z. for TTAG

While lots of calibers of ammunition are slowly returning to many store shelves, primers haven’t really reappeared in any meaningful numbers since The Time Before. The two major players in the market, Olin (Winchester) and Vista Outdoor (Remington, CCI and Federal) have maxxed out their production with most of the output going to loaded ammunition.

This seems like a very good time to add a third producer and more capacity. Good news: investors are doing just that, starting up a new company in the great state of Texas dedicated to making primers by the truckload. (read the full post here)

Number 3Man Who Saved Lives by Killing the Indiana Mall Shooter ID’d as Elisjsha Dicken of Seymour, IN

Authorities on Monday identified the gunman who shot five people at a suburban Indianapolis shopping mall, killing three of them, before a shopper shot and killed him as a 20-year-old local man.

Jonathan Sapirman, of Greenwood, began firing after leaving a bathroom at the Greenwood Park Mall shortly before it closed Sunday evening, Greenwood police Chief James Ison said at a news conference.

Sapirman continued shooting people until he was shot and killed by 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, of nearby Seymour, who was shopping with his girlfriend, said Ison. (read the full post here)

Number 2 James Yeager, RIP

James Yeager passed away on September 2, 2022. (Photo credit: Tactical Response)

According to sources, James “MF” Yeager passed away this morning, September 2, 2022. He’d been fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for some time and that is believed to be the cause of his death, although no official statement has been released.

James was perhaps best known in the gun industry for Tactical Response. However, he had quite a colorful background prior to his teaching years. In the early 1990s, Yeager worked in a range of drug task force units and undercover squads. By 1996, he was still in law enforcement, but working as a patrolman and K-9 handler for the Big Sandy Police Department. He’d later spend a couple years as Big Sandy’s Chief of Police. (read the full post here)

And the most-read post in 2022 — by a wide margin — was . . .

Number 1 – Biden Administration Moves to Cut Off Lake City .223/5.56 Ammo From the Commercial Market

Lake City Ammunition Plant
Lake City Ammunition Plant (courtesy US Army)

Apparently not content with its efforts so far to make gun ownership more difficult and expensive for America’s 100 million firearm owners, a source tells TTAG that the Biden administration is taking steps to reduce the availability of .223/5.56 ammunition available to the average shooter.

A person with knowledge of the situation tells us that, more than just “considering” the move, Winchester, which operates the US Army’s Lake City ammunition plant, has been informed that it may be blocked from selling M855 and SS109 ammunition produced in excess of the military’s needs on the civilian market.  (read the full post here)

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  1. A while back I gave this site crap about the ads that covered 75% of my screen. I told you to fire the idiot. I want to apologize for that. You have an amazing website and you can run it any way that you want. Thank you Dan and everyone else that contributes to this awesome website. I love every one of you and I pray that this New Year brings health and healing to you and your family.

    • “You have an amazing website and you can run it any way that you want.”

      Finally, they have your blessing! Dan, you can exhale now.


        • Honestly wouldn’t care about ads, if they weren’t all privacy invasive as hell (literal spyware). Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

          K, aside from those un-muted or full page screamers at max volume. Fuck those with a splintery concertina wrapped fence post.

          Disclaimer: Dunno if the second category is representative of TTAG’s suite. Been blocking everything since 2004 in browser and network level.

        • Yea if you have google anything you really have to go in depth to avoid privacy invasion.

        • Yea, and I do. 90% of anything I do is Tor over VPN with everything phreaked.

          From MAC to hardware GUID’s, disabled referer, to nullified etag tracking. Spoofed and ever changing KB, audio, fonts, gpu, client rects, and HTML5 fingerprinting. And a whole, whole lot more, them’s just the salient points.

          Every browser I build/use aces the best penetration tests out there. Additionally, I switch exits across the board every time I change sites.

          Doesn’t matter if your alias(es) are on a list if they can’t connect you personally to them.

          Btw, my phone is a sanitized expunged all things Gewgle high sec Pixel. Graphene OS, check it out.

    • I’ve never experienced issues with ads, in all the years I’ve been reading TTAG, whether from my (multiple) PCs or my phone. In fact, as I write this, there is currently only one (My Tactical EDC) on my screen. Maybe other readers have OS/browser setups that invite all of them.

      • MADDMAXX December 31, 2022 At 21:55
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Really? So. you’ve never been “moderated” because you addressed socialism or called dacian a moron? Unfortunately, I have and until they unfuck the “censorship” I can’t “praise” anyone. To “moderate” someone with no explanation after calling out facebook and twitter for “censorship” seems a bit “off” to me… No problem with ADs bur censorship is bullshit… Fix your shit and maybe I’ll “praise” you… Without doubt, this WILL be “moderated” but who cares? Right? Go Georgia…

        So, yeah, as I said “MODERATED” for WHAT? Socialism? Moron?… Thought I’d give it one more shot… FIX YOUR FUCKED UP ALGORITHM… Too late for me, I’m outta here… Happy New Year ALL you FREEDOM lovers and FUCK the algorithm…

        • “FUCK the algorithm“

          You can thank Islam for al-gorithms.

          Al-gebra and zero as well.

          Many people are saying the western world should’ve stuck with good honest Roman numerals.

      • That’s what keeps us doing what we do.

        You mean like all the “moderation” with no explanation… If you want to moderate (censor) at least lay out the rules you know like unacceptable words (I was “moderated for a copy/paste from another post that was NOT moderated) it doesn’t matter, my last post of last year was moderated, no shock if this one is too… Ya’ll keep doing what you do, I’m out…

        • We’ve done that.

          We have some very obvious words that trigger moderation that I’m sure you can figure out for yourself. WordPress has its own built-in triggers over which we have no control. We can’t see them and some of them make no sense at all, but it’s part of using the platform.

          That said, about 99+% of comments that trip the moderation wire are “approved” and posted to the site, so while yes, it’s inconvenient, we (I) only delete the most egregiously awful comments and spam. Maybe one a week, if that (out of hundreds, sometimes thousands).

      • I have a different view. I’m glad you have advertisers to help pay the bills. To keep TTAG on the net. It’s Capitalism!!!

    • I’ve been hearing some strange-ass rumors about that primer plant.

      If you Google it, you don’t find much out there, but the little there is, is odd.

      Some claim it’s a giant scam in progress…

  2. Keep up the good work. The more the Leftist Communist Demonrats are exposed and the crap they are trying to pull, the more agitated they become, they get sloppy and expose their real intentions for our Citizens to learn and fight against.

  3. What’s the current status of the Lake City plant? Are they still selling ammo to the commercial market?

    Did the sunlight provided by this and other articles stop their plans to cut off commercial sales?

    • “What’s the current status of the Lake City plant? Are they still selling ammo to the commercial market?”

      We now control the Congress, and the Congress writes the checks to keep Lake City alive.

      I would like to hear an official statement, however…

  4. TTagers,

    It looks like the global economy is going to be in rough shape in 2023. Supply chains will continue to be strained, food prices will continue to rise as food scarcity increases. For many, family financial security will continue to be stressed as inflation chews away at earnings and layoffs accelerate. The, there is the pernicious effects of the jabs, and our government moving towards a crescendo of tyranny.

    There is always hope and determination. And prayer. Best wishes to all of you for health, safety, financial security, freedom, and plentiful ammo,

    • thutty yrs ago james pacquet would start throwing wrenches and yelling about stuff all while simultaneously muttering, “commie pinko martyr bastards.”
      seems he was aware decades before i.
      kickass ’23, you lot.
      3axioms i’ve regularly spewed for at least that long.
      it’s a beautiful day in chicago. -everett mitchell
      it’ll get better.
      this too shall pass.

      not so sure anymore.

    • We broke records this year in the stock and bond markets! More to come!

      • You mean like the biggest one year loss since 2008 (-20%)= (only 7 trillion dollars lost to the ether) Let’s go Brandon…

        • “only 7 trillion dollars lost to the ether… “

          Then it was never real in the first place, paper profits are just that.

          “biggest one year loss since 2008”

          And it took a worldwide pandemic and Russian/Ukrainian war to get here.

          Don’t worry, the tremendous loss achieved by the Republicans in 2008 still stands as the saddest economic record in recent history.

          Equaled only by the great depression, brought to you by Republican presidents Coolidge and Hoover, sure glad we had FDR to bring America through the crisis.

      • Quote: ” We broke records this year in the stock and bond markets! More to come!”

        A little “secret” about the stock market boom. You can thank bitme and the democrats (communist party USA) for providing the money that made the boom. The made multiple trillion dollar + spending bills. That money was delivered to major financial companies and the only place for it to go (to make them money) was the market.

        In normal times stocks go up or down related to the business success of the companies. Now days they go up because of all the federal money floating around. That is also one of the main factors in inflation.

        Oh, by the way, all that “money” is fake, it was created by someone setting a computer and increasing the balance in their fund (the FED).

        Inflation is a feature not an accident. Inflation destroys wealth by making private funds worth less. If the government can successfully destroy the wealth of most Americans they can control them. Now, who’s goal is that?

        Do you remember the housing bubble that burst in early 2000s? How about the bubble in 2002? Just think what will happen when the current “everything” bubble bursts.

        I don’t know how, but……Be Prepared !!!!

  5. Just checking in to see if some tool still has Yeagers dick so far down their throat they can’t comprehend my comments on his actions…

    Imagine simping so hard you troll with a name like “Yeagers ghost”. I had to go back to that article.

    “Fight me bro!”
    lmfao. Dammit Carl.

  6. All I know is it’s one more year closer to getting to Vote For theBiden again.
    It just makes me giddy thinking about how those Dominatrix machines will purr..

    • “Dominatrix machines will purr.. “

      Yes, 2023 looks to be a banner year for them, with their billion dollar settlements from Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Rudy Giuliani, etc.

      Apparently there are consequences for spreading lies and disinformation about other peoples businesses.

      Especially when you know the stories are false and yet continue to publish the misinformation, as Sean Hannity said “ “I didn’t believe any of the big steal for a minute“

      Isn’t it interesting how the right wing propaganda machine changes its tune when it actually sits in a sworn deposition

      • No different than the left…

        If there were consequences, you’d be muttering “lawyer”.

  7. Happy New Year TTAG! I read TTAG every morning with my coffee. I really like DGU articles. A great way to start my day. Thanks TTAG.

  8. I miss President Donald Trump. The best Second Amendment President we ever had. Ammunition was plentiful and inexpensive back then. And he even legalized marijuana. But still that wasn’t good enough for the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. Who would prefer to have $4 or 5$ a gallon gasoline now. Ammunition costs at three times the price.
    And a new war. When we had no new Wars under President Trump.

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